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Lord, we pray for this seat to be filled with YOUR choice. Help us to faithfully pray about this transition.

As justices near retirement age, speculation abounds as to when and under which administration they will step down, or even pass away.  One justice has been like the cat with nine lives–Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Diagnosed and treated for cancer 4 times, hospitalized multiple times for pneumonia, falls and other undisclosed illnesses, Ginsburg held on to her seat perhaps longer than most people expected. She has died at age 87. Now her seat is vacant.

Incidentally, Ginsburg died and left this vacancy on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year—a day of new beginnings. Is this a new beginning for the Supreme Court and perhaps a turning point for our nation?

In preparation for an open seat that may occur at any time, a faithful group of believers have been interceding regularly for the seats that could be vacated.  Seeking God, claiming those seats for God’s chosen judges, is the focus of this small dedicated group of intercessors.  Called to intercede particularly for the Supreme Court, these lawyers, leaders, and intercessors are well-informed on the happenings of the Court and its processes and the potential candidates who may be put forth by the nominating Administration. (Some of them even have the stature and standing to speak into the process of suggesting and vetting potential SCOTUS candidates.) But, most of all, they have the God-given burden and willingness to obey—regularly praying as the Lord has led.

Meeting via conference call, and occasional on-site prayer at the Supreme Court grounds, this group has been praying in earnest for God’s direction for the Court for nearly 3 years.  Certainly, there are other pockets of people who have had the burden to pray for the Supreme Court, the vacancies, and potential nominations. God puts similar calls on the hearts of intercessors across the nation.  It is comforting to know that this moment has been well-prayed for in advance.  Let’s join them in the work and word that God gave them—to pray for a Deborah to fill the vacant seat.  Pray for a God-fearing, brave, and just judge who will uphold and defend the Constitution, as well as God’s wisdom and values.

The battle has begun publicly.  But the preparation has been happening behind the scenes for years.  Thank God for these faithful and persistent intercessors who have been laying the groundwork of intercession for our participation in prayer today.  God is so good.  He gives us a burden to intercede–we don’t always know the timing of when He will use those prayers for  His purposes.  Let’s pray that God would be pleased and glorified by this next justice. Senate Majority Leader McConnell said in his statement that there WILL be a nomination brought forth and a quick vote. Pray about this entire process.

Download the Special Report Praying for a Deborah to find the full list of Supreme Court Justice candidates, prayer points, insights, and strategy for prayer.  It is a critical time for intercession.

Has God given you insight about the Supreme Court? Leave a comment.

4100 People Prayed
35941 People have read this article

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  1. Father, Most High God, You have brought us to this point in time; a crossroads for this nation, for this people, for Your Glory. May we walk worthy of our calling. We desire that Your Kingdom would come and that You would reign over us on earth as You do in heaven. We hunger for Your Righteousness; we long for Your truth in this land that You have given us. We long for Your presence in this place. We confess we have sinned against You; we have served other gods. We have bowed down to Molech and Baal and sacrificed our children. We have served the god of mammon, the god of pleasure, the god of pride. We have rebelled against You, against Your order, redefining the institutions You created–marriage, church and government. We have redefined sexuality and gender. We are a loathsome people, but, we are Your people–a covenant people bought with the blood of Your own Son. We confess our sins. Please forgive us, Lord. Have mercy on us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Purify our hearts for Your name’s sake. Lord, please lead us in Your paths of righteousness. We desire to tear down the high places we have worshiped at–please help us to change the law in this nation that seduces us to sacrifice innocent children. We have not stood up for the oppressed and the unjust killing of our unborn. Lord, please give us judges all across this nation that honor You and Your Word. Give us leaders with Godly wisdom who will protect those who can not protect themselves. Help us to remember the poor and to share Your Son with all who are in need of eternal life. Thank you for our President, members of our Congress and justices of our Supreme Court. May they turn their hearts toward You, seek You and find You. Our prayer, O Lord, is that You would heal our land in Jesus’ name.

  2. Heavenly Father:
    Thank You for this article. Thank You that You’ve in mind who will replace RBG. Your will be done Father on earth as it is in heaven.
    May the nomination for RBG replacement be smooth and NO PROTEST or RIOT whatsoever.
    Thank You Father for Your mercy. Help us to draw close to You as individual / Corporate and Nation. Let our allegiance as a country be to You only. In God we trust. Let us remember to tell our children how important is drawing close to You. In Jesus’ name, we pray and thank You. Amen.

    1. Father God, we ask that you would shut the mouth of the lions that lay in wait to devour your servants. I ask that you do it again Lord, do it again, just as you shut the mouths of the lions from devouring Daniel, so long ago. We ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen

  3. Please , what actually did Justice Ginsburg stand for? I heard from a Pastor that she was for infantcide, really abortion of another name, and also believed and performed same sex marriages. Is anyone able to help me with this so that possibly I can understand what she stood for in her seat. thank you,fran

  4. On 8/24 i had a strange dream about me needing or being instructed to put RBG initials on certain different properties and land parcels…while working on saturday CNN was on and i saw the same initials flash across the screen just as i saw them, but the news was that Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away. Now I believe that i along with everyone reading this are supposed to intercede for whoever fills her seat! Please join me in prayer that God’s Will be done in this matter.

