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Father, we come heavy about the upcoming election. Help us to each vote our biblical values in this upcoming election and we put or trust in You for total control over the election. Help us to do our part.

Editor’s Note: We know that there is a layer of deep state actors embedded throughout the government. We also know that this election is not your normal Candidate A vs. Candidate B contest. You can feel the spiritual battle pulling in our nation. But what if what we think we know is just a fraction of what is really happening behind the scenes and deep within the government? What if there is more at play? We cannot know all that is happening, but we do know we are called to pray and that it can even affect situations we have no knowledge of. Read this article as an eye-opener. Could there be some truth to it? Ask for discernment as you read. Know that IFA is not in agreement that this is “bound to happen” as the original author says, or Even with all of his assessments, but we do believe there are many things we do not know and that intercession can shift the battle and change outcomes. Prayer is that critical!

As intercessors we see and pray about the roots of ungodliness In our nation, pray against the plans the enemy has, and pray to release the fullness of God’s purposes here in our nation as well as protection and direction for our leaders. Sometimes the news is grim. We take that as intel we can use to release prayer against those plans of the enemy and press in even more during critical times, in certain places and for particular issues. We wanted to share this as simply an eye opener. This writer is not necessarily a Christian but has information nonetheless. Our response will be different than his. His response is “worst-case scenario” despondency—ours is insight for strategic prayer for victory.

From Alternative Market:

The most frequently asked question I get these days is what is going to happen in November, 2020. The election seems to be on the majority of people’s minds even more so that the coronavirus pandemic. In the summer of 2016 I accurately predicted that Donald Trump would enter the White House and met endless opposition to the idea. At the time, an overwhelming number of analysts in the liberty movement assumed Trump would lose, and that Clinton, by hook or by crook, would become president. Obviously this was not the case. . . .

For one, Clinton was the worst possible candidate that could have been chosen to run against Trump if they had actually intended on “winning”. The DNC had rigged the primary process against Bernie Sanders in order to push Clinton through, yet she was universally hated not just by conservatives but also by moderate liberals. Democrats tend to draw a larger voter base by running “vibrant” candidates that appeal to younger Americans, yet they ran one of the most twisted and decrepit creatures they had on their roster. Though all the polling said Clinton would win in a landslide, the crowds at her campaign events were tiny and devoid of energy. It was clear that she had zero momentum. . . .

Here’s what people need to understand…

Sometimes giving an enemy a false sense of security by allowing them a minor victory is the best strategy. The globalists strategize for the long term; not just for the next 4 years, but for the next 40 years. As Richard N. Gardner, former deputy assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations under Kennedy and Johnson, and a member of the Trilateral Commission, wrote in the April, 1974 issue of the Council on Foreign Relation’s (CFR) journal Foreign Affairs (pg. 558) in an article titled ‘The Hard Road To World Order’:

In short, the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion,’ to use William James’ famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”

My prediction on Trump becoming president was not only based on Clinton’s inadequacy as a candidate, but also on Trump’s usefulness as a scapegoat for collapse. Keep in mind that the US economy had been struggling to maintain support since the crash of 2008. With all major fundamentals either stagnant or in decline, and with corporate debt, consumer debt and national debt skyrocketing, an enormous bubble was being created in the US economy. This bubble was being inflated by the Federal Reserve through endless stimulus policies to the point that the economy had become addicted to easy money. The system was dependent on it. . . .

The banking elites needed a cover event and a scapegoat for the inevitable collapse they had engineered. With Clinton in office, the globalists would get the blame for the crash. With Trump in office, conservatives and all of our ideals and principles get the blame for the crash.

Trump’s entry into the White House brought hope for many conservatives, but I never put much faith in the eventual outcome once I realized the same elites that had infested previous administrations were now packed into Trump’s cabinet. The fact of the matter is, Trump is surrounded by them. . . .

This brings us to 2020. We are now in the middle of a viral pandemic; government officials and establishment elites are calling for extensive economic lockdowns in order to “flatten the curve” and slow the infection rate. These lockdowns are accelerating the decline of the already weakened US economy and setting the country up for collapse in the near term. Civil unrest is constantly on the verge of breaking out on both sides of the political divide.

The social justice cultists want chaos in the name of bringing down the system and replacing it with some kind of Marxist Utopia. Conservatives are ready to protest and perhaps even go to war in order to stop the lockdowns and prevent medical tyranny (and I agree with them). This is the background for election 2020, and it’s an epic mess.

For the past few month my suspicion is that there might not be an election at all. But let’s look at the factors that are in place:

1) Joe Biden, the Dem candidate, appears to have stage four dementia. Either that, or he is a very good actor. This is another situation where I am questioning WHY? Why would the establishment run Biden (like they ran Clinton), perhaps the worst possible choice if they hope to rally people against Trump and conservatives?

Maybe Trump is meant to stay in office for another four years, because Biden appears to have no capacity to hold the attention of an audience (again, unless his Alzheimer’s is an act).  That said, if the economic decline is severe enough into November, the election numbers could still be very close because of the backlash against Trump.  Close elections are the easiest for the establishment to manipulate one way or the other.

2) Leftists hate Trump so thoroughly that they would vote for anyone at this point just to get rid of him; but will this fervor be enough to sway moderate Dems to participate if Biden continues his displays of mental frailty?

3) The pandemic lockdowns and viral spread are likely to hit hard by November. Meaning, there is a chance that people will find it difficult to vote at all, unless the votes are handled by mail-in or by electronic means.

4) Electronic or mail-in voting will not be trusted by the public on either side. Whoever wins will be accused of cheating.

5) Civil unrest and violence is almost guaranteed in the lead up to the elections, which could frighten people away from voting booths if they are even in operation.

These factors and more lead me to predict that Election 2020 will be a contested election which ends with Trump staying in office but accused of usurping the democratic process. This outcome is the worst possible outcome and also the most advantageous for the globalist establishment.

