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Father, we ask that you would lower gas prices in our nation without drastic federal action being needed. Make us fully energy independent for years to come, Lord, for lower prices for Americans and for our national security.
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Gas prices are a major problem hurting Americans, and President Joe Biden seems unsure of what to do about it.

From Fox Business. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm indicated that President Joe Biden has considered using the Defense Production Act to help mitigate the record-high gas prices, but stressed that it is just “one” of the tools at the president’s disposal….

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Granholm cited a number of factors for the record prices, including a shortage of supply due to the war in Ukraine and Russian embargoes, as well as general inflation pushing prices higher across the board.

“So we know that the war in Ukraine, having driven up the price of fuel … we’ve got to make up for the million barrels per day that we’ve lost,” Granholm told reporters. “We will have a demand problem when China opens up, and there will be additional upward pressure on supply.”

Granholm stressed the belief that “no president alone” can control gas prices and claimed the U.S. needs “More players at the table,” which led to the president appealing to Congress to enact a gas tax holiday.

Biden announced he would call on Congress to approve a gas tax pause for three months. The federal government currently charges 18 cents in taxes per gallon of gasoline and 24 cents per gallon of diesel, the official said….

Granholm previously hinted that Biden might take other, more drastic actions to help combat record-high gas prices.  During an appearance Sunday on “State of the Union,” she noted that the president has a number of tools to use, including the Defense Production Act to try and direct resources….

What do you think of Biden’s gas tax holiday idea? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from Fox Business. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Jessica Renshaw
June 24, 2022

>Granholm stressed the belief that “no president alone” can control gas prices<

President Trump did. He had our nation energy independent within one term.

Linda Gasque
June 24, 2022

Father God, We all would like to see lower gas prices, however lowering the federal gas tax for three months will only cause more damage to our already struggling economy. I pray for you Lord to open President Biden’s eyes and heart to see that opening Keystone and all other sectors of energy production will bring some of our economy back. We were energy independent when he came to office. Please Lord show him the damage he is causing and make him weep for the American people his ways are harming. I pray for Biden to take a knee before you, Oh Lord. I pray for him to repent and come before you begging forgiveness. I pray for him to mend his ways and do what is right for our people and for the Constitution that took an oath to protect. I pray these things to You Most High God in the Righteous and Holy Name of Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

June 24, 2022

Why is he still in office? Write your congressmen to begin impeachment proceedings against this man who hates us Americans as well as America our country. FATHER GOD please remove this administration and replace them with GODLY men and women to govern wisely in JESUS NAME! Amen!

Karen Secrest
June 23, 2022

Biden can’t seem to be known for consequences of his own irrational acts. Trillion dollar bailouts seem to be his solution. May the Father bring to light good banking i.e. stewardship for this government
May the puppeteers have their own pockets have holes if they persist.
May the Father show us t his is Redemptive..

June 23, 2022

Lord, I pray that you reveal the true intent of what this administration is trying to do to skirt around fixing the problems of high gas prices, supply shortages and inflation. In the Name of Jesus, I bind the enemy from reaping havoc on and eroding with the intent to dismantle and destroy this Nation’s economy. In the Name of Jesus, I decree that the enemy’s schemes to yoke your people in bondage are cast down and destroyed. Lord, reveal the truth of the real issue and all attempts to bring about a bandaid fix for short term relief. In the Name of Jesus, I decree that all policies that this administration has created for the purpose of destroying this Nation’s energy independence and turning this Nation to a goat Nation, ruled through tyranny,
socialism, marxism and communism and one world order will fall to the ground ineffective and void. Lord, I call to be loosed from Heaven, godly strategies and positive breakthroughs to turn around economic disaster now facing this Nation. In the Name of Jesus, I decree that this Nation is energy independent. Lord, break down strongholds set up by the enemy in positions of leadership and authority in this Nation. Lord, bring about consequences for those who abuse and misuse authority. Lord, remove these perpetrators from office and set up righteous leaders. Lord, reveal the false narratives of blame and finger pointing and convict hearts to repent, take responsibility for their decisions, and turn to you Lord for salvation. Lord, I plead your blood over our economy, that it will prosper and flourish and high prices, inflation and supply chain backups/breakdowns and food shortages are under your feet. We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. We are victorious and You Lord have already defeated satan. We win Lord. Lord protect our infrastructure and prevent the
shortage of revenue because of proposed gas tax holiday, thereby reducing funding for roads, bridges, public transportation. In the Name of Jesus, I bind further increase in inflation driven by unwise and ungodly policies. In the Name of Jesus, I decree policies you will not succeed. Lord bind up the deception and false narratives. Lord, thank you for your grace and mercy on this Nation. In the Name of Jesus, I decree that America is saved and free and that we are one Nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all! In Jesus Name, Amen


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