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Lord, protect Israel. We ask that You help our leaders to protect Israel and to draw near to You.
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The situation in Israel is almost always tense, but now it is grave. We have culled the latest news and found an excellent prayer to join us in agreement as we obey the Lord in praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

According to The Gateway Pundit, the Mayor of Lod, Israel tonight told the media, “We have completely lost control of the city, and the streets are witnessing a civil war between Arabs and Jews. Residents are being evacuated from their homes.”

Arabs were seen firing automatic weapons at police. . . .

The Arabs replaced the Israeli flag with a Palestinian flag in Lod.

According to The Daily Wire, “Israel has killed a top Hamas commander in a strike against the terror group.

“We just killed the commander of the Hamas anti-tank missile unit, Iyad Fathi Faik Sharir. He was in charge of carrying out anti-tank missile attacks on Israel. Our aircraft are currently striking additional terror targets in Gaza,” the Israel Defense Force tweeted Tuesday while carrying out attacks in the Gaza Strip. . . .

Israel continued to launch attacks against the Hamas terror group in retaliation for hundreds of rockets Hamas fired upon Israel and its capital, Jerusalem. Israel began its strikes late Monday and has continued to hit Palestinian terrorist targets throughout the day Tuesday. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) hit more than 130 Hamas military installations, including weapons manufacturing and intelligence sites. . . .

Hamas fired dozens of rockets against Israel on Tuesday in an attempt to overwhelm Israel’s missile defense system, known as the Iron Dome. Most of the Hamas rockets were blown up in the air before they could cause much damage on the ground, but some got through. In one case, a Hamas rocket hit a school, injuring three Israelis.  . . .

The Israeli offensive has received significant attention in the United States. Democrats such as Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) accused Israel of committing terrorist acts for responding to the Palestinian attacks. . . .

Over the weekend, Israel pushed the White House to stay out of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, fearing that President Joe Biden’s involvement would make the situation worse. As The Daily Wire reported:

Biden’s national security advisor Jake Sullivan spoke with his Israeli counterpart, Meir Ben-Shabbat, after hundreds of Palestinian rioters clashed with Israeli police Monday morning on the Temple Mount. During the conversation, Ben-Shabbat told Sullivan that Biden and other countries should let Israel handle the conflict, according to Axios.

Ben-Shabbat told Sullivan that “international intervention is a reward to the Palestinian rioters and those who back them who were seeking international pressure on Israel,” an Israeli official told Axios. . . . 

According to The Times of Israel, “Intense Arab rioting broke out in the central Israeli city of Lod late Tuesday, with three synagogues and numerous shops reportedly set on fire, along with dozens of cars. The government declared a state of emergency in the Jewish-Arab city, and urgently dispatched several Border Police companies to work to restore order.

Some residents reported power was cut in their homes and petrol bombs were thrown through their windows, Channel 12 news said, and police acknowledged having to escort some residents from a community center to their homes as Arab mobs marauded in the streets.  . . .

The mayor, Yair Revivo, said City Hall and a local museum were also attacked, and compared the situation to the Nazis’ 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom. “Civil war” is breaking out, he said, lamenting that decades of coexistence efforts had collapsed.

After Revivo appealed directly to the prime minister for urgent help, a state of emergency was declared in the city for the first time in decades, and large Border Police forces deployed to work to restore order. “Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu directed that lawbreakers be dealt with severely and that units on the ground be reinforced in order to restore quiet and order to the city forthwith,” a government statement said.

National Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai called the situation unprecedented. . . .

Arab violence erupted in numerous other cities across Israel, and there were also reports of Jewish revenge attacks, including in Lod, where a Muslim cemetery was set ablaze.

Attacks were reported on Jewish homes in Ramle, where cars were also stoned. In Acre, a restaurant and a hotel were set ablaze. . . .

The surge in violence came hours after Hamas fired some 130 rockets at central Israel, and claimed “victory” in what its leader Ismail Haniyeh said was “the battle for Jerusalem.” Hamas later hailed Arab Israelis for joining the struggle against Israel.