The elites are even hinting publicly that this is about to happen. For those of you that have been reading my work for many years, the name “Max Boot” might sound familiar. In my article ‘How Globalists Will Attempt To Control Populations Post Collapse’, published in 2016, I outlined writings by Council on Foreign Relations member Max Boot on the Malaysian Model, a method he describes as the perfect strategy for taking control of a population and destroying an insurgency.

The model calls for the institution of city-sized concentration camps which are used to isolate a rebellion away from the general population. The population in these cities is then subjected to extreme tracking and control measures, while the military is sent out to rural areas to eliminate potential insurgent threats. . . .

In an article for the Washington post titled ‘What If Trump Loses But Insists He Won’, Boot outlines a scenario that was “war gamed” by a group called the Transition Integrity Project. The group played out a scenario in which there is a razor thin victory for Joe Biden, followed by actions by Trump to keep control of the presidency through lies and legal wrangling. The group also predicted civil unrest leading to potential “civil war” as the fight over the White House expands.

This article is, I believe, an attempt at predictive programming by the establishment. They are TELLING US exactly what is about to happen. A contested election, civil war, martial law, economic collapse and the US will be destroyed from within.  If conservatives actively support unconstitutional levels of federal power or martial law, then the scenario becomes even worse.  By forsaking our foundational principles in order to “defeat the left”, we would be handing victory to the globalists.  We would be destroying our own movement’s reason for existing while the elites barely have to lift a finger.

The CFR and its long time goal of erasing US sovereignty would then be nearly complete. All that would be left is to ensure they they are the people that get to rebuild America from the ashes of all out domestic conflict and collapse. This cannot be allowed to happen. . . .

The temptation for conservatives will be to fully embrace government power in order to stop the leftists, but if we refuse to support martial law measures, if we demand or assert alternative solutions (such as community based security), if we stand by our principles of limited government and if we fight back against the globalists specifically instead of only focusing on the political left, then there is a chance we can stop them from taking control. That said, if we bow to government power and hand over our freedom just to defeat the leftists, then we will lose the greater battle against globalism in the long run.

(Excerpt from Alernative Market. Article by Brandon Smith. Photo from White House Flickr.)

Share your thoughts about this interesting commentary about the election and how you are instead praying from a place of VICTORY in Christ!

3007 People Prayed
39341 People have read this article

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  1. There are many good and just prayers proceeding this, some with great fervor, some with great logic and I believe in great hope, faith and trust. I concur, agree and say Amen to many. This is a hard article to read, to comprehend, but I think a warning and an alert to all Christians, all people of a conservative attitude of governing.

    May our God hear our pleas and may we approach him with humble and repenting hearts, pleading for the soul of the nation and restoration of our American Judaeo-Christian heritage and foundations. Our God, our creator has the ultimate plan and the ultimate control within his timing and power. Lord God, let Your Spirit flow through America with cleansing and healing and then overflow into the world as our benevolence has always done, by your blessing and grace to us. Open our eyes and ears that we may hear and see your working and then be willing and ready to join you.

    Thank you for this medium of interest that we can receive information, teaching and news of current events; let us be diligent to listen and to learn, to seek understanding for our own decisions, actions and relationships. Thank you that we can join together – nationally and internationally – to seek your wisdom and your will, to join together in petition, supplication, praise and thanksgiving, agreeing together in the Name and Power of Jesus Christ, the reigning king, who is to return and rescue His kingdom, also to judge and present justice of rejection and evil. Let us, your people and your church repent, prepare and be ready. Thank you most gracious God for Your love, grace, blessing, forgiveness and atonement, healing and restoration unto your fellowship.

  2. This is very very long article and a lot to process. When the King Jehoshaphat didn’t know what to do The king went to the Lord and every person in the Bible when they are end of the tunnel they cried out and the Lord answered them . 2 Chronicles 20 we need to unite and focus to have National Repentance so that the Lord will have mercy once again in our beloved country. We need to call of the believers of Jesus Christ to repent and pray. Amos 3:3… President Lincoln 1809-1865 America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms it will be because we destroyed ourselves. “. President Lincoln quoted Jesus word in Matthew 12:25.And I pray all the believers of Jesus Christ will do matthew22:21. God bless you all as you stand and pray for our beloved nation!!!

  3. I appreciate Smith’s naming some of the globalist actors as some people are unaware of these organizations which are world-wide tentacles of what most people call the Depp State, but is really the Roman Empire as shown in Nebuchadnezzar’s statue. As Christians we are commanded to be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” Matt. 10:16. We do pretty well with the harmless part but not so well with the wise part.
    “The righteous man wisely considereth the house of the wicked…” Prov. 21:12. May God help us know how we are to cooperate with Him as we consider the wickedness of these perilous times, and let us pray for His mercy towards all men, that they will see the Lord Jesus and repent. God bless all who pray and trust and obey. Love in Jesus, Cathy

  4. Gaining Understanding in these times is vital. So many Christian’s have become infected with the globalists Christian-ese way of looking at the tensions and passively disengaging. We must not lose the kind of hot love that will be tough

    1. Lord God, I pray in the precious and mighty name of Jesus for the church to wake up! I pray that all who are asleep or lukewarm awaken like a sleeping giant to fight this battle through repentance and prayers and proclamations that line up with Your will.

      LORD, let this be that time of a great end-time outpouring of Your Spirit. LORD God, we cry out for wisdom for Your people and leaders throughout the nation so we will know how to pray and when to fight. I ask in the name of Your Son that the evil scenarios mentioned hear and other places will not come to pass. LORD intervene like You did in the day Israelites thought all hope was lost. You do a miracle that none of us can see coming. You, O LORD get the glory. Be glorified in this, LORD. Make your name great among the nations. Be glorified, faithful and merciful LORD on high. In Jesus name, so be it. Thank you, LORD. You are good.

  5. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I trust in God’s sovereign plan. I believe everything is falling into place according to His plan. I pray and I trust in God alone. I sense in my spirit, the days ahead will be very tumultuous. We need God’s divine intervention, big time. I keep looking up for my redemption draws near. His name is Jesus.

