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2371 People Prayed
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Father, As we end this year, let us believers carry our determination forward into 2021 to be continuously joined together in prayer to defeat the works of the devil and see Your miracles performed in our nation and the world.

In 2017, President Obama left office specifically to engage in community organizing, a networking model taught by Saul Alinsky specifically designed to implement further the socialist agenda and policies of the Democratic party post-Obama. Working behind the scenes, the organization has morphed into a powerful force with sub-networks that have challenged our religious, political, and civic institutions. Today we find ourselves in a tangle of networks designed to tear down our schools, families, and church structures.

What is the remedy for combatting evil networks that have set themselves up against God and His purposes? We must create godly networks of committed believers who have a sincere desire to see God’s kingdom established in our nation and on the earth. We see the beginnings today as hundreds of thousands of believers network across our country and the world in prayer meetings and prayer calls to pray for America. This movement has the potential to bring about a political, moral, spiritual, and cultural revival to our nation. By unifying for one common purpose, American believers are tapping into a source of power witnessed at critical times in the world when God needed a message delivered, and a group of dedicated believers came together to accomplish the task.

England in the late 1700s was in a state of decline when young William Wilberforce came on the scene—born into English upper-class privilege. He had nothing to gain and everything to lose by taking on the eradication of slavery in the late 1700s. Armed with a vital faith, a tenacious determination, and a band of committed friends, Wilberforce was able to eradicate slavery in his time and institute a revival in England. Wilberforce made known his vision of abolishing slavery and creating a resurgence of morals in England, and other like-minded people networked around him. Many of them lived or moved to Clapham, England. Each night they met at 7:00 pm to share a meal and talk. Wilberforce called this time The Greatest Hour when they dreamed of how to reform English society.

Martin Luther developed networks by writing small pamphlet-size books in German, the common people’s language, on his revelation: the just shall live by faith. His readers networked to spread his books and the message like wildfire throughout Europe. A smaller, tight-knit networking group of influential patrons surrounded Luther to support him and protect him from harm.

History proves many, like Martin Luther and William Wilberforce, changed nations through the networks they inspired. They all had one thing in common: they all had committed networks of individuals dedicated to each other and the cause. America’s future success will depend on the networks we have built during this time of intercession to upend the deep state, see abortion eliminated, and a revival in our land.

John Davison Hunter wrote extensively on changing culture in his book To Change the World. He said, “I would argue that the key actor in history is not individual genius but rather the network and the new institutions that are created out of those networks. And the more “dense” the network – that is, the more active and interactive the network- the more influential it could be. This is the stuff of culture, and cultural change is produced.

Over the past five-plus years, hundreds of thousands of intercessors have banded together to pray for President Trump. Those prayers expanded believers to believe for America to experience a cultural, moral, and spiritual revival. Coming together created new networks and revived old ones. Those networks are the glue that will hold us together and push America toward not only God’s intervention in our nation’s politics but also the real beginnings of a spiritual revival.

With President Trump’s slogan, Make America Great Again, believers became energized to enter the realm of the Spirit to pray important political prayers. Chuck Colson, in his book, How Now Shall We Live? gave four directives on how to create cultural change. One of those directives was that Christians must become involved in politics. Networks like Intercessors for America (IFA) have brought us political issues so we can engage in the transformation of America.

As we go forward, if we are to propel this nation into a deep political cleansing and, consequently, a spiritual revival, it will be imperative that we maintain the current prayer networks formed and continue to create new ones.   

John Pollock, William Wilberforce’s biographer, so aptly wrote, “Wilberforce proved that a man can change his times, but that he cannot do it alone.” Neither can we. If believers are to change the culture and believe God for a revival in America, we cannot do it alone.

About the Author: Nancy Huff is an educator with a mission to equip believers to pray strategically for the Cultural Mountain of Education. She has authored Taking the Mountain of Education: A Strategic Prayer Guide to Transform America’s Schools. She leads prayer groups to pray at key educational locations across the US. Currently, Nancy serves as the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network (HAPN) Lead Prayer Coordinator for the Mountain of Education. For additional information go to: (Photo Credit: Unsplash.)

Share your prayers for prayer networks to continue and for more to rise up during these times we are living in. . .

2371 People Prayed
9084 People have read this article

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  1. What I am about to say, some of you may find offensive. So be it. The words come from my heart with good intent.

    Yes, prayer is good and necessary, but we should not expect God to do our work for us, but rather, to guide us to do the work we should be doing. After all, this is the world we create as earth’s citizens. What kind of world do we want? How much determination, vision, and energy are we willing to commit in action? God’s job is to guide us if we pray to him for wisdom. Doing the work is our job.

