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Father, thank You for our most precious possession, our children. Give us courage and strength to take a stand for them where we need to, even if we are slandered as a result. We ask You to protect our children, and fill leadership positions on school boards with people after Your heart.
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Local mother Stacy Langton stood before the Fairfax County School Board in a suburb of the nation’s capital…boldly exposing explicit examples of child porn and pedophilia in library books in area schools, available to children as young as 12 years old.

Langton’s witness ended in mayhem because the school board failed to…listen to the stakeholders…who are parents. Board members…interrupted Langton during her two minutes of allotted speaking time and called a hasty recess…

Now, however, instead of recognizing Langton…for protecting children, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has issued a declaration of war on America’s parents.

“I am directing the Federal Bureau of Investigation to…[address] threats against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff,” he wrote in a memo

Langton, of course, didn’t threaten anyone…

In just five days, Garland issued that response to a September 29 letter by the National School Boards Association alleging, incredulously: “As these acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials have increased, the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.”…

There is one response parents must have: stand strong in defense of America’s children…

Since the COVID pandemic shut schools down…school board officials have frustrated parents across the country with…diverting attention and taxpayer money to virtue signaling, renaming schools, and promoting divisive activist causes….

I know because all of that has happened to me since I first spoke to my school board…As I tried to get the last words of my statement out during public participation…the school board president yelled at me, “Go to your seat!”…

At Parents Defending Education, an organization that a group of moms and others started earlier this year, we have tallied more than 160 parent groups that have organically sprung up across the country…

…[T]he issues we raise before school boards are very close to home for even a political appointee such as Garland. …[I]n Fairfax County, Virginia, parents have been challenging a $2.4 million contract with Boston-based Panorama Education.

The contractor will soon begin submitting all county students to a “social and emotional learning screener” unless parents fill out an “opt-out” form (the deadline is this Friday, October 8)…Panorama Education has built a booming business…collecting data on students…asking questions like: “During the past week, how often did you feel sad?”

Garland’s daughter is married to a co-founder of Panorama Education, Xan Tanner. Parents have raised the concern…that…Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is an investor in Panorama Education, sparking concern among parents that the company is data mining their children’s most intimate emotions….

Garland’s memo may chill free speech – and parental opposition…His association of parents with “domestic terrorism” is not only a slap in the face…it is…a cruel insult to victims of terrorism around the world…

Buried in the footnotes of the school board association’s letter…“domestic terrorism” was attributed to incidents including these: winery entrepreneur Jon Tigges getting arrested after he yelled at his school board…for prematurely ending public comments; [and] an “unruly crowd” at a Spotsylvania, Virginia, board meeting…

At Parents Defending Education, we opened an online portal at our website, so parents could send a message to the Justice Department, and parents flooded the portal with 1,508 emails…in the first four hours…

Because of her courage here in Fairfax County, Langton’s issue of child porn and pedophilia in schools has emerged as a national issue, with parents planning to return to the school board this Thursday evening to protest…

Does this encourage you to get involved at your child’s school? Share a prayer for our schools in the comments below!

(Excerpt from The Federalist. Article by Asra Q. Nomani. Photo Credit: Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images).

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Maynard Beck Sr.
October 12, 2021

This response to the Biden/Garland letter from the Congressional Judiciary Commitee was in a newsletter from Senator Marsh Blackburn of Tennessee

Anne Faucett
October 11, 2021

Father, thank you for these parents on the front line. Fill them with Your words and May their words be on receptive ears and repentant hearts. Lord protect our children from evil and help them and their parents be a light. Remove wicked leaders and ideas from all our schools. May Jesus be lifted up and His truth.

Pamela Gibbs
October 11, 2021

Tnx Vicki!
I agree for sure.
Going on strike in the schools is a difficult choice for all parents. Networking with other families for help and support is crucial to move thru these changes.
Like civil rights, peaceful non compliance is the way to go so they don’t label parents as domestic terrorists.
Keep the prayers going!
God Bless!

