I Prayed have prayed
Father, we pray that You would stop this internet policy task force just as You stopped the Disinformation Governance Board. Save us from this violation of our first amendment rights, Lord.

Government censorship online is back and worse than before. We must pray that the internet policy task force is as short-lived as its predecessor.

From Republican Daily. Remember the Disinformation Governance Board? They supposedly had stopped that after the uproar over it, but White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that the work would continue.

Who is praying on the wall?


It sounds as if they just might have repackaged it, shifted Departments, renamed it, and put Kamala Harris in charge now. Instead of Big Brother, we now can have Big Sister. And the wording here may be even more troubling because they’re already talking about the internet platform effect.

They’re calling it an internet policy task force, with the goal of “developing programs and policies” to protect “public figures” and journalists from “disinformation,” “abuse” and “harassment.”

A presidential memorandum establishing the new task force describes a sweeping mission to protect people who seek out a role in public life from online critics.

“In the United States and around the world, women and LGBTQI+ political leaders, public figures, activists, and journalists are especially targeted by sexualized forms of online harassment and abuse, undermining their ability to exercise their human rights and participate in democracy, governance, and civic life,” the memo says.

“Online abuse and harassment, which aim to preclude women from political decision-making about their own lives and communities, undermine the functioning of democracy….”

In other words, going back to what everyone thought the Disinformation Board was supposed to be about — stopping criticism and questioning of the regime. … The announced purpose seems even more dystopian than the prior board. Not to mention that they’re already saying they’re going to be targeting changes on internet platforms….

The memo says, “The Task Force shall work across executive departments, agencies, and offices to assess and address online harassment and abuse that constitute technology-facilitated gender-based violence, including by … developing programs and policies to address online harassment, abuse, and disinformation campaigns targeting women and LGBTQI+ individuals who are public and political figures, government and civic leaders, activists, and journalists in the United States and globally.”

It’s not just about protecting the Democrats; it reads like we’re going to protect the media and famous people from criticism by the peasants….

What do you think of the internet policy task force? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from Republican Daily. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Jill Carrero
June 24, 2022

Father God we praise You for Who You are! as we learn of yet another Federal Government ploy to infringe on American Free Speech that You gave us Father God! Open eyes to what is going on! You inspired our Founding fathers who wrote our amazing Constitution – here the Leaders are like the book Animal Farm doing the opposite of what our government is supposed to do! Governm for The People, by The People Your Holy Word tells us perilous times are coming and we see it daily blatant self pride in deliberate sin, laciviousness, debauchery, violence, addiction, panick, due to rising gas , food, deliberate food shortages to harm us , confusion and yes we see that many Mother’s love has grown cold blind choose self over the gift You give love of an innocent baby!! .Greed , corruption and bad policy rule our government as the devil is running amok! Work a mighty work Lord!! We know You love us Lord! we know You have a hedge of protection as we pray Psalm 91 over our families and put on the Full Armour of God daily to protect and shield us from the firey darts of the enemy. over us! Lord just like You stood up for us before stand up for us now OPEN Blind Eyes, Minds and hearts Lord to Who You are and Expose who is pulling the strings behind the scenes Lord God.we plead The Blood of Jesus over our once great nation!! We know there is spiritual warfare all around us Lord and praise You for Your mighty move over our nation Thank You in Jesus Name Amen

Nancy Berkey
June 23, 2022

I also pray for God to preserve the Church. In Jesus’Holy Name.☦️

Bo Ehrig
June 23, 2022

Abba Father we pray that You make the VP fail at this just like she has failed at everything Harris has tried. We thank You for her consistency in failure. We bind her attempts at putting our people in Your nation to slavery.

Zoe Ella
June 23, 2022

Seems as if they are equating critics with just plain rude people. Sounds ominous. Is there any way to develop low tech communication that could also be widespread? Something between carrier pigeons and telepathy?
Suggest our tecchies get busy developing new, secure platforms that protect senders and receivers. Of course, God is above all, but it doesn’t hurt to praise God and also tie the camel.

