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Father, forgive us in the Church for hurting the weak ones around us. Our sins of abandonment and neglect have made many feel like orphans. You are the Father to the Fatherless. But how can they feel Your love when we resent their presence at the table or treat them like stepchildren? Have mercy on us, Lord. Cleanse our hearts, that we might break bread with them and with You.
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David was a man after God’s own heart. But am I? David slew giants, was betrayed and hunted even though he had an inheritance, committed grave sins, and was held accountable and suffered grievous consequences. Yet, he followed the Law, worshipped in humility, was vulnerable with his pain, danced in an undignified manner before the Lord, and loved the unlovely. He ran with criminals and invited an outcast to his table.

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Is Mephibosheth welcome at my table?

I want to have the heart of David. I want to have such complete faith that I can slay giants around me. I want to stand strong in the inheritance of the saints and use the kingly authority given me. I want to adore God’s word and to worship with abandon. I want to set the captives free. I want healing for the land around me. Like David, I am tired of war.

But is Mephibosheth really welcome at my table?

Our friends with special needs are welcome at my table, because it’s “not their fault.”

The prodigals of my friends are welcome at my table, because they grew up in the Church.

The divorced (only betrayed by an affair) are welcome at my table.

That wild child in the youth group who finally “got it” is welcome at my table.

ALL are welcome at my table — as long as you know how to act. Please cover up all your tattoos and your scars from cutting/track marks. Take off the nose ring. Groom yourself; take care of your feet, Mephibosheth. You over there, I know Jesus radically saved you, but saying “Hallelujah” and “Praise Jesus” all the time, loudly, is annoying to some with sensitive natures. Single mom, despite the fact that you were parented incorrectly, I expect you to know how to rein in your hyperactive children. Girl, that attire is totally inappropriate — who taught you how to dress? Woman, please do not testify here; that’s not allowed. Young man, your elders will tell you when to speak. Sir, please do not share about your former gay lifestyle.


You, Mephibosheth, are welcome at my table. I want you to have your full share of the inheritance. You have the same rights I have, and I’m supposed to help prepare the feast for you.

Come in, Mephibosheth, the door’s wide open.

This article was inspired by statements from John Arroyo, of Roever Evangelistic Association, during the Dallas AWAKE conference, where he referred to a “Mephibosheth generation — living in the wasteland but having royalty in their bones.” He encourages us to bring Mephibosheths back to the table.

Mephibosheth was Jonathan’s son, Saul’s grandson, and the sole survivor after an Israelite battle against the Philistines. Mephibosheth means “dispeller of shame” in Hebrew. In 2 Samuel 9, we read that Mephibosheth was lame in both feet, and David invited him to eat at his table indefinitely, and restored his inheritance. This act was part of David’s covenant of love for his friend Jonathan.

Are our attitudes pure? Or do we invoke shame upon the broken, the “other”? Are they really welcome?

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March 7, 2023

I think the Jesus Revolution movie hits this on the head.So many get comfortable in their pew (don’t sit in my pew)that the work of the church has been forgotten.There is a hurting world that is searching for something that they know not of.We must have the heart and eyes of Jesus in this time we are living in.We must invite those that may not look like us to the table.Help us Lord to be your arms and legs to a lost world.Help us to show mercy and love to the lost and hurting around us.Holy Spirit have your way in our lives that we may bring those that are lost and searching to you!!In Jesus mighty name we pray Amen!

Lori Meed
March 7, 2023

Oh I have such a precious follow up to this – a vision of the Lord’s table which O will share soon in an article. Thank you Wenona Andress!

Kandy Persall
March 7, 2023

My husband and I have been stirred with the same truth. After time with a sex trafficked survivor, we spoke of how, when Jesus fills a person, it isn’t for the purpose of making them look like us. But., to look like Him.

March 7, 2023

Please raise up advocates for all the vulnerable and voiceless- huddled outside the Church’s doors; having waited for a reservation at any table in life- let alone at the Church’s table!
You are judging America for her “silence in the face of evil” as it goes to loving and advocating for the Mephibosheth’s You have placed among us whom we have shunned- though their “wrong” is has often been visited upon them by others.
Take away the spirit of “otherness”
and pride.
Have mercy on America for her Church that eats her own!

