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Lord, set Your hand over these indictments and upon the 2024 presidential election. We seek Your will in all things. Let it be so.

Some polls are showing Trump ahead of Biden. Are the former president’s indictments less popular and effective than the Democrats were hoping?

From The Federalist. This weekend, ABC News and the Washington Post released a poll showing former President Donald Trump with a commanding 10-point lead over President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election. …

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Now, on the one hand, like all polls, the ABC News/Washington Post poll should be viewed skeptically. It’s the poll that had Biden up 12 points in 2020, overestimating his support by eight points. …

The poll systematically privileges Democrat candidates in dramatic fashion, both nationally and at the state level. But that just makes this weekend’s results more frightening for Democrats.

Further, the Washington Post is clearly sounding the alarm about Biden in particular. It published David Ignatius’ dispatch from the Deep State telling Biden to get out of the race and take the politically toxic Kamala Harris with him. In case their perspective wasn’t clear, the left-wing propaganda outlet followed it up two days later with a missive from the deputy editorial page editor saying much of the same. …

Susan Glasser, a left-wing writer for The New Yorker, stumbled around this point in a social media post venting her frustration that Americans weren’t siding with Biden:

Take away the unhinged ranting about insurrections and personal revenge and note the underlying point: Biden and other Democrats took a speedboat across the Rubicon and had their main political opponent indicted four times in an attempt to prevent his election, and it’s completely backfiring.

Democrat activists up and down the Eastern Seaboard have indicted the former president on an overwhelming number of charges, some serious and the vast majority patently absurd. In so doing, they violated norms kept by every president up to Trump himself of not prosecuting defeated candidates. …

It’s not just Trump who is being targeted by the regime, but other Republicans and their grassroots supporters. Attacking the right to legal representation, free speech, the right to redress, and freedom of the press is popular with Democrats, yes, but horrifying to many other Americans. …

They rushed headlong into the campaign strategy of indicting their political opponents without realizing it would be difficult to change course if that backfired. They can’t very well drop the charges at this point, but the more aggressively they prosecute them, the more it reminds Americans of how absolutely reckless and dangerous they’re being. …

Do you think Trump’s indictments are backfiring? Share your thoughts and prayers in the comments.

(Excerpt from The Federalist. Photo Credit: Seth Wenig-Pool/Getty Images)

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September 30, 2023

The polls have not been very accurate reflection of voters’ opinions as of late. One reason is that the method of polling has changed. They no longer poll large numbers of people and often use the same groups. Additionally, while Trump supporters push forward their opinion, those in the Republican party who don’t support him are individuals who don’t respond to polls. In the last elections, the Democratic and Republican voters were so close in numbers, it was the independent voters who determined the election.
Some believe that it is part of the Democratic strategy to cause more Republicans sitting on the fence to vote for Donald Trump. They want him to be nominated. They believe he can more easily be defeated.
Someone being indicted, however unfair the indictment, is not a reason to vote someone into office. Especially when that person intends to use the Department of Justice to strike back. Doing so is not going to result in a Department of Justice which is independent of politics.  

Angela D.
September 30, 2023

I believe that the indictments are backfiring. Those who are awake; and tuned into the Lord’s leading, should clearly see that Donald J. Trump is innocent of these charges.
In my opinion, this is a clear cut case of election interference.
“The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles.”
Psalm 34:17


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