  5. This is in response to Nancy Pelosi declaring they have arrows in their quiver concerning this vacancy:
    Father, I declare Your word over threats to undermine Your will in this nation’s Supreme Court Justice that You would bring forth by Your Righteousness right hand. I come, gaze, fix my eyes on what You,the Eternal can do. Amazing, You have worked desolation here on this battlefield earth. God, (Love) You can stop wars anywhere in the world, You can make scrap of all weapons: snap bows, shatter spears and burn shield (things people have faith in that have nothing to do with Your will). I choose to be still, be calm, see and understand, You, I am are the True God. You are honored among the nations and in this United States of America, You are honored over all the earth. Eternal, Commander of heavenly armies, surround us and protect us, True God of Jacob be our shelter close to Your heart in this. I bind the words of witchcraft spoken over this nominee and break the arrows of the enemy and I call forth the wise strategy of heaven’s throne to establish Your righteousness in our Supreme Court vacancy – Your choice that will rule righteously in the fear of You, Lord. (Ps. 46:8-12). Establish Your choice in Your rest and peace, I declare no weapon formed against this individual will prosper for her righteousness is of You, Lord, and every tongue that would rise up in judgment she shall show to be in the wrong because You are Jehovah Gmolah, the God of recompense and reward and Your are our Jehovah Shalom, the God of peace that keeps our minds and hearts stayed on You. You know the perfect gift mix You have prepared in this individual for this season she will preside on the bench for Your glory. Faithful Father, I declare: Thine is the Kingdom, Thine is the power, Thine is the glory forever, Amen.

    1. Father God, I come before you and ask that you would cause every single arrow in the oppositions quiver to be set instead, like a boomerang!!!! I ask that you would do with this enemy army, as you did with the enemy army that was coming against your servant Gideon and his army of a few. Abba, set every one of the arrows to be like boomerangs, as You throw in an abundance of massive confusion over them, so this enemy army would convene against itself and wipe itself out of the positions that they now hold tightly to. Do it again Lord, do it again!! We hold tightly to Your word and ask that Your will, would be done on earth as it is in heaven, in Your perfect timing of new beginnings in this season of replacing the Justice seat that is now vacant!!!! We proclaim Abba, that Your promises are yes and Amen!! In Jesus’ name Amen – so be it.

  6. Heavenly Father Thank you so much for You are Good and merciful. Please prepare the heart and mind of the next Supreme Court Judge. Annoint her with Your wisdom, Boldness and Courage. Use her in an amazing way that she will proclaim Life and bring an end to abortion. There is nothing impossible for you. Dress her up with Your Armor.
    In Jesus precious Name

  7. I was a law librarian yet I wrestle with the meaning of US Supreme court decisions. How can intercessors have access in plain English to these decisions in simplest terms? I am concerned that a great many decisions are going over our heads. What can we do?
    Thank you.

    1. Knowing our position as the Church – the Ekklesia is important. We are the spiritual atmosphere stirrers with our righteous prayers that enable God’s angel armies who do God’s bidding. This is such a good definition of Ekklesia that we are learning to function in as the restored church:
      Father, I call forth Your Ekklesia, Your source on this earth, Your governing, ruling body established and defined by King Jesus to represent, look after Your Kingdom on earth as spiritual stewards; we disciple the earth and nations (Matt. 28:19) to hear Your voice and abide in Your word of truth; we are responsible to hold natural government, culture, societal standards, judges, political leaders accountable to You and Your word; You’ve called us to affect public policies, judge corruption, pass and enforce legislation aligning with Your word; promote Your ways, speak against idolatry, speak against vain philosophies, and those who speak unrighteousness or anti-biblical laws, speak up for, work to see standardized societal codes of conduct aligning with Your word; we call to account political government and by upright hands decide on what rules over them, You call us forth to function as the Congress of Your Kingdom, Your emissaries, Your ambassadors of light, to stand and condemn hypocrisy and unbelief and stand in opposition to Supreme Court decisions where judges have legislated from the bench and we stand to declare any precedent ruled on illegally (because justices are to rule and not legislate) to be overthrown so that our decisions line up with the truth of the Constitution and agree with heaven’s agenda. Father, help up to understand and function as YOUR ekklesia in this earth realm that one day You will say to us “Well done, My good and faithful servants”

      1. Amen again! I simply would also pray: Heavenly Father, I ask that President Trump would maintain his advisors who are believers and would continue to be open to counsel from those (such as Judge Andrew Napolitano and Senator Rand Paul) who understand the separation of powers set up by the Founding Fathers. Remind him the President is not to legislate, either, but is to discern whether a law should be enforced or not.

  8. Father, we thank You for this new spiritual year 5781 – we declare with You that it will be a year of judgment at the hand of our Righteous Judge and a year of fruitfulness at Your hand, You are the God of increase – the enemy has come to kill, still and destroy but You have come Jesus Christ to give us abundant life – LIFE is Your cause and Your life is what we espouse as Your Ekklesia. Therefore, we ask for Your abundant life candidate to be placed on the Supreme Court of the United States to replace the vacancy left. We say Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace grace us with heaven’s bounty and Your loving life choice in Jesus precious name.

  9. I am joining your team in prayers for God’s will you be manifested in our courts, i our government, in our people & in our land. One nation under God! Thank you for praying so faithfully all these years.

  10. Thank you LORD for hearing the prayers of those focused on the Supreme Court for years and all the saints praying for righteousness to abound and Roe vs Wade to overturn. prayers for the family that lost their loved one and that your redemning love save the household. Justice Gingsburg died on Roshashana the Jewish New Year,new beginnings, It is all about Gods timing.

