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Father, we ask that you would protect and heal our environment. But we also ask that you would bring to the light the networks, the hidden relationships, and the deals behind closed doors in Washington, D.C.
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We need transparency and the truth in our government. Why do these groups have more influence than the American people?

From Fox News. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate (SPEC) John Kerry’s office participated in multiple discussions with left-wing environmental groups that appeared to inform policymaking decisions, according to emails shared with Fox News Digital.

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Officials in the SPEC office sought to discuss key agenda items as recently as December with non-governmental organizations like the Sierra Club and the United Nations Foundation, according to documents obtained by government watchdog Protect the Public’s Trust (PPT) and shared with Fox News Digital.

The documents, which were obtained via information request, did not show any similar conversations or meetings with fossil fuel energy groups or companies.

“You’ll see from the participants’ list that there’s a lot of interest in this conversation,” Alden Meyer, a climate policy consultant and senior associate at the green group Third Generation Environmentalism, wrote in a May 2021 email planning a Zoom call between environmental organizations and SPEC officials.

Meyer’s subject line was titled “Zoom info and topics for tomorrow’s G7 discussion” and the email copied four SPEC officials whose names were redacted and leaders of 13 environmental groups. The email, which came weeks ahead of high-level G7 meetings in the U.K., included various topics the parties planned to discuss during the virtual call.

Among the topics, the officials planned to discuss whether the U.S. would support a G7 statement ending fossil fuel infrastructure financing, phasing out traditional gas-powered vehicle sales and phasing out coal power generation. The call also included a conversation about whether the U.S. would coordinate a global effort reducing methane emissions….

“Just as FOIA revealed that teachers’ unions exerted undue influence in the development of policy regarding school reopening, these conversations seem to provide evidence that large, powerful activist organizations may be pushing the same expensive climate policy that just passed as what some are terming the ‘Green New Deal Lite,’” PPT Director Michael Chamberlain told FOX News Digital.

“For an administration claiming to be guided by the science, there are more than a few indications that the input of their political allies may be a bigger driver of policy,” he continued. “Little wonder that the American public’s trust in its government is in free fall….”

How are you praying for transparency in our leaders and government? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from Fox News. Photo Credit: Canva)

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August 25, 2022

Windmill blades are not recyclable, and the turbines outside of Virginia can power lots of homes, maybe, if they work. Currently, the blades littering Nebraska’s country side.
Clams put out several times more methane than cows ever could.
The carbon footprint we’re told to make is invisible compared to the carbon footprint those imposing it make. (Slavery and hard labor for thee, capitalism and festivities for me).
Father, We want You in our nation. Forgive us for throwing Your blessings back in Your face, bringing us to this point. Yet, You work these things out for Your glory. Thank You for this opportunity to pray for those with hearts of stone (Ezekiel 36:26)and depraved minds (Ezekiel 18:23). Maybe they’ll turn to You and be saved.

Stephen Swanson
August 24, 2022

If the Christians won’t fight, God will raise up the truckers and farmers. Canada, Sri Lanka, the Netherlands.
Texas can’t even keep reliable electricity now with shutting reliable power plants for unreliable wind.
Now they’re coming for cow farts and nitrogen fertilizer which keeps the world from starvation. And that’s just a start.


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