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Father, we thank You for the passing of this Bill. We ask that You continue to place these signs not just in Texas schools, but in public schools across the nation.
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Thanks to a bill passed last year, “In God We Trust” signs have been popping up in schools across the state. Praise God!

From The Epoch Times. The motto “In God We Trust” is being displayed in a growing number of Texas schools, thanks to a law that recently went into effect requiring its display in a prominent location in public schools and institutions of higher education in the state.

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Texas state Sen. Bryan Hughes, a Republican, co-authored Senate Bill 797, which was passed last year and requires schools to display the motto as long as the signs featuring it came from private donations and at no cost to taxpayers.

“The national motto, In God We Trust, asserts our collective trust in a sovereign God,” Hughes said in an Aug. 17 statement on Twitter following an appearance for a Northwest Austin Republican Women’s Club event….

Patriot Mobile, a Texas-based cellphone company, donated several “In God We Trust” signs to Carroll Independent School District (ISD) campuses, saying in a statement on social media that they’re “proud to be a part of having our nation’s motto hung in our public schools.”

“Our mission is to passionately defend our God-given, Constitutional rights and freedoms, and to glorify God always,” the company said in the statement….

Similar signs have gone up in Austin and the Houston area, according to the Houston Chronicle….

Despite some objections, the signs are increasingly popping up in Texas schools, with The Yellow Rose of Texas Republican Women stating in a recent post on social media that they’ve donated a number of the signs to Houston area school districts….

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(Excerpt from The Epoch Times. Photo Credit: Adam Thomas on Unsplash)

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August 29, 2022

Thank you dear Lord for this bill passing and for Senator Bryan Hughs. Bless him Lord and keep him strong in faith in you. Encourage him and let us see the seed of this bill multiply into the public schools, in Jesus name!

August 28, 2022

This is wonderful news. Thank you Texas for leading the way here and may every State in the union follow suit. Thanks, be to God.

Sally Broskay
August 27, 2022

Father, You know all things… we ask You to work in the hearts of Your people who are called by Your Name, who seek Your face and humble themselves and pray. Forgive us for being complacent and not doing what You’ve called us to do. To love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, body, soul and spirit and to speak the truth, YOUR truth YOUR Word in love. May God bless America! Save us LORD!

Susan Iddings
August 26, 2022

I’m encouraged that In God We Trust is being posted in schools and public places.
I print In God We Trust in the lower left corner of every envelope that I send in the mail, personal and business.

Linda Kellogg
August 25, 2022

Brazoria county has the signs in every school building in all of our 8 ISDs plus our 2 colleges. Inquires have come in from Laredo, San Angelo, Grand Prairie, Allen, Fort Worth, Guadalupe County, Eastland, and Dripping Springs. Spread the good news!

Linda Kellogg
August 25, 2022

If you would like tried and proven , inexpensive procedures to put In God We Trust signs in your schools, you can find them at usnationalmotto.com. A great group out of Arkansas is helping Texas by proving law compliant 11×17 posters and access to drop in frames from Hobby Lobby stores. Check out American Heritage and History Foundation.

Shpend Shyti
August 25, 2022

May the country stay in Biblical foundations, may everyone repent and turns to the only God who blesses and keep America as castle of freedom in the troubled world.
In Precious Jesus Name, Amen!

August 25, 2022

Thank God for the Holy Spirit inspired school personnel at Texas state level who have passed a law inviting ‘God back into their schools.’ We praise God for moving upon the hearts of these individuals and ask for other state representatives to follow suite! Yah, God..You are King and Lord of Lords.

Kim Dillon
August 25, 2022

Amen Sister Judith! We welcome you to Texas anytime your ready!
Blessings abound. Thank you Daddy God and Jesus.

Sharon Spieckerman
August 25, 2022

Praise God !! In God we Trust restores His name in schools across this State . It’s a start and Hope for a greater hedge of safety
around our school children on all levels of Education. 👏
Thank you Father GOD !

Darlene Estlow
August 25, 2022

Praise your name Dear Jesus! May this spread across the nation!

Eulalia Small
August 25, 2022

Violet PRAISE YOU LORD!!! for Senator Hughes for co-authoring & for those who passed Senate Bill 797. I live in Texas. I graduated from a public a school where each school day we said the Pledge of Allegiance lead by a student, a devotion given by a student that included the reading from the Bible & Prayer also giving by a student. It was only a few years after I graduated from high school that prayer & Bible reading were no longer allowed. LORD, I pray that all schools in Texas have in “GOD We Trust” signs in their yard. I pray that all 5Oth. states will also pass a bill to have in “God We Trust” signs. I thank You God that students in public schools are free to read the Bible in their free time!!! I pray for the day again like I experience where prayer, devotions & the Pledge of Allegiance was given in public school. In Jesus name Amen

Ruth Potts
August 25, 2022

For this yes thank you Lord, however, right now Texas Board of Education, at an Aug 1 meeting, introduced and is attempting to change the Social Studies curriculum for the next 12 years and schools will not be able to opt out of it. Texas and American history will be exchanged for a globalist agenda. Learn more here urgent!


Lord, protect our children, reverse this curriculum change. Cause a grassroots outcry that stops it in its tracks!

Ellen Hoffman
August 25, 2022

Father, while I do Praise You for this accomplishment, I know that it is small and so easily ignored. There were many signs in my elementary school where I grew up. They did not impact me or my thinking, they can support it, but someone needs to be proclaiming the truth of these words. I pray that along with these signs the teachers, administrators and all those in authority will be emboldened to speak the truth of these signs and Your truth to be proclaimed in the classroom. I pray the impact of bringing You back into the schools will be clear and undeniable!

August 25, 2022

Father God, I pray that the Leftist Elites Marxist in San Antonio be defeated. I pray we San Antonioians and Bexar County residents will rise up and put In God We Trust back in the public schools. I further pray we put prayer back too. Our country’s so lost in sin without you, Jesus! May we defeat the Marxism that teaches CRT, transgenderism, America is systematically corrupted with your Truth, Righteousness, and Holiness.

August 25, 2022

Praise the Lord! Texas is leading the way to revival of our Lord and Savior back into our schools and everyday life!

Deborah R
August 25, 2022

AMEN!! Thank you Lord for courageous leaders and citizens who stand up in action to exercise their citizenship by adhering to the foundational principles established in our founding documents in this land.
May every state rose up your people to action against opposition, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Victoria Lynn Pierson
August 25, 2022

Father we give you high praise for passing this Bill. We proclaim this in the name of Jesus. We proclaim this for all of the school districts across this nation! In Your holy name Amen and Amen!!

August 25, 2022

Yes, I’m encouraged. I’d like to move to Texas because I’m praying it will be the first state to secede from the union. The left-wing Antichrist policies worldwide are not going away. In fact, we have lived with it during the whole 20th century. We just didn’t know it, but if you study history from that century you see it everywhere. Satan has had it in the works for a long long time. Jonathan Cahn’s newest book “The Return of the gods” gives you all the information you need to know. Everything our anti-God culture in America is doing right now matches down to the last detail of the gods written about on the ancient tablets of Mesopotamia. They are the oldest gods known to man. Satan just passes them off as something new.


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