  11. Yes, Lord. We call forth your ProLife female justice for SCOTUS. We pray for the anointed woman of God that you have prepared for such a time as time. We are grateful for this opportunity. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers. And for a Supreme Court Justice to be appointed and confirmed quickly that will be at the center of overturning Roe v. Wade. We love you. And we pray for an increasing army of Intercessors on the earth. In Jesus’ name we ask all these requests. Amen.

  12. Praise JESUS we have been praying HE deliver her body over to Satan so that HE might save her soul!
    We pray HE saved her soul! We believe this is huge! We believe 10 Days of 24/7 prayer together with Return A Sacred Assembly on the Washington Mall next Saturday is our hope that JESUS aquit DC the bloodiest city ever because we allowed our Federal Head to reject being Under JESUS.

    1. As I read this comment, I looked at the date, and right now I look at the clock on my laptop… The next Saturday you spoke is now today!!!! Praise God, He is in control of it all!!!!!! (By the way, I’m in Central time zone, so for me, it just turned midnight).

  13. Father, we believe You initiated Your divine order when You sent Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, into this earth as the Second Adam to reverse every curse. I ask that You would forgive us and our Supreme Court Justices, our former presidents and Congresses for not pressing into Your divine Wisdom, for Your obvious choice. You have given us another chance. We say Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in Jesus Christ our Wisdom’s righteous name. I pray Your chose would be uncompromisingly righteousness and not legislate from the bench in opposition to the Constitution. I also ask, Father, that this be Your time for the reversal of precedents contrary to Your will and out of alignment with our Constitution to be enacted by Your righteous right hand. Thank You

  14. Father, the scrolls of heaven reveal Your will, we believe You’ve predetermined Your choice for the Supreme Court Justice to fill Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg’s position on the highest court of our land – we look to You, the Supreme,Supreme Court Justice and Lawgiver, the King of kings and Lord of lord – You serve in all three positions in heaven and we ask as Your Ekklesia that You would reveal to our President the wisdom and understanding he needs in this hour to align with Your Spirit of Counsel revealing and grant that position to be filled with You life-giving choice and that it would be an obvious witness to our President who knowing he is under Your authority for the choices he sets in place as Your servant. I pray You grant special grace to President Trump and Your commissioned servant for that seat and Your anointing would rest upon that individual and Your favor in this Jubilee year to glorify Your name. I pray You so rest on that individual with the blessing of Your Spirit – the excellent Spirit of Daniel abiding and a sensitivity to Your word and Your Spirit would captivate Your choice’s heart. Thank You for Your faithfulness.

  15. Father, I thank You for all who are Spirit led and calling out to You in the name of Jesus as our nation struggles with so many issues. Continue to remind us, Lord, that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but are mighty through You to the pulling down of strongholds. I certainly stand behind our Second Amendment for defending ourselves against both foreign and domestic enemies. But, our real weaponry is the Word of God (the Sword of the Spirit) and prayer. We trust that Your Word which goes forth from Your mouth will not return to You void, but will accomplish what You please, and prosper in the thing for which You sent it. Lord, I pray that, as Your children, we might begin a true revival through obedience to Your Word. Let us call down your power and blessing by “doing“ our part in fulfilling 2 Chronicles 7:14. I pray that by humbling ourselves, praying, seeking Your face, and turning from our wicked ways that You will forgive our sins and heal our nation. Help us to be bold and courageous in proclaiming the Gospel message, Lord. And, remove the church’s present day idols of comfort and convenience and replace them with a determination to speak the truth in love with hearts, words, and acts of compassion, as Jesus did. And, we ask this in the name of our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus, to the glory of God. Amen.

  16. I would say not Ted Cruz simply because we need him in the trenches outside the Supreme Court. If he was a justice he would not be able to speak as freely as he does know and he is an excellent in depth speaker

  17. The Lord spoke to me about Amy Barrett being appointed back when President Trump named Brett Kavanaugh. I thought it was for then, but I feel certain this will be the time of her appointment. Today, while I was praying, the Lord reminded me of her and whispered to look up her name. Amy means ‘Beloved” and Barrett “Warrior” Now is the time for this Beloved Warrior to step up. IN Jesus’ name. Glory!

    1. There is a prophetic word concerning Amy Barrett being THE CHOICE by God. I agree with YOUR CHOICE for this hour. Let them stand unwavering and stalwart on the Constitution of the United States and Your Principles. Let them not turn coward and go against them. In Jesus name amen.

    2. Amy Barrett has stated she would recuse herself from decisions that her pope has taken a position on. Therefore, she would not be that warrior. I will be praying for a better Justice!

      1. We have to remember that Jesus Christ is our Head – the gates of hell will not prevail against the revelation of Who He is to the true church with the apostles and prophets as the foundation under us. Thank You

      1. What do you mean by this comment? The Constitution gives the House of Representatives no say in the confirmation of Supreme Court Justices (or any other Federal Judges, for that matter). It simply requires the ‘advice and consent of the Senate’. The definition of that has changed, and the Democrats lead the way in changing it. The DNC started the so-called ‘nuclear option’ approach in November of 2013, by elimination of the filibuster for executive and judicial nominees, with the exception of the Supreme Court. The RNC responded with ‘two can play that game’, and applied the ‘nuclear option’ to Supreme Court Justice nominations, as well.

        Heavenly Father, open up our blind eyes. Help both parties see that what they do to change precedent may come back like a boomerang and hit them if they are not careful.

