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Dear Heavenly Father, we come to You to petition You again for righteous government at every level in America. Hinder, confuse, expose, and remove every wicked and evil politician in America, in Jesus’ name.

As intercessors, it is our duty and privilege to pray the will of God. However, praying the will of God doesn’t always mean we pray for people to be blessed.

Of course, we always pray first and foremost that people will be saved. However, according to Scripture, there are some who have given themselves over to a degenerate mind and no longer listen to their conscience. These people have no hope of salvation, for they have rejected God for the final time.

I’ve written before about how to pray when people have become the enemies of God. Today, however, I want to invite you simply to pray with me about the wicked, evil politicians in America.

As we pray the prayer below together, please note that I am not calling any specific person wicked or evil. We should judge the fruit of every person’s behavior, just as Jesus mentioned pertaining to false prophets in Matthew 7:15-20:

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you will know them.”

The fruit of every person’s behavior must be compared to the Word of God, the Bible, according to Isaiah 8:20:

“To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them” (Isaiah 8:20).

And many other Scriptures list the works of the flesh and of evil. Therefore, even though I am not applying the prayer below to any particular person in this article, we should always discern evil behavior based on these criteria of Scripture—and should stand for righteousness, no matter how the world tries to lead us or how much the world likes a particular person or organization.

That said, would you pray with me today for the wicked and evil politicians in America at every level?

Related: Read here for more on how to pray for leaders and people in general that you don’t like.

Pray this:

“Dear Heavenly Father, we come to You in Jesus’ name.

Father God, Your Word says to enter into Your gates with thanksgiving, and into Your courts with praise. Therefore, Father, we thank You that You alone sit above the circle of the earth as the Judge and Redeemer of mankind and of nations. You alone are great and fair and wise and just, and You hear every righteous prayer. We praise You for that, Father God. We praise You for who You are, and we thank You that You can be depended upon.

Father, we lift our voices and cry to You right now for Your help and justice in America.

We ask You, Father, first and foremost, that if there are any unrighteous politicians in America who can still be saved—from the local town level to the highest levels of government—we ask You to save them:

  • Wake up their consciences to see the horrors of every sin they are involved in or perpetuating.
  • Convict them of sin, righteousness, and judgment.
  • Show them Jesus so clearly that they cannot deny He exists.
  • Let them have a holy terror when they see Jesus. Reinforce to them that judgment is coming if they are not clothed in the white robes of righteousness, washed and forgiven by Your grace through the blood of Jesus Christ.
  • Let them experience a holy horror at what they have done and are doing.
  • Grant them a deep, heart-felt, gut-level, transformational REPENTANCE, and turn them around to go after the righteousness of Christ.
  • Help them bend the knee to Jesus, making Him the Lord and Savior of their lives!
  • Help them then to make right everything they have done that was wrong; help them to mend, restore, and rectify every evil they have perpetuated against the American people at any level!

But Father God, for those wicked and evil politicians who have given themselves over to a degenerate mind—those who have rejected You for the last time, who have no conscience left and for whom there is no hope of salvation—for these, Father, we ask:

Expose them:

  • Reveal their evil works of darkness to the world.
  • Let Your light shine in the darkest places, and do not allow them to hide what they have done any more.
  • Let truth-telling witnesses and truth-telling whistleblowers come forward, and let them tell their stories at the right places, to the right people, at the right time.
  • Let people listen to these truth-tellers according to Your will.
  • Let every media outlet share and reveal these stories of evil according to Your will.
  • Let there be no more coverups any more, Father! Expose the unfruitful works of darkness, and let the American people be incensed!
  • Let these wicked and evil politicians become disgusted with their sin, and cause every one of their colleagues to be revolted by their sin as well.
  • Let every person surrounding these wicked and evil politicians decide to keep no company with evil and divisive men; let the wicked person be found alone and without any help that would perpetuate his or her wickedness.

Hinder them:

  • Let their evil plans come to nothing.
  • Hinder and prevent them from carrying out any more evil. Bind their hands from doing any evil.
  • Remove their resources; transfer those resources into the hands of the righteous.
  • Let confusion and chaos enter the camp of the enemy, but let righteous order and victory be found in the camp of the Lord.
  • Let the wicked turn upon themselves, as they did so many times in Scripture when YOU intervened on the day of battle.

Bring them to justice:

  • As the great Judge of the earth, Father, we ask You to force the correct law enforcement departments to get involved in each situation and case, according to Your will.
  • Let reliable, solid evidence come forth and be preserved.
  • Let all truthful, reliable, solid evidence be considered admissible to court—but let zero evidence be admitted to any court anywhere that is doctored, false, or fabricated in any way.
  • Cause these cases to be assigned to righteous judges, and protect those judges and their families.
  • Cause these cases to be prosecuted and brought to court by righteous attorneys, and protect those attorneys, their families, and their businesses.
  • Give the witnesses a holy boldness to appear in court and speak truth with credibility. Protect these witnesses and their families.
  • Make the wickedness and evil which have been perpetuated upon the American people so odious in the sight of law enforcement that they prosecute these cases to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Eliminate the two-tiered justice system, Father, and ensure that the wicked and evil politicians are prosecuted and brought to justice no matter who they are, who their friends are, who has paid them money, or to whom THEY have paid money.
  • Let the juries, councils, commissions, and committees see, hear, discern, and recognize TRUTH. Let them refuse to rest until the wicked ones are brought to justice, and give them no peace until they see righteousness and justice served.
  • Convict each perpetrator, Father God, and cause them to be sentenced according to Your will.
  • Force them to take their punishment and prevent them from escaping from it.
  • Remove them from political office in every capacity, and let a righteous person who will uphold Your values and Your Word take their place in every instance. Position and prepare those righteous people to assume office now, so they will be ready when the time comes.

Father, Psalm 109:8 says, “Let his days be few, and let another take his office.” While we do NOT pray for the death of any person, we do ask that every wicked politician’s DAYS IN OFFICE would be few, and that a righteous person would take their office.

Father, You have ways to bring the wicked to justice—and we ask You to do it. We ask that, starting right now, the countdowns would begin and the clocks would begin to tick if they haven’t already—and that left and right, wicked politicians would be exposed and removed:

  • From city councils, school boards, and every other office at the local level;
  • From election commissions and everything associated with them;
  • From mayor’s offices;
  • From state legislatures;
  • From governor’s offices;
  • From every level of the federal government.

Thank You, Father. We depend on You to give us righteous leaders and righteous government. Let us rise up and vote Your will, but we depend on You to do the rest which we cannot. Help us, Father.

Thank You, Abba Father. Thank You, Lord Jesus; and thank You, precious Holy Spirit. We love You, and we give You all the praise. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen and amen.”

Beloved, we must always obey the Word of God to pray first for our leaders:

“Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior” (1 Timothy 2:1-3).

… But that doesn’t mean we ever pray for them to get a free pass to do whatever they want to do. As Christians, we MUST stand for righteousness and justice, which are the foundations of God’s throne. These are bold prayers, but they are biblical and therefore in line with God’s will. As we pray, our God who sits on the throne of the universe WILL hear and answer … so take heart! As 1 John 5:4-5 says: “For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith. Who is he who overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?”

Did you pray this prayer with me today? If so, leave a comment below!


Jamie Rohrbaugh is an author and speaker who equips people to walk in the manifest presence and power of God. Jamie blogs for a global readership at, where she writes about radical prayer, the prophetic word, the supernatural lifestyle, inner healing, and Kingdom wealth. She is a frequent contributor to Charisma Magazine, The Elijah List, Spirit Fuel, and various other ministry outlets. You can download her free ebook containing 555 names of God for prayer and worship here. (Photo Credit: Unsplash.)

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4800 People Prayed
35005 People have read this article

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  1. I prayed it. Great prayer. I agreed with it 100%.

    Regarding a scripture like Titus 3, we submit to authorities who are doing good. But… what about when they do bad? My pastor says we follow Titus, and submit to the bad boss. But, I challenged him on that.

    * What about when the government tries to upend or invert justice? Do we submit to authority then?

    * In our system, WE THE PEOPLE are the rulers, not the elected officials.

    But, he just smirks and shakes his head at that. He has provided no counterargument other than to point to that aforementioned scripture and the saints who submitted to execution in Rome.

    People who think this way then should condemn Dietrich Bonhoeffer, or our founding fathers.

    But, I agree. Pray for and then pray against the wicked politician and administrator, “journalist”, etc. I pray for the salvation of AOC, Nicole Hannah Jones, Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Lemon, both Cuomos, Harris, etc, etc. I also pray for their removal and proper exposure if their redemption is not to be.

    Amen! 1

    Amen! 1
  3. I love this article. Many Christians struggle with prayers according to scripture as we are to pray for our enemies. This is so clear and precise as we seek scriptures that apply and not isolate. The truth is throughout all the bible and God will reveal all truth as he wants our time to spend with him. Lord thank you for using these difficult days and year of tribulation for good. You are the waymaker,truth, and life and I give you glory and honor as you will make all things new,right and will deal with the wicked.

    Amen! 1
  4. I have read this beautiful, beautiful prayer. I wish I were so eloquent when I pray. It says everything. and I want to pass it on to several neighbors. Thank you. Franklin Graham will be on Huckabee Sat.

  5. I find it so hard to pray for the Obama administration…eh, I mean Biden/Harris. Fighting depression over all the years of prayer with nothing to show for it. I need some help in this area, so thank you for this guidance. Maybe if I mouth the words I’ll actually start to feel it.

    Amen! 1
    1. Keep trusting the Lord. He is sovereign,faithful and He sees your heart. His promises are true and trustworthy. We must keep our focus on His goodness and not lose heart.

      Amen! 1
    2. I understand you completely. But, then I come across a number of verses that tell me to keep pushing forward, despite what’s going on around me.

      We complain, we lament everything that’s been going on. But, then the Bible tells us to keep praying, that God rewards the person who’s diligent in their prayers.

      Lamentations 8 is a great one. I’ve saved some of the verses into a sticky note…

      8 And though I cry and shout, he has shut out my prayers.
      9 He has blocked my way with a high stone wall; he has made my road crooked….
      17 Peace has been stripped away, and I have forgotten what prosperity is.
      18 I cry out, “My splendor is gone! Everything I had hoped for from the Lord is lost!”
      19 The thought of my suffering and homelessness is bitter beyond words.
      20 I will never forget this awful time, as I grieve over my loss.
      21 Yet I still dare to hope when I remember this:
      22 The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease.
      23 Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.
      24 I say to myself, “The Lord is my inheritance; therefore, I will hope in him!”
      25 The Lord is good to those who depend on him, to those who search for him.
      26 So it is good to wait quietly for salvation from the Lord.
      27 And it is good for people to submit at an early age to the yoke of his discipline:
      28 Let them sit alone in silence beneath the Lord’s demands.
      29 Let them lie face down in the dust, for there may be hope at last.
      30 Let them turn the other cheek to those who strike them and accept the insults of their enemies.
      31 For no one is abandoned by the Lord forever.
      32 Though he brings grief, he also shows compassion because of the greatness of his unfailing love.
      33 For he does not enjoy hurting people or causing them sorrow.

      Amen! 2
  6. Thank you so much for providing such clear and focused prayer for me to participate and join in with you and all intercessors throughout America and beyond!
    Amen and Praise be to Jesus our Hope and our Salvation!

    Amen! 2
  7. Rush had a faith in Jesus Christ and it wasn’t at the end of his life. He did not preach hatred. He loved his country and pointed out the evil of the democrats. He informed us about how they operated and what they were like. I had not interest in politics, but he changed all that. He was a great guy!!!

    Amen! 4
  8. I confess that it is difficult for me to pray for those who have denounced GOD. But because in obedience to GOD I will pray for our leaders. This prayer is most certainly powerful.Just thanked GOD for listening and answering my prayer.GOD bless America!

    Amen! 6
  9. Thank you for this. I pray but haphazardly about whatever is gaining my attention at the moment, and there are so many things! This is comprehensive and causes us to truly pray for “all men” in authority. I can add the names of all those in authority in my area as well.

