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Father, we thank You for raising up Pastor Stevens for such a time as this, and for strengthening him as he serves. We lift up the residents of Kentucky, Lord, and we ask that You comfort and help them.
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As Kentucky was battered by heavy rain and flash flooding, one Pastor, Brad Stevens, was called by God to help hundreds.

From The Christian Post. When rain waters that seemed heavier than usual began to fall in eastern Kentucky roughly two weeks ago, Pastor Brad Stevens of the Church of God Worship Center in Clay County said he wasn’t afraid….

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However, to his great surprise, the next day, on July 27, upon waking up, Stevens realized it was still raining just as hard as it had been the night before.

As the rain poured with record intensity, the waters ravaged neighboring communities and caused extensive flash flooding.

When the rain finally stopped, Stevens, a 44-year-resident of east Kentucky, found out that the livelihood of hundreds of people had been “turned completely upside down” and that many residents had been left “traumatized” as they encountered near life-and-death situations.

In an interview, Stevens told The Christian Post that many residents felt their “lives flash before their eyes” as the flooding tore through their communities, destroying homes, bridges, roads and infrastructure and killing residents….

Across the state, at least 38 people died due to the flooding that began on July 27 and lasted for about a week, damaging hundreds of homes and displacing thousands across several counties in the eastern portion of the state.

As the pastor became aware of how the rain had taken its toll on the masses, he immediately felt deep within his heart a call from God to take action — to be the “hands and feet of Jesus” — by devoting his time to helping his community.

Stevens took to social media, holding multiple live videos from his Facebook page to show his followers the devastation caused by the flooding. He informed viewers that he needed donated funds to further aid in disaster relief work.

Stevens said he then began receiving donations from “generous” donors across the nation, allowing him to provide aid to over 300 Kentucky residents directly impacted by the flooding.

He delivered food and water to those in need while helping rebuild infrastructure and bridges.

“I began seeing the devastation and finding people who were trapped and couldn’t get out. … I saw needs changing from day to day. There were a lot more people that needed help than we anticipated. But, God has somehow made a way,” Stevens said….

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Rose Rocha
August 19, 2022

Thank Father God for the heart of Pastor Stevens. Strengthen him as he has boots on the ground not only to pastor his own congregation but reaches out to the community in KY. Let him continue to be an inspiration to all pastors throughout the world. That the church goes out to the world and represents Jesus not just the four walls of a building. IJN. I pray.

Darlene Estlow
August 15, 2022

Father, touch these people who have been through so much. Thank you for this Pastor who is ministerig to them. Send others to help him and may there be much provision.

August 14, 2022

Father God, thank you for this dedicated pastor. Please give him grace, strength, discernment, and help from others that he and the people impacted by this tragedy so desperately need. You are faithful Father, hear the prayers of your people both spoken and uttered by Your Spirit on their behalf. Please minister as only You can and meet every need. Although we don’t understand why this was allowed to happen, we know that are still a God of Love and that Your heart is touched by these events. Extend Your grace and love to all, the saved and the unsaved. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Linda Lucas
August 14, 2022

My Lord and my God,

Father I lift up in prayer Pastor Brad Stevens. First I want to thank You, Lord for moving on the heart of this righteous man who has done so much for so many in Kentucky, for the displaced people and those who need the very basics for life, food, clothing and shelter from the hard summer we have had lately. The flood took almost everything from these folks except there love and faith in You, dear Lord. Thank You for people like this who have been praying and ministering to those precious ones of Yous, who need the help so badly! May Your will be done in Kentucky, as it is in Heaven!


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