  18. LORD, Almighty God, You are the just Judge. Let a person after Your own heart occupy this seat and bring glory to Your Holy Name! You have already anointed Your chosen person. Let Your will be done! We pray that You supernaturally put Your person in the seat, to the dismay of Your enemies. Let the unborn children live! Remove sexual immorality from our midst! Save us, O LORD!

  19. RBG was truly a ‘great lady’, as the world judges such things. She was blessed from the beginning, to be born into a stable loving Jewish family, faithfully carrying on the millennia-old traditions of steadfast loyalty. All the promises of Blessing upon the Children of Israel, and all the promises of Curses upon the Children of Israel came to bear upon her narrow, fragile-looking shoulders. Read Chapters 27 and 28 of Deuteronomy, and pay special attention to the Last Curse (27:25), which is the curse upon those who shed innocent blood.
    Which outcome …… Blessings or Curses……depended upon her Choice, for the God of Heaven, the Creator of all Mankind and the Universe in which we live, He gives us Choice.
    Hear what He says. “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Therefore, choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.” (Deut. 30:19)

    {A snippet from the Great White Throne, Judgment Day:
    “Next case.”
    “Sir, we have had to move it to the Big Courtroom.”
    “You mean the one I had to build extra-large for Hitler because of the six million Jewish witnesses?”
    “No, Sir, I mean the really, really gigantic one you built for Mao.”
    “Who is the next case? And how many witnesses?”
    “Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Sixty million babies. About half of them black.”}

    The RBG story, not yet publicly acknowledged, sounds like a classic Greek tragedy. On one hand the heroine has the demi-god dimensions required for the protagonist. Brilliant, beautiful, charming. Outstanding at any endeavor to which she set her hands. Choosing the highest calling (Justice) at which to learn, grow, and exercise her abundant talents, and thereby to grace and stabilize modern American society with her tireless efforts and industry. She had chosen one of the most demanding professions, and she served her calling with her utmost efforts through constant partisan opposition and a plague of old-age-related impairments, almost to the day she died.


    But for this one thing. Seemingly, at first, a tiny thing. But then it grew, and multiplied, and threatened to take over. Much like an anthrax bacillus in the blood stream. What was that initially tiny thing that took over her life and wrought near havoc upon our nation? When we drag it out into the light and examine it, it looks very familiar. It is the same “tiny thing” that brought every every Greek Hero to his tragic end. It was hubris.

    For RBG had sworn allegiance to the Law, as does every lawyer, and every Judge, and every official in our government.
    In this country we operate according to the principle of “rule of law, not rule of men”. (That, incidentally was one of the few great advances in government that has blessed all mankind.) That Law is written in our Constitution, and it is written in plain English for all to see. It is established, and can be changed, by the Legislative. And even the Constitution can be canceled, replaced, or modified by the States in concert. But as long as it exists as our current standard and guide, it rules over all citizens, whatever their rank, for “no man is above the law”. Few of us are ever tempted to violate that principle. But there are the few, whose innate qualities of excellence and expertise (the means) and outstanding rank (the opportunity) set them in high positions of power. All that is needed is the motive. And we need look no further than the human heart, wherein this motive lurks.
    What is this evil thing? ‘Ambition’?, ‘Pride’?, preferring one’s own judgment over that of others? It is “I will choose what I have chosen !” The psychologists call it Choice-Will-Ego. The Greeks call it hubris. God calls it rebellion. To those caught within its tentacles it seems normal, courageous, and right. But, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but the ways thereof are the Ways of Death”. Time and again, in RBG’s admirable career, she encountered situations in which the Constitution pointed one way, but she, trusting herself and her judgment above that of the Founders and Legislators, pointed another way, because in her eyes her ways seemed right. And, as is true of all Supreme Court decisions, others suffered the consequences.

    Trusting in His eternal justice and mercy, I commend her soul to the Judge of all Mankind.

  20. Lord Jesus, we acknowledge your omnipotence, omniscience & omnipresence in our lives and that of our nation!
    We ask for your blessing specifically on our Supreme Court replacement for Justice Ginsburg. May this person be in total agreement with our Founding Fathers Judeo-Christian values and honor YOU in all their decisions.
    We also lift up the United States for continued revival, protection of believers and awakening of the lost in the midst of this Spiritual warfare.
    We praise your Holy name!
    Amen & Amen!

  21. Lord we don’t know WHO the right person for this seat is, but YOU do. Please Father may the person filling this seat be the ONE YOU appoint. We pray for Ginsburgs family as they mourn the loss and may All acknowledge You as savior and Lord in Jesus Name we pray.

  22. “Is the seat anointed?” seems like a strange statement to me. The real question is “Will God give us a judge who is anointed?” Anointed by the Almighty with the wisdom he gave Solomon and beyond by the power of His Holy Spirit. Let It Be Lord Jesus.

  23. Yes. Our God is sovereign and knows the beginning from the end. No coincidences. RBG was Jewish. Died on Rosh Hashana. She was a fighter who wanted to live. My heart was struck by the apparent contrast between her heart to live and her commitment to support the taking of life I have prayed she would see that disconnect and be the deciding vote against Roe v Wade. Perhaps what she did not achieve in her life will be achieved in her death.

  24. Lord, we pray that YOUR choice will be placed in this court and will help to overturn laws that are contrary to Your ways. We pray for a miracle…for a peaceful transition. All things are possible through You!

  25. Thank You, our Heavenly Father, for bringing up, and educating these fine Americans for such a time as this. You have been working, and You continue to work—You never sleep! Please grant Your wisdom to Our President, to his Godly counselors, and to every member of the Senate. You have Your ways, which are higher than ours! And we are so glad of that!