    Amen! 3
  10. I find this prayer helpful. However I have to agree with the 1st sentence of Gloria’s comment (2/25) that God’s offer of salvation is available to everyone until death. I pray for those “wicked and evil politicians who have given themselves over to a degenerate mind” WITHOUT making a judgement (as ONLY GOD KNOWS) by disregarding the rest of that paragraph on their having no hope of salvation. In fact I pray that God will use the subsequent prayer points from Jamie i.e. “Expose/Hinder/Bring to justice”, etc to confront them with their depravity and cause them to turn to Him. Regardless of the likelihood of that happening, we need in prayer to become more like our Father – yes to justice & righteousness, but even more so to align with His heart of love for all sinners to turn to Him & be saved.

    Amen! 5
  11. No one can reject God for the “final time” until they are dead. To suggest otherwise exposes the bad faith and evil intent behind the idea of this prayer. You cannot claim to know another person’s mind and heart in such a way. If you believe Rush Limbaugh was saved at the end of his life and forgive the hatred he preached while living, then look in your heart and find love for others who strive to bring love, equality and peace to all people.

    1. Gloria,
      Sadly, you have judged Rush and agreed with lies about him. He was a good man who loved God and Country, exposing evil. That offends those who disagree.

      Amen! 3
  12. Praising God, that He WILL expose all the evil and put righteous people in their place. He is a just God and He keeps His promises to those who love Him. Thank You Father for who YOU are! May we always give YOU honor and glory. In Jesus’ name…Amen and AMEN!

    Amen! 2
  13. Wonderful, scriptural prayer. So many of us don’t know how to pray for the people who have seared their conscience yet we have prayer exampless in scripture. Thank you for posting this prayer

    Amen! 6
  14. The Whole Armor of God as described in the 6th Chapter of Ephesians is also quite useful. We need the “Helmet of Salvation” to protest against the fiery darts of the wicked.

    Amen! 4
  15. Thanks for these prayer videos by Derek Prince and others which are powerful . These videos are very helpful in having the Ekklesia praying for those in government, rulers, Presidents, Governors, Senators. They will face the consequences of their actions and decisions made in State after State, locally and federally. Lord, hear our prayer. You said if we agree together according to your Will, it shall be done. Scripture shows many examples of those in leadership that were only thinking of themselves and not of the people whom they are supposed to serve.

    Amen! 8
  16. Yes, may the days of the wicked in office be few, and may they each be replaced by one whose hope is in the LORD, and who is wise and discerning. The Lord is exposing the wickedness and corruption.

    Amen! 8
  17. Yes and Amen!!! I agree and May God’s Will be done and His Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven for His Glory in Jesus Name Amen!!! Thank You Lord that Your Truth, Your Righteousness and Your Justice will prevail over America and the nations for Your Glory in Jesus Name Amen!!!

    Amen! 5
  18. May God be enthroned upon the praises of His people. May His will and Word be established in these places.
    Praise God for the joining of believers to cast off the evil from a place of prayer. Let us not stop crying out day and night to the Just Judge! Thank you, thank you, for bringing this article to us.

    Amen! 4
  19. Thank you for this God’s Word-based prayer. It covers all aspects of prayer regarding people in authority. God IS on His throne and His Word will not return to Him void. Praying His Word IS consequential. God bless you and everyone who has prayed this prayer.

    Amen! 7
  20. The comprehensive reach of this prayer and comment renders me speechless!
    It is certainly not a “quick take” nor is it based on anything but God’s Word
    and His will for us who belong to Him. To just say “thank you” falls very short
    for me. We are indebted to you for the time in prayer and seeking of the Lord’s will
    in these matters. Greatly indebted! I find myself quickly recovering from my speechlessness!
    Just in time to offer praise where it is surely due. Praise to the One you have honored by your
    efforts and your faithfulness to Him.

    Amen! 11
  21. Thank you, Jamie, for the prayer guide and prayers.

    Unfortunately these prayers are also needed for church leadership and staff.

    I am thankful for archives. I hope I can locate this article when my printer/computer connection works.

    Amen! 7
  22. You put so well what has been on my heart for some time now, something I have been praying for. Your prayer has been a word of confirmation to me that I was going down the right path. Thank you for your faithfulness.

    Amen! 8
  23. Well written. How I hunger for righteousness to prevail! We must continue to petition God to clean out our government and for the American people to see the truth and be stirred to vote against such people. We also need those who respect God’s values to be prepared to serve.

    Amen! 9
  24. Thank you for providing this opportunity to join other believers in praying for our leaders and nation according to God’s word. My tears fell liberally as I read each word. May God hear the prayers of His people and stretch forth His mighty hand of righteousness and render all evil doers powerless and cleanse our nation of all wickedness wherever it raises its ugly head. In closing, is it possible and permissible to share this on Facebook? God bless you and your ministry.

    Amen! 5
  25. That prayer is awesome. I will continue to pray it as long as it takes.
    I will send it to all the prayer warriors that I am acquainted with.
    Praise the Lord and thank you.

    Amen! 6
  26. May we continue to petition the throne room of God until all wicked, evil & corrupt politicians at every level are removed and/or voted out of office and Believers in Jesus who live and uphold God’s Word take their rightful place at every level. In the Mighty Name of Jesus- Amen ✝️🙏🏻🙌🏻🔥

    Amen! 7
  27. We sent this prayer to all in our prayer call e-mail list and also prayed through it in the Central Time Zone watch ZOOM call this morning. We will be praying through it, adding to it as the Holy Spirit leads in our nationwide prayer call tonight.

    Amen! 5
  28. I find this article to be extremely appropriate and timely. The writer is to be applauded for boldness and truthfulness of where God must be with us. He is growing wearing of our antics and is letting us know that we need to step-up our efforts at being reconciled to Him.

    Amen! 6
  29. I have just prayed this prayer for our government officials. Is there has been to pray prayers such as these. My heart hurts and then burden for this country. I will pray this prayer over and over again. Praying God’s will to be done in Jesus mighty name.

    Amen! 8
  30. Thank you for this prayer. I have committed to pray for my leaders but find it very difficult to find the right words. This is a very helpful article and I will use it as a model in how to pray for our corrupt leaders.

    Tank you!

    Amen! 10
  31. Thank you for this wonderful prayer! I have begun praying it through and will continue to as we trust God to answer, so that we may see his righteous holy will done in our nation and in the earth It is in heaven.

    Amen! 8
  32. I Agree with you in prayer that I ask in Jesus Name for the Will of God to of God to be done and GLORY BE TO GOD ON HIGH in Jesus Name I pray. Àmen 🗝️💝

    Amen! 9
  33. I have been convicted to pray and intercede for, not only those leaders in government and in the 7 mountains of culture with whom I have been in agreement, but perhaps just as important, for those I have disliked. I have struggled with this, not because I was unwilling to pray for these latter ones, but because I didn’t know how to pray for them sincerely, in a love that I simply didn’t feel. This prayer is spot-on, and put words to what my heart wanted but felt unable to do! Thank you so much!

    Amen! 11
  34. As I was singing the second verse to “Jesus Paid it All” this morning the words jumped out at me to use in prayer against wicked leaders. “For now indeed I find Thy pow’r and Thine alone, Can change the leper’s spots And melt the heart of stone.” Lord may our cause leaders to call out for cleansing and have melted hearts to follow your ways.

    Amen! 17
  35. Yes! Perfect! I prayed some of these scriptures with my noontime national prayer team. We also prayed for the Supreme Court cases today. Ephesians 5:10-14
    1 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. 12 It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. 13 But everything exposed by the light becomes visible—and everything that is illuminated becomes a light. 14 This is why it is said:

    “Wake up, sleeper,
    rise from the dead,
    and Christ will shine on you.”

    Amen! 12
  36. Thank you Jamie for giving us a model prayer that answers my question: How do you pray for leaders who seem to be in the complete opposite end of what Christians believe?How do you pray for them without endorsing their actions that are not in line with God’s Word.I will use your prayer as a guide, then perhaps the Holy Spirit will open up other ways I can pray.

    Amen! 7
  37. Thank you, Jamie, for the time and mental energy that went into this prayer. I completely agree with its petitions and am sharing it with others who love this nation and the LORD. Thank you for bravely confronting the reality of evil!

    Jesus obviously had a specific calling and destiny: to be the Savior of the world. He fulfilled that on the Cross and through His Resurrection.

    None of us have that calling. The household of faith is to advance God’s Kingdom on earth and to be faithful in doing that until He returns. One way we do that is through our prayers. If the prayers are going to be effective they must come from our sincere hearts and minds.

    Our nation, the United States of America, has a unique role to play in advancing the Kingdom of God at this time in earth’s history.

    Eighty cents of every dollar that goes to missions comes from the USA. These missions spread the gospel
    (especially through supporting native missionaries in their own cultures) who evangelize, disciple, plant churches; rescue children and adults who have been sex trafficked or enslaved; create and complete Bible translation projects to give everyone a Bible in their heart language, either in print, video, auditory, or sign language; provide food, medical care, homes for orphans, legal protection, trauma counseling, encouragement and support in many vital ways.

    Our brothers and sisters in Christ in nations around the world are praying for our country and our government because our policies will dramatically affect their daily lives and their future. is a wonderful way to join praying Christians around the world on Wednesday and Sunday evenings at 5pm Pacific time and 8pm Eastern. You can find it at
    Wellversed website.

    It is our God-given duty to ask Him to change the minds and hearts of people in positions of authority and power if they are making evil laws and denying justice, but it is also our duty to ask Him to remove government leaders who refuse to repent.

    It is shocking to us who have constantly heard about the love Jesus has for every sinner, when we read in the Bible of Jesus confronting evil when He overturned the tables of the money changers in the temple and drove them out with a whip.
    Our God is not only loving and merciful, He is Holy and He will judge wickedness. The fear (reverence and awe) of the LORD is truly the beginning of wisdom.

    Amen! 17
    1. I should have summarized what I wrote above by saying that when we pray Jamie’s prayer, we are not just asking God to do something to help us. When He removes wicked government officials in our nation, He is also blessing people around the world.

      Amen! 16
  38. YES I PRAYED, spoke out and stood in agreement! I even spoke out several of them 2 and 3 times as I felt lead by Holy Spirit to really impress conviction and importance of some of these out into the atmosphere. Especially the ones regarding and pertaining to the righteous judges, attorneys, their business and families!! So important to keep them protected! THANK YOU FATHER for listening to our prayers and answered prayers! I will keep praying this prayer as the Lord leads!! GOD BLESS AMERICA WITH PEACE AND SHALOM!! WE ARE ONE NATION UNDER GOD!!! GOD WILL TRIUMPH!! IN YESHUA’S NAME!! THANK YOU ABBA!!!!

    Amen! 16
  39. Thank you so much for those prayers
    Lord help me to pray them often, share with others, and praying they will pray so we will see OUR GREAT GOD move among the wicked pokitical leaders for all to see! Thanking You ahead of time Jesus

    Amen! 14
  40. I prayed this prayer as the Holy Spirit just yesterday prompted me to pray for my enemies. While I was praying this prayer I added the secular news commentators as I prayed.
    I will share this.
    Thank you, Margaret

    Amen! 8
  41. I agree with those prayers and resolve to pray those on a regular basis so that the righteous will take back every position of government. I will add prayers for every unrighteous judge and attorney either come to Jesus or be removed from their positions as well. Thank you J. Rohrbaugh

    Amen! 9
  42. The news media needs to be added to this prayer list. Since they lie like the Democratic leadership does and the RINO Republicans and they push the Democratic agenda, it would only be right to add the news media to this prayer list.

    Amen! 11
  43. Yes and amen to it all! Since March of last year I have been fasting praying reading and waiting on God. He has given me the same scriptures you just had us pray! I keep a journal lots of them over this last year, I have kept journals for over 32 years at all the things you said I’ve written them down praise Him out loud, fast it over them and I’m expecting Him to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think according the power that work is within us thank you for your faithfulness🙌

    Amen! 7
  44. I can really understand our sister’s point. All of us intercessors feel grave concern about the wickedness that is suddenly being foisted upon our country through the new political system that has come to power. We, appropriately, are crying out for God’s justice and righteousness to permeate our land and for evil to be mitigated. Actually, we have been praying for this together for many months, starting long before the election.