October 11, 2021

Parents, keep pushing back and do NOT give in! Don’t let these radical leftists label you as domestic terrorists. Actually it’s the other way around. Things like CRT and gender education have NO Place in public education. Pull the children out and either home-school, if you can or place them in a Christian/Private school.

October 11, 2021

Lord, I am SO thankful that parents are standing up against this nonsense. I pray that they will continue to stand and push back also. I pray what You would protect children against ALL false doctrine and ungodly teaching. Help more of us to take a stand and attend school board meetings in support of the parents, even if we are persecuted as a result, because children are our most precious possession, they are our future, and they are worth being protected. Jesus name I pray, Amen!

Vickie Skelley
October 10, 2021

This is why School Choice is so important and why the unions and the public schools, with the Democratic party can’t stand it. It takes the power out of the schools, and puts it in the parent’s hands where it belongs. You want to home school, you get the money, private school, you get the money, public school they get the money if the parents choose that route. It would create competittion something the state hates. They want the monopoly. It’s so hypocritical of the left on a continuous basis. The only time they want choice is for killing your unborn baby. But if you don’t want your child jabbed with a potential deadly mrna that has not proven to work, you have no rights. Masking your child? No rights. Lockdowns? No choice.

Pamela Gibbs
October 10, 2021

Steps for Action:
1) Vet all school board members in future elections. Seek out and encourage Spirit filled believing Christians to run for these positions who are not afraid to stand up for biblical values. Vote out those who are supporting liberal politics in education.
2) As a retired 30+ year educator I can tell you that the only way to get a school districts attention and to prove to them that you are serious is to pull your students out of school in mass. Go on strike until they are willing to comply with your dictates as parents.
3) All state funding for schools is based on enrollment numbers. Tax dollars are paid out to school districts based on enrollment numbers. Pull your students out in the fall prior to these numbers being registered with your state. This usually takes place by the end of October. Check your state for the exact dates. School superintendents have this information as well.
No students, no money to keep the school running, pay teachers, administrator’s, school staff etc.,
this will force a shut down.
4) If you truly love your children and care about what’s best for their lives and future do not allow them to continue to be indoctrinated with ungodly values and apostate forms of education. Things like critical race theory and gender education have no place in public education. Place your students in alternative educational settings such as religious private schools, homeschooling or create your own homeschool networks.
Many homeschool companies now offer virtual education services such as Zoom type classes that students participated in during covid lockdowns.
Groups of parents can hire retired teachers such as myself to become homeschool teacher facilitators for groups of students (think of the one room school house model) or as private tutors for your students.
5) I understand this may be a painful process for some parents but to break the back of the monstrous system of public education peaceful non compliance to their ungodly mandates and disregard for parental rights is the order for the day.Sadly otherwise, most school districts will do nothing about your complaints.
6) Encourage your state legislators to pass a “Parental Rights Bill” as Governor DeSantis has done in Florida. This will allow parents not school district policies to determine what is best for their children and their health, well being and education.
7) Seek the Lord for wisdom and discernment and in prayer and petition for the courage and strength to stand up against this ” Goliath “. Pray for the hearts of those working in public education to change, for their sins to be forgiven and for them to come to salvation in Christ.
Our God promises that He not fail or forsake the righteous especially when we stand up in defense of His word and truth!
Blessings to you all in Jesus name!

    Vickie Skelley
    October 10, 2021

    I agree. Parents have to get their children off of the marxist conveyor belt. Pull them out. Hit them where it hurts. The money belt. Many students get pulled out, the schools lose those Fed dollars. It’s the only way. School boards are not going to change until the people vote them out sure, but until then? Pull your child out if you can. I know for single parents that’s not possible, but not everyone is a single parent. It would make a difference.

October 10, 2021

This is getting to be quite an issue in Fairfax County, Va. My concern is, how long until ALL schoolboards will be “drinking the Kool-aid”, and trying to silence concerned parents? This is one more in a long line of symptoms of the times that we are living in. Lord Jesus, you alone know what needs to happen to right this terrible wrong. Please make a way for these students, these impressionable youths, to not be indoctrinated with the evil that our government wants to cram down their throats. IN Jesus’ name.