    Which skills and passions do you possess that could make this world a better place? Then use them! That is your job, not God’s. His job is to guide us to the fulfillment of our duties. God blessed each of us with gifts, not to store in a closet, but to use for His glory. Then use them! Do not be so pretentious as to ask God to do your work for you.

    So let us pray to God for inspiration, strength, courage, and guidance to do what we should be doing, not to have Him solve problems that we created or neglected to address. That is our job, not God’s!

    All you have to do is start the journey, no matter how difficult or insurmountable it appears, with the intent of completing it, and God will be with you all the way. I have experienced this for myself.

    Amen! 2
  2. Wilberforce is one of my heroes. Where he succeeded in Britain vs. what happened in our own country is that he and his praying band of believers mounted a massive PR campaign to educate the public on the evils of slavery. It created a rising tide of protest that forced Parliament to take action at last in the face of well-funded opposition by the moneyed mercantile interests. I have been waiting for this suggestion to be made in dead seriousness. The idea has been talked about by Spirit-led people who are involved in just this type of activity (Lance Wallnau and IFA, to name just two). We have networked across the nation in prayer–but now is the time to organize LOCAL groups of believers to meet together, pray, and then go the final mile: begin organized community education on the issues, get together citizen committees to demand county voter rolls be cleansed, protests where needed, backing for political campaigns to put godly ment and women in office, etc. Okay, I live in Northern Virginia. Who out there is willing to meet with me towards this end?

    Amen! 2
  3. It is one thing to pray together with like-minded believers across the globe. It is quite another thing to find like-minded believers in your local community. If we are to any impact on the culture then we need to find local believers to pray together with and share our lives together. This is not always easy to do – especially if you live in an area where other Christians have a completely different vision of “living out the Gospel.”

    Amen! 15
  4. I thank God for being around at such a time as this. As such, I participate in several prayer groups but in 2020 God connected me to additional Intercessors such as IFA. God continues to remind me that being in His Army requires that I be obedient to His assignments. Different prayer groups have been mandated specific assignments at different times for different situations. What is given to one prayer group may not be what is given to another prayer group i.e., a particular principalities that operates in a specific area, a spirit dominating a certain person(s), etc.

    As we operate in the Spirit, we operate as one. God gives us the authority to overcome the wiles of satan. Additionally, He assigns His Army Angels to us to dispense where and when needed. We are all equipped with the full armor God has supplied and it is up to us to wisely use it. Thank you God for your mercy,love and supernatural protection over your battalions as we carry out Your orders. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    Amen! 37
  5. By God’s design, I’m a teacher. I’ve always enjoyed being able to help others. Not realizing it when I was young, I always sought and desired to be the leader or captain of a team, etc.
    Many of us have that in us. God put it there for His purpose. Sometimes we cannot see it or we have trouble understanding our role in fulfilling that God-ordained design.
    But as we seek God and we fulfill those various roles at different levels of responsibility in our lives, we will be able to see the culture change around us. The smallest of roles, with God behind it, can result in the most incredible impact in our nation.
    The opportunities are endless in our starving culture. We witness daily the emptiness of those who don’t know God and are stumbling their way through life.
    With unity in Christ, we can see the power of God change that.
    But lest we fool ourselves, it will take commitment and sacrifice. There is no easy road to accomplish this. But learning daily to rely on God, it can happen.

    Amen! 32
  6. Hal Lindsey says Christianity true Christianity and born again believers are the true radicals rebels in this evil world. Saul Alinskey Obama Satan dont stand a snowballs chance in hell against us.
    Read our rules for radicals

    Amen! 30
  7. The Lord is doing this (networking) through Facebook, I lead a large prophetic group called Stirring Up the Gifts, it is over 14.000 members………….there are many other groups, and this movement is HUGE…….and involves thousands of saints………….

    Amen! 19
  8. Please call a thing what it is!
    Saul Alinsky’s “model” is a direct application of Vladimir Lenin’s writings during the Bolshevik Revolution. This is Communism in it’s “purest” sense. Arguably, the worst evil ever perpetuated against our Creator and His people. Come Lord Jesus!
    Rev. Ronald Roland

    Amen! 31
    1. Praying for a network of prayer for the Kingdom of Heaven while the elites gather to plan their utopia is fighting the good fight. We should be found faithful not fretful.