    But somehow, I can’t feel completely in agreement with Jamie Rohrbaugh’s important article, because I feel it isn’t balanced quite well enough. I believe this situation is more spiritually complicated than just discerning, denouncing, exposing, and judging evil in our new politicians. The politicians are people, not just ideologies. What if Paul had told Timothy–and by extension, the believers in Ephesus as well as every Bible reader–to pray the way Jamie suggests? To pray this way about Nero, who was in power while Paul wrote, and the other brutally wicked Caesars who were to follow? They were evil beyond anything we Americans can imagine, and they were committing horrible atrocities, especially against Christians, worse than anything we will ever experience in America!

    No, instead Paul simply commanded in 1 Timothy 2:1-4, 8 (Jamie quotes some of this at the end of her article): “Therefore I exhort first of all that you make supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings for everyone, for kings and for all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and honesty, for this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth… Therefore, I desire that the men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath or contentiousness.”

    Paul opened this epistle by stating “This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I was the worst. But I received mercy for this reason, that in me, first, Jesus Christ might show all patience, as an example to those who were to believe in Him for eternal life” (1 Timothy 1:15-16). Paul was saying, in essence, if Jesus can save me, He can save anybody.
    This is our encouragement not to give up on “super-sinners.” What we intercessors are dealing with now in our new government is a classic case of needing—and being required by God—to hate the sin, but love the sinner. I think Jamie’s article would have been better balanced if she had presented an equally strong case for the urgent need to love, with Jesus’ love, the sin-laden politicians.

    Like all the politicians whom we are especially concerned about, every one of us started out as “the enemy of God.” Every one of us began our time on earth as a wicked and evil sinner who had come short of the glory of God and deserved hell. We can judge that our sins aren’t as bad as theirs. But everybody’s sin—yours, mine, and the ungodly politicians’– required the crucifixion of Jesus. God sees all sin as terrible!

    All the wickedness and evil we are being confronted with, Jesus took into himself on the Cross and was punished for it. Why? Because He wants to save these wicked, horrible, despicable sinners. That’s what Jesus is all about! We are way too quick to give up on people. It is not our place to evaluate another human as having gone past the point of no return. This is God’s sole prerogative. True, we can see their bad fruit, but that doesn’t mean the story is over. When James and John wanted to command fire to come down from heaven to judge and destroy some wicked Samaritans, Jesus said, “You do not know what kind of spirit you are of. For the Son of Man did not come to destroy men’s lives but to save them” (Luke 9:54-55).

    I think we intercessors are really struggling to know how to cope with the onslaughts of evil we are suddenly experiencing in our nation. But, in addition to however else He instructs us to pray, we can know that the Lord expects us to respond with the character and heart of Jesus to the politicians themselves. The character of Jesus is the fruit of the Spirit, and the heart of Jesus is redeeming love.

    We intercessors have been crying out to God for so long, and we are battle weary, and our nerves are on edge about what terrible thing is going to happen in our nation next! It is humanly understandable that we would like God to just blast the wicked people and get rid of them in order to restore peace and well-being to our beloved nation. That would be quick and easy—if we could just coax God into doing it!

    But Jesus is calling us to something much more difficult: to relate to this wickedness with extravagant faith in His power to redeem anyone, and to love the wicked and evil politicians the way He does. He is calling us to overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21) and to speak to those hurting us with blessing instead of cursing (1 Peter 3:9).

    Probably the main reason God has sovereignly allowed wickedness and evil to temporarily take over our nation is to purge the church. He wants to teach us to be like Jesus. And to do that, He has ordained that judgment begins with us first (1 Peter 4:17). He needs to expose us—so we see the anger, bitterness, and vengeance inside us. Then He needs to bring us to justice—which means coming to the Cross in heartfelt repentance for all the ways we have not aligned with Jesus in our feelings, character and behavior.

    Once He has corrected His people, then He can deal with evil society. His method for healing our land is to raise us up as an army of true disciples who carry His message of reconciliation, forgiveness, and new life in Jesus into grossly evil situations. Thousands upon thousands of sinners—politicians and everyone else—coming to Jesus and being born again will radically change the culture and politics in America. He spiritually heals our land by spiritually healing us first.

    Jesus, please help us! We all feel like calling down fire from heaven! But instead, show us how to be people who intercede according to your amazing plans and purposes. Help us to get in line with your redemptive strategies. You see these wicked people’s hearts, and yet you love them anyway. You are powerfully and intimately aware of their sins, because You suffered agonies by bearing them on the Cross! We pray that you will teach us to truly and compassionately love the people who are currently encased in wickedness—the way you love them, Jesus. Help us to come into a new level of discipleship. You want to heal our land by saving multitudes of wicked and evil people—politicians, and others. You need our help with this, Jesus. Please show us how to get in line with your heart and your strategies, Wonderful Savior. We love you, Jesus!

    Amen! 12
    1. The Saints have been praying. Evil has and continues to be exposed yet, the Lord allows it to continue with no earthly consequences. How much longer will it take to bring these people to
      justice? Nonetheless, it is not my job to figure out God. Only to trust He knows what He’s doing. His Will, not my will be done.

      Amen! 4
    2. Want change, pray for a change of heart for those in power in corporate America to halt political fundings because it’s Corporate America that is feeding the Washington Beast!

      Amen! 4
    3. Read John 8. JESUS called the scribes and pharisees children of satan and liars like their father the devil. Also scripture says in 1 Corinthians 5:5 “To deliver such an one unto satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the LORD JESUS.” JESUS never coddled evil people. HE even told Peter to “get thee behind me, satan: thou art an offence to me: for thou savourest not the things that be of GOD, but those that be of men.” Matthew 16:23. Read the entire chapter, then read the entire Bible: Matthew thru Revelation 1st. Then Genesis thru Malachi. The most Amazing Book in the world! Be Blessed in JESUS Name!

      Amen! 2
    4. Thank you Joy for your response & prayer. Well said & I agree. Judgement begins with the house of God & I believe, along with you, that God is aiming to get the attention of His church & bring a change of heart so He can heal our land. The scripture that has intrigued me for years is that Jesus told us that if we forgive men their transgressions that they are forgiven, if we retain them they are retained. Is it possible that we are holding back the Lord from doing what He wants to do? Yet I rest in God’s faithfulness that He is using these things to reveal the spot & wrinkle in His bride so she will be prepared for every good work as He pours out His Spirit on the earth. Our hearts & flesh may fail us, but God is the strength of our hearts & our portion forever!

      Amen! 1
  45. Father, I pray for everyone in a political position – from county government, to state, to national. I pray that they all would seek Your face in the decisions they make. I pray that there will be an end to evil, and a revival in our nation.


    Amen! 9
  46. Lord God I pray for Your intervention for our country. Confuse and thwart the plans of the evil one. We come to You in petition and pray that our leaders would have a change of heart and be turned toward You in repentance. My prayer really is that You remove every wicked and evil politician in America. In Jesus name, Amen.

    Amen! 19
  47. Yes. I prayed … Thank you. Lord, God – Our Father … “ ‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. ’ For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”
    ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:9-15‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    Amen! 6
  48. Thank you so much very this powerfully detailed prayer! My spirit jumped in agreement! Printing, praying and sharing. In eager anticipation of what Father has next for His covenant nation, Lois

    Amen! 5
  49. I did pray this prayer with you today and I thank you for posting it. I am printing it out and will be praying it daily. We have a good God. He is worthy of all praise honor and glory and his Word is faithful to accomplish what he sends it to do.

    Amen! 3
  50. Dear Heavenly Father, please free our nation from the corrupt and evil cabal that has stolen power from the people and our rightfully elected leaders. Lord, they are trying to force one agenda after another on us that the we do not agree with or want. They have made so many promises to so many different special interest groups, many of them with unholy positions, that they must now try to satisfy all of them leading to chaos for all. Lord, of course we pray that some of these wicked people might have their eyes open and repent, but Lord, I suspect that many of them would rather not have their eyes open and wish to reject Your truth. Lord, I even suspect that the very worst of them may know full-well the evil they do, and they do it with an evil glee. Lord, please, please, please, free us from their grasp. Lord, please expose their evil in all its ugliness that some of their minions may realize the folly of their ways and yet repent. Lord, please, I beg you, confound their plans and let truth and justice prevail. Lord please, remove the truly wicked and unrepentant from us by any means necessary. Lord, I cringe at the thought of the horrible indoctrination of lies these foul people and their dark, shadowy overlords are forcing on our youth through false teachings in all levels of education, and thinly veiled messages in just about all forms of entertainment. Lord, the assault of evil against us is now so great that, from our humble perspective at least, I cannot imagine how this can be undone without something huge. Still, our ways are not Your ways. We await that which is to come, and pray that You direct us now that we may do Your work, whatever it may be. In Jesus precious name I pray, O’ Lord, Amen.

    Amen! 13
  51. Praying for the blinders to come off of them. Jesus forgive them for they truly do not understand the deception that is holding them captive. Bring them the blessing of knowing You and Your love for them. In Jesus name. Amen

    Amen! 10
  52. Thank you for
    allowing me to join with you in agreement in Prayer. This is how I feel. Your prayers are mighty. Not of this world. They have Divine Power. To pull down Strongholds or centers of support for a cause. And to demolish Arguments. This is Spiritual Warfare. And our God is God. There is none other. Praise you Adonai Tzva’ot, Eternal Commander of Heavenly Armies for fighting this battle for us. Lead us guide us instruct us. May we pray your prayers of Victory. Thank You.

    Amen! 15
  53. Thank you, Jamie…SPOT ON! I FULLY AGREE that this should be our prayer!
    We are under the authority of the “Declaration of Independence” – based on
    God’s Law – where we are called to pull down these wicked evil politicians
    and government that have overthrown our government by their THEFT!

    These are not our leaders – we didn’t vote for these people!
    So WHY are we referring to these THIEVES (who have committed treason!) our
    president and vice-president??? WAKE UP CHURCH! DON’T FALL IN LINE WITH THIS!

    Amen! 14
  54. Amen!! Agree wholeheartedly!! Thank you Lord for the prayers of the saints joining together with yours to see your will established in America! We pray that you will bring it to pass! That the righteous will see your works in our time.

    Amen! 12
  55. Amen. Thank you so much for leading us in this prayer. This has helped me, for your prayer is more comprehensive than I was previously praying. Let God have the pleasure of responding according to His will, His way, His timing. We praise you and bless you, Holy God. As you dismantle the houses of deception, remove the unrepentant evildoers, and restore Godly righteousness to our nation, may you receive the praise and glory you so richly deserve.

    Amen! 15
  56. Lord, God – I humbly agree with every request of this prayer. May we, your church, embrace that we are engaged in a spiritual battle against an enemy who already knows his eternal fate and is desperately seeking a hopeless overthrow. Help us to see the reality of what is happening in the heavenly spaces and how it is manifesting it in the natural. Give us the spiritual discernment to stand boldly in the face of only two immediate outcomes to victory: Salvation for the wicked or judgement upon the wicked. Bring us face to face with the reality of this battle and embolden us to take up the weapon of bold prayer. To you be the glory, the honor, and the swift and sudden victory.

    Amen! 16
  57. So encouraged to see this. I did a deep study of imprecatory praying last summer and have diligent!y prayed just as you have here since. There are many scriptures backing up exactly what you outlined in your prayer. I quote God’s word and tell Him I am asking for no more than what He has said. Most people seem to believe this is not biblical but I believe every word in the Bible is truth-even imprecatory prayers addressing enemies of God and His principles. I truly believe if Pastors lead prayers like this in their churches, we may have seen a different last 3 months. It is time for God’s people to be bold and stand for God.