  6. Very concerning. It seems to affirm the prophetic dream of Ky Pastor Coverstone about chaos erupting in November, Washington burning, armed mobs rioting. We need to pray and declare God’s peace and His victory over evil. The spirit of antichrist (lawlessness) is trying to rise prematurely as the devil always tries to change the times and seasons. But this is not the season for globalism or the antichrist. The antichrist cannot even be revealed until the church and believers anointed by the Holy Spirit are taken out of the way (rapture). This is the season for God to arise and let His enemies be scattered. Heavenly Father, we know that You sit enthroned in the heavens and laugh at schemes of the evil one and those who do his bidding. The path of the wicked is dark and slippery with the angel of the Lord pursuing them! Eternal God, you are our refuge, and underneath are your everlasting arms. Hold America and her citizens in Your loving arms. Drive out this enemy of lawlessness and chaos before us and destroy the plans of the wicked. Let righteousness rain down and the latter rain of the Holy Spirit sweep across America and the world, remaking our nation as You want us to be so that the Gospel might spread from us to the ends of the earth. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

  7. It definitely is a globalist war on US sovereignty. We can only block it by the empowerment of God. Pray for enlightenment and empowerment to act. Possibly display signs like,” Fear not, God loves you” . Only when people start thinking from God’s point of view will there be a turn around.

  8. Intercessors.. I just don’t know about you anymore. You are slowly losing my attention .. and feel you are spreading fear and not discerning.. with much effort.

  9. I am simply responding to a reply.

    Thank you for the note ! May all of Gods people pray & fast for God Almighty to declare his authority over all power of satan to cause any & all trouble in this Nation!

    God is Lord & there is non other. May god destroy all his enemies without apology nor mercy !!!

    He has taught some of us how to fight !!! His men of old were instructed to Destroy everything That Breathed ! Who are we to ever Question the Almighty ? Read The Word of God !

    Niel S. Atkinson
    Tallahassee, Florida

  10. God laughs while man plans. God has seen how this election will play out. The ONLY game that matters is the race we run to finish our Christian lives. Ultimately we will be raptured in the coming months, years as the Bible predicted. We will be oppressed and persecuted by those going to hell and worshipping Satan – whether they know who they serve or not.

    In the end, GOD WINS. We may be killed, beaten, persecuted, and bear our own crosses while waiting on the rapture, but in the end, GOD and Christ and THE CHURCH WIN. We already have. It was finished on the cross.

    The thing Christians need to remember, no matter who wins in November, it that GOD HAS IT UNDER CONTROL. He has a plan. We may not see it or welcome it, but it’s His all-knowing plan for our eternal good. Be not afraid! God tells us this more than 365 times throughout the Bible. He says this because He is in control. He is telling us to have faith and believe in Him.

    Get into the word of God. Pray daily without ceasing. If you’re not prepared and in a daily relationship with God/Christ now, you won’t be able to withstand what is coming upon the earth, and upon this country in September/October 2020.

  11. What happens if Covid19 vanishes from America?
    We can do our part in making that happen by viewing, sharing and following the advice offered by this crowd of doctors in Washington DC. We can help save lives and our country with some clicks and phone calls. God already supplied the medication for us to use- worldwide.
    The enemy wants to keep it from us so all the evil plans can be carried out. Please let’s do this.
    Not a surprise that the video was banned from YouTube and FB.

  12. I am praying for our Country, for the world we live in, for so many issues that have been brought to light so many things , heart breaking, sick and unspeakable, and more. Praise Our Lord because He can take care of all of them. His Word tells to pray and not worry, Stand for Christ, do not fear the battle ahead because God will do the fighting and He Always Wins. I use to get so upset, fearful and worried for my family and others on what to do . Then God showed me in His Word not to worry or fear but trust and pray that He has it taken care of! Things don’t always happen the way I wanted but they happen the way God use for the best. I Love You Lord and with all the crazy things I this World I put my trust in You !

  13. I am praying with that Christians will register and vote. I’m in a group that prays weekly for God’s plan for our nation. I pray daily for our president. Even though the foundations are in great danger of being destroyed, God is still on the throne. My trust is in the fact that HE can do all things and no plan of His can be thwarted.

  14. Dear Lord,
    I fervently pray about this upcoming election. May Your will be done. I pray that you will intervene in the election so Biblical values and religious liberty can prevail in the U.S. In Jesus name, Amen.

  15. My sincere apology to the family of Gen. George S. Patton, for incorrectly spelling his name in my comments.

    I also realize that many people regarded him as an imperfect man. Not many of us are perfect, but in my view he was Perfect in his determination to carry out his mission.

    We would be a blessed nation if we had just one man today, so determined as he was, to successfully complete one’s purpose. We do have great Generals and Leaders today; however, remembering the great ones from the past does us no harm.

    When I see the lack of dedication today, among so many, it scares me and is heartbreaking to face what we have come to.

    Our forefathers would be devastated to view the anarchy & Left Wing conduct going on day by day and night by night.

    Obviously, our God is Greater than all our enemies! If we repent and do not waiver, we will also see the magnificent power of The Lord God Almighty yet displayed in the middle of our pathetic state.

    Thank God for all the Biblical examples we can rely on for success !

    Niel S. Atkinson
    Tallahassee, Florida

  16. I pray for Your will to be done, Lord, in our individual lives and in our Nation. We know America does eventually fall, for your Word account of the end times never mentions her. Help us to give our nation to You, letting it go, and then let us fervently fight for the souls of the Mellinnials and those generations under them that our neglect has caused to be the most lied to and propagandized generations ever. Forgive your Body for not being the salt and light we are called to be. Teach us now to be this now to Your glory, dear Lord. We ask for the saving of the children, both body and soul, and i believe You Lord are using America to abolish human trafficing lines. May we as a country still serve you and may we recieve again Mercy over Judgement. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen

  17. Father, we bind up the spirit of complacency,laziness, dissension and lies in the church and send these demons to the pit. We sever (CUT OFF) the lies that come against the church from the wolves and false prophets that stand against our President. We take the God given authority and pull down the voter fraud in our cities from boarder to boarder and coast to coast. Wake up church of Jesus Christ and put your armor on. Jesus is Lord over this Nation. HIS kingdom come HIS will be done in America,
    on earth as it is in heaven. Amen! My God receive all the glory and praise from your children.