Robert Stellini
June 23, 2022

It sounds like socialism so the cry baby Democrats don’t get their feelings hurt when someone disagrees with them. They couldn’t recognize democracy if it jumped up and bit them in the rear. Their only goal is to destroy America. If they prefer some form of socialism, let’s give them all a one way ticket to the socialist country of their choice – N. Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, China, Iran, and Russia come to mind. Do I have any takers?

Barbara Janicki
June 23, 2022

If we don’t have free speech, we don’t have a free country. Unfortunately, those in power feel they should be the only voices heard, that they should be the only ones “free” to speak. They want to shut down dialogue, discourse, public debate etc. because they are threatened by free speech. They are terrified that ordinary, freedom-loving citizens will discover we are the majority by far and will stop being controlled by a tiny but very vocal minority that rules by keeping us fearful, isolated and dependent on government (COVID and all the ways that was used to control our lives) Praying that this “disinformation” board will go the way of the first. Praying that truth will break through and be known in every area, the virus, the vaccine, the election, climate control, – all ways they attempt to control us through controlling the narrative. Interesting, they use words (a narrative) to control us (usually called propaganda) while God’s living, eternal Words – being Truth, set us free. “Then you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” God’s truth cannot be suppressed nor silenced. When they asked Him to silence His followers, Jesus told the Pharisees this, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” Let us not be silenced. “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” (Psalm 150:6) http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

Barbara Weller
June 23, 2022

This is a red alert! I notice children and Justices are not mentioned.being targeted. I pray for God’s intervention and mercy.

June 23, 2022

They do not even know the definition of the word violence. Their riots over Geroge FLoyd were “mostly peaceful” as they burned cities, murdered citizens, and attacked police. Words are not violence, they are communication, even when you disagree with them. To these progressives, prayer is violence. Propaganda is Satan’s language and Kamala Harris is his perfect minion. She is to Wormwood to her boss is to Screwtape. Lord when you see fit, bring a great reckoning, until then we will pray.

June 23, 2022

God forbid that we should live under such tyranny! Father blast and crush every abominable scheme the evil one has planned for America. Anoint your people for the tasks at hand. Give us boldness to speak the truth in love and have the boldness of a lion. May we strengthen the things that remain and lift up the hands that hang down, all for your glory Father and for thy names sake! I ask all these things in the name of thy holy son Jesus,

Brian lynch
June 23, 2022

Lord Jesus, I pray that this disinformation effort would fail miserably. With Harris in charge of this, please let it fail.

Allena Jordan
June 23, 2022

Father, Abba, our adversary is working very hard to silence the common person in this country. Show us how to push back, to thwart his attempts to disarm believers in every place and every way. But who is this who threatens us? He is a defeated foe. The blood of Jesus defeated him 2000 years ago. Lord, though the enemy of our souls attempts to silence us, we shall be bold as lions and roar with Truth, love, sound doctrine, sound minds. Father, deliver us from evil. Amen.

June 23, 2022

Dear Lord God…please direct people to only vote for Christian leaders in every office in our country. In the name of Jesus. Amen

June 23, 2022

Father in Heaven, we ask for the wisdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, for the ‘mind of Christ’ as to our approach to the culture in which we are living? As the ‘body of Christ,’ the church, empower us to respond as Christ responded to every challenge faced. In Your mercy, will You will ‘rend the heavens’ and flood this world with the revelation of the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ. May we be ‘wise as the serpent, harmless as a dove’ by Your Spirit, for Your glory and for Your Kingdom? Amen

June 23, 2022

Lord, we ask that your Spirit will fall upon our president in power. Sweep away the destructive habits of mind and heart, and open his eyes to the Truth. O Lord, turn again our leaders and our nation to You.

June 23, 2022

Heavenly Father, just as you fought for Israel, fight for your Churches. This will be used to attack Christians who speak your truth. Destroy this board and raise up your people to speak your word.

