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Father, we pray against the shameless narrative-crafting and slander that has filled the Jan. 6 hearings. We pray that You would instead expose the truth about this event, God, and bring justice where it is needed.

Despite the immense effort put into the Jan 6. hearings, public opinion on the so-called “insurrection” remains unchanged.

From Jonathan Turley. Analysis. For months, we have been discussing the heavy-handed, one-sided approach of the J6 Committee in the presentation of evidence and witnesses. … The result is now evident and unsurprising.  A Monmouth University poll shows that almost 90 percent of respondents report that the hearings have made no change in how they view the J6 riot.  Moreover, despite the overwhelming cooperation and support of the media with the Committee, the vast majority believe that the J6 Committee was a political rather than investigative exercise, focused on opposing Trump rather than disclosing the facts of January 6th.

Who is praying on the wall?


Respondents were asked “Have the recent House January 6 Committee hearings changed your mind about what happened at the Capitol that day or who is responsible, or have the hearings not changed your mind?” Only eight percent answered in the affirmative while 89 percent said it made no change at all in their views.

What was really striking was the response to a prompt stating “Some say that the Jan. 6 committee’s main aim is to ensure President Trump can’t run in 2024.” Sixty percent agreed with that statement, including 62 percent of Democrats and 70 percent of Republicans….

The lack of impact of the hearings is, in my opinion, due to two threshold decisions of the Democrats. First, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others decided that the Committee would focus on reinforcing “a narrative” rather than follow prior investigatory commissions with an open and balanced inquiry.

After bringing in a television producer, the hearings showed members reading off teleprompters and witnesses confined in limited roles of reaffirming what members were declaring about the riot. There was no effort to present alternative interpretations or viewpoints. It played into criticism of a “show trial” environment…

Second, the Committee over promised the public. At the start of the hearings, committee members promised they had the long-sought smoking-gun evidence — new material that would close the circle on Trump. Committee member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) indicated he thought there was now “credible evidence” to support a variety of criminal charges. His colleague, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), said the committee would show that Trump organized a “coup” on Jan. 6, 2021. That framing has led to glaring omissions. The Committee has routinely edited videotapes and crafted presentations to eliminate alternative explanations or opposing viewpoints like repeatedly editing out Trump telling his supporters to go to the Capitol peacefully….

The Jan. 6 committee was similarly stripped of any pretense. It was as subtle a political move as Pelosi’s ripping up President Trump’s State of the Union speech. Thus, it was not surprising that, when asked what she hoped to achieve from the committee, Pelosi tellingly referred to it as a “narrative.” It is the difference between seeing and simulating justice.

The results in polling are no less predictable. Presented with one-sided, tightly choreographed hearings, most citizens were left precisely where they began. The hearings were meant to enrage the base rather than add allies….

How do you feel about the Jan. 6 hearings? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from Jonathan Turley. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Rev. Ronald Roland
August 15, 2022

This was simply a Soviet “trial” in which no one has been executed – yet.
The American public knows it and will hopefully respond appropriately before it’s too late.

Markola McLaughlin
August 14, 2022

It is so unfair.

beth e.
August 13, 2022

It sickens me and grieves my spirit. The closed mind is not a surprise for He put out the skeptics and blinded those who did not believe, (Mark 9:24, Matthew 13…) The brain is the only organ that evaluates itself and therefore there lies folly. Praying in His love from afar for the Light to pierce the darkened mind there in Washington D.C. That God would also close the ears of those who would support their efforts and their schemes would fail them. Praying He closes the mouths of those who devise the evils and whispers the disillusion. psalm 73 ” …When i saw them prosper despite their wickedness…Therefore pride is their necklace;The garment of violence covers them….They scoff and speak wickedly concerning oppression;They speak loftily… Until I went into the sanctuary of God;Then I perceived their end. Psalm 73:3,6,8, 17 Standing with you in prayer.

August 13, 2022

Another circus by democrats. No truth. Just like Kavanaugh hearings

August 13, 2022

The J6 hearings were a “dog and pony show”, a joke, and a disgrace. The ring leaders and all participants need to be brought to justice!
I’m praying for a “come to Jesus” and salvation for the deceived. I’m also praying for God to execute the recompense of the wicked.
Psalm 7
Psalm 91

August 13, 2022

Jesus, please help the truth to come out to the public of the US. Release those in the Washington DC prison all this time, and please bring this to the public’s awareness. Thank You, Lord.

Barbara Janicki
August 13, 2022

bringing in a television producer should have been a clue as to the purpose of the “hearings.” Just more 24/7 propaganda in a desperate attempt to distract us from inflation, border insecurity, rising crime, high gas prices, energy dependence on our enemies, the transfer of wealth from the middle class to the elites and tech companies, unrest around the world, not prosecuting crime in major cities, enlarging and arming the IRS, requiring children to get a shot that could harm them, saying it is to protect them from a virus that does not harm them, and on and on – they don’t talk about real concerns – why not cover some of the atrocities of the summer of 2020? Or hold a hearing on what happened to all the money BLM extorted from corporations, sports teams, businesses etc. – oh, that’s right, its leaders bought expensive real estate for themselves after burning down businesses and communities across the country – so whose lives mattered? I guess just those of the three founders of BLM? (sorry, I digressed) But J6 is just the latest version of Russia, Russia, Russia – it’s all they’ve got – faulty optics and false accusations – do they ever show the video of the police removing barriers and waving the people in on one side? Who was held in jail after any of the summer of 2020 riots? It is appalling that any J6 individuals are held without bail while supposedly awaiting trial. It is all lies and propaganda and has been from the beginning – why are they so afraid of Trump? Did he disrupt their global agenda by standing up for this country and the people in it, its citizens. Is it because he was for this country rather than no borders globalism? Do we believe our own experience or what we are told to believe? Time to wake up. “Cry out to God in the watches of the night.” We can’t expect His favor if we don’t acknowledge Him and turn from our own wrong ways. Forgive us Lord! We don’t deserve Your mercy, but we seek it now because You are our only hope! http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

    August 13, 2022

    Amen. Time to Wake Up America!