October 10, 2021

Please dear Lord, give this school board the insight to what is wrong in these teachings and correct this for all our children in the name of Jesus. Amen

October 10, 2021

Education NEEDS to go BACK to the parents, NO government involvement! When the government gets involved there is no accountability because it’s too big of a system to manage, easier for the enemy to get things passed the people when no one is looking. Public school or government funded school was a BAD idea. It should have stayed local to each community so the people could keep a much better watch! Daddy God, Creator of the Heavens and Earth, we NEED You NOW to save our children, our nation, humanity, and the whole world! The enemy has attacked on all fronts and we were asleep and let it happen. Forgive us and heal our nation! TEACH us how to GOVERN YOUR WAY and bring Your Kingdom to the earth AS it IS in Heaven! YOU Jesus, are our ONLY HOPE, You MUST come NOW, Your people are CRYING out to You, we’re SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY for what we’ve done/allowed in our nation, YOUR nation. You MUST FIX EVERYTHING, CLEANSE EVERYTHING, BRING EVERYTHING INTO AGREEMENT WITH YOU AND YOUR WAY/PLANS! Without You all would be lost but we believe You WILL save us through our RISEN Savior Jesus Christ! Come FLOOD us Holy Spirit and do NOT recede as we NEED You to pour Yourself out on and within us and remain so we will NOT let this madness from hell happen again!! Have mercy on us oh Lord and cleanse AWAY ALL the evil in our land and we pray for all other nations as well! God set Your people, and the captives not yet known by You, free! Everything MUST come to a STOP and be cleansed NOW, not a trickle of justice BUT a TSUNAMI of FULL JUSTICE for what has been done. Throw Your MIGHY FIST upon the wickedness in all areas of life, do NOT relent until the enemy flees all places as You are the Great I AM, there is NO other! Let God ARISE and His enemies be SCATTERED! Don’t let them “get away” with what they have done but we do pray for their souls as we do not want any to perish eternally. In Jesus Name, AMEN! I feel as I write and pray this that in the spirit I am at the feet of Jesus laid out on my face, tears streaming, with my hands reaching out touching His feet seeking His divine intervention! This is all too much to bear, the weight is too heavy, the burden is too hard for us to handle. Lord, You MUST take this! There’s so much to pray about, they’ve messed with our food/fluids (bioengineering), air (chemtrails), education, entertainment, financial realm, medical, media, and there is false doctrine in areas of the church, wolves among us in all areas that seek to do harm but say they want to help, LIARS lying. We call forth RIGHTEOUSNESS, LIBERTY, TRUTH, JUSTICE, FREEDOM, HEALING, GOODNESS, and the UNITY OF CHRIST in ALL areas of our nation and the whole world in Jesus Name! We believe in You and thank You for our deliverance!! Bless ALL of us to KEEP hanging on, our help is on the way! We call back President Trump too in Jesus Name and all the others You will use!

October 9, 2021

Lord God Almighty – You and You alone are the creator of all life. You see every child created from the miracle moment of conception. That is such a beautiful and incredible truth and gift that it humbles us to our core.
Lord, we bind the enemy Satan. We know full well that he is a destroyer and that is why we see these battles. We declare that Satan has lost already. He lost at Calvary and he will lose again and again and again. We decree in Jesus name that Satan will begin and continue to lose his ground across all education systems in America. Give parents wisdom, knowledge, fortitude and unity as they fight against unholy alliances that exist in some school boards and systems. We are and will be victorious because of your blood and holy name. Amen.