Lod resident Shiloh Fried told Channel 12: “Gangs of Arab youths are going street to street, burning stores, smashing windows… Jewish families are huddled at home, terrified of going out… Their cars are being set alight outside… Police are nowhere to be seen.”

There were reports that some residents were avoiding using public shelters during rocket sirens out of fear they would be attacked by mobs. . . .

Channel 12 also showed footage of Jewish residents of Lod hurling rocks at cars of Arab residents, though Fried said these incidents were minor ones compared to the scope of Arab rioting. An Arab resident was killed on Monday night amid violence, in what Jewish eyewitnesses said was self-defense against Arab assailants.

Arab Israelis gesture and wave Palestinian flags during the funeral of Mousa Hassouna in the central Israeli city of Lod near Tel Aviv, on May 11, 2021. (AFP)

Before the army was sent in, Lod Mayor Revivo had warned “this is too big for the police.” . . .

Reacting to the ongoing riots in Arab-Jewish cities across Israel, Meretz MK Isawi Frej said “anyone who calls themselves a public figure in Arab society must call for restoring calm.”

“I call on [the Joint List’s] Ahmad Tibi, Ayman Odeh along with Arab mayors: This is the test of your leadership. Don’t hide. Don’t only speak out during elections. It’s your job to go out and influence,” Frej said.

President Reuven Rivlin had urged Arab Israeli leaders earlier on Tuesday to speak out against the previous night’s outbursts of violence.

“I just made an urgent phone call to Mudar Younes, chair of the Arab Councils Mayors Committee, and passed on a sharp message about the Arab violence that went wild in the streets of some mixed cities last night, including Lod, Ramle and the cities of the Triangle,” Rivlin said in a statement on social media. . . .

In his statement, Rivlin said he asked Younes “to do everything in his power to calm things down. The people of Israel, Jews and Arabs alike, must hear the Arab leadership sounding a clear and strident voice against this wild violence, against damage to synagogues, against this wild behavior. The police will do all that is required to restore the peace. I ask for cooperation from the Arab leadership to restore calm and law and order to our streets.” . . .

Join us in praying these prayers from Christian Headlines:

A Prayer for Israel

Dear Heavenly Father, as I watch the events in Israel unfold in the news, I am at a loss for words. So much violence, so much hurting, so much fear I imagine those in Israel and in Palestine must be experiencing right now. I pray that you protect those who are in the midst of this escalation of violence right now. Please shelter people from harm, get families to safety, and shield them with your peace and protection. God, although I do not know what will happen in Israel in the next few days, I do know that you have protected them in the past. You are the God of the nation of Israel. You have protected them from enemies throughout history, and you will not fail to do so now. May we continue to lift up the nation of Israel to you, and trust that you will set everything right with your righteous hand (Isaiah 41:10). Amen.

“May they prosper who love you.
“May peace be within your walls,
And prosperity within your palaces.”
For the sake of my brothers and my friends,
I will now say, “May peace be within you.”
For the sake of the house of the Lord our God,
I will seek your good.
(Psalm 122:6-9)


Heavenly Father, The psalmist tells us to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” So I pray for peace for Your chosen people, Israel, and their beloved city today.

You have planned for Israel, provided for Israel, and protected Israel for thousands of years. But as in days of old, there are those today who seek to harm, even destroy, Your people. So I ask You to keep Israel in Your loving care. Put a spiritual hedge of protection around Your people and their land.

Watch over this nation as a Good Shepherd watches over His flock, and may Your chosen people find their ultimate safety and security in You. While You watch over Your people, may Your Spirit awaken in them a hunger to embrace their Messiah—the One who died for them—until they see Him face-to-face. We pray this in His name, Amen. (from David Jeremiah, Why American Christians Should Pray for Israel)

Share your prayers for Israel in the comments below!

(Excerpt from The Gateway Pundit, The Daily WireThe Times of Israel & Christian Headlines. Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

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Catherine Seybold
May 15, 2021

I call on You, O God, for You will answer me. Incline Your ear to me; hear my words. Show the wonders of Your loving devotion, You Who save by Your right hand those who seek refuge from their foes. Keep Israel as the apple of Your eye; hide Israel in the shadow of Your wings from the wicked who assail them, from their mortal enemies who surround them. Psalm 17:6-9 In Jesus name, amen!