    August 13, 2022

    you are right it is all smoke and mirrors to distract us from what they are doing. Every time they have something they want to slip by us we get a distraction. Most people are so busy with everyday life they don’t pay attention, sadly. and we as a nation have pretty much not been honoring God as we should. What do we expect? He is at the door knocking.

    August 16, 2022

    Barbara, you didn’t digress, you NAILED IT!!! I always enjoy your comments, so full of wisdom.

Randie Ray
August 13, 2022

Oh, Lord, bring forth the truth concerning the so called “insurrection” and let all the liars be made to bow the knee to the truth and to eat the humiliation of their words. Let all the legislators and leaders who have crafted this lie be removed from their offices and places of influence. Let them utterly be discredited and black listed, now in Jesus Name. Lord, let Your Truth be held as pre-eminant by our entire nation. Lord, let objective truth be held as pre-eminant over subjective truth and cause us as a people to be given Your wisdom in knowing how to reconcile our thoughts to Yours. Oh, Lord, help our entire nation know the way that You have made for us through Your Cross. Help us know the Joy of living not our own lives, even unto the death of the Cross that You died for us to set us free. Thank You, Lord.

August 13, 2022

I have tried on two separate occasions to respond. You may have my email but it angers and saddens me that you insist on my giving you my phone number. We are elderly, and we refuse to add to the innumerable phone calls/robo-calls we already receive.

    Randie Ray
    August 13, 2022

    Jill, if you email or call the IFA staff they will, I’m sure, bend over backward to help you if they can. That has been my experience with them anyway.

Mary Ann Martino
August 13, 2022

I can actually visualize Nancy jumping up and down clapping her hands like a child thinking she had Trump. As he so accurately named it, it is indeed a witch-hunt. This entire regime has trashed our Constitution! God will hold them accountable.

August 13, 2022

The Dems have been after Trump since he ran for election, and have thrown everything at him to smear him. Russia collusion didn’t work, impeachment didn’t work, Jan. 6 didn’t work. Now we have Mar-a-lago debacle. Every thinly-veiled attempt to get Trump indicted on a federal crime has failed. The dems are desperate to disqualify Trump. I think GOD has other plans.

Jacquelyn Y. Miller
August 13, 2022

It is time for the Body of Christ to wake up. We are supposed to be salt and light in this dark and evil world. We are looking at things from a Republican or Democrat view instead of from God’s Truth. How can we make a difference when we act and react like the world? Jesus never encouraged his followers to revolt against the government system of Rome. In fact, when he was being arrested for being the Son of God, which is who he is, TRUTH, he chastened Peter for cutting off the ear of one of those who had come to arrest him. Are we to follow his teachings or not? Are we to condone such behavior just because we are partial to a certain leader? Jesus is our Leader and we take our orders from him. Either we are for Jesus or against him. We condone ungodly behavior from our leaders and then pray to God to correct the wrongs done. What has happened to us? Honestly, what was happening to America on Jan 6th in Washington, DC? Was what we saw fake? Did people really storm the Capitol Building in protest of an election? Were they really scaling the outside of the building and forcing their way in against the police? Were they really destroying the inside and certain documents? Is this what is now called a peaceful demonstration? Did people really die? If all of this is a lie, then produce the truth. I wasn’t asked, but I would change my mind if evidence could be produced to make me believe otherwise. Downgrade of Society:
(1) Religious Apostasy
(2) Moral Awfulness
(3) Political Awfulness
We have hit rock bottom.

    Randie Ray
    August 13, 2022

    There have already been many presentations of the truth that what President Trump actually said was ‘make sure your protest is peaceful’. There were paid rabble rowsers dressed up in MAGA gear who acted threatening and got a peaceful protestor killed. This has been documented. Most of the people who were inside the building when the violence broke out reported being allowed to come in by the couple security gaurds at the door. The city police were told to stand down and not mount a safety perimeter like they usually do when large crowds gather. The people who got close enough to see what went on consistantly reported with cell phone video that the crowd was not ‘storming the building’ but only peacefully moving in that direction very non-threatening. The main stream media have edited any video and also the J6 committee, have only shown the violence without showing the full picture. They even edit President Trumps actual speech to make him sound like he incouraged violence, which he expressly spoke against!! Everyone who has been interviewed by the J6 committee have reported it being like a kangaroo court. They don’t allow desenting opinions or evidence to be entered into their record. It is demonic what they are doing. I’m surprised that you are on this prayer line and not availed yourself of all this evidence that has been consistently presented even just on this website. Lord, please help this person get past their preconceived opinions and be open to all the facts. Thank You Lord.

JEANE whiteside
August 13, 2022

Spiritually Sickening. I’m asking when the Lord is going to spur this out of His mouth. Does that need to come from us who pray?


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