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Father, thank You for bringing out the truth about Konnech. Keep this company from escaping accountability again, Lord.
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After True the Vote leaders experienced jail time last year, their allegations have proved to be correct. We’ve heard the truth, and now we must pray for justice.

From Breitbart. A whistleblower recently filed a lawsuit against Konnech, Inc. and its CEO Eugene Yu that backs up allegations from the non-profit True the Vote that the company stored American poll worker data in China, according to a report.

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According to a December 22, 2022, verified complaint from former Konnech employee and whistleblower Grant Bradley reported by the Federalist on Friday, the firm “illegally” stored information on servers housed in China.

The complaint from Bradley alleged (emphasis added):

Plaintiff’s reputation in his chosen field has been ruined by the decision of Defendants to illegally store information on servers housed in China.

The Federalist reported: “That allegation suggests that Konnech had, in fact, stored data on ‘servers housed in China,’ and that possibility resurrects concerns over the FBI’s involvement in the investigation of Konnech, as well as the L.A. district attorney’s decision to drop the criminal charges it had brought against Yu.”

Bradley’s complaint also alleged that a number of the company’s employees were based in Wuhan, China:

According to its website, Defendant Konnech provides ‘election logistic software’ to its 32 clients it currently serves in North America. Defendant Konnech claims to be ‘the developers … the designers … the coders … and … project management experts.’ In reality, Defendant Konnech’s developers, designers and coders are all Chinese nationals based out of Wuhan, China.

On October 4, 2022, police raided Konnech’s office in Lansing, Michigan, and arrested Yu as part of an investigation into the possible theft of personal identifying information of Los Angeles County election poll workers, according to a press release by the L.A. County district attorney’s office.

Konnech, Inc. distributes and sells PollChief software, an election worker management system that requires workers to submit personal identifying information. Under a $2.9 million, five-year contract with L.A. County, Konnech was supposed to “securely maintain the data and that only United States citizens and permanent residents have access to it.” However, the press release said, “District Attorney investigators found that in contradiction to the contract, information was stored on servers in the People’s Republic of China.” …

In November, [District Attorney George] Gascón moved to dismiss the criminal charges against Yu. …

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(Excerpt from Breitbart. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Marta Gallegos
January 25, 2023

Yes I commented many times that the voting machines were connected to china and Venezuela and that was one of my reasons for not wanting to vote I was right And yes I will not vote if no paper BALLOTS same day voting I’d same day count mail and ballot drop boxes CHRIST JESUS IS LORD ✝️

Pam Zook
January 25, 2023

Thank you Lord for the brave journalists and whistle blowers who are willing to put their reputations, livelihood and lives at times on the line to identify nefarious activity. We pray for their protection. We also continue to ask You for exposure of and prosecution of those who lie, steal and cheat to destroy the welfare of Your people – us. Darkness can not drive our darkness…..it is only the light that does that. Thank You Lord for being that light.

January 24, 2023

Lots of allegations with no proof of anything. And the source is Breitbart, the George Santos of trusted sources. I urge my fellow Christians to wait for confirmation of voting fraud from trusted sources before spreading accusations (bearing false witness).

Darlene Estlow
January 24, 2023

Father, we thank you for revelation of this evil deed. Bring justice and protect our elections. We pray against the evil and declare your protection over our elections.

Curtis Guhl
January 24, 2023

Google the topic communism and you will find how a communist government is being presented to our youth in lies and half truths. Propaganda is the main form of advancement. We pray for protection and careful inspection of the findings of whistle- blower, Grant Bradley.

January 24, 2023

Father God you will be done on Earth as it is in heaven with all this evilness that keeps continuing

Skye Alison
January 24, 2023

Thanks and all praise to you heavenly Father for this revelation of truth – and for those who are making it known! Your word declares we are guilty of sin if we know the truth and fail to declare it bringing harm to those who are innocent. So Father I pray you to BLESS these and many others who are making truth known in our day, sometimes at great costs to themselves. Lord, encourage them by your Spirit! May they feel and know they are approved of God. In Jesus’ name.

Carolyn Boeve
January 24, 2023

I believe you have an incorrect
date at the beginning of this article that needs to be corrected.
December 22, 2023 is still ahead.

Hilda Major
January 24, 2023

Yes Lord I agree with others that this company should be brought to theUSA court of law to tried for this crime. We are praying to you Father and you are revealing all lawlessness. Thank you for you have the Highest court of law and you rule and reign. You are our God and we are your people. Thank you that you work on our behave, and nothing is hidden from you.

Carroll D
January 24, 2023

We know that all that is happening was preordained in Your Word. We know there are certain paths this world needs to take to fulfill Your Word, but we pray, as long as we are still on this earth, that we are able to continue to bring Your truth – to our country, our elections, our cities. Jesus, we pray in Your Name that election fraud continues to be uncovered. We pray for people of integrity to be raised up into government positions. We pray that we are all instrumental in furthering Your Gospel. Thank You, for all the corruption that has already been revealed. We pray for Your truth to continue to shine, and that people’s ears will be unstopped, and eyes will be opened, and that they will come to see the knowledge of Your truth, and be drawn to You so that we hae a last days revival that rocks this world.

Laura Lynn Laurain
January 24, 2023

Article should read December 22, 2022. Praying the Truth will come out and those responsible will be brought to Justice.

Frank Mc Carley
January 24, 2023

It is no suprise to me considering the fact that during the war in Vietnam, Ameerican pilots who were captured reported that the North Vietnamese Communist had information about the pilots showing photos of the pilots in their respective high schools. That was over 50 years ago. Think what information our “friends” in Communist China has on us with the internet.

    Dale L. Martin
    January 24, 2023

    Tic Toc website.
    What confidential Federal, State, even local data bases have been accessed by the CCP? What about the ability to hack our utility, banking, and communications systems, leading to the potential ability to destroy them as an act of war?
    Yet we must be focused on the things of God and our eternal destiny with our Lord Jesus, Who is the Christ. Fear is from Satan, and is corrosive. We must concentrate on spreading the Gospel message to as many of the lost hearts in our midst, while we still have the time. The early Church overcame the extreme Roman persecution through persistent endurance, fueled by faith in eternal reward. They were wise as serpents and as harmless as doves” (re.: Matthew 10:16). Let us pray for this wisdom for today, and pray for the Lord God Almighty to protect our country and our God given rights to be protected– “from all enemies, foreign and domestic”. Pray that God’s Holy Spirit and His Word in the Bible, show us how each of us can individually and collectively do our part to do His will, until the Lord Jesus returns to rule this fallen world. Reflection of God’s Love with our Christisn love is an essential element to combat our fear of the Chinese government and their corporations; and all other forms of evil. Pray for the supernatural power to love our enemies, as well for ability to love each other. Amen.


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