    Amen! 14
  58. Yes, I have prayed in earnest tears pleading and agreeing with this prayer to our beloved holy Father in heaven and in Jesus name!!!!

    I’m going to print it out and use it at our prayer group next week.

    Amen! 13
  59. Father thank You for this prayer and for your answering of our prayers even before we’re done speaking. As we pass this on to others of your children guide them to take their responsibility of praying without ceasing and joining the rest in obedience to You making a difference in our nation through prayer. Let your will be done LORD as we pray and you bring Truth, righteousness, and justice into our land. Glorify yourself LORD.
    Amen and amen.

    Amen! 8
  60. I wholeheartedly agree with everything stated in this prayer, to which I say, “Amen!” I would like to add something that proves some politicians have given themselves over to evil to such an extent that there is no more hope for them. When I was God’s ambassador to New Zealand 2003-2010, I had the opportunity to meet the Prime Minister in 2005. I was escorted into the PM’s presence by a Minister of Parliament. When I was about 30 feet from the PM, the Lord activated discernings of spirits in such a way that I could see a black cloud of demons swirling around her like a tornado. They were moving slowly enough to make out their features in a general way. But they were moving too fast to describe them in detail. When I was close enough to look the PM in the eyes, God activated discernings of spirits another way so I could see a reptile looking at me through her eyes. In that same moment, the Holy Spirit spoke inside my mind and said, “She is no longer at home in her body. What you see has total control over her life. Everything she says and does as PM is under complete control of the demonic entity.” I knew she was a communist before I met her, but afterward I learned that communism lead her to satanism. It reminded me of a book I read about the revival in Argentina in 1953. The author knew a Christian, who told him that the Lord Jesus revealed to her that some people in the last days would become more demon than they are human. PM Helen Clark turned out to be one of them. She now has the third most powerful position at the UN.

    Amen! 2
    1. That is very scary. If only we could all have discerning eyes to see the demon in these politicians. We have seen in the last 3 months many were very clever in hiding their true person. Not surprised at all to know that person is in the UN

      Amen! 3
      1. God gave me discernment like that only twice in my life, about 30 years apart. I’ve also experienced discernment in other ways that wasn’t do dramatic. Discernings is plural in the Greek text of 1 Cor. 12 because there is more than 1 way to discern spirits. It can be positive as well as negative. For example, there were 4 times when I looked someone in their eyes and saw the spirit of Jesus looking at me. I instantly knew they were born again Christians. The first time, it was a Baptist lady. The second time, i was a co-worker from India, who was Pentecostal. The third time, it was a Messicanic Jew. The last time was another co-worked, who was Baptist. I’ve experienced discernment 7 different ways since 1969. That’s why it is plural in the Greek text. I began to pray for discernment after hearing a pastor tell about a time when the FBI asked for his help regarding a famous Pentecostal preacher in CA, who was a known KGB infiltrator. That pastor experienced discernment about that man at the lowest level – he had a gut feeling something was wrong with him, but didn’t know what or why. God used the FBI to confirm what he was feeling. Before he was assassinated, a KGB defector, who found the Lord Jesus, reported that all churches in the USA have been infiltrated by at least 1 communist ot spy on them. Some even infilrate the clergy, like the one mentioned above. That pastor exhorted all the students in my Bible school to pray for discernment to avoid the snares such people lay inside the church. That is what motivated me to pray for discernment. God has blessed me with the ability to pray in tongues whenever I have a desire to or feel a need to. But I can’t turn discernment on like that. It only works when the Holy Spirit wants it to. I have to walk as closely to the Lord as possible for Him to do that. It won’t work if I’m struggling wih something that hinders my relationship.

        1. It is comforting to know that God is anointing you and others relative to discerning evil in the church. My calling and hopefilly anointing is intercessory prayer. I always have been serious about prayer but a deep study in it two years ago opened my eyes that I wasn’t taking it to the level God was directing me. This past summer is when I discovered imprecatory praying and spent months researching scriptures and listening to what God was trying to teach me. So I guess He was giving discernment through His word of how to effectively but accurately use that word to accomplish what He wanted me to pray. I am happy I have found your writings and will continue to follow what you share. Thank you so much for responding to me. Although I take my intercession very seriously, I am always looking for confirmation that I have not stepped out on my own in a belief but rather being in complete alignment with God’s direction.

          1. While God has used me as an intercessor too, I think you may be a couple steps ahead of me at this time. However, there were some things God taught me about spiritual warfare while doing missions work in New Zealand that may encourage you. The best way is to read my book – Ambassador Undercover – which describes those tactics using details that can’t be expressed in this brief note. For example, on one occasion the Lord put it on my heart to ask Him to destroy Witch Mountain, overlooking Christchurch, with an earthquake. God answered that prayer in a way that amazed me. On another occasion the Lord told me to do a Jericho march around the largest Anglican cathedrat in the city because of its apostasy. I met a Maori brother doing the same thing for the same reasons when I went there to obey the Lord. God answered that in an equally amazing way. It took 3 earthquakes and 4,000 aftershocks to split Witch Mountain in half. It took 2 earthquakes and those same 4,000 aftershocks t bring down that cathedral. If you read Binding the Strongman Over America by Pastor John Benefiel, you will see how a group of intercessors motivated the Lord to use an earthquake to put a nasty crack in the Washington Monument in DC, but it didn’t bring it down.

          2. I forgot to mention that you would be inspired to see some documentary dvds about revival called The Transformation Series produced by The Sentinel Group. My favorites are Transformations, Transformations II, Let The Sea Resound, and Appalachian Dawn. Unconventinal War is also outstanding, but you shouldn’t watch that untel seeing Transformations II first. That will keep the history of how God gave Uganda a Christain president for the last 30 years.

  61. I did pray this prayer with you and in agreement with you! Thank you for leading us in this prayer and help me to continually lift the wicked up the to Lord for salvation and/or exposure. Thank you, Lord, that you hear our prayers.

    Amen! 5
  62. Thank you for putting so much in this prayer. I have been praying this way for several years. But you put so much more into your prayer. Thank you; this helps me to pray better. We are Prayer Warriors and we should pray as warriors.

    Amen! 5
  63. Lord I thank you that You are a Just God, long-suffering to all men. Thank you that You know the days ordained for all men and the consequences of living in rebellion of You. Lord I stand in agreement with these requests and I also pray You remove the deception, the lies and strongholds over the people in this Nation who voted in these persons. Lord I pray s
    For Revival to break out in America in the Church and in the homes of the unsaved. May our praises out way our grumbling and reach your heart bringing You Glory. You are Worthy Oh Lord. In Jesus name. Amen

    Amen! 7
  64. May our God — the one, true God of the Bible bless you Jamie Rohrbaugh. You have given traction and truth in prayer to what many, many American believers are feeling and living since election day. Your careful explanations of what to pray and how to pray were well presented and founded in God’s inspired Word.
    Psalm 33:12 states, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people He has chosen as His own inheritance.”
    May we spiritually awaken, grow to a spiritual revival … and may we choose to be the nation of Psalm 33:12 once again through the Holy Spirit’s leading.

    Amen! 6
  65. It is biblical to pray for our leaders and it’s also biblical to pray for judgement against corrupt leaders! Lord, I pray that you destroy the corrupt leaders, individuals and organizations that want to destroy America and Your world. Lord, do not show them mercy, but expose them and destroy them!! Amen and Amen!!

    Amen! 7
  66. Thank you, Jamie for Scriptural and accurate prayer. Now is the time for boldness, not timidity. Now is not the time for misplaced sympathy. Now is the time for Truth and Justice. Let us continue praying in this way. Already we are hearing reports that one enemy group has turned their evil schemes onto each other and practically annihilated the group! Blessed be God, forever and ever! Blessed be His Righteousness! Blessed be His Faithfulness to His children.
    May those who do evil be destroyed by their own duplicity – Proverbs 11:3
    May those who walk in unrighteousness be overthrown – Proverbs 13:6
    May the sword of the wicked enter into their own hearts – Psalm 37:15

    Amen! 14
  67. Thank you for obeying our Holy God who hates evil. I use to live in darkness so I know evil people do exist.
    But, Prayers were answered and I’m washed in the blood of my savior Jesus. I will continue to cry out to Jesus for His will to be done in the United States of America and for all the lost souls that may yet be set free.

    Amen! 9
  68. We, as the American church, played a significant part in allowing our leadership to get to this point. The Church has the mantle to push back on the darkness in our nation and we have failed. Thanks be to our merciful God who will give us another chance! May all of us and especially our pastors and ministry leaders get fireyHoly Spirit boldness and never be silent about moral issues in our society! We are Gods hands and feet, and most importantly, His voice on this earth. Let us never fail to speak His Truth. Pastors MUST serve God and NOT the IRS and their 501c3.

    Amen! 17
    1. The Evil One has NO power in the world unless people allow him to use them for evil schemes. When a person turns away from God he/she turns instead to the wickedness and schemes of the Evil One. Therefore, they become immersed in their own wickedness, and become evil themselves. In reality there are there are wicked people walking on this earth!

      Amen! 7
    2. Have you not read Roman 1 and Is. 5:20???
      Rom. 1:16-22
      16For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.
      17For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.
      18For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;
      19Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.
      20For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
      21Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
      22Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
      23And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and four footed beasts, and creeping things.
      24Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
      25Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
      26For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
      27And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. 28And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;
      29Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
      30Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,
      31Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:
      32Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

      Is. 5:20-23
      20Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!#call…: Heb. say concerning evil, It is good, etc.
      21Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! in their own sight: Heb. before their face
      22Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink:
      23Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!

      Amen! 4
    3. Read all of John chapter 8 in the King James Version: JESUS is talking to the scribes and pharisees: verse 44: “ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” This current administration lies constantly. They forget that there are past videos showing them all lying. We call them evil and wicked because their fruit (what they say and do) is wicked and evil. JESUS said “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” Matthew 7:15-20. FATHER GOD thank YOU for Jamie’s encouraging prayer.
      Please teach us all YOUR WORD so we can pray more effectively in JESUS Name! Amen!

      Amen! 2
  69. The harvest is definitely ripe in Washington DC.

    There is plenty of bad trees in Washington, that bear bad fruit. Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    They are bad trees that pretend to bear good fruit. But as the Bible says, “a bad tree cannot produce good fruit.”

    The Bible says, “you can also tell a tree by the fruit it bears.”

    From the looks of things in Washington, there are a lot of bad apples.

    God, help us to pray for the bad apples.

    In Jesus name Amen.

    Amen! 8
  70. I can really understand our brother’s point, but somehow I can’t feel completely in agreement. What if Paul had told Timothy–and by extension, the believers in Ephesus, as well as every Bible reader–to pray this way about Nero, who was in power while Paul wrote, and the other brutally wicked Caesars who were to follow? They were evil beyond anything we Americans can imagine, and they were committing horrible atrocities, especially against Christians, worse than anything we will ever experience in America!

    No, instead Paul simply commanded in 1 Timothy 2:1-4, 8, “Therefore I exhort first of all that you make supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings for everyone, for KINGS AND FOR ALL WHO ARE IN AUTHORITY, that we may lead a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and honesty, for this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth… Therefore I desire that the men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath or contentiousness.” And Paul opened this epistle by stating “This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I was the worst. But I received mercy for this reason, that in me, first, Jesus Christ might show all patience, as an example to those who were to believe in Him for eternal life” (1 Timothy 1:15-16). Paul was saying, in essence, if Jesus can save me, He can save anybody. This is our encouragement not to give up on “super-sinners.”

    I think we intercessors are really struggling to know how to cope with the onslaughts of evil we are suddenly experiencing in our nation. But, in addition to whatever else He instructs us to pray, we can know that the Lord expects us to respond with the character and heart of Jesus to the people themselves. The character of Jesus is the fruit of the Spirit, and the heart of Jesus is redeeming love.