    Please be merciful to us in this nomination battle that looms before us, as the enemy is already attacking in the streets. We humbly repent of the sin of abortion, and ask that you remove the plague of legalized abortion from our land. We thank You, Jesus, for winning the battle for our souls! And we trust in Your Name and Your Blood.

    1. Thank you for that reply. To pray Heb4:13…
      While at National Mall. Claim it to wherever you go as the SPIRIT LEADS you as I have been led. Our nation has not held those who break our laws accountable since Obama admin 2008-2016. That’s what I know. Now our current nations leader have to unravel all the mess he created then.

  26. Whoever You, Lord God Almighty – Creator and Sustainer of the Universe – desire to replace the woman who thought she was serving justly – I approve of Your choice as I approve of Your ways and all your ways are mercy and steadfast love!

  27. Dear LORD I have been praying with my brother and sisters for the same a Judge like Deborah as spoken in your word of Judges 4:4 Deborah a prophetesses, the wife of Lappidoth, was leading Israel at that time. 5 She held court…5-7…This was given me to claim on 6/20/13 at 7:48 am. Amazing LORD to see here in this message same thing my fellow WARRIORS have been prating for too. We want to be aligned with your will in this season of leadership in our nation through the Supreme Court. Your word tells us with this order aligned with your will which is written in our Constitution that was drafted by your WARRIORS of that time aligned with your word will bring our nation in DEVINE ORDER and PERFECTION IN GOV. You intended for this nation through those documents. There is no other country that has been called to be aligned completely with your word like USA. Help us get back on your path of righteousness that your son Donald J and our fellow WARRIORS in W.H. Are trying to do. They are putting in practice your words daily speaking of you daily acknowledging you daily. We thank you for the privilege of serving you LORD! Amen

      1. Thank you Stephanie pray with me in this issue. I saw the BLM and other groups infiltrate my local church in early 2016. This was planned by the Obama administration as early as 2009. That’s what I saw in Ca. Now look at Ca. It’s 40% poverty. Attacking our churches, putting pastors in jail. I went to my pastors to warn them they were goi g down wrong path but they didn’t listen. They actually mocked me. I went spoke face to face with my district Congressman assistant about the issues I saw in Ca In 2016 too. As I was called too by our LORD. I was mocked there too. He ended our conversation with Aguilar likes ACA were going to fight oh and by the way we will oppose everything Trump and his administration plan. To which I replied “what arrogance.” Our LORD way will
        Prevail. Your arrogance will be your down fall. Before I left I shook the dust off my feet and had my peace return to me as our LORDS word says if you are not welcomed or listened to in cities or where I call you to go then shake dust off feet and take your peace back with you when you leave. It’s truly sad they were participating in the worlds ways. They world is our LORDS enemy and therefore ours too. I have been praying since 2008 under Obama that our LORDS will be done. That men and women come forth from our Miltary to run for office. I now see in this season of leadership. Our LORD called me to claim Heb 4:13 ..,
        For this prayer. I prayer unceasingly and fasted as I was led by the Holy SPIRT for this to be fulfilled. We have WARRIORS in W. H. Those chosen and created by LORD just as our founding fathers were before them. They are aligning us with LORDS will be done on earth. Just like founding fathers they are getting opposition because they are doing LORDS will. I pray for them everyday and even awakened in sleep to pray for them. Our LORD is on the move in a most mighty way in this season. That is why you see the opposition happening. But our LORDS will prevail as it always does because HE is ultimately in control of all things.

    1. Thank you for mentioning Deborah! I pray as well for a Justice of Deborah’s caliber. We also acknowledge that the many of the nation’s founders, such as Samuel Adams were clearly believers.

      Heavenly Father, We ask you to restore your Holy Spirit to this nation and its leaders. Revive your church and send us out. You direct President Trump’s steps, choices, and way, I ask that he would use wisdom and discernment in his choice of a justice. Give the Senate wisdom as well as they hear out the case for President Trump’s nominee.

  28. Not that it really matters anymore , however I heard in the spirit as I was praying on Sept 3,2020 – I heard a man say breaking news; Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead. Immediately I thought I wonder how long they will hide it!

  29. Thank you to the prayer team that has been praying for God’s will concerning the Justice who will take Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg place for the last 3 years. May The Lord reward each of you greatly for your wisdom and foresight to pray about this matter. May God have mercy on us a nation and place a justice in place which will be honor Him by preserving the rights of the unborn and upholding biblical principles and values.

  30. I will and have prayed. I ask and agree with all those praying that your choice Father be appointed in Jesus name and by The power of the blood 🩸 of Jesus and the mighty power of agreement!

  31. Lord, raise up one with the spirit of Deborah to fill the seat. Anoint that vacant seat with the Oil of Your Presence. Give Your favor to the one who is nominated, that that person will have supernatural protection and strength against the vicious attacks of the enemy. In Jesus’ Name AMEN.

  32. Father the passing of this judge was in your timing, now I join my prayer with the faithful Intercessors that have prayed over the years for righteous and just outcome of rulings, as you rule in heaven rule over the appointment of the incoming Justice. You alone are the just Judge, May those seated now fear your Name. In Jesus Name amem.

