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Father, we pray for our nation and this government. Reform the FBI, and keep it from abusing and threatening innocent Americans.

In the wake of questionable law enforcement actions, many Americans feel that our nation is becoming a police state. Intercessor, do you agree?

From The Epoch Times. More than 70 percent of American voters worry that the United States is becoming a police state marked by government tyranny with “mass surveillance, censorship, ideological indoctrination, and targeting of political opponents,” a national poll suggests.

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A Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey found that 72 percent of likely voters are “concerned” that America is becoming a police state, including 46 percent who are “very concerned.”

Nearly 1,000 likely voters were surveyed by Rasmussen and Pulse Opinion Research on Sept. 14 and Sept. 17–Sept. 18. The poll had a survey sampling error of +/- 3 percent with a 95 percent confidence level.

“More Republicans (62 percent) than Democrats (34 percent) or unaffiliated voters (43 percent) are very concerned that America is becoming a police state,” Rasmussen Reports wrote in a news release.

“Similarly, more Republicans (45 percent) than Democrats (17 percent) or unaffiliated voters (22 percent) strongly agree that the FBI is a danger to the freedom and security of law-abiding Americans.” …

“Over the past few years, Americans have witnessed the FBI target pro-life activists and parents speaking at school board meetings while simultaneously ignoring violent riots throughout 2020, encouraging online censorship, and obstructing Congress’ oversight efforts,” Stephen Friend, an FBI whistleblower and former special agent, told The Epoch Times.

Half of voters in the Rasmussen poll said they agree with the statement: “The FBI is a danger to the freedom and security of law-abiding Americans,” including 28 percent who “strongly agree.” …

Domestic Terror

The “domestic terrorism” label was being used along with other tactics at the FBI to make it look like Jan. 6 suspects posed the most serious threat to the country. …

“That gives the impression that domestic terrorism is a nationwide threat when, really, the numbers the FBI is touting stem from one incident on one day.

“That’s a problem for the country,” he said. “The FBI is supposed to stand for law and order, but instead, we’re raising the temperature.”

The weaponization of the FBI led Mr. Friend to suggest drastic changes to rein in the bureau.

“Short of abolishing the FBI, one potential solution is for Congress to defund the 1811 criminal investigator position—the special agent,” Mr. Friend said.

“This forces the FBI to partner with local law enforcement agencies. …

“This creates a bulwark in which a county sheriff can direct FBI resources to combat legitimate criminal activity in his area rather than serve as a bystander while FBI headquarters continually utilizes its quota system for the number and types of cases special agents must affect,” Mr. Friend said. …

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(Excerpt from The Epoch Times. Photo Credit: Eva Marie Uzcategui/Getty Images)

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Christine Cronin
September 29, 2023

Lord I ask that you give Devine power to those who are followers of you with our Government to stand strong. Lord even if they feel that they are alone that you would stand tall and give them strength to say no to the persecution of those in our community that are standing strong amongst the turmoil in our world.

    September 29, 2023

    As encroachment on our liberties has made standing fast difficult. Lord, strengthen our resolve and joy like Apostle Paul through his many trials. May you Lord and Your Word made Flesh be our eternal strength.


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