  18. Though he does not express a Biblical world view, nevertheless, some of what he says in right in line with some Biblical prophecy. Is there a way out of that scenario? I believe 2 Chron. 7:14. God is a merciful God, but also Just. As a nation, we have turned our backs on the Savior and are paying the price. Repentance and revival could be a key, but whether or not it will forestall judgment is a question’ How far has America slid? Is our nation at the point of no return? We need to pray so much the more as we see what has happened and what could happen.

  19. The church of God is to be the light and salt in the earth, a beacon of direction and guidance. Some thirty years ago I remember when the Lord began calling to His people from II Chron. 7:14, a verse very familiar to us all. This is a call to repentance. Have we turned from our own wicked ways yet? Can the Lord empower a church that has neglected its responsibility and won’t admit it? These are strong words but these are desperate sobering times. Let us return to our prayer closets again, and ask God to show us the truth.


  20. Dear God,I thank you that you are aware that there is chaos in our country and anarchists seeking to destroy.I praise you that you you are in control and am not. I ask in the name of Jesus that you destroy the evil that seeks to destroy us and this country and Israel. Blessings be on Israel and the United States.

  21. All I can is “BUT GOD…” I trust God before I trust man, and I will vote values, standards when I vote this November. God already knows the outcome. Nothing, absolutely nothing takes God by surprise. He does not overlook a balcony from heaven and gasp saying “I never saw that coming.” God is and always will be in control. His will be done…But God!

    1. Yes, I agree. But, We do move the hand of God with our prayers and intercession. We cannot sit back, but we need to be on the front lines in intercession on behalf of lost souls for God’s Kingdom purposes.
      Globalism and socialism will take this nation down and that’s why we cry out to our Father for his mercy.
      The Lord God has blessed us President Donald J. Trump for such a time as this. And, that’s why we pray for him.

      1. Thank you for your comment. I did not mean that we aren’t to pray or work. Faith without works is dead. I am very familiar with praying for others. That’s one of the reasons I’m part of this prayer ministry.

        I have a Prayer for President Trump sitting right here on my desk where I am reminded to pray for him often during the day. Yes. Prayer definitely moves the heart of God and it has to be from a sincere heart. I believe God is waiting on us, His Church, to repent and then I know because He said He would, He will heal our land. Again, thank you for your comment. God bless.

  22. We need to pray that president Trump and William Barr with the help of Judicial Watch and others round up those who were served sealed indictments be brought to justice before the election. The perpetrators should not be allowed to flaunt criminal behavior with impunity.

  23. I think we’ve been short-sighted. I hope and pray the President is re-elected, but not for the same reasons. The church needs to get right with God. We’ve been divided by deceptions, and this has been going on for a very, very long time. We need to be Bereans and search the Word for the truth before it’s too late to find it. We’ve been depending on scholars and teachers who disagree with one another. So how could we possibly know the truth by learning from men? The Jews have also been doing that for centuries. How has it been working for them?
    The church needs time to get on the same page with God. The reason for all the frenetic activity? Jesus is planning on returning to establish His Kingdom from Jerusalem. But it isn’t going to happen the way most Christians have believed, and they will be knocked for a loop unless they get real with God.
    That’s why I pray daily that God will put Trump into office again. The church needs more time.

  24. I sincerely appreciate your response.

    I was actually a part of a meeting with Earn Baxter & Derek Prince in Miami when IFA was formed. I am old school in that I do not tolerate foolishness. I believe in aggressive intercession. We need to honor the God of the Bible. God would be quite comfortable with Gen. George Patton because when God wants something done, He wants it done without excuses nor delay.

    I thank you that lead IFA now. We just need to get it done without procrastination ! It would be good if believers would review the things that God commanded his men of old and see how fast they carried out His commands to the detail !

    Niel S. Atkinson
    Tallahassee, Florida

    1. Earn Baxter and Derick Prince……you are old school, I got my start with them 45 years ago, and yes, the church needs to lose the sloppy Agape and revisit Ephesians 6…..God bless..

    2. Sir, I appreciate your response.

      Never exactly sure how the IFA system works ? But, if I understand correctly, Yes, the Church needs to be bold.

      We would have never won World War II, if the Church was as pansy as it often appears to be. The Church is for Grown Up Men that know how to fight !

      Anything less and we will get what we desire . We should be bold & aggressive, not putting up with anything the Left attempts to through at us. We would be serving under Hitler today, unless our Fathers & Grandfathers had decided that they would not take it. How long would it have taken for General George Patten to have put a quick end to the crap we have going on in Seattle & Portland – About 10 minutes at most !

      What will it take for this generation to decide that They Will No Longer Take The Crap That Democrats & Left Wingers try to through at us ?

      I, for one, have had all I am going to take !,,,,,! How many will join me in declaring that we will not surrender any more to the Left ??

      Our God is A Man of War ! Read The Bible !

      Niel S. Atkinson
      Tallahassee, Florida

      1. “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but they are mighty for the pulling down of strongholds, We tear down every vain imagination that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:4-5

        1. Thank you sincerely Penni – Let us never take no for any answer for our Petition Before Almighty God of Heaven & Earth – The satanic world & all worshipers of the Hollywood Cult are put down forever. Our God is Lord of All !!

          God will prevail & there is non other ! All Sin is Before Him !