    All the wickedness and evil we are being confronted with, Jesus took into himself on the Cross and was punished for it. Why? Because He wants to save these wicked, horrible, dispicable sinners. That’s what Jesus is all about! We are way too quick to give up on people. When James and John wanted to command fire to come down from heaven to judge and destroy some wicked Samaritans, Jesus said, “You do not know what kind of spirit you are of. For the Son of Man did not come to destroy men’s lives but to save them” (Luke 9:54-55).

    We intercessors have been crying out to God for so long, and we are battle weary, and our nerves are on edge about what terrible thing is going to happen next! It is humanly understandable that we would like God to just blast the wicked people and get rid of them in order to restore peace and well-being. But Jesus is calling us to something very difficult. That is to relate to this wickedness with extravagant faith in His redeeming love.

    Jesus, please help us! We all feel like calling down fire from heaven! Show us how to be people through whom you can intercede according to your amazing plans and purposes. Help us to get in line with your redemptive strategies. You see these wicked people’s hearts, and yet you love them anyway. You are powerfully and intimately aware of their sins, because You suffered agonies by bearing them on the Cross! We pray that you will teach us a different kind of praying than what comes natural to us. Help us to help one another, Jesus, to come into a new level of discipleship. We are in such hard times! Strengthen, comfort, and encourage us. We love you, Jesus.

  71. Thank you for such a powerful and timely prayer! And for showing how to pray against wickedness and evil in our government and in other places or people of great influence. Evil minds and no conscience—how dangerous!

    Amen! 17
  72. Jamie, l began following you last week. This prayer and biblical sources upon which you based is so thorough and right at all levels we should cover. Thank you🙏

    Amen! 12
  73. I am agreeing wholeheartedly with this prayer. This is my prayer and has been for quite a while now, or similar ones close to it.
    I am afraid to make final judgements on people about when they have crossed that line of no return and so my prayers for individuals always ask that leaders be held accountable for criminal acts, but that God will create a way, an opening to tear down the barriers they have erected so that His love and mercy can work salvation for them. Right now I am praying a general prayer that God would do the Hebrides revival over again and that sinners would be compelled by Holy Spirit en mass to fall on their knees and cry out for His mercy and salvation. Lord, do it again, and let it begin in our so called churches and let it fall on our congress and all the halls of government in this land as well as the brothels and bars and drug houses.

    Amen! 9
  74. I prayed this prayer. I say Amen to all of it. I want to see right and justice done and God, our Father is the One to do it. According to His will so be it! May the Lord put His fire in the people of God to contend for what is right in EVERY case! Amen and Amen.

    Amen! 13
  75. Yes, I prayed this prayer today. Thank you for giving us the right words to say. When we feel overwhelmed with evil in our government, it is sometimes difficult to even know where to begin.

    Amen! 12
  76. Dear Jamie,
    Thank you so much for these prayers!God is just so good He is just so Holy. He woke me up on July 23 2020.To make my hands clean to have a pure heart,to repent and repent again. I know He hears my voice now, Thankyou for these prayers, Thank you King Jesus. I am not alone, thank you for these intercessors I pray with. May You Oh King Jesus “defend,deliver,pass over and preserve ” Isaiah 31. Our nation You gave u to us long ago.

    Amen! 7
  77. Father God, hear the prayers of your people; may your hand move to restore integrity and righteous to our country. Father, please, intercede on our behalf and bless those who do your will in their governmental role. May evil be brought down and the foundations of our nation restored. Thank you, Father, may your will be done. In Jesus name, Amen

    Amen! 14
  78. Yes, I did and will keep praying it and wrestling with God until He blesses us and our United States of America with Salvation, Healing, Deliverance, Truth, and Freedom once again. Amen.

    Amen! 10
  79. Thank You Lord we live to ever join with You to make intercession. We ask that Your purposes for this country be fulfilled. Remove the evil people in government at every level of decision making. Replace them with the people who hear Your voice and serve You. We ask in Jesus Precious name. Amen

    Amen! 17
  80. Thank you Jamie,
    Just printed this off and will be praying for leaders in our country (Canada) as well as the U.S. and the nations! We want righteous leaders in the lands. Blessings & Shalom

    Amen! 10
  81. Amen. Standing in agreement to this powerful prayer. Let the words of this prayer be fulfilled to Your great satisfaction, Lord. Praise You, Lord for what You are doing, what You have done, and what You are going to do.

    Amen! 8
  82. I join with the intercessors in praying for all leaders, wicked ones, & righteous ones.
    I pray the wicked ones would come ” face to face” with almighty God! I pray their hardened hearts would be cracked wide open, exposing the wickedness of their hearts, that they would repent of their sins with a Godly sorrow. May they have a reverent fear of God, that true wisdom could begin to guide them.

    If they refuse Jesus,may they be removed from any office that represents the people of the USA. Although my hope is first and foremost for their Salvation!

    As for your righteous leaders. Hold them Jesus. Protect them and their families. Give them Your wisdom, Your discernment, Your strength. Surround them with Your holy angels. Remind them that if God be for them, who can be against them. Remind them that thousands of people are with them, praying for them; not to weary in well doing.
    May their ranks for righteousness be multiplied.
    Onward Christian Soldier. Let Truth go marching on.
    In Jesus Name.

    Amen! 22
  83. Thank you Jamie, these prayers are powerful and effective. Thank you because they are so comprehensive and cover everything! Yes, I prayed them and will continue to pray them. I will pass them on to others. Blessings on you for doing this for us who desire so much to pray feverently in the will of God

    Amen! 11
  84. Father thank you that we live in the United States of America. Thank you that we have a form of government that not only allows us to participate in the formation of our government, but that compels us to participate so that we are able to be free to worship, to live, to work and to play. Remind us of our responsibility to watch our leaders and hold them accountable for their actions and behaviors as they affect the offices they occupy and the people they represent. Father, we pray that YOU will also keep the evil away from our elected representatives. Asking in the name of Jesus! Amen

    Amen! 10
  85. Hallelujah!!!! Now these are Jesus’ Warrior Prayers!!!! We as the body come in full agreement with these prayers!!! We come against the wiles of the Devil and all his dominions in the mighty name of Yeshua our Lord!!! What man has falsely put together for evil… Our God and Lord will turn it fir good and will restore what the enemy has stolen!!!!! We stand on the verses that were so eloquently mentioned… the men of God Moses Daniel Paul etc did not submit to the evil Kings who turned their backs on Gods precepts… on the contrary… they stood firm in faith of the ONE true GOD and Father.. the Great I AM!!! They did not fear them… they feared God Almighty and look what the Lord did!!! Wow!!!! Let this be a lesson to us that no matter what comes our way.. let us stand firm on the Rock of our salvation “Christ the Lord!!! And never bow down to Baal!!! Hallelujah!!!!!

    Amen! 18
    1. Amen and Amen!! This is a powerful “prayer-warrior” prayer that I stand in full agreement with. Thank you for putting to prayer the words that are so desperately needed to be spoken. May YHWH hear from His throne and grant us the desires of our hearts.

      Amen! 9
      1. Oh my fellow warrior for Christ!!! You made my heart sing!! We as believers need to take the authority given to us by the Holy Spirit and our blessed Lord and use the spiritual weapons God has given us to fight the good fight of faith!!!! Take up the armor of God Almiyand the sword of the Spirit my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus !!! Fir God clearly told us that “no weapon formed against us shall prosper!!!” Fear not fir what can man do to you saith the Lird if Hosts!!!! We stand on our Gods Words Always!!!! Thank you my Sister fir your words of encouragement and faith!🙏✝️⚔️🔥❤️

        Amen! 3
  86. Holy. Holy. Holiness! Father God. Jesus. Our Comfirter Holy Spirut. Thank you, Jamie! This IS a powerful prayer. It has touched heaven and the earth below as we prayed and as I prayed. This is grounded prayer. Amen. Meaningful. Go Angel armies and bring this prayer to pass in thus time and era. Free the world into Jesus!! In agreement! Amen.

    Amen! 8
  87. AMEN, Jamie! God is faithful. He will oversee in the affairs of people and nations to achieve His purposes. We must stand in light as Holy Spirit reveals and proclaim truth of scripture. Especially, that Jesus died for the sins of all and salvation is in Him!

    Amen! 9
  88. As I prayed down through this entire list, I found myself physically crying out things like “FRAUD! FRAUD FRAUD!” and “REPENT! REPENT!”–and acting out some of the declarations with sweeps of my hand, pounding of fists, stamping of feet. I guess that’s a kind of prayer in and of itself. I’m done and I’m exhausted. Whew!

    Amen! 8
  89. Jamie, this prayer is exactly what I needed. I struggle to pray for those people I know are evil or lost and although I know I was once lost, and am still a sinner yet loved by Jesus. Thank you! Amen. I will pray this prayer until I can feel my heart soften away from anger and towards loving my enemies.

    Amen! 8
  90. Amen and Amen! Lord, work righteousness in our hearts and provide for us leaders who seek Your righteousness, truth and justice. Our hearts rise up with this prayer day and night. Hear our prayer and heal our land. We lift this great request to our incredibly great God.

    Amen! 7
  91. What a wonderful compilation of petitions, declarations, and truth! You put what I have been thinking into such a concise and comprehensive document that was a joy to pray through. Thank you! I will pass it on to others of like heart and mind.

    Amen! 10
  92. I prayed this prayer aloud. It was encouraging to know it is biblical to pray like this against wicked politicians leaving the judgement of individuals to God. Thank you for helping me become more strategic and discerning in prayer.

    Amen! 15
  93. Thank you for your heart felt prayer. I prayed in agreement with you. Let the truth come out, from local governments to Federal governments and everything in between. Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. The most important truth is accepting Jesus Christ as Savior. Please God bring us another great leader who leads our country into revival.

    Amen! 18
  94. Thank you for being so specific in this prayer. We need ALL
    of that to occur. Thank you for exposing the deeds of darkness. May the Lord have mercy on this country before it becomes a Venezuela.

    Amen! 20
  95. Paul said to the Romans “Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound”. Jesus didn’t overlook sin. He didn’t pretend the wicked of his day weren’t really wicked. But on the cross, He said “Forgive them Father, they don’t know what they are doing”.
    Stephen, as he was being martyred, full of the Holy Spirit and seeing the glory of God, said “Lord do not charge them with this sin.
    Even Peter, after healing the lame man, speaks about how they had crucified Jesus, but says “I know you acted in ignorance”. In all three situations, there was no thought of eternal punishment, rather, restoration.
    So, when we think of people walking in darkness as a state of ignorance, a position which leads to sin, then we can see the people differently… and begin to see them as God the Father does. Paul said “From now on, we regard no-one from a purely human point of view.” 2 Cor 5.16

    Amen! 8
  96. Yes! Praise God! A prayer rightly written according to God’s word. I believe it! I claim it and I have been paying in this way yet maybe a little harsher than I should. I will share this over and over. God help us! In Jesus Name AMEN!

    Amen! 15
  97. Dear Sister Jamie,
    Before I got to the end of your prayer that I was praying with you, I knew it was penned by you. I recognize your prayers. They always stir Holy Spirit within me because they are the very bold and righteous prayers from a woman of God who comes from the presence of God when you lead us. Thank you so much for taking the time to contribute this “spot on” prayer! I pray the Lord continues to hugely bless your ministry “for such a time as this!”

    Amen! 15
  98. yes I prayed this to our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ our Lord, and I pray for this each day so the world can be at peace, safe and stop all the persecution, suffering, child torture and molestation, trafficking, and stop just all the evil in our world. Thank you and may God hear our words.
    He is with us always,

    Amen! 19
  99. Yes, I prayed this prayer out loud here at my computer and felt God’s presence fall!! This prayer covers everything I’ve had in my heart but didn’t have all the words to express…. thank you for posting this!

    Amen! 23
    1. Yes, I prayed this prayer in its entirety, with deep reverence and conviction. I commit to downloading the prayer into print format so that I may pray it multiple times. The words and language of the prayer capture what has been on my heart to pray. Thank you for bringing that to clarity.

      Amen! 11
  100. I’m in total agreement that we need to pray continually for the leaders in our government, that they may see the wickedness and evil in our government and that they will take a stand for truth and righteousness; that they would seek Our Almighty God for truth and righteousness.

