I Prayed have prayed
Lord, open doors for Your truth to continue to march forward. Lord, with you as our commander-in-chief, we will boldly advance, marching to the cadence of Your loving heartbeat, as we honor all lives.

The National Memorial for the Unborn is a breathtaking sight — the memorial wall is lined with row upon row of individualized plaques representing sacred lives lost to abortion. The scene grips the heart…all the tokens of love placed there…the cross standing tall in the foreground, casting a beautiful blanket of comfort over grieving hearts, and boldly declaring the forgiveness and healing found in Christ Jesus.

While passing through Chattanooga from a recent vacation, my husband and I made a point to stop at the National Memorial, to revisit the site where my child’s plaque is displayed. I had purchased the plaque for my child in the late 90’s, shortly after becoming the Coordinator of an Abortion Recovery Ministry (serving at the very same Pro-Life Pregnancy Center where I had received support 9 years prior, when attending the Abortion Recovery Bible study support group). The plaque continues to serve as a significant marker of healing and a powerful touchpoint of remembrance and honor to the child I lost.

Visiting the memorial had a piercing effect — like a two edged sword. To the same magnitude, I was awed by the sense of compassionate mercy and love this memorial releases to those suffering the loss of their child to abortion; the memorial also had an instigating effect of cutting through the lethargy and lighting a holy fire to speak out with renewed vigor against the atrocity of the killing of innocent lives.

My heart cries out for the babies that have no voice. My heart cries out for the mothers and fathers who suffer in silence. I cry out like a voice in the wilderness: “Stop the insanity!”

The National Memorial for the Unborn caused my heart to shudder again at the injustice of abortion…the sin of abortion…the mind blowing magnitude of the millions of lives lost! Abortion is an assault against the very heart of God, against the One who is the Author of LIFE.

In 1980, just 7 years after Roe V. Wade became the law of the land, I became one of abortion’s statistics.

I was a vulnerable 18-year-old college freshman when I found myself faced with an unplanned pregnancy. After my high school sweetheart and I found ourselves in crisis, we visited a women’s Center just blocks from our college campus.

It was there the deception began.

“It is just a glob of pregnancy tissue… it will be a short outpatient procedure and you can be sent on your way… problem solved.”

My “problem” was NOT solved.

Instead, figuratively speaking, the abortion ushered me down a staircase, as I finding myself spiraling into deep depression. The abortion became my prison cell of post-abortion grief, substance abuse, shame, and heartbreak. Abortion did not solve my “problem”… but only served to magnify it.

At the abortion clinic (a.k.a. campus “women’s center”) I was not empowered as a woman, but diminished. I was told “It will be easier for you to get an abortion and get on with your life.”

Tragically, no one at that women’s center told me the truth of the development of my baby, my option for adoption, or the devastating fallout from post-abortion grief and regret.

I only wish I could have heard the empowering messages of the Pro-life Community — “Your baby, though at just six weeks’ gestation, is a distinct individual with a heartbeat,” “If you choose to carry your baby, you CAN do this,” “You have other life-giving options available to you — your baby can be welcomed into the arms of a loving adoptive couple,” “You can be spared the searing emotional pain of knowing you allowed the killing of the very child your womb was designed to protect.”

Those truths were not told to me on that day when I came for counsel… the day I came in, so very vulnerable, in crisis, afraid, unable to think clearly…desperate for help.

The abortion tore through my life like a hurricane, leaving destruction in its wake. The post-abortion fallout with my boyfriend, left only devastation. Our previous deeply nurturing relationship shattered into a mass of scattered, broken, irreparable pieces.

I changed from a young woman entering nursing school, hard-working, eager to help people, having dated the same high school sweetheart for two years, sharing our dream of marriage after college… to a broken, promiscuous, alcohol indulging, partying girl, looking for any way to numb the emotional pain from the gnawing reality of the loss of my child and what I had done.

I was an unbeliever at the time of my abortion. Seven years after my abortion, through a series of unforeseen events, the Lord caused my path to intersect with a Christian who shared the truth of the gospel with me. This eventually led to my salvation decision.

Later, through a post-abortion bible study support group, offered by a Pro-Life pregnancy care center, I was enabled to confront the truth and painful repercussions of my abortion. Through the loving counsel and support of others who had moved through their own grief, I found heart healing through my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I thank the Lord, for providing the many opportunities and varied arenas for me to speak in honor of my child’s life, and shine the spotlight on the horror of abortion. Thank You, Lord, for answering my plea: Please Lord, do NOT let my child’s life be lost in vain!

My prayer now:

God of the impossible — grant us, your very children, to remain mobilized as your ever advancing army of truth tellers and help givers. Lord, open doors for Your truth to continue to march forward. Lord, with you as our commander-in-chief, we will boldly advance, marching to the cadence of Your loving heartbeat, as we honor all lives.

I believe we will see and end to abortion. Roe v. Wade will be overturned. The shedding of innocent blood will be stopped. People will be empowered by life, hope, and love.

Lord, send Your zeal. Send Your fire. Send Your revelation of truth. Open avenues to pierce the darkness, strip the deception, uproot the lies. Plant your truth in the heart of man, and in the heart of this nation. Nothing is impossible for you. Show us Your ways. Lead us in Your paths of truth.

Now is the time. Now is the day. Help us to stand in this hour and coming days and be found faithful. Let us not remain silent!

How do you feel called to stand up in this hour and coming days? Share in the comments below!