          Niel S. Atkinson
          Tallahassee, Florida

    3. Think about Moses. He was fully dedicating to doing what God ordered. Like many important men and women in the Bible he had faults and committed sins. Moses was a murderer, he killed an Egyptian slave driver. King David was an adulterer and instigator of a murder. The World needs leaders
      today who albeit imperfect carry out God’s will. General Patton was a man like this. Trump appears to meet this description. But whoever is elected POTUS in November will win because God has
      appointed him. All governments, good and bad, are appointed by God. God’s will be done on Earth as it is done in Heaven, should be our daily prayer. HE alone knows what is good, because as Jesus Himself replied to the rich young ruler who wanted to follow Him, ‘why do you call me good teacher, ONLY GOD IS GOOD’.

  25. I just wanted to say that I found great encouragement in reading all of the comments to this article! Praise God that so many of His children are fervently praying for our nation!!! What a blessing to join in prayer to our Lord, Jesus, with my brothers and sisters in Christ! I love you all and thank God for you! Praise the Lord that there are many more than ten righteous in America – may He withhold judgment for the sake of the righteous (Genesis 18:17-33)!

    My prayer for you (Numbers 6:24-26):

    24 The LORD bless you and keep you;
    25 the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
    26 the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

    1. Thank you for your prayer post; you spoke my heart also. I am encouraged, always, as I read the prayers of prayer warriors from all over our country. I know He hears our cries, but He is such a Holy God, and we have transgressed His laws or commandments as a nation to such a degree, I fear the judgements in nature, violence, and confusion will increase. I pray for all of our faith to continue to grow; that we will be His light in the ever increasing darkness; and we will be faithful to endure till the end. May He find us pleasing in His sight, and our heartfelt prayers move the Heavenly armies to perform His perfect will over us individually and our beloved America. In His precious Name, I pray.

  26. I know some have been bothered by this article, but I appreciate the information, so I can pray and act with greater clarity. I read many sources of information, some of which are by non-Christians, some of which are alarming, and many of which contain much truth. I don’t pass many of these along to my other intercessors, because they might not be able to handle it, but I do not despair, because I know that I cannot believe every word of man. God’s will is sovereign, and he will perform it; however, sometimes his will is conditional and depends upon our repentance, prayers, and actions.

    I reread Nehemiah yesterday, and it occurred to me that he received several negative reports. He didn’t refuse to listen. Instead, he listened and took appropriate action, but he didn’t panic like his enemies expected. He just prayed and kept building. When he heard that their enemies were going to kill them, he had the people arm themselves, but they kept working.

    Lord God, Sovereign king of the Universe, we acknowledge our total dependence upon you. We are weak, but you are powerful! You alone know the end from the beginning! Strengthen our faith, Lord. Give us wisdom and insight regarding how to respond to this negative scenario. Help us to forge ahead in prayer, and help us to take whatever action is needed.

    Father, as I’ve prayed many times before, I ask you to give our nation more time to carry out your work. I know that there is much wickedness in this nation, but there is a large righteous remnant that is working to do your will and to reach the lost. There are so many hundreds and thousands of ministries in this nation that are spreading the gospel around the world. Even though we may deserve your judgment, please allow us to continue spreading your word until everyone has had an opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus. In your justice, we beg for your mercy. We pray this in the mighty name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen!

    1. I agree with you totally! My heart began to sink as I read this article but then I heard, “trust Me in all things,” and my heart became light and filled with thanksgiving for our sovereign God who controls our destiny with Him!

      1. I felt much the same way when reading through the article and like you the Lord encouraged me that all things are in his hands. I is our job to pray,trust and obey He is in complete control despite how things may seem.

    2. Thank you so much for your commentary regarding Nehemiah. He listened, kept working. Armed his workers and kept working. Prayed. The enemy is banking on us being afraid as fear spreads like a cancer and kills the will to stand up and fight. Do not be afraid. As for me and my house, we serve the LORD our GOD.

  27. My thought is that whatever the enemies strategy is (and by “enemy” I do not mean leftists or even globalists, these are merely the people the enemy uses) but whatever the enemies strategy, God already knows, nothing surprises HIM and the enemy always overplays his hand, to our advantage.
    It’s we, however, who are taken by surprise and my prayer (in addition to the concerns raised here), is for us to stay awake and vigilant, always keeping in step with The Spirit of God.

  28. I agree that this article is an accurate assessment of the enemies strategies. As watchman on the wall I always pray for The LORD to reveal the enemies plans so that I can know how to pray. It is a window into the enemies camp. ( like Joshua, Caleb & the 12 spies). With all of this BUT FOR GOD. He has the final answer and he can & will thwart the plans of the enemy. As many are praying we APPEAL TO HEAVEN. For Gods justice & mercy. Our country has a destiny from our beginning in 1607, that we will fulfill the great commission to preach the gospel in all the nations. I pray for a miraculous God intervention for our country. That the stro g arm of The LORD will push back the evils ones agenda. We need to look @ the end game & strategize daily for the President & for him to have Godly men & women who see true believers & patriots for our country. Also we are a huge ally to ISRAEL & we need to stand by this naion. I’m so glad to have I’ve this information so that we can hit the target. It’s not over till God says so. The best is yet to come! Onward christian soldiers!

    1. Amen!Much encouragement in reading about the saints in the Bible and how they stood firm.Mt 24:13 tells us …Jesus tells us… That “he who endures to the end shall be saved”.

  29. Heavenly Father, May you lead and guide us into prayer, fasting and repentance like Jehosophat in 2 Chronicles 20. He knew he could nothing when the enemy came just we can do nothing but trust in a God who is beyond our understanding, whom we know ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD. Halleujah! We pray for the body of Christ to hunger for His WORD.We thank you Lord for each and every person who is praying below and all those they represent. We cover the body of Christ with the blood of Jesus. We look to you God for revelation and direction as you guide us through this darkness bringing light to the darkness. We are your vessels Lord. PRAISE GOD. may we just as Jehosophat did, come into the darkness PRAISING OUR GOD and giving thanks for all He has done wand will do. We leave the battle to Christ for He has overcome death, sin and the power of the devil. PRAISE JESUS.