  33. Dear Heavenly Father,

    Thank You that this seat is now vacant. Truly, LORD, I thank you so much that we have been given this opportunity to pray for a replacement justice who will hold fast to Biblical truth.
    LORD, being aware of the torture that can be inflicted upon any candidate, please bless and strengthen the person that You have chosen to replace Justice Ginsburg and uphold him/her with your righteous right hand. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  34. Lord, please give President Trump wisdom and discernment through the selection process. Let the next judge be Your choice and be in Your timing. Already others are calling for the process to wait until after the election. Lord, May it be done in Your timing. We pray for the Supreme Court and ask that You grant them wisdom and courage to stand with and In support of our Constitution. Lord, keep them focused on interpreting the laws rather then legislating. We pray that the next few judge will be followers of God who love this country and will maintain the integrity of our Constitution. Lord, I pray they have and will abide by Your Moral Laws that You have entrusted to mankind for our good and Your glory. In Jesus Name I pray!

  35. Joining in prayer. Also praying that Senators Grassley, Collins, Romney and Murkowski step up at this crucial time to select a conservative Justice. Praying for God to convict them to act!

  36. Father,
    Thank You for the call You put on these key individuals to intercede for the Supreme Court with wisdom and insight from the Holy Spirit. Now let Christians all over America join in
    intercession for Your choice to be placed as the 9th Justice. We know that this choice will change the course of ungodly decisions that have been made by the court and affect generations to come. Let the person be completely rooted and grounded in You and Your Word. Let them be like Deborah able to go into battle for righteousness. Comfort the
    Ginsberg family, friends and colleagues who knew her well during their time of mourning.
    In the Mighty Name of Jesus.Amen

  37. Father God thank You for delivering us from the wicked!
    You hate hands that shed innocent blood and Ginsberg by her rulings helped facilitate that in this country.
    Give Ginsberg’s seat on the highest court in America to someone better, Lord. May one after Your own heart replace her; one who lives and rules according to Your Word and the U.S. Constitution.
    May there be repentance and revival in this country.
    Without You we are nothing.
    You are the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last. In Your light we see light.
    Have mercy on us; and on the US.
    Forgive our sin and restore us to Yourself.
    Thank You Lord. Praise Your Holy Name!
    In Jesus’ Name,

  38. Father in Heaven give us the appointed Judge that is your will. Now is the time to bring our Nation back to YOU in everything we do. LET ALL GLORY AND HONOR BE YOURS IN JESUS NAME AMEN 🙏🙏 SOUND THE TRUMPETS..ONE NATION UNDER GOD !! HALLELUJAH TO THE LAMB OF GOD

  39. Father, we thank You and Praise You for Your perfect plans and timing. May these intercessors continue to carry their burden with discernment, perseverance, and strength to go the full distance to complete victory. Abba, send angelic help to Your intercessors to hold up their hands and never grow weary of well doing. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  40. “Lord God, convict the souls of the believers to pray daily for the protection of the unborn and to the end of abortion. And Lord we pray that the scales of deception will fall off the eyes of all who live in America and that conviction and repentance will take place”. Revival is coming!!!!!!!

  41. Lord, I praise You for the prayers of the group over the years regarding the SCOTUS. You work through the prayers of Your people. With threats of more violence would You protect our nation as our President and Congress look to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg? May You grant guidance to President Trump? To Senator Lindsay Graham? Would You align the hearts of those such as Mitt Romney with Your purposes? May those with us be more than those aligned against us? We look to You for victory for You are the Almighty King of Kings. In Jesus name, Amen

  42. Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus, YOU ARE AN AWESOME GOD! W orause You for your love and involvement with Your Creation and we are very excited to learn that a group of Prayer Warriors submitted their prayers to Your Will and Your Answers. We look forward to continuing this Battle in this election season as they eyes of millions of Americans are opened to the legacy of Ruth Badger Ginsberg, her passion that the Supreme Court was the final answer to conflict in America, but that her vision did not include God’s Word. We pray for the nominee, whoever that might be, to be inspired by the Wisdom of Solomon, the courage of David, and the Peace that comes from Jesus Christ. Tall order, for sure, But our God is amazing. We trust and rely on your Goodnessl Amen!

  43. “And I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse, and He who sat on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and wages war” (Rev. 19:11). Like the true King that He is, Jesus will one day judge the world according to His finished work on the cross and set all things right. May God’s Spirit lead us to select a new judge that will serve and pass laws that are based on our God-given Freedoms and Rights as written in our nation’s Constitution. May this judge rule in accordance with God’s Moral Law, summarized in the 10 Commandment and reject Relativism.

  44. Father, praying for the wisdom of Solomon; the grace and strength of Esther; the power, courage and determination of Deborah; and the quiet, faithful, humility of Samuel…in Jesus Name, Amen.

    “When the Lord raised up judges for them, the Lord was with the judge and delivered them from the hand of their enemies all the days of the judge; for the Lord was moved to pity by their groaning because of those who oppressed and afflicted them.” Judges 2:18

  45. Compassion&prayers for Justice Ginsburg’s family. This is not a time for business as usual or our agenda for the next justice. We have,to respect Justice Ginsburg’s tough stand on what she believed strongly.We can disagree, but now is the time for compassion for her family in there loss.

    1. Having respect for her and her family does not preclude our cries to God for a wise replacement. Something will fill this void. If not our prayers then the enemy’s plans. I’m sorry for her family’s loss. But I’m not laying down my fight I’m prayer.

    2. Yes, it is time to be gracious, but I hope and pray that Justice Ginsburg got right with GOD before leaving this world. Imagine appearing before GOD our Supreme Judge who created all those babies who were aborted . . . .

  46. I’m soo grateful to hear about the prayers that have already gone up to heaven about this “SEAT” of future satanic activities.

