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Father, we thank You for the unity brought about by this storm. Use this opportunity to remind people that there are more important things than politics, God. And Lord, keep every Floridian safe.

Gov. DeSantis in a press briefing thanked other governors, including Democrats, for supporting Florida both before and during this hurricane. Let’s pray that, like the governor of Louisiana, all Americans will be able to set aside their differences to support the people of Florida.

From The Daily Wire. Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) gave a special thanks to three southern governors during a press briefing Wednesday evening for the the support that they have provided to the state of Florida as it gets hit by Hurricane Ian.

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The hurricane slammed into the southwest portion of the state as a powerful Category 4 hurricane Wednesday afternoon, knocking out the power for well over 1 million Floridians. With winds initially reaching up to 155 mph upon landfall, Hurricane Ian is tied for the 4th strongest hurricane to ever hit the state.

“I want to thank the 26 states that have sent us support, including Tennessee, Virginia, Montana, New York, Colorado, Indiana, New Jersey, and Georgia,” DeSantis said at the press conference. …

DeSantis also gave a special thanks to Louisiana’s Democratic governor for the support his state has provided to Florida.

“I was also just able to speak with John Bel Edwards from Louisiana,” DeSantis said. “They’ve helped us, but he said, ‘hey, we’ve got a lot of experience in hurricanes recently so these guys are good, ask us, we want to send more,’ and so we really appreciate that consideration.” …

How are you praying for Florida? Share your prayers and scriptures below.

(Excerpt from The Daily Wire. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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October 1, 2022

Oh, Lord. We ask that You shine Your light on the Sunshine State as they experience the aftermath and devastation caused by the hurricane. We ask that each and every victim will find an example of Your love through those who minister to them. We pray that all those involved in the cleanup and rebuilding will have your protection and strength to endure. We thank you for Governor DeSantis’ incredible efforts and organizational skills and we pray that You will give him and his administration wisdom, energy and protection in the months ahead. Thank you for those from other states who have sent volunteers, donations and shown compassion for those who were so deeply affected. May you receive all the glory and may this destructive storm further your
kingdom here on earth. We love you our dear heavenly Father and in Your Son’s name we pray. Amen.

Ellen Goode
September 30, 2022

I pray that the heartless response of Biden in NOT HELPING the citizens further expose that these thieves who stole the election and are illegitimate holders of office, who have no care or concern for the citizens. I decree that every lie and every plot, plan and lie is exposed by the Hosts of Heaven to dismantle and destroy the works of satan since the early 1900s using the government agencies to use bio weapons and demonically attack all of the nations of the world. I decree that Christians will bravely step into positions of leadership to run for office. I decree that this lie that Christians are not to be involved in their own government, by the people and for the people is exposed and pastors will take leadership positions to use the authority of Christ. The government is on the SHOULDERS (His Body), who where are the shoulders of CHRIST but in those who serve CHRIST!! I decree that the HOSTS OF HEAVEN will bring healing to all of the vaccinated and poisoned by prescriptions of pharma, which are ALL bio weapons to cause death, disease, autism, strokes, heart attacks, miscarriages and more. Dear Jesus I plead that you remove the delusions and Open up the minds of the naive and give doctors like http://www.drday.com a national voice to expose the murders and lies of a demonic medical system and antiCHRIST science system.. Wake up Body of Christ to all of the plots and plans from vaccines, false health care, to weather modifications being used against the people. in Jesus Name.

Raymond Via
September 30, 2022

Lord, protect our nation from weaponized manipulation of the weather. Demonic forces and globalists and people who have sold their souls to the Devil are trying to steal our midterms through this technology of laser induced hurricanes, chemical infested forest fires, droughts, diseases and man made unrest and violence. I pray your warring angels and heavenly hosts and Your Mighty Outstretched Arm will avenge and protect us Father God. Help those in Florida to get back on their feet and help others as well when the next one hits Father. We aren’t deceived by the enemy’s devices. Help us keep our eyes on you in Jesus Holy Name. Amen.

Mary Riggins
September 30, 2022

I continue to pray for Florida, for healing and recovery. This is an example of the best of America. People pull together and help each other in a time of need. God bless Governor Desantis, he continues to lead his state with God’s grace, love and caring for his people. He allows God to guide him, then he stands for righteousness!


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