    1. Yes! Praise God, this is the same chapter the Holy Spirit gave to me about a month ago to share with my prayer group of intercessors! Thank you for sharing. God Bless.

      1. Deanna,
        When you and your prayer group of intercessors got this chapter, what instructions did you get from reading this passage? I got to humble ourselves, fast, pray and seek the Lord. When you see the battle, go in praising and giving thanks.He will take care of it. He has the victory. Did you all get the same or different? Andy additional information? I never want to miss a anything from Him.

  30. U agree with you but let us also pray…Heavenly Father, Unite the body of Christ. We thank you Father for you have raised so many prayer warriors in this time for such a time as this. Unite all those who call you Father and help us to love you with all our heart, all our strength and all our mind. And as Jesus said, “Love others as I have loved you.” We know that if we love you and love others, the power of love can overtake this darkness. Darkness has to flee when light comes. Just as in creation when you spoke, “Let their be light”. PRAISE GOD. In the same way, Your unfailing love opens the eyes of the blind, makes the dumb speak and the lane walk, may we be filled to overflowing with that love..Thanks be to God! We will trust in you with all our heart, soul, strength and mind and NOT LEAN on our own understanding…In Jesus name

    1. My understanding (if it helps) is that the enemy has a well laid plan with his eye on “his” end goal. The plan takes into consideration different possible outcomes, with strategies for each. The devil is wiley and shrewd, but no match for OUR GOD! Our God knows ALL if the enemies tactics, what’s more is, Our God knows that the enemy always overplays his hand.
      We are in a fierce battle right now and need to stay fiercely focused on OUR Commander in Chief who is Messiah Yeshua.
      “Game on!” (Tho that’s just a figure of speech, this is no game).
      The sleeping giant awakens! (Reference to the sleeping church).
      We are being “woke” up by the enemies own ferver.
      The devil will stop at nothing but the blood of Jesus.
      ARMOR UP!!! Let’s pray.

  31. Father, raise up Your church to be Your Ambassadors of Love and shine the Light of Love into this dark world so that darkness cannot prevail and the Kingdom is advanced through Grace. Draw all people to Yourself. Amen.

  32. We are to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Our deliverance isn’t in Donald Trump, it’s in God alone. In any warfare we must be knowledgeable of the tactics of our enemy. While it is hard to hear, God enables us to hear and to have no fear. That’s a tall calling, and we can only answer by dwelling in God’s Word and taking His faithful promises very personally. An election win for President Trump will not mean a resolution of all the problems in America today, barring some kind of massive upheaval and quelling of opposition forces in every quarter nationally and internationally. I pray God moves on behalf of His people in a major way! At the same time, I ask Him to prepare me, and all His people to be strong and courageous in Him no matter what transpires. He has given us grace to be alive in this day. My prayer is also for whom God is raising up to be our president after President Trump’s next 4 years (by God’s mercy and grace).

  33. That’s a worst case scenario alright. I like God’s scenario better. He has a much better plan and that is why we His people are to follow His lead and not someones else’s scenario. There are people in our church that are forming prayer groups called “For such a time as this.” Start one with your friends and agree together that the enemy is defeated and speak words of life. We declare that our God is able to do far more than we can ask or think. So let’s start thinking as big as possible and let him make it far bigger. The devil wants us to lose heart. It’s his only weapon, fear and lies. Let’s envision the great awakening to be greater than we can ever imagine with signs and wonders accompanying so people will see the church as having all they need to make life worth living. He makes my and your life worth living, so why not let everyone know why by telling them?

    1. I agree w/ you! Our “Prayer for the Nation” group began as a monthly meeting. In fall 2019 we talked that we should be on our knees far more often. Little did we know that God would bring any pandemic to make that happen! We are meeting weekly on our knees Lord be Merciful!

      1. Praise God that we can come before our Father knowing that He holds the future and we are to join Him in whatever it is He is doing. So praying ahead will encourage us to know we are safely in His hands and He will lead us to accomplish His will. Many Christians were feeling as though our lives were way too busy which kept us from praying or reading the Word. Being forced to stay home was the best thing for us. It showed us how easy it could be to cancel things we thought were important in our lives that were not. We can better sort out our priorities now that we were made to slow down and see what is most important and enjoy more time with God.

  34. Why would you even print this article?? As the “sons and daughters of God” we are COMMANDED by God to FOCUS in things that are of a good report! We will be held accountable for every idle word we speak!
    We need to FOCUS AND PRAY FOR GOD’S WILL ON EARTH, IN THE WHITE HOUSE AND IN AMERICA AS IT IS IN HEAVEN! We do not need to focus on “Debates, strategies, opinions, he said she said, etc”,,,.God put President Trump in the White House to lead us, protect us and help us turn back to God! We need to pray for agreement and for people to OBEY GOD….
    Fast and pray for those in Authority and SPEAK LIFE OVER OUR COUNTRY not death! (I am 65 years old and have heard God’s voice since I was a child… at age 10, I remember asking my parents why they were not “doing something” to stop Prayer from being taken out of Schools….instead of arguing and discussing the politics of all the different people involved??)
    Intercessors for America is supposed to be doing just that….INTERCEDING FOR AMERICA! Seeking God’s Face and His Will!
    I am sick of all the Politics, Rioting, Arguing, Opinions
    This kind of Praying is the only prayers that God answers. We must AGREE with God’s Word!!

    1. Amen to this.Just my thoughts. I wonder were God is in all these worst case scenario. Where is Gods scenario, where is his might. God is the all in all. His counsel alone shall stand

  35. Didn’t care for this article. Sounds like it’s coming from such a negative place. Why allow this kind of article any attention? It’s the opposite of what a true prophetic word does, bring hope and encouragement. Even the title is negative. You do a good job of alerting us to prayer needs, but feel this one was confusing and missed the mark.

