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Lord Jesus, help us remember to pray for our pastors regularly. May they be shepherds after Your own heart.
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October is Pastor Appreciation Month. In a time when the Church is divided and under attack, one thing that everyone can agree on is that pastors need prayer. Wouldn’t it be great if praying for our pastors was a regular thing for Christians and showing them appreciation extended all year and not just in October?

Download this prayer guide and pray for your pastor! It’s a very shareable resource as well. We know that our prayers will make a difference in the lives of our pastors and for our churches.

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Rosalie Skwiers
October 24, 2021

Way back in June of 1972 I was lead to my relationship with Jesus and the baptism in the Holy Ghost by a Pastor’s wife. I was just a good kid that needed Jesus. I was seventeen at the time. During the Jesus People movement in our church many people found Jesus and were delivered of big problems. Things like drugs, alcohol, sex addiction and more. The Pastors wife took me under her wing to protect this good kid of any bad influence. One thing I learned in those years was what a emotional beating a Pastor’s wife and kids get. I am sixty-six now and can honestly say I have always honored and blessed my Pastor’s their wife’s and their children. Pastors go where you don’t go. When they get a call it is usually not good. They go to the sick bed, to the jail etc. when people are at their worst they call the Pastor. As intercessors we need to pray and honor our Pastor. Send them a note of encouragement, make sure their kids get a gift at Christmas even small ones our greatly appreciated. Pray and honor the role of Pastor it is a hard job for his wife and family.

J Kingma
October 24, 2021

Praise You O God of our fathers! You have left us an inheritance. You have given us faithful shepherds, mentors, leaders, and examples. You have left us voices in the wilderness! You have shown us what we should do and what we should be. We have not lived up to Your Word; we have not lived as well as many who preceded us. But You have not abandoned us, and You will never leave us nor forsake us! We pray for our pastors to listen to Your Holy Spirit. May they find guidance, strength and power in You. May repentance begin in church and flow to unbelievers. May those who think they know You discover You in holiness and power. We thank You for what You are doing now in our country and in the world. Keep pastors and churches from heresy and deception through Jesus’ Name, Amen


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