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Father, You have our times and seasons in Your hands. You know the destiny that You have for this nation. We ask You to prepare us in ways that we need to be prepared. We also ask You to forgive us so that disaster can be averted. We ask for mercy and for protection. Amen.
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A crippling ice storm that left Travis Maddox and thousands of other Missouri residents without power in 2007 had an “almost apocalyptic feel to it.”

“No one could move. It just shut the whole region down for two weeks,” said Maddox…

Those two weeks made Maddox realize that being prepared…was the key to a life of self-reliance and personal freedom…

“The riots [of 2020] were bad. The election was bad. Now what’s happening is the whole world is starting to change,” Maddox added…

Along with The Prepared Homestead, a host of other YouTube channels cater to the seasoned and beginning preppers, including “Magic Prepper” in North Dakota, “Angry Prepper” in New York City, “Alaska Prepper”, “Ice Age Farmer”, and many others.

Maddox said The Prepared Homestead began as a way to share basic gardening tips that grew in scope as political and economic circumstances changed.

Now, he produces at least six videos a week, touching upon controversial topics…

While many individual preppers and prepper organizations try to remain anonymous, the number of people preparing appears to be growing. In the last year alone, roughly 45 percent of Americans, or about 116 million people, said they spent money preparing for hard times or spent money stockpiling survival goods, according to Finder.com.

Maddox, however, said there’s a big difference between prepping and “hoarding.”

“Prepping is something most people did all the time” in bygone years. “Our grandparents were preppers. I suspect if things continue to worsen preppers will be made to be the bad guys,” he said…

As a seasoned prepper, Maddox said homesteading is the next level preparing for hard times. Both he and his wife and daughter live in a family-built house tucked away in the pristine Ozarks with the goal of living off the grid.

The family raises goats, chickens, sheep, turkeys, and grows a variety of fruits and vegetables including squash, corn, and asparagus in a large garden.

Do you sense the need to prepare for harder times? Share your prayers below.

(Excerpted from The Epoch Times. Article by Allan Stein. Photo Credit: Claudio Schwarz).

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Tanya Williams
August 10, 2021

I watch a lot of prepper videos, most I have seen create feelings of fear and anxiety in me, the opposite of walking in faith. I have prayed and been inspired to develop skills like growing a garden, baking bread, making pasta, learn about medicinal herbs, making soap and yes, stocking extra items every time I shop. My Dad grew up during the Great Depression and alot of these things he did throughout my childhood. Turn your eyes to Christ for all that you need, not the gov’t.

August 8, 2021

I believe that most all believers sense that harder times than these are coming! Just look at how our whole environment has changed since Covid, and especially the so-called “election.” It does make a HUGE difference, when times are hard, as to WHO is in politics and who is leading our country!! I just ask the Lord, to forgive me for being so naive, and for taking freedom for granted, and for being deceived about a lot of things! I have truly trusted people, in government, and healthcare, that I will NEVER Trust again! I’m praying for God’s mercy for America. I’m so greatful that His Word says “His mercies are new every morning, great is His faithfulness!” We need to pray for our nation, and one another, that we will have His wisdom to know how and what to prepare for.

Karen Secrest
August 8, 2021

The Lord determines for each of us what we need to do.
The Word tells us there Will be hard times which we have already seen with mask and lockdown. There are still those who would like to control through fear mongering and misinformation, i.e. lying about events happening in our neighborhood. Pray and seek the Lord for every decision that needs to be made. We are aware that floods and fires and freezing cold will affect our lives. However, I’m not wearing a mask today and thank God for the reset that was necessary to clear areas that had turned into swamp that could be recovered into useful, productive areas. Recall the use of the branch thrown into the water to make it “sweet”. We serve the God of the Impossible. AMEN

August 8, 2021

Absolutely I sense the need but have done little to prepare. Thankful for this article!


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