    1. Have to agree with this comment – sometimes we have to block out the noise, it is important now for the people of God to pray for God’s will in America to be done – not entertain distracting viewpoints and voices that take us away from God’s good work – our Heavenly Parent will be victorious and so will we! Blessings to all the prayer warriors out there! Thank you I also agree with Ms. Moschetti’s comments below – now is the time where our faith must not alter – not for a moment! “They will be done on “earth” as it is in heaven – God has a plan and we will be victorious!

    2. We live in a time when the people of God need to be awakened to the evil around us, not to make us fearful but to get us focused and to be informed on how to pray. In my life of 74 years I have gone through many changes and trials, but because of my faith and the comfort and exhortation of His Word I kept on and persevered in His strength. God has the future of this world in His hands and He has given to us His Word and a personnel relationship with the living God. He will see us through to the end with joy, because we know He is in control. Keep your eyes upon Jesus, Heb 12. God Bless

  36. I have to admit I get fearful and depressed with what is going on in our United States. But right now I am hanging on to a vision the Lord gave me last year. The Red Sea had parted and Donald Trump was running for his life across the dry sea bed. The chariots of Pharaoh were hot on his heels. Then the wheels started coming off of the chariots. Trump made it to the other side by the skin of his teeth, but the waters did flow back over his enemies and they were drowned. As the waters started to settle down a little bit, I saw huge numbers “2020” floating on top of the water. Trump was safe on the other side. This is not a time to be complacent! It is going to take heart felt intercession for our country. May we tip the scales of heaven in our favor with prayer. God IS in control and he hears the prayers of his people! The Lord gave me a vision for the 2016 election that came to pass also. I saw a chess board with a game in process. The Lord’s hand came down and knocked over the queen. I heard the words “Checkmate” I knew that the “queen” represented Hillary Clinton. The Lord took her out personally! He can do it again! Don’t give up! Keep praying! There is no victory without a battle and that is where God shows us His strength and plans. Blessings!

    1. Resist the devil and he will run from you. Don’t believe his lies! Don’t be fearful! We serve an all powerful Mighty God! He is ALL we need. Trust him and give him praise for his protection over you and stay watchful!!!

  37. Please save us, our Almighty God. We look to you, we turn to you and fall at your feet….have mercy on our country. Let us once a shining light to the world of your love and mercy. Have mercy on us….in Jesus name. Amen

  38. Dear LORD, help us do the right thing as a populace of God fearing people! We do not want to give up our inalienable rights!

    We want to stand up for the constitution and bill of rights our ancestors fought and died for!

    Please pray for the Body of Christ to lift up each other, all of our leaders, and pray GOD’S will be done!

  39. Very good points! For even more specific information about what’s going on and WHY it’s going on, please visit Jan Markell’s “” and get the set of 2 DVD’s by Curtis Bowers:
    “The Agenda – Grinding America Down” &
    “Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit – the Issue is never the Issue!” $25 for both!
    You can also hear Jan’s 2-part interview with Curtis on the free App & scroll down to “Understanding the Times”. You won’t be sorry!📖🙏✝️
    Nancy Norvell

  40. Option 3, the Lord beats back those who seek to usurp and destroy His work in this nation because we were ready to be used and listened diligently to His voice.

  41. To quote Brigadier General Anthony McAuliffe’s reply to the Germans’ demand to surrender during the Battle of the Bulge,


    Our God is greater; the enemy was defeated at Calvary. God wins. Our job is to do all, and then stand (Ephesians 6:10-20).

  42. Wow! These types of scenarios have been running through my mind (not as detailed) but nonetheless there, and I believe they are worthy of contemplation. My response to these thoughts as well as what we see/know is happening is to ask our Sovereign LORD to please give us Mercy and not what we deserve. I pray for National Repentance as well as Global Repentance, where we turn our hearts to/back to, The GOD of Abraham,Isaac and Israel. I pray this in The NAME of HIS Only Begotten SON, YESHUA The Messiah. Amen, amen, and amen!!!

  43. Upon reading this article my conclusion is that no matter what our country is doomed because of the enemies within seem to be more powerful at least due to their controlling authority and power to rule. So whether Biden wins or Trump stays in power by lies and deceit as it is being stated we may be in the road of no return.

    Therefore as a believer in Christ and a conservative Republican in my thinking and political views there is only one true hope and it is in the sovereign will of God. And I pray not only for myself but for others like me to be given the strength, fortitude and faith to withstand the onslaught of the enemy while holding on to our convictions and not fail in crossing the finish line by trusting and believing in Jesus Christ as our Lord & Savior until the time of our death.

    1. Well said Joel. I agree as a Christian conservative Republican that we must pray for each other and encourage each other. I would like to add we need to be SALT and LIGHT to the world as well. Proclaiming Jesus as Lord with boldness like the first apostles.

  44. “And this is the plan: At the right time He will bring everything together under the authority of Christ- everything in heaven and on earth.” Ephesians 1:10 NLT
    Note: there is a PLAN… it is HIS plan…He WILL bring everything that is flying apart together…it will be under His AUTHORITY and it will include EVERYTHING in heaven and on earth.
    “FEAR NOT, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” Luke 12:32 KJV

  45. The message to me is, “Do your best; and GOD will do the rest.”
    Pray like it depends on you; and believe with all your heart that GOD will come through.
    I am banking on it!
    JESUS is a Wonderful Savior!
    This is HIS world.
    The battle is The LORD’s, so we all need to make sure we are on the LORD’s side.

  46. The current war we face is between 2 kingdoms.The enemy is distracting God’s people by tempting us to focus on personal and national injustices. Our gaze needs to be unequivocally upon the kingdoms. By frequently gathering in worship, prayer and supplication, to seek Holy Spirit’s direction, He will lead and guide us through each step going forward. We will need to lay down every preconceived idea, no matter how brilliant it may seem, and seek to understand what our Commander in Chief wants to accomplish. No one will survive on his own. That is why He sets the solitary in families. He has already told us to gather more frequently, as we see the day approaching. He’s requiring our undivided attention and trust in Him as our very real and Victorious King…not just sometime in our future, but now! May we have ears to hear You, great JHVH!