Tina Mosier
May 14, 2021

My Lord in heaven, I come to the foot of the cross and lay my potion at your feet. Father, you are the God of this world, and the God of Israel; you have asked the world to stand with your people, as I do. Father , your people need you now, and I pray that each man, woman and child be shielded by the blood of Christ the savior. May no harm come to Israel and may those who attempt to harm them be found guilty.

May 13, 2021

Psalm 83:1-18 prayer:

“Keep not Thou silence, O G-D; hold not Thy peace, and be not still, O G-D.

“For, lo, Thine enemies make a tumult: and they that hate Thee have lifted up the head.

“They have taken crafty counsel against Thy people, and consulted against Thy hidden ones.

“They have said, ‘Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.

“For they have consulted together with one consent: They are confederate against Thee:

“The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarenes;

“Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre;

“Assur also is joined with them: They have holpen the children of Lot. Selah.

“Do unto them as unto the Midianites; as to Sisera, as to Jabin, at the brook of Kison:

“Which perished at En-dor: They became as dung for the earth.

“Make their nobles like Oreb, and like Zeeb: yea, all their princes as Zebah, and as Zalmunna:

“Who said, ‘Let us take to ourselves the houses of G-D in possession.

“O my G-D, make them like a wheel; as the stubble before the wind.

“As the fire burneth a wood, and as the flame setteth the mountains on fire;

“So persecute them with Thy tempest, and make them afraid with Thy storm.

“Fill their faces with shame; that they may seek Thy name, O’ L-RD.

“Let them Be confounded and troubled for ever; yea, let them be put to shame, and perish:

“That men may know that Thou, Whose Name alone is JEHOVAH, art the Most High over all the earth.”

[Psalms prayers: Psalm 18; Psalm 34; Psalm 124; Psalm 126 and more]

May 13, 2021

Father, your Word says, “I will bless those who bless Israel and I will curse those who curse Israel.” As believers, we bless Israel, in the name of Jesus. We pray for your peace in every Israeli’s heart and mind and spirit. We pray for supernatural wisdom for the leaders in Israel. “When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.” Send confusion in the enemies camp, Lord. In Jesus name!

May 13, 2021

Throughout the history of God;s people, He has allowed enemies to come against them when they turn aside from following Him. As in the days of the prophets, God calls His people to repentance and to return to Him. We rightly apply 2 Chronicles 7:14 to the church, but how much more to God’s chosen people to whom it was first written. Israelis desperately needs to humble themselves, seek God’s face, and turn from their wicked ways (idolatry, turning from God’s ways)so that God will intervene on their behalf (as does the church in America).

May 13, 2021

We stand united in prayer for Israel and your people Lord. Guard them with Your supernatural protection we ask. We ask that a overwhelming peace that comes from You Lord would engulf the nation. May peace come forth both inside the hearts of everyone on both sides and let it come forth in a physical way with a complete ceasefire.
In addition Lord, we ask that our leaders in our nation stand behind Israel in support. Those within our government such as Ilan Omar or Talib or others who publicly speak and stand against Israel – we ask that they would be censured and removed from their positions completely. We ask that they would be removed from holding public office and replaced by God fearing, Israel honoring servants in our nation. In Jesus name we pray amen.

Santos Garcia, Jr.
May 13, 2021

We MUST all pray for the Peace of Jerusalem… and all of Israel. The fallen ones’ historical attempt to obliterate the bloodline is their terrified effort to not lose planet earth completely, and they all know that their doom has been sealed at the Cross of Calvary. Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Iran and all the Muslim minions of the false god Allah, are taking advantage of the limp catatonic false leadership of the illegitimate fake president in the White House, who will soon be exposed for what he truly is.

Is this the precursor to ‘The Psalm 83 War’? Prayerfully consider:
At the bottom of the entire post there are many related article posts that reveal how truly sobering the times we are living in are. Those of us who know the LORD of Glory intimately MUST respond to the Heart of ABBA Father in preserving the children of Israel according to His many promises to Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob… and through them His promises & Covenant with the United States of America. SELAH!

