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Lord God, thank You for all the people who are at work with the power of the Holy Spirit in Afghanistan. Help, strengthen, guide, and direct them.

In this groundbreaking interview, find out what really happened in Afghanistan and why. You won’t want to miss these never before told God stories–He is at work in this crisis.

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Renee Storms
September 6, 2021

Chad, if you read this, thank you SO much for what you are doing,,,for listening and letting the Lord lead you! God is performing mighty things through you and through the brave ones that work alongside you. I pray Psalm 91 over you and them!!
I will be praying for you and all who help you. We as Intercessors are praying for you, but please know sir, that you and the ones assisting you are an answer to OUR prayers! You really are!
I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that God is going before you and will show you how he has it all mapped out just as he has been doing thus far. I pray God’s continued protection around you and the men and women helping you and the ones the Lord will lead you to help. You are Warriors with Prayer Warriors right behind you!!!

Terrie Zellner
September 5, 2021

Brothers and sisters in Christ, now is the time for us to take action. We cannot sit idle and let the the evacuation and resettlement if these refugees be the sole responsibility of our secular government. There is no reason why every church in America cannot participate in this effort by sponsoring at least one family. What is a huge task for an individual to take on becomes much less burdensome when a team of Christ followers, backed by their church, pitches in. I challenge each of you to approach your pastor to get actively involved, especially in the resettlement of the refugees into our communities where we can develop personal relationships with them and demonstrate the love of Christ in practical ways. The media can ignore the heroic actions of Christ centered organizations such as Save Our Allies and Samaritan’s Purse, but our actions in the name of Jesus will not go unnoticed by our neighbors. Imagine the encouragement to persecuted Christians world-wide as well as the witness to non-believing Americans and people world-wide to HIS GLORY! If we are truly repentant for our complacency in the past, as secular society worked to remove God from our country, we will rise up and respond to this opportunity God is giving us as American followers of Christ to participate in His great harvest!

Heavenly Father we thank you for giving us this opportunity. We realize it is a huge challenge. It will take much perseverance, commitment, patience and many resources as we navigate through cultural, religious and language barriers and financial challenges. But you are the provider of all of those things. We belong to you and carry your Spirit within us. Protect us from the evil one as he will definitely be on the attack. Let us be wowed by the miracles we will witness and the outpouring of your Holy Spirit as you carry us through this process. I pray thankfully and expectantly in the name of Jesus Christ our savior indeed theirs. amen.

September 5, 2021

Father God,
Thank You for every one of these brave warriors You have prepared for this time.
Please surround them with Your angel warriors to protect and guide them constantly.
Give them great success. Nothing is impossible with You so I am asking BIG that You rescue and deliver every American, every Christian, and every Afghan ally from those who want to harm them.
Nothing is too difficult for You.
You are the Alpha and Omega, the Holy One to Whom all praise is due.
May You receive all the
glory and may Jesus Christ be lifted up for all to worship.
In His name let it be so.

    September 5, 2021

    Holy Spirit has led me also to pray that every piece of American equipment and weapons left behind will malfunction when the Taliban, ISIS-K, or anyone else tries to use it against Americans, Christians, or our Afghan allies.
    The LORD God will make it impossible for China, Russia, or others to investigate, comprehend or discover how that equipment and weapons are made.
    I ask You LORD Jesus right now to settle a covering of Your peace over and within all of our brave and skillful American veterans, who for 20 years have given selflessly for the
    ideal of freedom and liberty grounded in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.
    Silence the voice of the enemy.
    Cause our veterans to know their sacrifices have not been in vain: that there will be transformation of
    Afghanistan because of the seeds they planted through their work in that nation. Those seeds will sprout and grow into a beautiful strong plant even though the conditions seem harsh now.
    Fill our veterans’ minds and hearts with hope and trust in Jesus and His Kingdom. Amen.

Renee McMichael
September 4, 2021

Heavenly Father I pray for your continued protection of those who are doing this dangerous work to rescue people in Afghanistan. May they continue to be successful in their mission and may you confuse the enemy who would seek to them harm.

Dawn Beth
September 4, 2021

Amazing God we serve🙌🙌
Father , You will use anyone whose heart belongs to You. May You continue to use Chad and all that align with the work of his hands to glorify Your name and to build Your kingdom here on earth. Even in the darkness Father , Your light will shine as a beacon of hope and freedom to all who will look and see. Holy Spirit move in and through the hearts of Your children to continue Your rescue mission. There is nothing impossible for You Father and we can do ALL things through Christ who is our strength. Father I ask for Your supernatural coverage and protection over these covert operations in the days ahead, these are the days to transfer the wealth of the wicked into the hands of the righteous so monetary needs will be met, show us an even greater work of Your hand Abba, change the hearts of the wicked and the lost, just as You did with Paul, so that these “philanthropists” throw their money at Your feet and ALL will see and agree that You are The God who loves and calls His creation to Himself🙌🙌
Father, most of all we thank You that You made a way where it seemed impossible, first by reconciling is back to Yourself through the blood of Your Son, our precious Savior Jesus, and continually throughout the ages through the prayers of the saints and even today in the darkness of this age You are still faithful to Your name and Your covenant with those who love You.Blessed be Your name


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