    March 7, 2023

    Prayers over all comments- that God will convict hearts and raise up His advocates!

March 7, 2023

People that have backgrounds are not welcome. You get a smile and a hello greeting, BUT, you are not invited to come in, not encouraged to be a part. I can do for them when something needs to be done, BUT, not welcome to be in the circle. I know this I have been treated this way for 20 years by people in the church. I don’t do this right, I don’t wear the right clothes, I have done so many “wrong” things. I was the victim of a teenage mother given up at birth, was molested at 4 years old until running away at 14. Tried to commit suicide, learned to lie because no one believed the truth BUT lies were acceptable! I have been married 3 times, I have two daughters that I gave up because I didn’t know how to love them or care for them and saw and still do see myself as a failure. I don’t pray on a personal level because when I would pray life just got harder and no one to help. I agree with others in prayer, but God is not for me-He is for others. I have cried out for help, taken classes, been in counseling, but was never worth the time to teach and mentor. I have asked God for these things I was told all you have to do is pray, I go to Sunday school, I go to church, I volunteer, I go to home group but there is never a connection with anyone. By the way I am now 59 years old and still have no connection I don’t get invited, I don’t get asked how’s it going, but I get put on the schedule to make coffee and clean up after the service. I can do but not be invited. What kind of God do we have that you hear cares and loves, what is love when you are the outcast?

    Wenona Andress
    March 7, 2023
    Nancy Berkey
    March 7, 2023

    To Fran. ,may u find welcome soon. I can empathize with you. My church has cliques. Iam not in the the clique. Even the pastor’s wife is in the clique. My sister is in the clique. Cliques r not of God. I pray these people wake up and see the true Christ that Jesus loves and accepts all.☦

    Jeff Britton
    March 7, 2023

    I am sorry, and repent on behalf of the church. The Lord has recently led me to focus on 2 homeless men. We could not have had more different backgrounds, but there are plenty of similarities between us. I see how they are received by people. I see how I am received by people when I am with them. I see the Lord’s common complaint among the scriptures of how the poor, orphaned and outcast are treated by his people as a fundamental failure and basis for his judgement. I see and I am sorry and repent on behalf of the church. Know your treasures are in Heaven, and will suffer less loss than the rest of us as we all stand before the Lord. And please forgive us.

    Bill Demlow
    March 7, 2023

    Thanks for sharing your story. I grieve with you!!! Praying, but also suggest investing your time in a small group where you can be safe and safely known. God also will make Himself known better to you as are able to lower the walls.

    Roxanne Rice
    March 7, 2023

    Oh, Fran, my heart grieves over the depth of your pain! Know that Jesus has His arms around you right now and always. Quietly rest in Him, and let Him whisper words of His love for you. Listen quietly and He will direct you to people who can and will love you fully in His Name.

    You are a precious blessing, and God’s gift to the world around you. Be comforted.

    In His love, Roxanne

    March 8, 2023

    Dear Fran,
    Life can be hard, but look at the Cross. Jesus suffering there for you and me, and the whole world. This is proof that He loves us so deeply and intensely.
    Step back a bit and count your blessings. You are alive, you have hands that work (since you typed the post), you probably have a place to live, and other blessings. You will see that God has answered many prayers of yours, and even blessed you with good things you did not directly pray for – Thank Him.
    Take time to be alone with Him and let Him reveal Himself and His love to you on a personal level. He is good Father, the best Father ever.

Allena Jordan
March 7, 2023

Lord, am I ready for what You’re doing and about to do among those “less desirables?” (At least in the eyes of man, they seem to be.) You’ve had me thinking about this for a few weeks now, since Your visit at Asbury began. Show me how to love the unlovely. Amen.

March 7, 2023

Guilty as charged God for give me we need love like Jesus do

March 7, 2023

I left a church for not feeling I fit in.
I’m divorced but not everyone was like that but enough. I found a good church though. God knows what’s best for us. Everyone needs welcomed.


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