Susan Justice is an author and speaker sharing the devastation of abortion, and her healing through Jesus Christ. Susan is affiliated with OperationOutcry.org, a ministry of The Justice Foundation. Her recently published booklet, Out of Grief and Into Wholeness: Finding Healing through Christ after Abortion, can be found on Amazon. * ALL proceeds are donated to the life-affirming work of ProLife women’s centers. Susan can be reached at [email protected]. (Photo Credit: Getty Images.)

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Joan Diane Bartruff
April 13, 2021

Father, Thank You for those who fight tirelessly for lives of the unborn. Thank You for the memorials which
keep the evil of abortion before us as individuals and a nation.

In Jesus’ Name, I rebuke the powers of darkness working against “Reverence for life”. Light up the world with
truth that life is sacred. No one has to right to take life. Dispel the lie that woman’s rights trumps “right to life” of the unborn.

Guide those today who are facing unwanted pregnancy, and grant them the wisdom to bring the child into the world, and grant them Godly counsel as to what is best for Mother and child in terms of adoption, etc.

Continue to bless Susan. Thank You for her witness to women. Thank You, for the forgiveness Jesus won on the cross of Calvary for any woman who has had an abortion, or is thinking of having one. Lead them to
choose life for their child. For those who have had an abortion, and repented bless them with Your peace. For those who don’t know of Jesus and His forgiveness bring them to Him.

Bless Operation Outcry and all Pro Life agencies. In the Name of Jesus.

April 12, 2021

Father, thank you that our babies will be vindicated. They continue to cry out from the heavens for justice. We decree and declare, that by your hand, the alter of abortion is coming down! Vengeance is yours father God, and every knee who claims it is a woman’s right, but meanwhile rush to save dogs, whales, cats, squirrels, monkeys will bow down before you in repentance for their crimes. We decree and declare the winds of change in our sacred land is thundering like a freight train towards America. Hallelujah. In Jesus name.

    Rebecca Thornton
    April 12, 2021

    I completely agree with this prayer in Jesus mighty name!

April 11, 2021

I have seen it, time after time over and over again That women advertise themselves and are imbued as a protected class of citizens who are kind, loving, benevolent, nurturing and empathetic, warm spirit and gracious heart and who are exempt of any responsibility for their actions and the “rules” don’t apply which men of this sick and twisted society invest heavily in the campaign. When a woman enters into an abortion clinic to kill her child it’s MURDER pure and simple! When you destroy a life, you forfeit yours! But women are shielded and protected from the consequences of their actions and it is perfectly okay to do so. The truth is very hard to bare so we sugar coat EVERYTHING ! “OH IT’S NOT A HUMAN BEING, IT’S JUST SOME WORTHLESS TISSUE” So NO it’s not murder. [scenario] A pregnant woman shot down in the street would be considered a double homicide. Hmmm how twisted we are and we refer to ourselves as civilized. How arrogant! Animals act far better than we do and we call them “animals”. The whole thing sickens me !

April 11, 2021

We are Jesus’ hands. We are his feet. Children of the Lord, together let’s keep standing in the gap in unity to bring Gods love to this hurting world

Emma Jansson
April 10, 2021

Amen!blessings to you

Gabriela Kolinski
April 10, 2021

Ame!!! Sister, I’m an agreement with you! That, our God creator of life, will be victorious, and heal our land.

Yvonne Pendleton
April 10, 2021

Father, do the impossible in us through prayer/ speaking for unborn/sounding the alarm to stop Planned Parenthoods lies. Keep our representatives informed where we stand. The battle is the Lord’s…show us what to do!

Beverly Roberts
April 10, 2021

As I watch the angry faces of those who support abortion, I weep for them in their lost condition. I advocate for life every two years in our Texas Legislature and, bit by bit, we see changes in the law and in the hearts of our elected officials. But babies are still being slaughtered and mothers and fathers live their lives with the deep sorrow that results from their decisions. May God move quickly to stop this travesty.

Amy Scherschligt
April 10, 2021

There is a similar garden for the unborn in California: The Sacramento Memorial Garden. It’s a peaceful place of solace open to anyone who has been grieved by abortion, still birth or miscarriage. We have a granite wall containing names of the unborn. We welcome inquiries here:

    Jerry Jones
    April 11, 2021

    Amy, you used the word ‘solace’. That is the word I use praying for an individual that has had an abortion. Walking through Dachau, a death camp, I learned to hate that evil with all my being. satan in full mode to destroy those babies made in the image of GOD

Lynn M.
April 10, 2021

Thank you Susan for your article. I always pray that God will change the heart of the mothers that are thinking about aborting her baby. My neighbors daughter was going to have an abortion. She asked me to pray for her & I did. Well, she decided against the abortion. Her due date was in Nov. She went into labor 3 months before her due date. The Dr’s didnt think the baby would survive but she did. She was was born on my birthday . Praise God for his faithfulness. He does hear & answer prayer. That little baby that was born 3 months premature & on my birthday will be 2 years old in August.Keep praying for the unborn. There is hope.I saw that first hand. In Jesus’ precious name Amen.

April 10, 2021

Thank you, Susan, for your courage and willingness to speak the truth. I have friends who have also shared the devastation having an abortion caused them.
Praise God for the comfort and healing He provides.

Father, please strike down the Roe v. Wade decision and save many women and men from the pain of abortion. Strengthen and multiply the pregnancy resource centers to reach out.
Father, underlying all of this we ask for a return to Biblical sexual morality.
In Jesus name please hear and answer. Amen.


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