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Lord, be our peace in the midst of this chaos, violence, and confusion. Guide us with Your Word and help Your people to rise up in the midst of this movement and speak truth.

Here is some footage of a protest that was called “mostly peaceful” . . .

(Excerpt from Twitter. Photo from ABC 27 News.)

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July 27, 2020

We ask for godly reforms — help protesters have their hearts positioned before God to humbly petition, not overthrow government — let police be encouraged, strengthened and kept safe to protect and serve. Prevent any provocations and give police patience with crowds. Let crowds “peacefully assemble” and “peacefully petition,” respect authority and move peaceably if requested by government officials or law enforcement. Help us know the basics of right and wrong, have humility, discernment and pray Your Kingdom come and will be done — in the spirit of Rev Dr Martin Luther King. In Jesus’ name

July 26, 2020

Lord God we ask that you continue to expose the violence in our country and bring your justice to those who violate our laws and destroy what doesn’t belong to them. I pray that you open the eyes and ears of the spiritually blind and that give them a heart to follow you. Reveal the deception that is causing many to rise up in anger. Protect those who are sent out ot bring back preace.
Lord we know you can send an army of angels to help and we ask for your might power to be manifested. We look to you for our help comes from the Lord!


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