June 23, 2022

Lord God, destroy this internet policy task force created by the United States government, the same way You destroyed the Disinformation Governance Board. Raise up leaders to oppose this and expose the task force for what it truly is. Save us from every attempt to violate our rights in the Constitution. Preserve our freedoms in the United States of America, and throughout the rest of the world.

June 23, 2022

Ministry of truth,,,,Big Brother

War is peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength

It is no longer fiction…..

June 23, 2022

Jean-Pierre, apart from being your garden variety diversity-hire, can barely read her own cue cards when “answering” questions. At least Psaki could look you dead in the eye and lie blatantly and with a straight face.

Pray daily, hourly, that these people are removed from power.

    Paivi Heinrich
    June 23, 2022


    Megan Mieles
    June 23, 2022

    Father God, this is a spiritual fight for who’s voice is going to be the loudest. The devil seeks to silence anyone who speaks out against evil. You oh God have given us our voice and your word says you go before us. I pray Father that you would rise up YOUR voice in us in government , in media, in social media, in schools in churches. You will not be silenced!!! I pray that you will dismantle this task force and anything that is set up to silence YOUR voice from top to bottom and we thwart the plan of the enemy to try to continue to attack our freedoms time and time again. Just because the wolf puts on new clothing doesn’t mean it’s a sheep now. Help the blind to see what they are doing. In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen

Maria M Fillyaw
June 23, 2022

Dear Lord we pray protect us from this violation that is deceiving many. Expose their true agenda, to suppress truth. In Jesus powerful name amen

June 23, 2022

COMMIEcrate SLAVE-MAKER secret = CA Judicial Corruption – 19280 (FB)

CAL 19280 = CRIMINALS WORK vs Prison, Victim PAID
0 PAROLE until PAID IN FULL+ EXPENSES + INTEREST! (CPC 1203(e) 10% annual compounding.)


WHAT PARENT let their JUVENILE be criminal, gang member with CAL 19280 CFTB FINANCIAL LIABILITY ($$$,) NOT taught K-12 ….

California Code, Revenue and Taxation Code – RTC § 19280 | FindLaw


CA: Cop / Fireman, teacher; Elected, Candidate; (Arnold Schwarzenegger former 2004 CA Gov SIGNED(?) 2004 19280,) explain 19280. Can”t? WON’T? UNFIT for duty, GUILTY, $$$ LIABLE?

Who’s LIABLE $$$ for 19280 MYSTERY? CA Senator Dinane Feinstein’s 2004 ENACTED CAL 19280 work; CA Attorney General Kamala Harris (2016 – 19,) now USA VP HarASS!; Pelosi, Schumer, .. CNN, MSNBlSt has the COMMIEcrates BRANDONbrainDEAD! CRIME CREATORS …, Other US States, countries …


    Laura K
    June 23, 2022

    I may be the only one here, but I have no idea what you are trying to say, therefore cannot agree

Lauree A Reed
June 23, 2022

This is totalitarianism in the making and must be stopped. As Goliath was fallen by a single smooth stone, I pray the head of this behemoth of censorship is smashed and cut off. Father remove those who censor Your Values from places of government and leadership. Lift up and be the Protector of our Constitution and the two hundred years of sacrifice that has kept it alive. We repent for our generation of Believers in Christ who stayed out of government and education because they thought these were dirty or should be separated from our Godly values. We pray You forgive us and restore this Nation under Godly leadership once again… Raise up competent Christians and Patriots into every area of Government, from local to Federal, and displace those who serve the devil and his agendas. Save America from destruction as long as even one Believer dwells here!

Lewallen Farnham
June 23, 2022

Dear Heavenly Father please expose this task force for what it is. Protect us from their tyranny.

June 23, 2022

Father God,
You are glorious in Your might and power. Your word says you hate lies, and You are the One who knows what is true.
You know who is lying and who is telling truth. I ask You to judge between the liars and the truth-tellers.
Uphold and protect everyone who is speaking truth and completely defeat those who want to censor and silence them.
I give You thanks and praise for Who You are: our good good Father. Let Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. and deliver us from evil.
In the Name of Jesus our King.


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