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Father, we pray for the families of the victims of the Highland Park shooting. Give our leaders and law enforcement wisdom, God, so that they can prevent shootings like this from happening.

While the Highland Park police were not able to preemptively prevent this shooting, we must pray that they can stop others in the future.

From Breitbart. The Highland Park Police Department seized “16 Knives, a dagger, and a sword” from the suspect accused of shooting at a July 4 Parade in Highland Park, Illinois, three years before his rampage.

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During a press conference on Tuesday, Sergent Christopher Covelli of the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force said that Highland Park law enforcement officials had two prior contacts with the suspected shooter.

The Highland Park police department was called to the suspect’s home in April 2019 after learning that he had tried to commit suicide. Covelli noted that the report was delayed, so law enforcement responded to the suicide attempt “a week later.”

Covelli added that because mental health professionals were handling the matter at that time, “there was no law enforcement action to be taken….”

“The second occurred in September of 2019. A family member reported that Crimo said he was going to kill everyone and Crimo had a collection of knives,” Covelli said. “The police responded to his residence. The police removed 16 Knives, a dagger, and a sword from Crimo home….”

With law enforcement’s multiple visits to his home and his former classmates’ accounts of the suspect, many social media skiers wondered how the suspect was able to purchase the firearms he used to carry out the shooting in light of Illinois’ Firearms Ownership Identification requirements.

“These are the eligibility requirements for a Firearms Ownership Identification (FOID) card in Illinois, which are issued by the Illinois State Police,” Bloomberg’s Madison Muller tweeted. “Officials said that Crimo purchased his firearms after two mental health-related incidents with HP police (no charges filed).”

Some of the eligibility requirements are as follows: “I have not been a patient in a mental institution or any part of a medical facility for the treatment of mental illness within the past 5 years,” and “I have not been adjudicated by a court as a mental defective or ordered by a court, board or authorized entity to in-patient or out-patient mental health treatment.”

As Covelli explained during Tuesday’s press conference, the suspect’s September 2019 interaction with law enforcement did not rise to the level where it was necessary to commit him to the hospital involuntarily….

How are you praying for the victims of the Highland Park shooting? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from Breitbart. Photo Credit: Logan Weaver on Unsplash)

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