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Father, protect us and Israel from terrorism during Ramadan. Strengthen the IDF to resist the enemy's attacks.

As the Biden administration and other powers seek to bring about a truce by Ramadan, many terrorist groups have been calling for increased violence instead. God has a plan we can pray into. IFA posted about it recently — click here.

From Breitbart. Leaders of the major Palestinian terror groups have called for Arab states and the Muslim world to engage in “terror” during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan — even as the Biden administration aims for a Ramadan truce in Gaza.

Who is praying on the wall?


Jerusalem Post reported Sunday:

Palestinian Islamic Jihad is calling for Ramadan to be a “month of terror” and seeks to escalate attacks in the West Bank and Gaza. In a recent speech, Abu Hamza, the spokesman for PIJ’s Al-Quds Brigades, said he wants Arab countries in the region and pro-Iranian groups to continue to “unify” various arenas and fronts against Israel.

This is the latest indication that terrorist groups plan to seek an escalation in hostilities over the next month. …


Ramadan is set to begin on March 10, when the new moon heralds the arrival of the new month on the lunar calendar.

Arab and Muslim states have fought many wars on Ramadan, notably the Yom Kippur War of 1973, when Egyptian soldiers broke their fasts and crossed the Suez Canal.

But the Biden administration is treating Ramadan with great care, describing it as a traditional time of peace and hoping to fashion a hostage release deal before it begins. …

Israeli war cabinet member Benny Gantz said that Ramadan would be the deadline for a hostage deal, and warned that Israel will invade the southern Gaza town of Rafah, near the Egyptian border, if Hamas does not agree to a deal. …

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(Excerpt from Breitbart. Photo Credit: yuriyseleznev/Canva Pro)

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March 5, 2024

So glad that Father God is working to use the Christian people of the USA by prayer, good equipment for the IDF, and humanitarian aid. Now is the time of need and support. Thank you Lord that we have the victory of Jesus so that we can speak against any terrorist group that intends to rise up during the time of Ramadan. In Jesus’s Name, no group may rise up with evil intentions, but fall apart and crumble to the ground!! Jesus has risen and these groups will have no power against God’s people. Israel and the American Christians have won the battle through Christ, the Messiah. We only need to claim that which is ours from the Loving and Powerful God we live for and follow faithfully. Thank you dear Lord.

Grant Windholz
March 5, 2024

Lord God Almighty 🙏, please protect your motherland of Israel through all the forces of evil who plans to “wipe it off the face of the earth” no matter what the occasion is! As we know and as you promised in the Bible, you will always protect your children no matter what!!

Ron Glenn Deere
March 5, 2024

Islam could just be its own religion, but it just HAS to break laws such as murder! The Muslims started the conflict on Oct 7. Let’s think about this – the Muslims want to take over the world. But what if the world does not like to be taken over? Too bad – they will MURDER all of those who do not agree with Islam.

    March 5, 2024

    That is exactly the truth Ron – as it is written in their Quran. Islam is not a religion, it is a way of life. Muslims follow the way of Islam and Mohammed their prophet.
    Islam is absolutely INCOMPATIBLE with the “Western Way of Life” and specifically with Christianity and Judaism, but even non-believers in anything do not escape the demands of islam.
    Just WHEN will “our” so-called leaders recognise the truth and stop playing the islamist games which can , and will if we let them, lead only to the destruction of all religions other than the Muslim one and all “Laws” other than “Sharia” !
    Islam does not “invite” people to become followers – islam threatens ALL “non-believers” to accept their islamic ways or become enslaved or killed ! Hardly a “Religion of Peace” by my standards.
    I pray for Peace on this Earth and the opportunity to spread this message. I do not pray for “Surrender” to any God other than Our Father who art in Heaven. Amen !