    Now I know , no matter the turmoil, that our ALMIGHTY FATHER has already prepared the valiant new JUDGE for this seat.

    I’m at peace now that HIS WILL will be done and I can focus on the DETAILS that will be coming up in need of prayer.

    Thank you, BELOVED ABBA FATHER, that everything is under YOUR CONTROL already. Thank you for a courageous PRESIDENT.

    Give him YOUR WISDOM and STEER him through these times of upheaval. Have MERCY on AMERICA.

  47. One of the constitutionally qualified women would’ve best but it is important that whomever it is has a deep constitutional framework of background and support of any positions of authority taken .

    1. Saddened that this poor woman has not been dead 24 hours yet and there is talk about replacing her. I find it disrespectful to her and her life of service that this forum would not honor her memory.
      Shame on you and shame on those that hold this office.
      I will pray for the life and memory of this patriotic woman.

      1. Shame on us for praying Gods will? What Bible do you read? There is no shame and I don’t accept it! Wake up. Our nation is on the brink of falling into socialism or worse. I am confident God is well pleased that intercessors are being obedient to His call for intercession.
        Millions of babies have been slaughtered in the womb. The war in the heavens doesn’t pause to show respect for the dead. Even Jesus told one disciple who wanted to follow him after his father was buried that the dead would bury the dead. Obviously Jesus went about His fathers work. The battle to hinder Gods choice is raging hotter than ever. Take your shame elsewhere because I’m on my knees.


    Father, help the Senate discern YOUR choice to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. Give them discernment and revelation. We pray for Your anointed, chosen person, that he or she has the COURAGE of Deborah to speak flawlessly, and courageously. Give him or her the WISDOM of Solomon to judge each case wisely and accurately. I pray he or she has the LOVE for You as David to be continuously in Your will.

    Father we pray for SUPERNATURAL ACCELERATION for the vetting and approval process of this Supreme Court Justice in order to have a complete Supreme Court to intervene in the event that there is a disagreement over the results of the Presidential Election. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen!

    To God be the glory!

  49. Abba, Father, thank you for those who have been fighting this battle in prayer. Bless this group of Intercessors! They will share the spoils of victory with all of us. Thank you for the victory in Christ Jesus! We join with these saints in asking for a Deborah anointing for this vacant seat. We pray this individual to be seated with you in heavenly places. Choose from this list the one you have appointed – or perhaps one who is not in this list of 44. Protect all of these individuals and may you highlight your chosen Supreme Court Justice who you have anointed and chosen before the world began. I would also like to ask for an Esther anointing for this individual – one who is willing to give her/ his life for the sake of the lives of others for such a time of this. We weep for the loss of 61 million babies. The number is too big for us to even imagine the loss. O Abba, our Almighty God who rules from heaven on earth, forgive us for this sin. We humble ourselves and pray and turn from our wicked ways. Heal our land. May the blood of these babies cry out to you as did the blood of Abel. Have mercy and heal our land and fill these seat with your anointed one. We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

    1. Lord, I praise You for the prayers of the group over the years regarding the SCOTUS. You work through the prayers of Your people. With threats of more violence would You protect our nation as our President and Congress look to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg? May You grant guidance to President Trump? To Senator Lindsay Graham? Would You align the hearts of those such as Mitt Romney with Your purposes? May those with us be more than those aligned against us? We look to You for victory for You are the Almighty King of Kings. In Jesus name, Amen

  50. I pray for one who will have the anointing of Esther as she serves with great grace and strength and wisdom, carrying out the will God as she fulfills the mandate she has been given

  51. Father, thank You for Justice Ginsberg’s life and service. May You be the Comforter for her family , friends and colleagues in their sorrow.
    Please let us respect a time of mourning. Please cause those of us who defend life respect hers.

  52. Lord, our Father and king, we ask you to give President Trump wisdom and guidance at this time. We ask that the next Supreme Court judge be a Deborah, to rule with your wisdom, that life would be cherished. We thank you for your guiding hand over our country.

  53. God nothing happens apart from you knowing about it. And we know you have a time for everything under heaven in earth desiring that it be on earth as it is in heaven and are wanting all things to be set up in alignment with your governing authority. We recognize our founding fathers set up our government and our court’s judicial system to reflect the courts of heaven. Therefore in this your appointed time we are asking for this next judge to now be replaced in your appointed time with your appointed person, to bring about your will for our nation, for righteousness to return, for great repentance to be brought forth, for lives to be changed to receive eternal salvation, for our nation to be brought back and restored to righteousness on earth as it is in heaven. Let your kingdom be established in the earth. Lord God of heaven and earth, creator of the universe we are asking you to rise up this Supreme Court Judge to have strength, wisdom, fortitude, courage, righteousness plans, ways, and who is a person who follows you with all of their heart and who you are preparing and making a way for that person to take their rightful place in history, we call that person forth in Jesus name, we bind hiderances, delays, and all plans of enemy from trying to stop the plans of God from going forth in America. Now we thank you father God for all you are doing and all you are going to do and that you have heard and will answer our prayers. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray and believe amen.

      1. Yes indeed we are, God revealed to me Ruth passed away on the first day of Rosh Hashanah, it was a sign of Gods judgement to let her go. She was given many changes to do right. Rosh Hashanah is about bringing life starting a new year, also includes a time of repentance and judgement. The feasts are God’s appointed times.

