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Father, we pray that You would prevent our government from tracking us. Raise up leaders who will respect our privacy, Lord.

A recent study has shown that the majority of government sites, especially covid-related cites, track their users without consent. We must pray for our privacy to be preserved.

From The National Pulse. The vast majority of governmental and COVID-19 tracking websites employ third-party trackers on users without consent, according to a new study.

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The revelation comes from a recent paper – “Measuring Web Cookies in Governmental Websites” – published by a cohort of European researchers funded by groups including the European Research Council (ERC), the European Union, and the Spanish government….

The study analyzed three types of websites: official governmental websites of “G20” countries around the world; websites of international organizations such as the United Nations and popular websites used for COVID-19 tracking and information. It measured these sites’ use of “cookies” – personal data related to your browsing history that websites can retrieve at a later time.

“Web cookies have been exploited to collect information about users’ online activities and interests,” notes the paper.

“Our results show that, unfortunately, tracking is a serious concern, as in some countries up to 90% of these websites create cookies of third-party trackers without any consent from users,” explains a summary of the findings….

Similarly, 99 percent of COVID-19 information sites added at least one cookie without user consent.

“For example, the very popular website with global maps about the COVID-19 cases, maintained by Johns Hopkins University, add cookies from 7 trackers,” explains the paper.

“All the other Top 10 website are official national information websites in European countries that have three trackers or more. The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is also in the Top 10, with cookies associated with three trackers,” it continues….

How are you praying against these tracking efforts? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The National Pulse. Photo Credit: Canva)

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Herb Johnston
July 16, 2022

Lord-, let our people be informed, and realize that the world sources of information are corrupt. Please let our people not perish for lack of knowledge, including myself. Lord-,let us realize that our information needs to come from conservative news sources and conservative Christian prayer sites like this one. There are so many worthy sources of information, they are not regular news sites, but they are conservative sites, like for instance -Brighteon.
Now I will confess-, that is a rough accumulation of knowledge, at that platform, to ingest on a regular basis.. because the news is so bad in our world, it is not their fault-, they just do not sugar coat it.. there are other sites as well.

Like for instance- on I believe it was Thursday’s webcast-, here at IFA. -,
,Sherrona Bishop was on, “America’s Mom”.. actually that was 9 days ago.. Anyways-. it was very informative-,and she is very encouraging.. and she is very courageous -and I believe it is obvious that she is Anointed with courage. .. and to finish my point here about this , Sherrona has her own website-as most do these days.
As our brother in this column below -,Carl, has noted, why is it surprising that the world sounds like the world.. the scripture says” do not be surprised when the world behaves like the world”. (Paraphrase). So my brothers and sisters, speaking as one who regularly struggles with growing weary in well doing.. I pray that you would gather your resources, try to get some rest, and only look to trustworthy sources as much as you can.
In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen

Sue Tracy
July 16, 2022

Lord You are our strength and shield around us, I thank you for protecting our ability to choose and our right to refuse theses injections and I ask you to strengthen our ability to ward off these attacks of the enemy. Increase our immunity and reject anything that is not from you. Thank You Lord, Amen

July 16, 2022

Why is this surprising? We had a President that respected us and our privacy, but whiners, christians and some conservatives, fussed that he defended himself with “mean tweets!” He won the 2020 election hands down which was stolen from us by the heathenistic democrats and the mainstream media liars, but what did we do? President Trump was fighting hard for the election and Truth! Mike Pence turned his back on him and supporters! Some stupid Republicans said, “joe biden won” instead of fighting for President Trump’s legitimate victory; and here we are almost 2 years later with NO privacy from the bogus government, twitter, facebook, google to name a few, and we are complaining about our privacy being stolen! Almost everything we hold dear they are trying to steal! I say fall on your faces, repent for stupidity and cowardice, trust in the LORD with all of our hearts 💕, lean not to our own understanding, acknowledge HIM in all of our ways, and HE will direct our path and keep and protect us! FATHER GOD every time the Isralites, YOUR chosen people acted stupid and/or disobeyed YOU, they would cry out to YOU, repent, and YOU would save them! Please save us from the enemies that have tried to overtake us! Deliver us and remove satan’s people from public office! FATHER GOD, YOU are a Man of War, the LORD is YOUR Name! Throw the horse and the rider into the sea again and save us in JESUS MIGHTY NAME! Amen!


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