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Lord God, we pray for a renewing of all our minds on what it means to be a woman or a man. Anywhere lies have taken root in us, please cleanse us from all unrighteousness. We pray for biblical views of man and woman to take hold in our homes, our communities, and our nation.
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From Real Clear Politics: . . . Nothing demonstrates the power of left-wing ideology as much as what this ideology has done to women. So powerful is leftist ideology, it is more powerful than women’s nature.

Here are five examples:

No. 1: The Desire to Bond with a Man

For all of recorded history, virtually all women sought a man with whom to bond. . . .

Then along came modern left-wing feminism, which communicated to generations of young women through almost every influence in their lives — most especially teachers and the media — that a woman doesn’t need a man. . . .

Unfortunately, however, the reality is most women need a man just as most men need a woman. Most men don’t fully grow up without a woman, and most women don’t fully grow up without a man (I am, of course, referring to heterosexual women and men). If you need proof, ask almost any married person, man or woman, if marriage matured them.

No. 2: The Desire to Marry

Along with wanting a man, the vast majority of women wanted to marry. It was assumed that wanting that public commitment to and from a man was part of female nature. Yet, the Left has successfully undone that part of women’s nature, too.

As a result of feminist and other left-wing indoctrination, the belief that a woman doesn’t need a man led to the inevitable upshot: marriage isn’t necessary. And it might even be a tool of oppression. And as a result of that, a smaller percentage of American women are marrying than ever before.

This has serious social consequences. . . .

The most obvious problem is that women who have children without ever marrying their children’s father — or another man — produce a highly disproportionate percentage of social misfits. . . . They are more likely to be angry and to express that anger in support of radical causes that undermine society. As Barron’s reported, while overall a mere 14.2% of the population contributed to “racial justice causes” such as Black Lives Matter in 2020, “nearly half of single women in the U.S. — a larger percentage than single men or married couples — supported or were actively involved in racial justice protests.”  . . .

No. 3: The Desire to Have Children

At least as much as wanting to bond with a man and wanting to get married were deemed a part of women’s nature, the desire to have children was regarded as even more embedded in female nature. Yet, incredibly, leftist ideology is even succeeding in eliminating that part of women’s makeup. More women than ever before — abroad as well as in America — are choosing not to have children. . . .

No. 4: The Desire to Have Sex with Commitment

Another part of women’s nature that the Left has undermined is the desire of women to have sexual relations with a man who might commit to her. Or, at the very least, to have sex only with a man to whom she has some emotional attachment. . . . . But a far greater percentage of them experience regret or even depression than do young men who engage in “hookup” sex, a form of sex that is indeed part of male nature.

No. 5: The Desire to Protect Children’s Innocence

Perhaps the most amazing thing progressive ideology has done to women is to subvert the innate female desire to protect children, specifically children’s sexual innocence. The movement to teach very young children about sex, about “gender fluidity,” expose them to “Drag Queen Story Hours,” etc., is overwhelmingly led by and composed of women. . . .

(Excerpt from Real Clear Politics. Photo credit: Unsplash.)

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April 19, 2022

Prayers indeed. I would, however, humbly question one comment: ” ‘hookup’ sex, a form of sex that is indeed part of male nature.”
In my opinion, this is WRONG to give males an excuse to engage in “hookup” sex. This signals to men that they are NOT in control of their urges and that casual sex has no consequences. This sexual “DEVILUTION” mentality has led to and/or supported abortions, adultery, fornication, perversion, pornography, divorces, confusions, and a host of other social ills that the Bible sought to protect us from when God commands us to flee sexual immorality–not excuse it as “boys will be boys.”
Who are the guys hooking up with, if it is acceptable for them to have hookup sex? Other guys? Come on, man! Teach boys and unmarried young men to keep their pants zipped and their hands to themselves. Teach girls and unmarried young women to do the same. It is called love and respect–and honoring God, Who made sex to be for marriage.

    April 20, 2022

    Agree. “Hook-up sex” sounds like the axion, “Men will be dogs.” Notice that when female dogs are in heat, male dogs will indiscriminately “hook up” with her.
    Scripture says that in Genesis 3: 16b.(Women) …your desire will be for your husband. I interpret that to mean that most girls one day will have a desire to be married. I know growing up we would play house, one day anticipating being married. Even though I am married, I have a number of friends in their 50’s and 60’s who desire to be married.
    God’s plan for marriage between a man and a woman has never changed and will never change even though this ‘woke and reprobate” generation is corrupting God’s Word. Isn’t it ironic that in many of the so called “woman-woman relationships,” one of them will take on the male role (trying to look and act like a man. You don’t typically see these perverted male relationships.

    Father God, we confess how out-of-order we are, and declare it’s time to get back to your order. May Your people, the true Believers, do our part to ensure that your female creatures be raised up in the admonition of the Lord; let us foresake the foolish ways of the word, and instead follow your commands. Lord. Let us call your creatures what you call them – male or female.

Paul Fishman
April 19, 2022

ALL left wing ideology is basically humanism which is transient, short term and leads to the eternal death of human civilization


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