    Amen! 12
  101. Only god in heaven will be able to undo the evil in our society, man has tried but has failed. Why has man failed, because we as a nation have turned from GOD! Until the arrogance of man humbles himself, and repent, god will let us continue to become more evil and corrupt than we have ever seen! Humbleness is strength in control!

    Amen! 7
    1. Thank you for these inspiring prayers that cover every aspect of my fears and worries of the evil that is being perpetrated against the law abiding Christians of this country which I love so much.

      I have prayed the prayer and will continue to do so, love it.

      Keep up the good work that you are doing for the Lord and we Christians. May God richly bless you always.

      Amen! 9
  102. Amen! We have been praying this for all those who cheated or had someone cheat on their behalf. (Ps. 109:8) May their lies be found out and may any traps they have set for those more righteous than themselves snap on them. Heavenly Father, just as You gave Haman opportunity to see that his path was crooked, and even used his wife to show him this, reveal Your path to them. You gave Pharaoh numerous opportunities to repent, and he continued to run away from You rather than toward You. We recognize that it is your kindness that leads to repentance, and that kindness involves someone being willing to point out evil behavior to the ones involved in it. Reveal to us what our part to play is.

    Amen! 18
  103. I am going to keep praying for their destruction, Joe Biden, the rest of the anti-Trumpers like Nancy Pelosi and all those who oppose freedom will be crushed and cursed. I am praying that they are so broken, crushed, defeated that they will come to Christ. I am praying for their souls at the expense of their wicked ways.
    God is immensely mad at America and its leaders. It is important to repent and come to Lord as a nation now. I have been given the task of destroying this nation and as one of the two witnesses of Revelation 11. So far I have sent numerous warnings and no one believed me. All you who think I am not who I say I am need to look at Revelation 11 witnesses more closely. I was not born the regular way like you. God called me before I was even conceived to bring judgment on the nations. I did not ask for the power over disasters that I have. I am only using 35% of it now. My major desire is all come to Christ before it is too late. that is how much I care for everyone.
    Please take my words seriously, reexamine the type of witnesses that Revelation 11 is talking about- one controls the forces of nature, the other controls pandemics and diseases. It is right in front of you. I am going to say once more repent church for you caused this whole problem in the first place. I do not want to wipe out millions of people’s lives because you failed to do your job. The blood will be on your hands, do not let God’s wrath come to you.

    Amen! 3
  104. I come agaist the sronghold satan has put in the minds of all those people in our government who are walking in deciept and darkness and wanting communism and socialism and more killing of babies. I tear down those strongholds & cast out everything in their minds that exalts itself against the knowleedge of God. I pray Holy Spirit go & hover around these people & penetrate their hearts. I release their minds to be in complete obedience to Jesus. I loose them to be reconciled to God. IN JESUS NAME., AMEN

    Amen! 12
  105. “In the Lord I take refuge. How then can you say to me: “Flee like a bird to your mountain. For look, the wicked bend their bows; they set their arrows against the strings to shoot from the shadows at the upright in heart. When the foundations are being destroyed what can the righteous do? The Lord is in his holy temple; the Lord is on his heavenly throne. He observes the sons of men; his eyes examine them. The Lord examines the righteous but the wicked and those who love violence his soul hates, On the wicked he will rain down fiery coals and burning sulfur, a scorching wind will be their lot. For the Lord is righteous, he loves justice, upright men will see his face.” Psalm 11
    Dear God, help us to remain ‘upright’ and know what we can do to remain faithful. I pray for all elected officials. Amen

    Amen! 16
  106. Thank you and praise God for the Spirit of the Lord impressing this heartfelt expression of Jesus’ prayer “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done ON EARTH as it is in heaven”. Amen and amen

    Amen! 15
  107. This was an article that needs to be read in by every Christian in every church and prayed by every believer. It is a comprehensive compilation that cover every topic. Let us take it as a model with which to bombard the courts of heaven for freedom.

    Amen! 20
  108. I do pray these things in Ernest (I long for our land to be healed from the lies and snares of the evil one). I believe our Heavenly Father can accomplish it all.
    As I read verse: 1 John 5:14. (NIV) This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to HIS WILL, he hears us.

    Is HIS Will to heal our land, or are we so close to the end times that we are where we are suppose to be to fulfill Revelation? I look up for our redemption draws close and I pray for courage and strength in this fallen world, and for a Revival in our Land.

    Amen! 10
  109. I prayed in agreement with this prayer. I always pray for our leaders during my personal devotional time with the Lord. Hosea 12:6 inspired me to memorize this verse for myself and our Nation. “So you, by the help of your God, return: hold fast to love and justice, and wait continually on your God.”

    Amen! 13
    1. This was one of the things President Trump was concerned about. There is a horrifying picture on Gab if a child so abused. I pray they are delivered from the hands of their captors, they are placed in loving homes that will help them heal and that the perpetrators of these crimes either repent or pay in full for their crimes on this side and in the afterlife. In the name above all names, Jesus!

      Amen! 8
  110. While praying this prayer today, I am reminded of the events written about in the book of Esther. The rising of a wicked man named Haman. As he plotted against the Jewish people for evil; GOD was in the background working on Esther to be the vessel of crying out for GOD’S deliverance
    And help as the plan for evil….final solution….was being put in place.
    Though The LORD’S
    Name isn’t mentioned in the book of Esther, the mighty handprint of out heavenly Father is embossed throughout the entire narrative.
    Esther’s personal repentance,fasting and bringing together all those who trusted in The GOD of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob to join her in repentance,fasting and prayer, turned the tide of wickedness.
    Likewise, our GOD,through saving faith in His PROVISION of Salvation, MESSIAH YESHUA/JESUS desires His people who worship Him in Spirit and truth continue to cry out to Him…..repentance,
    Fasting, prayers of deliverance during this prophetic season of time.
    Last year our nation was brought to a screeching halt on the Hebraic day of Purim, which was on March 9, 2020 due to the wuhun virus. As business closed, people lost their jobs and the ‘virus’spread, the campaign of fear raged. Looking at the state of this nation and the world, we can see the handwriting on the wall.
    Christian, all who call upon The LORD through the name of MESSIAH JESUS it’s time to repent,fast turn from your own ways and continue to cry out to Him for strength,forgiveness, direction,wisdom and deliverance especially now during this season as Purim is Thursday, February 25-27. Prayfull read the book of Esther. Notice the strategy of the wicked and the GOD given strategy of the righteous. Our GOD hasn’t changed. He is the same yesterday,today….forever.
    PRAISE His Holy Name, we can come to Him daily….may we continue trust in His faithfulness and mercy and deliverance.

    Amen! 16
  111. Thank you for this prayer! I am not eloquent in speech, but I know God hears my heart through the Holy Spirit when I pray. Going to print this prayer so I can repeat it often. The prophets have spoken of some of the politicians being beyond saving. You have explained that in this prayer. I am so grateful!

    Amen! 14
  112. We appeal to Jehovah Sabaoth, Commander in Chief of the heavenly armies to deliver us! Every time Israel repented and cried out to Him, He came with deliverance. Praise His Holy Name! Thank you Jamie, for helping us to pray more effectively.

    Amen! 13
  113. Thank you for this excellent prayer! I am in total agreement!

    I cannot pray to bless Biden in his presidency, as he is not the legitimate president He only stole that office by fraud through collusion with other evil politicians and enemy foreign entities. I know a number of believers who do pray to bless him that way, because they say it must be God’s will since he is in office. I believe God allowed that to happen to expose the evil and bring it to the light, not because Biden was His choice. Many more voted for President Trump, who stood for God’s righteous values–than for Biden. Our righteous God will not ignore that fact. We look to Him for His deliverance in this situation and the cleansing of evil from our land.

    Biden has done nothing but push the evil socialist agenda of not only murdering more babies (sacrificing to ba-al) in our land, but also funding abortion in other countries. He, as well, through another executive order, has given permission to young men who are trans-gender to have access to women’s bathrooms and locker rooms and to compete against women in their sports. Additionally, he is pushing the censoring of conservative Christian values and speech, freedom to worship, and the right for Christians to run their churches and Christian schools based on God’s righteous law. I could mention many more as these are just a few of the atrocities that the enemy is bringing against God and His people through the works of these wicked people.

    However, like the article mentioned, I do pray for his and others conviction, and salvation–and that they would stop their acts of wickedness. We still must have a heart for the lost, for we were all lost at some point and God in His mercy saved us.

    But we must PRAY and ACT against all the fraudulence that occurred in these recent elections, or the wicked will continue to rule and persist with their reign of terror against Believers. We cannot continue to practice the belief held by many Christians that we should not be involved in politics.

    However, back to my first point, for us to pray that Biden (and all the other ba-al worshippers) be blessed and prosper in the presidency, is like praying for a bank robber who stole millions of dollars that belonged to us collectively, from a bank at gunpoint, to be blessed in how he decides to spend our money on evil, wicked schemes to further victimize the ones he stole from.

    Amen! 21
  114. Over the centuries of Christianity there has been discussion over what are called “the imprecatory Psalms,” of which Psalm 137 may be the most severe, although Psalm 69:21 is quoted in reference to Christ’s persecution, and the imprecation against those enemies includes eternal torment (Ps. 69:27-28). Psalms 74 and 79 speak to when the public worship of God is threatened. Jesus foretold that His followers would be persecuted, and God uses such times of persecution to purify His bride, the church.

    I believe what you have written about praying concerning the evil in civil government is “right on,” and I thank God for the wisdom He has given you in this matter.

    Have you ever looked at the second verse of “God Save the Queen?” In it the people sing to God “….Look on her enemies and make them fall. Confound their politics; frustrate their knavish tricks. On Thee our hope we fix, Lord God of all!” This week I watched (on YouTube) the “Commonwealth Day” ceremony from Westminster Abbey in 2020 and some like ceremonies from the past decade. How wonderful to see so many people singing the old hymns, such as Psalm 100 and “Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation!”
    Trouble is that their education system tells these people not to believe the Scripture. Satan is truly the “prince of this world.” So again, I thank God for your willingness to “stand in the gap,” as it were (Ephesians 6:12).

    Amen! 19
  115. Thank you for this detailed prayer. I have been struggling with how to pray for evil politicians who have stolen their seats in this election. This is an encouragement to me, and a way for me to resume praying.

    Amen! 21
  116. Father God we come before you with this heartfelt prayer trusting that you are working out a plan for all the people at all levels of government that will benefit the country. Amen.

    Amen! 13
  117. This is a very timely prayer. The Lord gave a very concerning and powerful dream this morning. It’s time for the church (prayer warriors and intercessors) to arise, put on their full armor and do the necessary warfare in the Spirit. This is a critical moment. The warfare the enemy’s of God have done covertly in the past is about to become overt and the Body of Christ is being called to awaken to the time we are in,and pray and do all Father God is showing us.

    Amen! 20
  118. I prayed this prayer, and have bern praying along these lines now for months! God hears and his timing is perfect!

    Psalm 37:7 “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; fret not yourself over the one who prospers in his way, over the man who carries out evil devices!”

    Amen! 16
  119. Yes I prayed this today. And I pray your prayer against the wicked from a month or so ago. It’s all God’s Word and that is why it is so powerful. Thank you for writing these out for us. I snap screenshots on my iPad and file them under a prayer photo file. I go there daily and pray with you, with Wanda Algers, and other prayers…and then my own. God hears us, he will act in his timing. Do no give up or grow weary, He is coming. We don’t see it yet, but that’s what faith is…

    Amen! 8
  120. Thank you for the words to remove the hate and evil that we see in the government (by the people) not by
    people making laws to fit their needs. God help us to see the whole truth from the top down-both sides and remove them from office in Jesus name.

    Amen! 9
  121. Thank you for showing how to powerfully pray for our country and leaders. It also showed me how to pray for a friend who says “don’t pray for me” as he believes it only goes into the air. I am praying with you and everyone who believes our country needs Jesus.