Karen Secrest
March 5, 2024

As I prayed about this I was reminded of all the unrest among the local people during Ramadan in the Arabic country where we lived.
I am reminded of Marxis Ilhaan and Sudanese whose localities lay with others. We have Jewish Progressives in New York and a large Cinese population in San Francisco who follow Xi/CCP.
So we can believe God the Father is out to lunch or KNOW we who Repent and turn our faces to the wall WILL see great and mighty things we know not of at this moment. We have 10 Days of Awe coming as we prepare for Passover. God the Father says it Will be Awesome.:)

Herb Johnston
March 5, 2024

Lord, I pray that those Among Us ..including myself foremost-, who have sinned greatly against you.. could be in Repentance and I now come before you in Repentance Lord seeking your mercy.. as you have continued to reveal yourself in various ways throughout these past four years..today most notably in the restoration of President Trump to the ballot, – and the continual exposure of corruption in our government.. across our country.. Lord-, and the various accounts of Godly people ( all various peoples)standing up against evil.. Lord ..and various legislators turning from Evil..like Fetterman-, Lord.. and I continue to pray Lord that your goodness.. while it sustains us ..Lord that we would not become complacent but continue to seek you and remain Vigilant in prayer.. not growing weary in the authority you speak through me.. Lord I come against-, the evil of jihad-, Lord, and praising you and blessing you Lord, that your goodness will rain down upon us, and your Holy Spirit Lord will move in the hearts Lord of our enemies.. Lord.. causing them to repent Lord..in these days-,that your mercy Lord will reign.. however Lord if they will not repent-,then I pray and turn them over to you Lord- for your judgment 1st Corinthians 5:5.. for the destruction of the flesh-, that they could know your mercy ultimately-, but if they will not repent Lord that your will be done-, in protecting us Lord, and that we would not be distracted by these statements of Terror.. Lord, but would be confident in your Saving Grace- and in your mercy- to continue to seek you and focus on you- and not the distractions that Satan throws in our path.
I pray your guardian angels would be in every state- around the borders of every state- and in every capital in every state- Lord, and I pray you would move in the heart of Biden and Newsome, Lord, and Whitmer and every politician that has sold their souls, Lord, and as you continue to manifest your power in our nation..Lord, help us to remember your goodness and not be in fear-, but to be at peace, Lord-, confident as you have said-,you will never leave us nor forsake us.

In Jesus mighty Name, Amen

March 5, 2024

Living father God.! We praise you and we give you thanks knowing that you are seated on the throne and there’s nothing that you’re not aware of your aware of everything that you’ve created anything that moves is a breeze and grows you’re aware of its existence and what it needs But we have this evil meet in our government are schools are churches our families meet in our communities meeting in the deserts of the Middle East me to the jungles of Africa be down the Chile conditions of north of South America wherever it is father God you are there and you are in control . And I just pray for the God that you give us that spirit of peace and joy we will not run around with a spirit of fear knowing that we are soldiers brothers and sisters in Christ and are coming together to prayer to lift up this country and these people that need you do you give us protection against people that don’t want you and we all know how to deal with it that you’ll get the glory cause you get all the glory for everything everything is beautiful through all the eyes of our father father God is an awesome God. . We just give you things and praise knowing that you control you are God the beautiful sunshine we’re sharing right now the size of spring new life everlasting your perfect plan your perfect destiny are perfect God amen shalom hallelujah thank you Lord Jesus

Brian Lynch
March 5, 2024

Lord Jesus, may Your will be done. Please foil the plan of these Jihadists, and any and all terroristic threats. I pray for the salvation of all Muslims. G andive them dreams about You, and, by Your grace, set them free from their deception. Let them see You as their only hope. Thank You Jesus.

Richard Jude Spurlin
March 5, 2024

The claim that Muslims “fast” during Ramadan is just another lie among the plethora of blasphemous lies that comprise the satanic cult of Islam. Muslims will not eat or drink during daylight hours of Ramadan but they feast every night from one half hour after sundown until one half hour before sunrise; they spend the daylight hours napping. The entirety of Islam is a satanic charade and its purpose is to deny the divinity of Christ Jesus and frustrate the prophetic Word of God.

    Iris Winters
    March 5, 2024

    therefore I pray that Muslims themselves “wake up” and see what they are doing and what they believe and ask questions, and find answers of truth.


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