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Father, we pray that our leaders would not give up control of our military. Preserve our sovereignty in all areas, God.

Military technology is always innovating, but new cooperation between nations may allow for military assets to be handed over to other countries or even exposed to hackers. I spoke with a source this week who raised the alarm that new software for technology like drones could allow nations to share military operations, or even hand their military over altogether.

“They basically want any country to have the ability to control and operate any other country’s military assets. For example, the Portuguese navy could take over the United Kingdom’s assets,” said my source, who works on these matters with the federal government. “Likewise, some country like Ireland or some group within the E.U. could control U.S. assets. This has never been done before, this type of interoperability where different nations can command and control other country’s assets. This is a first…concentration of power, especially the ability for certain nations to control military assets and eliminate the sovereignty of individual nation states.”

My source pointed to REP(MUS) 2022, an upcoming international military exercise where this technology will be put on display on an unprecedented scale.

This program could make us vulnerable to cyber attacks and raises questions about our national sovereignty. Defenders of the program will say they would not abuse the program and that there are safeguards in place to prevent manipulation, but can we really be sure?

Insider Intercessory Information

This story is a warning of a potential danger, not a present reality; however, this issue was flagged for me by a federally-linked source and is worthy of our prayers.

The issue is complex, so here it is straight from my source:

Basically, the United States is part of an initiative with NATO. They’re pushing unmanned maritime systems. This is what’s called REP(MUS). REP(MUS) 2022 is a major military exercise that is going to be taking place later this year. Prior to that, they are going to have what’s called Autonomous Warrior 2022 and dynamic messenger…

Autonomous Warrior is going to basically be a trial run for REP(MUS) 2022. Dynamic messenger is one of the central points of this whole exercise. So the exercise is this: NATO-allied members unmanned and manned military naval assets, including air and ground, but it’s primarily focused on naval assets…it’s going to be an exercise where they integrate all of the manned and unmanned systems as one force.

They are pushing, like I said, for one command and control system so that one nation could give control to another nation of military capability and command and control of systems such as an aircraft carrier or a submarine.

One of the very interesting things that is happening right now is the United States is one of the thought leaders of this, but there is competing software between the United States and NATO, particularly with a group called CRME. Some want to integrate the two systems…a lot of this is still being played out. 

Clearly, this issue is worthy of our prayers. Much of this is not widely discussed or known, and the facts are still being settled. Let’s keep tabs on this story and join together to pray for America’s sovereignty and that we do not innovate ourselves into a trap.

With this in mind, let us pray:

-Father, we pray that you would protect us from the tyranny of unchecked, global consolidation of power. Keep our country sovereign and free, Lord!

-Father, we ask that you would intervene to stop malicious ideas that could undermine our nation’s national security. Give our leaders wisdom and conviction to do what’s right and what’s best for the U.S.

-Father, protect us from hackers and cyber attacks of all kinds that could manipulate this program or expose us to serious harm. These problems are so big, only you can solve them, Father.

Verses to press into as you intercede on this issue:

Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them.

-Ephesians 5:11

Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain?

-Psalm 2:1

What do you think about this issue? Share your thoughts and prayers in the comments.

Casey Harper is a writer in the Washington, D.C. area covering national politics. He has worked for The Daily Caller, The Hill, and Sinclair Broadcast Group. A graduate of Hillsdale College, Casey’s work has also appeared in Fox News, Fox Business, Washington Examiner, and USA Today. Follow him on Twitter: @CaseyHarper33. Photo Credit: Michael Afonso on Unsplash 

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Kathleen LaFountain
April 30, 2022

Some of the comments are sounding fatalistic to me. I believe Ephesians 6:10-19 instructs us to stand against all evil plans and pray always not just sit back and do nothing. No doubt some of the German believers fell into that trap during Hitler’s reign.
Father we pray for our military leaders and ask you to give them divine revelation to see through the intent of these types of plans. Raise up more believers in our military as well as the State department and raise up intercessors to pray with faith and power under the direction of Holy Spirit.

    May 2, 2022

    How will more believers be raised up in our military or State Department if the jab is mandatory in both and many believers are leaving the military and gov because of it or are being kept from duty or work unless they comply? Can’t have it both ways.

April 30, 2022

Likely, this is one very prominent way in which globalist planners intend to consolidate power into the global state. This will eliminate the national sovereignty of every participating country. Once global power is consolidated, our lives will be ordered by oligarchs of the global state and the AI which they direct.

Barbara Janicki
April 30, 2022

This is another step toward globalism, this time military – even as economic globalism is being pursued. This doesn’t bode well for us, more loss of freedoms and control over our own affairs as a sovereign nation. We can’t even trust our own government, why would we trust foreign governments to do what is right? Freedom is vanishing around the world – remember Hong Kong protests? Cuban protests recently? (for freedom) they were silenced quickly and not covered in our news, along with freedom protests in Australia, Canada, – Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, Taiwan trembling in terror as China who gives no freedom to its own citizens, sets its sights on Taiwan, the media covers nothing of reality around the world, only the approved narrative needed to control the masses (that’s us if we don’t speak up) We need leaders who will do what’s right, not go along with every scheme of man. Only God can give us wisdom how to proceed in these situations, only God can deliver us, maybe He wants to do that by raising up those that follow His ways to positions of power and decision making in our government – I pray that there are those qualified who will answer His call. http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

Kim Dillon
April 30, 2022

At any one time at least thirty wars rage in various parts of the world, in addition to countless instances of civil unrest…. In the midst of an uncertain and threatening world, however, we can have peace. It comes from putting our trust in the living God.

In the Old Testament God repeatedly told the leaders of Israel to reduce the size of their armies, or He announced in advance how their victory would be won. Why? So they would place their trust in Him and not in their own strength,(2 Corinthians 12:10 When I am weak, then I am strong).

Thank you Daddy God and Jesus. Amen.

Anthony W Bowman
April 30, 2022

I believe this is simply a next step in the developing end times. Junior military members will resist this, but senior Generals/Admirals (who are just politicians in uniform) will do exactly as their civilian masters direct. (Much as happened with COVID vaccinations.) This just the beginning of the consolidation of government into one world rule. It would be hard to say be of courage, but “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are but the beginning of the birth pains.” Matt 24:6-8.
But be encouraged for, “I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11. Jeremiah does not say those plans don’t include some scary or painful moments. But in the end, the Lord’s love and plan for his children will not denied.
“Lord, grant us faith, courage and discernment to accept that these developments we fear are small parts of your greater plan and that when we have passed through them we will be with You.”

Bob Huseby
April 30, 2022

Upon reading this my thoughts were exactly in line with Dennis and Dr. Thomas. Are we getting close enough to th end times that these types of strategies are beginning to form ???
Holy Spirit grant us wisdom and discernment as we unite our prayers for matters such as these !!

Dennis Brodhecker
April 30, 2022

In their book series, Left Behind, Tim Lehey and Jerry Jenkins reveal in the last Antichrist takes control of all the worlds military and uses it to control the masses. We are differently headed to those days.

Dr. Thomas Giebler, USAF, (Ret)
April 30, 2022

This looks like an open door for “one world government” to me. My prayer is that this would not be agreed upon by our military.


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