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Father, we thank You for returning the issue of abortion to the states. We pray that You would continue to lead America in a pro-life direction. Protect the unborn, Lord!
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Lynn Fitch, Attorney General of the state where the Dobbs decision originated, released this statement on the Supreme Court’s decision.

From Lynn Fitch. Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch released the following statement regarding the US Supreme Court’s decision in the case of Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization:

Who is praying on the wall?


Today marks a new era in American history — and a great day for the American people. Roe v Wade is now behind us, consigned to the list of infamous cases that collapsed under the weight of their errors. This decision is a victory not only for women and children, but for the Court itself. I commend the Court for restoring constitutional principle and returning this important issue to the American people.

Now, our work to empower women and promote life truly begins. The Court has let loose its hold on abortion policymaking and given it back to the people. The task now falls to us to advocate for the laws that empower women – laws that promote fairness in child support and enhance enforcement of it, laws for childcare and workplace policies that support families, and laws that improve foster care and adoption.

We must renew our commitment to weaving a safety net that helps women in challenging circumstances and gives their children life and hope. This is about more than the fundamentals of prenatal vitamins and diapers; it is about helping to connect them to opportunities for education and job training to support their families. And always, it is about love and respect for them through whatever struggles they face. This is what it means to both empower women and promote life.

I am grateful to the Court for this opportunity and even more grateful to the millions of women and men across our nation who will lead us into this new post-Roe world. I have been proud to stand with you in the fight to get to this day and I will be proud to stand with you as we build a new framework for the life movement.

How are you praying for America as we move forward in a post-Roe world? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Press Release from Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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July 1, 2022

I am praying ✝️🙏for our SCOTUS, & our states to stand strong. But we have immediate legislation to pass to financially house & support women, babies, children who are poor. Fathers who marry mom & are low income but working should be encouraged & these families continue to get AID,housing, food stamps,healthcare Medicaid. So moms can stay home until babies are in school. We must support & sustain families. Better job & ed training public/private for better paying jobs. Make adoption less expensive & give tax breaks to adoptive parents who house & support the moms. Foster care needs way more resources to protect children regularly. Every week. Families who want to adopt foster babies & children it should not cost so much. Should be a better fairer process. We need tv & media campaigns to encourage Fostering & Adoption. We need WOMENS healthcare centers free clinics to provide a.m. after pill for this raped/incest & free birth control to ALL. As well as women & men’s sterilization if they so choose. Free condoms, diaphragms, pills, etc. As well as free female care. My state provides free care to raped/incest women as well as qualified trauma counselors all for free. We provide reimbursement if woman is unable to return to work right away due to trauma. Rent, lost wages from work & medical & psych care. We need stricter laws & longer confinement for rapist & pedophiles,incesters. We need must build more long term (up to 1 yr) drug & alcohol treatment centers. Staffed by recovering addicts. Detox is a waste of time, it rarely works. All of these provide new jobs, more work places.They are 2 fors. SAVE LIVES! IF WE TRULY CARE ABOUT LIFE & BABIES, CHILDREN & FAMILIES WE WILL TAKE THIS ON W/CAVEAT THAT IF ABORTIONS BECOME LEGAL AGAIN-THEY EXPIRE! Also provide internships & clinical for nurses & Drs.at Free women’s Healthcare centers & ed. Get our churches encouraging foster care & adoption. IN EVERY STATE! We must get our state legislators on this now so moms & babies don’t fall thru the cracks. Keep praying ✝️🙏💪🕊& contact your state legislators. Get a meeting or phone meeting & get working on these legislation measures for woman & families! PLEASE! Praise God for answered prayers! ✝️💪❤️👶🇺🇸🌎

June 24, 2022

Father God thank You for the victory in this battle but the war rages on into our individual states. Father we pray for victory again in the states. People need to see You Father, then we will have righteous judiciary change. May we as Your people bear witness of Your Light, so that Your Light would shine through changing the lives, hearts, and minds of millions in our country. Then the lost and those in darkness would say “Once I was blind but now I see,” as they are born again from above with Your commandments written upon their hearts. In Your Holy Name Yeshua so pray, amen.

    July 1, 2022

    Amen please hear our prayers you are our mighty God! ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Greater is he that is in us then he that is in the world! I can do ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME! Give us the courage, wisdom strength & you power to have your victory in our states! Praise you for saving our babies & moms, our families! Help us make Life mean something & support our babies, moms, children & families . In Jesus name I pray. Amen GLORY TO OUR MIGHTY LOVING GOD!!!

alberta t snyder
June 24, 2022

Father thank you lord for such an awesome vidication! You are such an awesome God! We love you!

Marie Wassei
June 24, 2022



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