      Amen! 17
  9. Father, Thank you for bringing the Body of Christ together through prayer, raising a loud cry to You, we bring all requests, prayers intercession and thanksgiving for all those in authority, that in living peaceful lives we may continue to bring the Good News to others that the Kingdom of God will grow. for this is good, as Our God wants all men to be saved and to come into the knowledge of Truth. Corporate prayer brings a power and helps us to remember to submit to God and to love one another, that our love for one another, we proclaim to a world system that Jesus Christ is Lord over all.

    Amen! 36
  10. I decree the networks of prayer aligned with heaven are mushrooming across the world and is in the process of overtaking darkness. Light dispels darkness and we are pushing in the light from the third heaven over the earth. Umbrellas of glory for the destiny purposes of God ignite and spread like wild fire only for your glory LOrd.

    Amen! 31
  11. I bind the demonic forces over the Obama network and loose chaos and division and overplay of their agenda. Expose to America their agenda. Help us Lord network in the ways your blueprints of heaven direct as we are only as effective as our sold out radical obedience to you. There is no one like you. I ask that you put the wisdom of Isiah 11:2 into your ekklesia so we can be the territorial takers you want us to be. We are at a beachhead moment in history and need you and you alone to direct us.I declare weakening to the family dynasties that are aligned with satan’s agenda as God directs in his esachar timing. The Lord rebuke you Satan and I am reminding our enemy that Jesus took the keys of death,hell and the grave and released in its place life, heaven and resurrection power. Also he has deputized the ekklesia so we are a weaponized body for the purposes of God’s destiny purposes and I target that over America’s present situation.Jesus Christ is Lord over America. God is our righteous judge. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Father and of Jesus to us. Thank you Lord for your unfailing love.

    Amen! 53
    1. Eight or nine months ago I asked the Lord what are we up against..and He gave me one word, “grid”. I had to go to the dictionary’s definition. Also I remember years ago when my husband and I had a client that created grids for walk ways, etc. they were honeycombed lines ,horizontal, vertical connected to hold great stress, weight. They are tough! The Lord was saying He will dismantle the grid the enemy has established over the years, their web of takeover, power of domination…Satan their leader that wants to have dominion that belongs only to our Lord God and us, His people who are the only Kingdom that is to have dominion over this earth. It is a work that is done one piece at a time. At the same time the Lord is building up His holy, righteous “grid”! Today I am thrilled to see this here on IFA! .. the grid of our Lord being built up through this “network” spoken! The 7 mountains will be transformed through the Church being online…out of the four or more walls they have been hiding in from the dying, decaying world.. this is one good thing that the enemy meant for evil, has turned out to benefit the Church more than hurt it, in my opinion anyway. Yes, there is persecution going on….but we need that more than we care to admit. We got comfortable in our bubble and got weak, ineffective in witnessing, fulfilling the great commission..share, heal, deliver in the power of the Holy Spirit. So, praise the Lord for His shakingup our comfort, self centered lives. He needs us! We need Him more, His Son, His Holy Spirit and angelic host!
      Lord, I pray you breath new life, fire, sacrifice in us daily that we hunger and thirst for knowing You and share your supernatural Kingdom reign in us, through us for the waiting world; undoing Satan’s strongholds in us and then them.

      Amen! 8
  12. I believe the church is simmering and is about to explode and nothing will stop us. Hear the roar of the Lion of Judah and follow suit. Put on the full armor and march into the battle. Pray from our position of victory, seated next to Christ in heaven. It’s a win win for the Ekklesia. Whether we live or die. Amen. Go forth in His power and might.

    Amen! 45
  13. I pray for the Patriots Connect Project which is specifically for the purpose of networking all patriots, and for helping establish groups called Freedom Scouts, intergenerational groups who gather together to support each other in creating self-reliant, healthy, God-centered communities (residential and non-residential)

    I am just getting this started–Father, guide me to the people who can utilize the project management platform I am creating that can handle unlimited members and where we can quickly organize and unite under the banner of revival and freedom.

    I love you so much, Jesus, and I thank you for this wonderful group that I can connect with, and all the networks that have been formed before I got on board. amen

    Amen! 28
  14. Abba, thank you for bringing us together as one to intercede on the mountain of government. Let us not become complacent or passive as victories come. There is still so much land to be had for your name’s sake. Let us continue to unite as one even as you and our Lord Jesus are one. Let not the enemy divide us. Let not the things of this world distract us. May we not grow weary in well doing. May we not sit back on our laurels when we see victories in one area of our nation. Let us not be offended at a brother or sister who we don’t see eye to eye with. As we continue to intercede for our nation and the re-election of President Trump, bless all who our scouting and networking for all other areas which desperately need your kingdom to come and your will to be done. Bless Nancy Huff and the work of her hands. Protect her, keep her close under your wing. Go before us, cleanse every area of our land, and begin with us, your people. Renew us, Revive us, and Rejuvenate us day by day. Bless all our brothers and sisters joining us in prayer today. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

    Amen! 45
  15. Matthew 4:19
    “Come, follow Me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”

    Lord Jesus, show us how to mend our nets and follow You, how to listen closely and obey Your instruction, and to shake off our weariness and go fishing again.

