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Father, we pray for the safety of Justice Kavanaugh, his family, and his neighbors. Keep them safe from those who wish them harm.

As both sides anxiously await the final version of the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe, protestors continue to harass the Justices.

From Yahoo News. A neighbor of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh says the pro-choice protesters who have marched multiple times a week down their street in the evening have shaken up residents’ homes and disrupted their lives – as they detailed the alleged abuse received by neighbors from protesters, while saying authorities have done little to help them.

Have you taken your place on the wall?


The neighbor, who spoke to Fox News Digital on condition of anonymity, said that while there had been intermittent protests before, they picked up after the leak of the draft court opinion that would overturn the Roe v Wade abortion ruling.

The neighbor said that it was overwhelmingly people from outside the area who were organizing the protests, not people from the area – and specified how it was both a regular occurrence, and organized….

Protesters typically appear two evenings a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and come in the evening at around 7 p.m. – when many of the local residents are putting their children to bed, a task made difficult when loud protesters are marching up and down the street….

“They have drummers, they have a megaphone, and they chant, they yell all kinds of things… They have told neighbors ‘f— you, f— your children, things like that – and so they’re abusive toward the neighbors and intimidating….”

The resident notes that there are noise ordinances that limit things like leaf blowers, and yet those ordinances are apparently not followed by the protesters.

“What we’ve also been told is that this is ‘behaving within the bounds of the law’ and the only law that could be enforced is the federal law that they’re not supposed to protest outside the home of judicial officers, but the federal partners declined to enforce that law,” they said….

Officials have expressed concern about the security situation related to the leak of the draft opinion. A recent Homeland Security Department report said the draft opinion has unleashed a wave of threats against officials and others and increased the likelihood of extremist violence. That was highlighted on Wednesday when Nicholas John Roske was arrested early Wednesday near Kavanaugh’s house in Maryland after threatening to kill the justice. Police said he was carrying a gun, a knife and zip ties.

Some may have expected that the protests would have held off in the wake of the arrest of Roske, who was later charged with the attempted murder of Kavanaugh. But within hours of the arrest, that same evening, the protesters were back….

The neighbor said that there had been very little communication from law enforcement and that the community is feeling “very worn down.”

“We’ve also been told repeatedly, just anecdotally, like in casual conversation, you can’t engage with these people. They have no filter. They will have no regard for your personal property or your personal safety. So don’t engage with them. So we’re basically being told that these people are not safe….”

How are you praying for Justice Kavanaugh, his family, and his neighbors? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from Yahoo News. Photo Credit: Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash)

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Ellen Devereaux
June 26, 2022

The laws of the land were not upheld when Kavagnaugh was appointed to the Supreme Court. He raped women and was not held accountable. McConnell obstructed Obama’s appointee to be nominated to the Supreme Court using dirty politics. Why would you want to protect the reputation of a man who has already ruined it himself and not sought redemption whole heartedly? Why would you want to see people actively engaged in evil and illegal actions succeed? Check yourselves for hypocrisy, and please pray and meditate on that.

In Jesus name, I pray for the end of persecution of women and an end towards the attempt to control their bodies and lives. I pray for an end of society treating women as second-class citizens. I pray for the upholding of justice, and I pray for an end to the damage caused by Right-Wing extremists to our society, including institutionalized discrimination and oppression.

You are a finite being. Quit pretending you know the mind of God in all his infinite glory. Quit blaspheming and sullying his words by using them for your political agenda. The only logical thing to do to convince people to end abortions is to directly address the reasons women get them. Provide support to single mothers, support mothers of many children, adopt children, prosecute sexual offenders and hold others accountable for sexist behavior. Provide more childcare. There are more worthy things for you to be putting your energy towards if your goal is to save lives than eliminating a means by which a woman may live. Each woman was once a baby you would have protected, when did her life stop mattering to you?

Allena Jordan
June 15, 2022

Father, when the laws of the land are violated and not upheld by law enforcement, the land becomes lawless, full of injustice and unrighteousness. Father, I ask that You would send guardian angels to the neighborhoods of the justices and their clerks, and to the neighborhood of the Supreme Court to protect people, their property and to ward off this evil. Father, Your people in the area of this neighborhood need to hear what You would have them do. Help us to call upon You in such a way, just as Elijah did, that the enemy of our souls would be stopped in his tracks. Great is He that is in you than he that is in the world. As Your people, grant us courage and boldness, the boldness of David, Joshua, Caleb, the disciples, Debra and others. We raise a Hallelujah in the presence of our enemies. Lord, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, in Jesus’ Name and for His glory. Amen.

June 14, 2022

In my Bible Version, Exodus 15:3 says “the LORD is a Man of War, the LORD is his name!” I’m glad the protesters aren’t outside my home because there would be lawsuits against Biden for saying peaceful protests are allowed outside of Justices’ homes! I would file lawsuits against the protesters! I would file lawsuits against the Homeland Security Director and the Director of the FBI! And the Police department in my community! If I was a neighbor and the heathen protesters cursed me out, I would film them and file verbal assault charges against them! FATHER GOD please send YOUR angels to surround and protect all of the Justices and their families and neighbors. Please stop the way against them that are persecuting those in these neighborhoods! Let the protesters’ way be dark and slippery and let them fall into the trap they have attempted to set for the Justices! In JESUS MIGHTY NAME! Amen!

June 14, 2022

It’s illegal to protest outside the home of judicial officers – why haven’t these protesters been arrested?

Protesters are threatening neighbors, and swearing at them and their children – why haven’t the police enforced noise ordinances, at the very least?

A Homeland Security Dept report said the draft opinion has unleashed a wave of threats against officials – why hasn’t the person who illegally leaked this draft opinion been arrested?

I do agree with the police officers’ assessment that the protesters have “no filter” and are unsafe. I think this is true of the Left in general – satan has such a stranglehold on them they have collectively lost their minds. All they want to do with their lives is impress their stupid friends on Facebook and Tiktok with their evil acts.

May God deliver America from this assault, and protect Justice Kavanaugh, his family, neighbors and fellow Justices.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name.

“The LORD is a warrior; the LORD is his Name.” ~ Exodus 15:3


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