    Amen! 10
  122. I prayed this prayer with tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat and in humility fully aware of my own weaknesses. The fear of the Lord is a good thing for us all. Thank You, Abba, for loving and sacrificing everything to save a wretch like me. In Jesus’ loving Name. Amen.

    Amen! 13
  123. I have struggled for a long time with praying for wicked politicians. I tried many times but my heart was not in it. I could pray for justice but it pained me to ask God to do much more with these politicians. My prayer became, “Lord, show me how to pray for these politicians; give me the right words to pray in accordance with Your will.” Today, with this article and prayer, my prayer has been answered. The prayer provided here is exactly what I needed to sincerely offer a righteous prayer on behalf of our politicians both the good ones and the evil ones. I am so very grateful for this resource. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Amen! 18
  124. My wife Betsy and Mark Neuenschwander were career missionaries for 20 years with our last posting in Afghanistan. Now being home we have a deep & aching burden for our own nation.
    We loved, prayed for & declared the points you described. Thank you for your wisdom & boldness.

    Amen! 16
  125. Hallelujah to our Great God‼️ I Am dresses in the Full Armor of God praying this awesome prayer. Going to send it to all my prayer warriors. Hallelujah victory is coming‼️

    Amen! 9
  126. I want to encourage my fellow prayer warriors to begin, or continue to write, e mail. or text your political representatives. I have been e mailing mine, both local and in Washington. I am encouraging them to care more about their own personal character then their career. I try to write encouraging words, reminding them that the people at home are expecting them to representative our values not their own political aspirations.
    Thank you for this powerful prayer today. God does not like the evil that is operating our government today, and He acknowledges that most of us did not vote for this. I am expectantly waiting for His powerful hand to remove them all, and set America on a path that will bring honor and glory to Him.

    Amen! 15
  127. Thank You Father God for hearing us and we continue to walk out our faaith believing You will save us from all this evil. So we examine our hearts daily that we sin not against You and therefore we will see the salvation of many and we shall see Your mighty Hand working on our behalf for You love Your people and desire that all be saved. So we will stand believing for we know You are our Saviour and we trust You Lord to save us . You alone can save; therefore we put on the whole armor of God and stand, yes we stand and we shall see the salvation of all who You have called. thank You father for these encouraging words and this woman’s life lived for You. Praise God.

    Amen! 6
  128. Dear Lord God Almighty,

    Thank You for the Prayer Team of which I am a party that has been praying and praying and praying for the things included in this layout, of how to pray against the ungodly and evil persons in political office…from city councils to the President of the United States. We have taken this Christian duty very seriously, and we will continue to do so, according to Your will. Thank you for this organization and layout so that we might pray more precisely, according to Your will. We love You, Lord God, and we want to be in and stay in Your holy will as long as we live. Thank You, in Jesus holy name, and under His blood I pray.

    Amen! 12
  129. Amen and amen !

    To see the Holy Spirit move in and thru so many who don’t know each other here but are lifting the same prayers is truly divine in every way
    evidence of things hoped for,things not seen
    The Rock on which we stand will NOT be moved

    Lord you say:

    Do not stat there yourselves but pursue your enemies , attack their rear guard.
    Do not allow them to enter their cities, for the Lord your God has delivered them into your hand
    Joshua 10:9

    Lord we will be victorious because it is You “who will tread down our enemies ”
    Psalm 60:12

    Amen! 9
  130. Thank you for this article. It helps us to stay focused on how we should pray. A scripture I read this morning also helps me to stay focused on the faithfulness of our Lord as we wait for His righteousness to prevail: Psalm 37:7- Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for Him to act. Don’t worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes.

    Amen! 12
  131. What a powerful prayer! I prayed it and will share it with others as well. Thank you for what you are doing! So thankful that the Lord watches over His Word to perform it.

    Amen! 13
  132. THANK YOU! This is exactly what I have been needing to guide my prayers. I’ve prayed much of this already, but it is so helpful to have Biblical prayers laid out in this format. Thank you again, Jamie!

    Amen! 10
  133. Thank you, Jamie, for giving us this prayer to pray daily. We desperately need righteousness and justice to also be the foundation of our republic (just as it is the foundation of our Heavenly Father’s throne) for without that we are doomed to destruction.

    Amen! 10
  134. Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.
    See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

    I do pray your prayers against wickedness…let it begin with me. Cleanse my hands, purify my heart!

    Amen! 8
  135. I did pray this prayer and will make it a part of my daily prayer time. Sometimes I just don’t know how to pray for the evil leaders. This is a great resource.Thank you for sharing.

    Amen! 11
  136. I thank God for you all and the prayer guides you faithfully provide. I agree with this prayer and expect God will save, deliver, cleanse our nation and make us a sheep nation for His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Amen! 11
  137. Amen to your prayer of conviction that calls out wickedness in all levels of government, in our schools , our churches, our communities, in technology, in the media and onward. May the Holy Spirit force it out to be held accountable for the darkness it intentionally planned and invited into our lives and our country. May we cling to praising our Lord for all the benefits He has given us, guarding what is good, what is righteous and just and reclaim the plumb line He has given us to measure and discern truth. May our deep roots of faith multiply and our strength grow tall as wickedness is dismantled in our country and world. May people be restored with a fresh revival of magnitude. Amen

    Amen! 15
  138. I am so glad to find this. It will help know how to pray. God’s word says to pray for our enemies, especially the wicked politicians. I believe that they have rejected the Holy Spirit so many times it doesn’t witness to them anymore. They don’t have a conscious

    Amen! 10
    1. Amen 🙏
      The prayer is just what we need at this time . I believe it was inspired by the Holy Spirit . Evil not just being exposed , but dealt with .
      God is fighting for us , pushing back the darkness . Arise oh God & let your enemies be scattered .
      Righteousness will prevail in America .
      Thank you Lord for you are at work . Thank you for your promises that are yeah & Amen . Let their days be few & another take their office , so shall it be in Jesus name . Amen 🙏

      Amen! 6
  139. I prayed this prayer with you. Thank you for praying exactly as I feel. God will hear our prayer and will remove evil and dishonest politicians. Praise God for His goodness and mercy for the righteous and his condemnation for the wicked.

    Amen! 13
  140. Love this!
    Biblical, straightforward and in alignment with Scripture. I would also encourage us to frequently check our own heart before praying.
    Thank you for this powerful prayer!

    Amen! 16
  141. Lord Jesus we pray Psalm 35 for the United States of America. Lord we repent as a nation for the wickedness we, as Christians, allowed into our homes, schools, churches, businesses. We repent for killing over 60 million babies, for allowing sexual immorality at every level, for keeping our mouths shut when we should have stood with boldness for Your righteousness and Your Word. Forgive us Lord Jesus. Bring every wicked politician, leader, president/vice president, teacher, media heads/personnel, pastor, State/Federal government official, business CEO, into utter confusion and be dismissed from their position and God-fearing, Bible believing, true upholding individuals would replace them. We deserve Your judgment and chastisement Lord but we repent and ask for Your grace and mercy for our nation. We pray this in the Mighty Name of Jesus- Amen ✝️🙏🏻🔥🙌🏻

    Amen! 19
  142. Powerful! I have been praying parts of this prayer every day, and will now print it out, praying it together with prayers for the persecuted, with intentionality, trusting God hears our cries and will answer them.

    Amen! 15
  143. Thanks be to God for your prayer which I thankfully prayed along with you. May the Lord of heaven and earth hear the cries of his people and answer swiftly as we appeal to heaven. It seems that the only avenue of redemption restoration will come through his sovereign will an action. May God have mercy on us all.

    Amen! 13
  144. On Election Day I was lead to pray along these lines. It seemed very strange to me at the time, but now seems to make sense. Several times I have been led to pray that God would save as many as possible before the flood comes. I believe judgement is coming, may it not delay.

    Amen! 13
  145. Thank you, I prayed this prayer. It really helped me because sometimes I’d get stuck praying for the wicked. I’m going to copy it and use it as a template for me.

    Amen! 16
  146. There are times when we don’t know how to pray in a organized and thorough way. We are burdened to do so but sometimes it’s hard to bring it forth.
    This prayer is so helpful to bring forth that “detail and thoroughness”.
    Thank you for this. I am printing it to put it in my “prayer guide binder”.

    Amen! 13
  147. Amen and amen! May I also add to pray that the Supreme Court and Department of Justice follow the counsel of the Lord, that they feel compelled to answer only to Him and to interpret the Constitution as intended by our founding fathers!

    Amen! 20
  148. Thank you for your article. I did pray this prayer and downloaded it. I have been asking the Lord to show me how I should pray for the people who are in the White House now because I cannot pray for blessing on them. This article and prayer has shown me how to pray. There are many scriptures that deal with wicked people like Ps. 7,10,46 and many more. A friend of mine has said that I should not pray for their salvation, because they have removed God from their lives. I am not sure about that part. I am still asking God about that.

    Amen! 12
    1. I understand that a person can get to the point that their conscience is so seared that they are beyond the point of repentance and salvation. But I totally disagree that we should not pray for their salvation. Think of the people that have have committed murder or have committed other heinous crimes and have repented and be saved.
      I believe that God’s love for evil leaders compels us to pray for their salvation as much as anyone else.
      Let’s remember 1 Timothy 2:4,”Who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

      Amen! 5
      1. Thank you,Daniel, for your reply. I didn’t think that not praying for salvation was right. I didn’t know how to take what my friend said to me. She usually hears the Lord. I know in Hebrews it says that He died for all for all time. I will continue to pray for their salvation.

        Amen! 2
        1. Mary, I’m glad to hear that you’ll continue to pray for their salvation. I remember a “seer” friend of mine who got some insight about Hillary Clinton in which the Holy Spirit told him that she still had a window of opportunity but that it could close soon if she doesn’t repent. So unless we know for sure, I think it’s good and important to keep praying for them! Blessings to you!

  149. Thank you for leading prayer such as this one above. It is so easy to get caught up in what is happening in front of eyes and I miss what is taking place in the Spirit. You are doing the Lord’s work! I agree with your prayers and may they exponentially be answered beyond what we can ask or think.

    Amen! 20
  150. Thank you for these specific prayers that we humbly, urgently and expectantly agree with! Thank you to the Lord Who loves America so much that He is stirring the hearts of man to “take her back” through prayer and action. I will continue to expectantly watch and pray to see the justice of God unfold in mighty ways and for Americans to respond to the heart of God for us all. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, dear Lord.

    Amen! 16
  151. Thank you for this prayer. I have been asking our God to help me, guide me, in praying for the wicked, evil politicians, but truly did not know how. I plan on printing this prayer and praying it everyday. For all the power, the glory and honor belong to our God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    Amen! 20
  152. Amen and Amen! Surely, as we join in praying this prayer, we are coming boldly before His throne and asking according to His will and Word.Lets persevere in praying this specific prayer!

    Amen! 16
  153. Amen & amen & amen! Let this prayer echo from coast to coast and challenge all of us to move from the sidelines to the frontlines of spiritual battle for our precious country!

    Amen! 18
      1. God’s words says by their fruits you shall know them. You most not have read how many good things he has done. He has stuck up for religious freedom and protection of the unborn to name a few. I pray for you!

        Amen! 8
        1. Character used to matter. Now an evil man throws us a few crumbs and we’re supposed to praise him. I’ll praise Trump when he expresses remorse for his sins. Jesus taught us humility and to ask for forgiveness.

          Amen! 1
          1. I agree with you Isla. Among his other accomplishments he opened the 1st strip club in New Jersey (which spread like a cancer). He staged a photo with that other paragon of virtue (Falwell Jr) underneath the Playboy cover for a photo during his 2016 campaign.
            Take a look at to get the interaction between the real sources of evil on planet earth. search on “soros murdoch swamp” when you get to the website.
            Leave your voter ID home when you go there…

            Amen! 1
          2. Isla
            Do you forget how Jesus does not hold our past against us? You are holding Trumps past against him. It is what he did while in office and what he does now that you need to be looking at. And the fact that he is pro life and pro Israel are two very important and Biblical issues that you need to remember. Look at all the evil legislation that biden has passed in the few weeks he has been in the WH! That alone tells you all you need to know. Is President Trump perfect. No. But neither are you. And you should be grateful God doesn’t judge you the way you judge others. Take the log out of your eye.