October 9, 2021

Parents, grandparents, be encouraged and don’t be intimidated! People who threaten are running scared! These arrogant people didn’t think anyone would stand up to them! They don’t know American moms and dads and grandparents very well, do they?? They don’t realize, we WILL stand up for our children against ANYONE or ANYTHING!! Of course, the fact that AG Garland’s son-in-law is co-founder of “Panorama Education” which also pushes CRT, as well as collecting data on students, shows WHY he is “loosing” the FBI on parents! It’s all about greed and control! It has NOTHING to do with being concerned about parents and “domestic terrorism!!” That is ludicrous and false! I think Garland should re-think this threat he’s made to parents!! That is despicable discrimination and AGAINST our Constitution!! Can you believe Obama put this man up for the Supreme Court??
Has anyone listened to what some of these school board people have said about and AGAINST parents?? It’s chilling! No wonder parents are showing up to take up for their children and to protect their children!! Keep up the good work parents and grandparents! We STILL have freedom of speech and a First Amendment! We’d better use that freedom, while we can, because these people have a MARXIST agenda!! We have to fight for our freedom and for our children!!
God bless and guide us. We repent, Lord. Forgive us, Father, for being silent and uninvolved so long. Forgive us for not being as involved as we should have been in our schools and government. Forgive us for our complacency. Forgive us for allowing these “bullies” to be in places where we should have been. We WILL NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM FOR GRANTED AGAIN, LORD! We look to You for help! In Jesus name, we pray!

Kathleen Palmer
October 9, 2021

Perhaps all the school boards needed to be reminded that the parents taxes pay their and the teacher’s salary. Father help us speak up for Your values and righteousness in the face of utter insanity. There is no way to reason with these people. We need You Oh Lord of Heaven’s armies to step in and do what we cannot do. Arise and protect the children ‼️ I pray for more Christian schools to be established and You would help provide the resources so parents can send them there. Let more parents begin to homeschool . Awaken your church to the evil agendas being indoctrinated into our children. We beseech You Sovereign God, have mercy on our children, forgive us for any indifference because we no longer have school age children and for the church being asleep. We thank You for what You are going to do and All the Glory goes to You ‼️🙏🏻⚔️✅

Eveline Franje
October 9, 2021

Dear Lord Jesus, have mercy on our parents and our children and grandchildren. Satan is embolden in all areas of society and even in our schools. We cry out to you, dear Lord, that you will help the parents fight the good fight for the souls of their children. Give them wisdom, intelligence and discernment in this war against the evil one. Help us pray vigilantly for them, Lord. You are the Great Victor and our Savior. May our children and grandchildren be precious in your sight. Come to our help.
I also ask you, Lord, for you to open the hearts of those who fight against you to destroy Christianity. They get to our children and grandchildren so that evil may prevail. May you open their eyes that they may see YOU in all your magnificence and find salvation in you. Speak to their conscience. May you transform them, O Lord. We know you have this power. I pray in your Holy and Gracious Name, Lord Jesus, Amen.

October 9, 2021

Oh Poppa God, we prais and thank you for Your Word! You said there would be a day like this, when good is called evil and evil good. AND all the times in Your Word You say, Do not be afraid, I AM with You, I go before you, I fight FOR you, trust ME…and take courage, gird your loins and stand.
Thank you Jesus for parents who are standing, fighting the good fight, lovingly, speaking truth in the face of decieved people on behalf of all our children…Lord let us be Your generation, let us be found faithful, full, overflowing with faith in You, Your goodness! Let us shine bright with Your Light Lord, no matter how dark the dark gets…. Glory to Your Wonderful, Beautiful, Redeeming Name Jesus, Messiah, Most High God💕You Forever REIGN!!!

Lydia Penosky
October 9, 2021

This is utter madness by what people in our government are trying to do . This is what Winston Churchill was talking about when he stood up to socialism and opposed it. We have every right to stand up to evil.

Elizabeth Schneider
October 9, 2021


These demons with the attorney general’s office, the justice department and the FBI need to be slapped with a BIG dose of reality that we will NOT take their bullying and injustice for our God giving right to defend our children from this filth and evil that they have slithering in the halls and classrooms of our schools!
Jesus in your holy name protect our children from these monsters!!


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