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Father, thank You for raising up bold believers and giving them creative, powerful ideas. Help us to stand strong against the moral decay of America, as this pastor is doing.

As the LGBT movement seeks to steal and convert our children, we must fill their minds with light and with biblical truth.

From The Western Journal. An Arizona pastor has come up with an ingenious way of combating the drag queen story hour rage sweeping the nation: He held his own story hour.

Join others crying out to the Lord day and night.


On Wednesday, Dale Partridge of Prescott, Arizona, took to Instagram to share a photo of himself reading to children at a local library. In explaining his reasons for hosting the event, he said he was “tired of complaining” about drag queen story hours.

Partridge stated in his post that he read to the children a book he authored himself called “Jesus and My Gender,” which, according to The Daily Wire, teaches “a positive view of biblical boyhood and girlhood.”

Partridge wrote, “I asked myself this question: Why are drag queens seemingly more devoted to influencing kids in their community than pastors? Why is the LGBTQ+ community more effective at engaging the culture than Christians? These are serious questions we must answer.” …

In comments to The Daily Wire, Partridge said, “Fathers and mothers are to raise their children to understand what the Bible says about God, man, Christ, and the church. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Christian men have abdicated this role, leaving children vulnerable to the influence and lies of the culture.”

The pastor is right on the mark here: We Christians and conservatives have a duty to engage in the culture war and teach our children the correct values. If we are not strong enough to preach the gospel, the world will preach its own values to our kids. …

We can no longer afford to be passive. We can complain all we want, but we need to take active measures. The soul of our nation is at stake in this war, and we can no longer be content with the “live and let live” philosophy that allowed the LGBT movement to capture the soul of our nation. …

How are you standing against the LGBT movement? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The Western Journal. Photo Credit: Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash)

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December 4, 2022

I’m praying for the children and that God would raise up leaders and influencers with wisdom beyond their years.

December 3, 2022

I lead a small group of ladies who ray about trafficking twice a month, plus I pray by myself daily for my grandchildren and other children to be protected and know right from wrong. I pray they will have the mind and heart of Christ.

Sue Tracy
December 2, 2022

Father, You are perfect and everything You have created is perfect, Lord I pray against this false information that is going out to children; confusing and causing them to question their identity. Lord you don’t make mistakes I pray for clarity in the minds of our children that they would know and live out their years for whatever Your purpose is for their life.

Grant Windholz
December 2, 2022

I pray for the strength of the truth that young people can see and know, comes only from Christ Jesus! They need to know the LGBTQ movement is and always has been wicked and evil coming straight from Satan. Satan is a master of warping the minds and souls of these people, and do not believe anything related to him!

Sherry Mallory
December 1, 2022

We all are being asked to rise up and be active in bringing Kingdom values into this lost nation. Our children are the most vulnerable. Father, stir Your people to become bolder in our faith. Give us a strong desire to be Your voice, hands and feet. Give us Your wisdom and strategies to outwit the enemy. Open doors of opportunities to infiltrate, be effective and victorious. Protect our children and young adults. Cause a shift of righteousness thinking to rise up ifrom within them. Thwart and confuse all of satan’s schemes to rob them of Your destiny. We say Your good and perfect will for each and every child. In the powerful name of Jesus.

    Susie Barnes
    December 3, 2022

    Amen, such a good prayer! I copied and pasted it to send to more friends. Thank you, Sherry! Standing in the gap for my Granddaughters and every child!

Darlene Estlow
December 1, 2022

Father, we ask that you would touch the hearts of parents–especially fathers to see their privlege and responsibillity before you to teach their children about you. Open their eyes to see what is happening to our children and even if they go to church, they are ignorant of basic Christian doctrine and the Scriptures. Turn the hearts of our fathers to their children. Take away the fear of “having devotions” and give fathers a deep desire to be pastors to their own families. Thank you Jesus.

Annette Landry
December 1, 2022

Not enough thank you for reminding me complaining doesn’t solve the problem but God’s truth His love and word. Praying for Gods wisdom on how to share His word

Anita Malaro
December 1, 2022

Father I spray in Jesus Name set the captives free, specifically the innocent children & the unborn babies. Thank You that You said if we pray & ask in Your will & Your Word so it would be! Praise You, Lord God Almighty!Thank You

Bridget Bonczyk
December 1, 2022

Yes, believing God’s will is being done in our Nation with regard to the issue of gender confusion coming from the evil one. Thank you, Sweet Jesus, for Pastor Dale Partridge and his wife who are making a difference in the lives of the children in Prescott, AZ. Father, may other Pastors catch the vision of what Jesus taught. We are to raise our children to understand what the Bible says about God, man, Christ and the Ekklesia. God your ways are not our ways, Your thoughts not ours. (Isaiah 55:8 NASB) ” I repent for the Body of Christ and ask for your forgiveness as we seek your will this day on how we are able to make a difference. Our God is Mighty. He is our Prince of Peace, the Author and the Finisher of all. Thank you, Father God, for your love and peace. I bind confusion and speak peace. I bind indifference and speak compassion on all those who have mind-blinding spirits on this issue of the LGBT movement. May Your will be done. Praying and believing for MORE salvations, deliverances, and healings. Amen and amen. You are Creator, Teacher, Warrior, and Savior. humbly, dr. bridget, (a child of God who wears a cross on my back that says, am sold out to Jesus!)

Johnyne Rees
December 1, 2022

Romans 1:21 is a watershed scripture—a decision between clear, Biblical thinking vs a ‘reprobate mind.’ It all hinges on whether a person honors and thanks God [as Creator] or not. I encourage the ladies in our jail ministry to do that as a lifestyle. It is a protection against a reprobate mind (given over to a gay lifestyle). God has even shown me that honoring and thanking God as Creator is the antidote for reprobate thinking and bondage and can reverse the downward spiral into degradation described in the verses following Rom 1:21

Mildred Hall
December 1, 2022

When I complained to my library they said to write a letter. This said complaining doesn’t do it. Can I get this book to give to the local libraries along with a complaint? Could I give that book to the local pastor? My church is the mission in Canada. I am not in a position to hold my own story hour. I pray, yes. How can I put action to my prayer?

December 1, 2022

Thank You Lord for this Pastor, and may this catch on. Bring safety and protection to this movement by Your holy hand. Bring forth a mighty wave of parents, grandparents, and families to combat the use and abuse of our beautiful children. We need You and Your power! In Jesus Name, Amen.

December 1, 2022

Father, in Jesus’ Name, Thank you, thank you, thank you for Pastor Partridge’s stand. He is so right about passiveness as far as what I observe in my Church life. I don’t often hear my beloved brother or sister in Christ Jesus express a passionate concern about the specific evil influences in our lives i..e., a drag queen reading stories to children, or the books in our libraries encouraging LGBT lifestyle. Maybe I am missing something, but consider myself quite active in my local
church. I am guilty, also. Thankful I can confess, and know I am forgiven, and ask for strength to
do better.

I am grateful for IFA, Father, who motivates me to fight the option to be passive as it is difficult to face negative realtities, but unless I face them, I probably won’t pray about them, nor ever take action as Pastor Partridge has. What a great testimony, your servant, Pastor Partridge, has
given us. Amen

Rich Swingle
December 1, 2022

Lord, raise up the creative gifts to help our children learn your straight truths in this crooked generation!


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