    In Jesus Name. Amen.

    Amen! 37
  16. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for inspiring Nancy Huff to compose and share this article. Saul Alinsky was a truly evil man who, in his book, Rules for Radicals, praised Lucifer as “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom…”. Lord, I believe it is telling that this man was a role model for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and Obama has been actively trying to implement Alinsky’s model of social disruption. Lord, I pray that more and more people’s eyes are opened to the evil ideas of Saul Alinsky, whose unholy book has caused much evil and deserves to be condemned along with Marx and Engles’ Communist Manifesto, the Satanic Bible, and other dark tomes. Lord, please spare our youth from the influence of these evil books and ideas. Sadly, our education system is now full of teachers and professors whose own education was poisoned with these unholy ideologies and they are now being forced on our children and youth. Lord, we must cleanse our education system of these unholy, evil ideologies and further, remove the deceivers from among us. Lord, give us the wisdom, clarity, and moral courage to act. Let us seek one another out and organize in the light, for our enemies, who are Your enemies, have been seeking one another out and organizing in the shadows for decades and are now emerging to subvert this country and turn it into an unholy opposite of what it was meant to be. Lead us to victory Lord, and deliver us from evil. In Jesus precious name I pray, Dear Lord, Amen.

    Amen! 42
      1. Amen and thank you for your comments. I work at a very liberal and prestigious graduate school of education, and I can confirm what you write. I am praying regularly for revival on this campus, and I hope others will pray for leftist colleges and universities. The people i work with are actually very nice people who truly believe they are on the side of good. There is so much deception! Father, open their eyes, convict their hearts, and bring truth and revival in Jesus’ name!!

        Amen! 25
  17. The networks of praying Christians have been such a blessing at this time! I thank God for the unity and love that has been growing by His Spirit! I so look forward to continuing in them after President Trump is re-inaugurated in January – let us tackle the evil governments around the world in the Name of Jesus! Let us war for our brothers and sisters who are oppressed in other countries that they may be free to worship openly and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are many evil strongholds to tear down – let us continue the spiritual warfare with boldness!

    Amen! 46
  18. My testimony. When I first was introduced to IFA earlier this year, the Lord showed me a vision of networks as described by Nancy Huff in this article. Lord let it continue to manifest by believers seeking others in the body of Christ, praying together that Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

    Father I thank and praise You in Jesus name.

    Amen! 44
  19. Great article IFA! People should share this in their networks of influence for sure! It was nice to hear about history with William Wilberforce by taking on the eradication of slavery according to the article, and Martin Luther with his message, the just shall live by faith. I really like the excerpt here of the article, “America’s future success will depend on the networks we have built during this time of intercession to upend the deep state, see abortion eliminated, and a revival in our land.” We can make a difference in our world today as well. Please share this article with your networks and beyond that.

    Amen! 25
  20. Be sure to make your voice heard through simple, concrete action steps as provided via Every Vote Counts:

    Our representatives need to know how deeply we care and that we are counting on them to fight for truth and righteousness.It only take a minute to send an email to elected officials and leaders through this site. Additional action steps are provided.

    Amen! 11
  21. Father, thank You that You are drawing us together and making us into a powerful spiritual army. Continue to unite us in this common purpose to love and save this powerful nation that You formed. It has not fulfilled the purpose You created it to accomplish.Your Kingdom come and Your will be done in every state and this nation. Let Jesus be glorified in America. Let revival fill the streets, Oh Father. Bring Your Kingdom in great power.

    Amen! 27
  22. Heavenly Father, in Jesus’Name have mercy on us, and continue to strengthen, renew us by the power of the Holy Spirit to be prayer warriors for the glory of Your Kingdom, and for the benefit of all the world’s people.
    Help us to be effective witnesses to Your Word so those who walk in darkness, and don’t know Jesus as their Savior will come to know Him as the Word turns them to Jesus as You want all to be saved.

    Thank You for wisdom and knowledge you grant us to serve you and others. Bless our efforts, Lord.


    Amen! 58

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