        1. Ashley, I am participating in Gods appointed times with great expectation of the Feast of Tabernacles. I have prayed for Justice Ginsburg to know her Messiah personally. My hope is that she is with Him.
          We must remain as watchmen on the wall and continue to pray for the existing justices to be led by Holy Spirit.
          Prayer for President Trump, Senate Judiciary Committee and proclamations of God’s word over our nation.
          Standing in faith with my trumpet in one hand and my prayers for leaders as my tool in rebuilding the wall.

  54. “Reform, resign, or be removed!” We declare to our Supreme Court justices, by the delegated authority of Heaven.
    We are praying, Father in Heaven, that your justice in Your heavenly court will be mirrored in our earthly court.
    We pray for a Deborah to fill this seat!
    We pray for Your behind the scenes preparation to reveal her to the men and women of Congress, who will not be able to find a hook to accuse her.
    Father we ask you to protect her as she goes through the process and set her in place, a woman after your own heart!

  55. I have been praying for the Supreme Count for years asking God to remove the liberals however way He sees fit. While I don’t wish ill or death on anyone I am thrilled the Trump admiration will have an opportunity to seat a conservative judge who will follow the constitution instead of a pollical activist like Ginsburg.
    I know the left will fight against a conservative. It is much more than pollical. It is light vs darkness.
    May the will of the Lord be done and a Deborah come forth.
    Keep fighting with your prayers saints. We are to occupy until He comes.

  56. Is. 33:22 For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; he will save us. This is the information listed for our form of American leadership. Was not this position pre destined to be filled by a person of the true Christian belief and faith? I think so. In Daniel it tells us the Lord heard and responded to Daniels prayer from the first time he prayed, should we not pray in the same understanding.

  57. I join my prayers with yours that God will give a “Deborah” to fill this vacancy, a judge who will judge according to God’s values and judgments., upholding the Constitution AND the Word of God!!!

  58. I pray that the Father of glory, the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, would impart to [President Donald John Trump; Vice President Mike Pence; and everyone in their administration who, serves “we, the people” in any position] the riches of the Spirit of wisdom and the Spirit of revelation to know Him through [their] deepening intimacy with Him.

    I pray that the light of God will illuminate the eyes of [their] imagination, flooding [them] with light, until [they all] experience the full revelation of the hope of His calling—that is, the wealth of God’s glorious inheritances that he finds in [them], his holy ones!

    I pray that [they] will continually experience the immeasurable greatness of God’s power made available to [them] through faith. Then [their] lives will be an advertisement of this immense power as it works through [them]! This is the mighty power that was released when God raised Christ from the dead and exalted Him to the place of highest honor and supreme authority in the heavenly realm! And now he is exalted as first: above every ruler, authority, government, and realm of power in existence! He is gloriously enthroned over every name that is ever praised, not only in this age, but in the age that is coming!

    And he alone is the leader and source of everything needed in the church. God has put everything beneath the authority of Jesus Christ and has given Him the highest rank above all others. And now we, His church, are His body on the earth and that which fills him who is being filled by it!

    Now, Roe vs. Wade can be overturned and the curse be lifted off of YOUR United States of America 🇺🇸!!

    I pray that YOUR Nation: Israel 🇮🇱 will follow suite and make it illegal to murder babies, too.

    In JESUS’ Majestic name, I agree with GOD—HOLY SPIRIT in prayer.


  59. God’s timing is always perfect! God’s never early, never late, but always on time. Psalm 31:15 and God’s ways are not our ways. “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8-9. Lord God, we believe this is your perfect time to name and anoint the next Supreme Court Justice and pray you give wisdom, understanding and discernment to our President, Speaker Mitch McConell and the Senate to choose a person which heart is after you and with the fear of the Lord, someone that would “Judge carefully, for with the Lord our God there is no injustice or partiality or bribery.” 2nd Chronicles 19:7 in Jesus Powerful Name!

    1. I have a missionary friend that refers to God’s perfect timing by declaring God as
      “Jehovah Nick of Time”
      Lord we truly believe you are never too early and never to late.
      May your name be glorified in this

  60. It’s time for a shift and for the redemption of that seat on the court to be filled with someone who will rule with righteousness and true biblical and constitutional justice. Lord, reserve that seat for a pro-life, conservative constitutionalist who believes in Christ.

  61. Lord, fools rush in but I pray that President Trump, Speaker McConnell, and all of the Senators who have the awesome responsibility of nominating and confirming the next Supreme Court Justice to be patient, to pray, to meditate, to consider before they speak or act or proceed in any way. I pray for a spirit of influence to fall on the Senators who are speaking and acting according to your will. Help them to influence others. May their words be as arrows that pierce the hearts of the hearers. But, Lord, those who speak lies and falsehoods and wickedness would be ignored. Hold back the hounds of hell that the devil wants to release upon our great nation through this difficult time. Bind them, Lord. Send forth holy, warring angels into Washington, D.C., into the Senate chamber, into the Oval Office, and into our nation. Comfort those who mourn. Spread LOVE to conquer fear and hate and bitterness. May the ways of your Kingdom be at work in this process. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  62. Father, You have prepared someone for this position and You have called a group to pray about this seat. Please continue what You have started and pave the way for the person You want to be the next Justice.

    1. I pray that the families of all the children that have been killed in the line of stray bullets, for all the families that have been affected by the death or injury in the military, for all the families of police officers killed on duty, for all the babies killed with infanticide, as well as RBG family, that they will find peace and comfort. I pray that our President will receive Your knowledge, wisdom and discernment in choosing the next Supreme Court Justice. I pray that our nation will accept this choice peacefully. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen


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