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Father, we pray against this massive violation of privacy and security in India. Protect these people from their government, God, and keep anything like this from ever rearing its head in America.

This app is dangerous and a clear sign of absolute government overreach. Let’s pray that it never shows up on our shores.

From The National Pulse. Indian officials are repurposing a controversial COVID-19 contract-tracing app to be used as a key component of the country’s healthcare infrastructure.

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The app, Aarogya Setu, was developed in 2020 by the the country’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. …

The government, however, now plans to broaden usage of the app, with a senior official announcing Aarogya Setu will become the country’s sole healthcare app. …

The decision follows Aarogya Setu’s rollout being met with significant controversy over the app’s potential threat to data privacy. …

It stores location data and requires constant access to the users’ Bluetooth, with the app justifying its invasive measure as essential to letting people know if they’ve been near a person infected with the COVID-19.

The app then allows for authorities to upload the gathered information to a government-owned and operated “server.” …

A clause in the app’s Terms and Conditions also states that the user “agrees and acknowledges that the Government of India will not be liable for … any unauthorised access to your information. … “

Despite the invasive tracking feature, millions were left with no choice but to download the app, as the government announced that downloading it would be mandatory for both government and private employees. Some Indian suburbs such as Noida made downloading the app compulsory for all residents, threatening six months of jail time if they failed to comply. …

How are you praying against invasive technology that violates our privacy? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The National Pulse. Photo Credit: NordWood Themes on Unsplash)

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Rose Rocha
September 30, 2022

Father God we do not bow to threat of coherence by any government to violate privacy. We only bow to you God. Send you Holy Spirit to the nation of India’s leaders to disallow any app that is us as surveillance over its’ people. IJN


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