Patricia Holtke
May 13, 2021

I will pray. But Bibi just couldn’t wait to call Biden and congratulate him! After all that Trump did to help Israel…what a horrible slap on the face!

May 13, 2021

Father God, I lift up the Arab Christians and Messianic Jews. They are our brothers and sisters in Christ. I ask for special grace and protection over them. LORD, Give them wisdom what You want them to do in this crisis.
In the mighty name of Jesus may it be so.

Robert Righter
May 13, 2021

Peace be upon Jerusalem and Israel!!! In the Name of the Messiah. Amen

Joni Debord
May 13, 2021

Oh God Almighty, how Your heart must be aching as You see Jerusalem in the midst of such pain and devastation! I hold fast to Your Word and we are strengthened and comforted as we are reminded of WHO YOU ARE! No Goliath will be able to stand victorious against You! Protect Your people Israel, draw them to You, and bring peace to their land. Help the Palestinian people to be drawn by Your love as well. In Jesus Name. Amen.

May 13, 2021

Please consider Behold Israel’s Amir Tsarfati’s assessment and background comments. He does a daily update and yesterday’s update was very revealing. Sometimes we have a tendency to only listen to Western news and what the Main Stream Media in the US and Israel is reporting. Amir is a former IDF officer and has contacts inside where he gets background information. I get his daily posts on YouTube and also on Telegram.

Bruni O
May 13, 2021

Isaiah 41:10 “Fear not, for I am with you: Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”
Oh, Father, All I can say, plead and pray on behalf of Israel, the Apple of your eyes; is for your mighty and powerful strength and discernment to guide the Leaders of Israel from the attacks against their enemies! Protect them in a Supernatural way that the world will know YOU are in control. Shame and disgrace those who are responsible for these attacks against your people; they shall be as nothing, as non existence, destroy the enemy! Hit them with your presence and let them flee in terror. Fear not, the Victory belongs to Our GOD! I pray this in the name of ALL names, JESUS!!

May 13, 2021

Heavenly Father, I pray to please protect Israel and ask that our leaders would step up and help to protect Israel and draw near to You. In Jesus Holy name, Amen.

Victoria Z
May 13, 2021

Father in the name of Jesus we pray your peace be upon Israel. We pray that the people of Israel would look to the scriptures and seek you with prayer and fasting as Godly kings did in ancient days, to bring an end to the tumult and deal with their enemies in your own divine way. Father we see in your word that ISreal will sadly be In the center of conflict in the last days, your word has already revealed the end of the story; however we know your love and faithfulness to your people individually and corporately as a nation never fails, we join our prayers and our faith together asking you and believing you to bring a Fresh spiritual scripture based revival to your people and a speedy resolution to the current conflict, be glorified. Father i also consider the peace of Israel during the Trump presidency and see the difference under the Biden Administration, Father i pray you give Joe Biden and Antony John Blinken your wisdom and discernment for this situation, Israel Has stated they want to resolve the current conflict themselves, Father you alone know ehatbis the best next move for Israel, USA and Israel’s ally nations. i pray you would advise all according to your will, restrain those who need to be restrained, remove any/all leadership in the nations that needs to be removed, replace with leadership who are or can be quickly persuaded to remain in unison with you and your will and wisdom to deal with these conflicts, we know you hear our prayers we know we have what we ask, Intervene to end the current conflict and bring sustainable peace to the people, cities, and regions involved, quickly. in Jesus name, we receive it

May 13, 2021

Jehovah Shalom (The Lord of Peace) and Lord of the Impossible (Matthew 19:26. Lord I pray Psalm 122:6-9 “Peace be within
Lord impart Your peace in both the Jews and the Gentiles and may they accept the Prince of Peace in these uncertain times of attacks.
Zechariah 2:8 Redeem Israel, O God out of all his troubles. Psalm 25:2 I my God, in you I trust; let not my enemies exult over me (Israel).
Lord may this be so. John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled neither let them be afraid.”
Thy will be done O Lord and may You be Glorified. In Jesus name. Amen

May 13, 2021

I am praying John 14:27 over Israel: Peace I leave with you My peace I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid.


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