    1. Wonder what YOU have done in your sinful life? Why don’t you take the PLANK out of your eye and then maybe you will be able to SEE! YOU are prideful and judgmental. God hates pride by the way.

    2. President Trump is an imperfect vessel that God used to bring our nation back to Himself and the American people being able to work and support their families. Pro-life, pro-Israel, truth of our nation’s founding being taught in schools with Patriot 1776 initiative, freedom of speech, freedom to practice our faith without government interference, creating educational and job opportunities in depressed areas of cities, keeping our country safe by closing our borders to terrorist growing nations, keeping our southern borders safe from terrorists, human traffickers, and drug smugglers entering illegally just to name a few.

      Amen! 2
  154. Yes I have prayed this amazing prayer and as the Lord calls me I will pray it again and again. Until it is fulfilled according Gods plan and purpose for this His country the United States of America One Nation Under GOD ! With Liberty and Justice for all! Amen!

    Amen! 19
  155. Prayed with great expectation and thanksgiving. God will not turn His back on His Word of Truth. It will accomplish everything He has set in place, writing to accomplish. The wicked will take out the wicked amongst us. Let it be so Father God in the precious name of our Lord and Savior your one and only Son. Amen

    Amen! 14
  156. Thank you for this thorough prayer!
    Dear God, I also ask that you would judge and expose the non political but powerful people with money behind the scene. Father, please let them know that it is You who pull the strings. Convict and Save them God if if is not past the point of salvation for them. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

    Amen! 24
  157. Thank you, Jamie, for this reminder of how to pray for our leaders with whom we disagree. It was so much easier to pray for them when they were not Socialistic in nature. I pray that the Lord would give them a great gift of a Damascus road experience. It is not my wish to see any harm to come to anybody, especially our leaders. God allowed them to be put in office for a reason. Therefore, I need to follow His word, and pray for our leaders. We have leaders who don’t seem to care one iota about our Constitution, or godly principals. I pray that God would show them the error of their ways. I also pray for revival, and that it would begin in Washington D.C. Make it so, Lord!

    Amen! 14
    1. Maybe God allowed these people to get into office to wake up the sleeping church and get so disgusted with the ridiculous laws they are passing that they would finally say “enough is enough” and start speaking up. May a Holy Spirit fire ignite the pulpits to call out sin against God – abortion, LGBTQ initiatives, etc. These issues are being “danced around” for fear of offending someone and financial loss. What happened to trusting God for their provision?

      Amen! 2
      1. That seems to be a common issue facing organized religion. The way things are in America with censorship, it seems to be a way to “play it safe”, and avoid backlash from the press or government. What a shame that the state has infiltrated the church.

  158. Thank you! I’ve been praying that our “leaders” would be saved and that their evil edicts would be nullified, but I appreciate this guide to help me more fully pray according to our LORD’s will. May HE bring it pass, speedily and soon, in our days. And may we all say, “Amen”!

    Amen! 9
  159. May God raise up righteous leaders and servants from within the Church to replace the wicked and corrupt in government, business, education, entertainment, medicine, etc.. It won’t happen by osmosis. The Church must get back in the business of actively working toward this, even to nominate and promote political candidates. If the Church had not done this in our history, we would still be British and not the USA.

    Amen! 14
  160. I agree fully with this prayer. We never bless wickedness.

    Thank you Father that Your Word shines the light of Your truth for our lives. We agree with this prayer as Your people on the earth. We pray Your Word this day to bring salvation to those who will receive and turn from wicked ways and we pray for those in our government that have made their final decision to reject You to be removed from office and hindered from bringing wickedness to our nation any longer. Bring out of the wings those you have prepared to influence this nation back to You and govern in righteousness. And bring justice to those who work in wickedness.

    For yours is the power and the glory forever O God! All glory to Your mighty name. Have Your way, Lord, in the hearts of men and in the government of America. May we finish our divine destiny for all time.
    In Jesus Name we pray!

    Amen! 28
  161. I prayed the whole prayer from the depth of my soul trusting that God Our Father will hear our prayers and heal the beautiful land of the United States of America. We love you Lord and we need you so much in these troubled lands. In Jesus name we pray. 🇺🇸🙏👍

    Amen! 20
  162. Praying in complete agreement! “Where 2 or 3 are gathered together in my name, there will I be also.” (Matt.18:20) “The fervent prayers of a righteous man available much.”(James 5:16)

    I pray daily that God will send a David, a Samuel, a Saul or a Daniel (a truth teller) to speak to the hearts of our corrupt politicians (on both sides), our media and big tech giants; to let the Word be spoken in such a way that it pierces the darkness in their hearts and minds and causes them to repent before it is too late. I pray that He will wrestle with them so that they cannot deny Him. Let the light of truth overwhelm them and let God’s love overtake them to do the right thing. Where God’s light is there is no darkness.

    I pray for courage and boldness for those who are lifting up the name of Jesus. I pray that they will hear or see others walking in faith and be encouraged and strengthened to continue the good fight. Father, hold them up with your righteous hands and make them warriors for You.

    In the Blessed Name of Jesus, Amen!

  163. Your prayer is inspired by the Holy Spirit and rightfully addresses concerns we christians have for the integrity of our national and local leadership. God will be God in these matters and we who believe in and share our faith in Jesus Christ are encouraged by all you have stated. Prayerfully hoping this goes viral across the USA and beyond. God bless you for your faithfulness in sharing this heartfelt prayer.

    Amen! 20
  164. Totally agree with your prayer. The only prayer I have been praying is that everyone in government at any level will repent of sin they are committing and turn to God. If they do not repent then have asked God to deal with each of them as He did in the O.T.
    Also asking for America to repent and stop willfully sinning against God by worshipping the idols of materialism, pleasure and sexual perversion by spouses that destroys marriages and children.
    Praying that parents will be just that and not buddies and girlfriends that are afraid to show spiritual maturity and loving discipline to children if we want our children and grand children to obey God spending eternity in heaven then talk to them abut true obedience while living it ourselves. Life is very short so God please give us the love for our families that reveals the blessing of having a relationship with Jesus that friends and family know is genuine.
    Religion does not save people, only obedience to God and serving others will. Serving opens the hearts of non believers to listen to us tell them what faith in Jesus has done to bless us.

    Amen! 20
  165. Papa i come into agreement with this prayer. I declare evil and wicked politicians will be brought to justice. I thank you for your intervention in the name of truth and justice. In Jesus precious name. amen.

    Amen! 13
  166. Heavenly father I pray that your elected official remember they work for the people and not some special group, organization, company or corporation. They were/are elected to served all people of their state, county, city, and/or district.
    We thank you God for your loving and righteous intervention when our government and spiritual leaders don’t do their job with your integrity of truth, righteousness and justice for all. In Jesus name Amen!

    Amen! 24
  167. Praying in agreement! Trusting our God hears and is at work. Even so, causing His church to be obedient and to pray for those in authority when it is not our heart to do so!

    Amen! 26
  168. Yes and amen to this prayer. I would include the people in media too. The media have come along side politicians to promote the lies, and wicked works and to harm the innocent.

    Amen! 32
  169. Yes, this is my heart’s cry—I could never articulate this prayer. I could add no more. I agree with God, the judge of all the earth, for His will. Thank you Lord for hearing us, in Jesus, your beloved Son, our wonderful Savior. Amen.

    Amen! 21
    1. Yes, we pray for Canada as well, for the same enemy is working in both of our countries to perpetrate evil and silence the church…Father God we ask for your intervention, and we make declaration of the application of Your Truth to override all the lies of the enemy in Jesus powerful name.

      Amen! 8
    1. Thank you for this guidance & prayer. Our nation and what is occurring within it weighs heavily on my heart. Praying daily for The Righteousness of the Lord to rain down in His Will upon our land. “Let God arise and His enemies be scattered!”
      In the Mighty Power of Jesus Name!

      Amen! 15
    1. Thank you for this article on wicked in our government. We must pray daily for the ones who needs you. We thank you Jesus and praying for God’s will and peace upon our nation.

      Amen! 7
  170. I prayed. When I pray this and other prayers, I feel repentance for my sins. I want God to cleans me more from my own sins. I wish God to make me worthy of these prayers and hope that all will be well here in America. I have a feeling that all of us who are drawn to prayer and obedience to our Lord, are being led by God. There may not be many of us praying, but God has the exact numbers of people he needs. The number of people who repent, pray and turn towards God, are exactly the number he needs. If millions start praying for their salvation and turn from sin, God will have commanded it from above. If we only see a few, that will also be God’s will.
    I am glad and encouraged that I have read this article and have prayed. I know that everything is well because God is in control. We will extract evil. God will fight our battles for us. we will have victory, because God will fulfill his promises. We have nothing to fear.
    I am looking forward to seeing all the evil extracted from our government. I believe everything that is in this prayer will come to pass. Lets never give up. We must see this government come back to God the father. Just as our country was founded through prayer and belief, we must continue to pray and believe.
    God bless America

    Amen! 19
  171. All I can say is WOW. Thank you for this prayer expressing my thoughts exactly. I pray a similar one daily not nearly as thorough but God knows my heart and how I am thristing to see justice, truth and accountability reign. A big AMEN, AMEN. THANK YOU.

    Amen! 17
    1. Wow I have never seen anything like this on IFA. I am so shocked and humbled at the same time. And yet I am beyond grateful. This took courage to say. Sisters and brothers in Christ, let’s ask for heaven’s assistance!

      Amen! 15
  172. Thank you so much for this direction. I have felt completely without any desire to pray for evil leaders. I can pray this way with complete faith and confidence. Our nation needs revival desperately.

    Amen! 22
  173. Thank you for this powerful prayer. My heart longs for righteousness and faith to fall upon all of us. I know that longing comes from God who sees His children whom He loves turn away from His holy love. I cannot imagine the depth of His grief for us all. Let us turn from OUR wicked ways. I pray God surrounds us with His bright light so the world will see and know Gods love for them. I know God is listening to our prayers for light and truth to prevail. There is great peace in knowing how much God loves us all. May His will in our lives prevail.

    Amen! 25
  174. I have been praying similar prayer for months and I agree now. May it come to pass quickly Lord. We ask that you hold back/stay the hand of evil laws and decisions being made in this hour. We ask Lord for those to come forth who have been born for such a time as this. Those who will carry out the law and constitution in every way…All branches of government, all agencies who hold the role of law enforcement, prosecutors, attorneys and any who will aid in causing change for righteousness to be reestablished in America. We pray for their safety, soundness, integrity, protection (and protection for their families). Lastly, Lord we ask for a transfer of wealth to come into the body of Christ to fund every righteous cause in Jesus name. Thank you Father!

    Amen! 24
  175. In addition, I would pray that the Lord would place a “hedge of protection” around His people in this country from the evil politicians who are perpetuating their antiChrist policies upon us. I would also pray that the Lord would give US WISDOM on how to respond to this evil…in Jesus’ Name.

    Amen! 32
  176. What a thorough powerful prayer! Thank you for bringing this to us so that we know how to pray for the evilness in our governments at all levels. The prayers are very sound scripturally that I know that God who sits on the throne hears each one that we lift up to him.

    Amen! 26
  177. Thank you for showing us how to pray. Praying for hidden things to be revealed. Wake them up. A true woke. Convict them. Show them Jesus. A holy terror when they see Jesus. Let them Repent. Let them Bend a knee to Jesus. Let media outlets reveal the truth. Let their plans come to nothing. Let confusion enter their camp. Thank you for confirming the way we have been praying.

    Amen! 24
  178. This! This is exactly what we needed. I will not pray blessings on those who wickedly stole our election and committed a coup. So this prayer is exactly what I needed because I just didn’t know what to pray.
    Thank you. I will be sharing this with friends who are also at a loss.

    Amen! 31