  47. While this I one persons predictions, I pray that it doesn’t this way. I have to believe that God still use in control and He will bulldoze the opposition thru us, those Christians who believes in Him. He will deliver this nation to the American citizens, and the left will be boldly destroyed or so heavily damaged it will take decades to reestablish itself. Have faith in God.

  48. Everyone was surprised when President Trump won the election the first time except God. I still believe he is God’s divine appointment. It is for us as believers in Jesus to stand in faith and continue to believe that God is ultimately in control of all that is going on regardless of how bad things seem. My hope and trust is in him. I encourage everyone else to put their hope and trust in God. I am praying from a place of Victory in Christ. Father thank you for being merciful to us as a nation and as your people who are trusting in you. In Jesus name, Amen.

  49. How am I praying? The two most vocal declarers of Trump’s 2016 win are adamant that he will win; they are Mark Taylor and Kat Kerr and are adamant that he will win again. I’m praying for:

    1. An honest election. Trump would win that. (In fact, I’m praying for a blowout.)

    2. That people of integrity and who believe in the Constitution would be elected to a BIG majority in Congress. We desperately need that.

    3. Kat Kerr prophesied 24 years of peace. That was stolen form us this term. So I’m praying that the four years stolen from us would be added on at the end. I won’t be here, but my daughter and son-in-law will.

    4. That the fear of God would be restored throughout this land. EVERYWHERE! Especially the church. (There are those in the leadership of my church who would hate that prayer.)

    5. I pray for those who will have to go through the Tribulation. This is a bad time, really bad, but it will be worse, far worse, then. I was praying for these days in the 1990s. I just didn’t know it.

    I also would like to commend Mike Thompson of Las Vegas who also prophesied a Trump win, and believes he will win again. He’s a solid Bible-based pastor.

    I’m not innately a Republican. (I campaigned for Carter.) However, I cannot vote for anyone who isn’t strongly prolife any more. (Milquetoast used to be OK for me; usually they voted OK). Sadly that means, no dems anymore.

    I really get fatigued, and discouraged and dismayed. I need encouragement to keep going. (Not admonition that I’m not sitting in the heavenlies, and not seeing from God’s perspective) I’m certain I’m not the only one. (strengthen weak knees, please)

    1. Lord, You are Sovereign, Holy, Righteous and all wise. You also work through the prayers of Your people. We live among immoral people. We ourselves have not stood for righteousness or prayed for Your holy standard to reign here in America with the fervency or persistence we should have. Please grant us the hearts You desire to see. I pray Your will be done through this election. We are in such need and our eyes are on You. Please open the eyes of voters across our land as to the issues. Your power is limitless. I praise You that You hear my cry. Thank You for answering this prayer and for interceding where I am limited. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen

    2. Thank you for your prayer items! And the other info! Yes, we all get weary, and sometimes overly concerned about what’s going on!

      Praising God helps! It will bless HIM and refresh your spirit and soul; it will return the Joy of the LORD to you and HIS Peace that passes ALL understanding! Thank you, “good and faithful servant of the LORD!

    3. No, you are not alone. The other day I was dragging about my home and wrapped myself up in a blanket to hide, but I said to the Lord, I have to get up and move. So I got up turned on my ipad because I did’t even have the energy to read. I started to listen to my ipad read the Book of Isaiah and followed in my Bible, after I began to read and sturdy from a commentary on the book.What I noticed was the spirit of depression, fatigue and hopelessness was lifted. The Word of God is a comfort and helps to refocus us. His Word is truth and separates us from the world leaving us with a peace and joy.

      1. Yes. Yesterday, it was a picnic with my sister and niece and great nephews. No masks. Just conversations with family and deputies that were around. (Standing by in case they were called up to assist the Seattle Police Department, in a safe area.)

        Didn’t have the usual physical problems when I go out. Felt much better even physically. We need to see each other and fellowship (Heb 10:25).

        Thank you for your kind reply. And yes worship and listening to the Word really helps.

    4. Heavenly Father, I come before your throne to intercede on behalf of my sister, Jana. We all know that the spirit is willing and the flesh is weak, strengthen our weak knees, bring us those who will hold up our hands as Aaron and Hur held up Moshe’s hands. Just as you brought Esther’s handmaids to fast and join her for prayer, bring women to fast and pray with her, and encourage her. Help Kat find those who will exhort her to continue pressing on to the mark of the high calling in Messiah Yeshua, but will do that with gentleness and respect. I also agree with her five point prayer, especially the first two, show grace to us once more.

  50. Yes there is more we don’t know. God in His mercy gives what matters today. Don’t borrow tomorrow’s trouble. Seek Him today.Let Him work. The enemy wants us to fail because He knows his time is short!

  51. P.S
    I do not have a sense of will happen to our
    Congressional races..
    If they hold, we pray for the wicked to be
    removed and the righteous to take their place.

  52. I agree that the election will end up being
    suspended as an act of God and that, as a result and pretty much by
    default, our President will remain in office.
    Meanwhile at this point, I am simply praying much in the Spirit and letting our
    Lord sort this out.
    Thank you!

  53. I am ready to give my life for freedom – some of us are not going to take anything from the Left – Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death !

    Appreciate the effort & work that IFA has put into this!

    Our God is A Man Of War

    1. Niel – I agree with you. I will pray God’s perfect plan into being. I will use all of my energy to see it accomplished. I will go to my last breath fighting for the sake of the gospel to FREELY be declared here in the US, and around the world. “It is for freedom Christ came.”

  54. This is overwhelming except for our God. Our times are in His Hands. His Kingdom WILL Come and His Will WILL Be Done. It is non negotiable. We are to trust, pray and obey. There is nothing new under the sun. He Is the Same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Lord God we trust You to Lead us and Guide us through these times. We ask for Your Wisdom in the moment and we believe we receive it in Jesus Name. Lord be Glorified in us and through us. We yield ourselves to You as You Inhabit us and Conform us to Your Image for Your Will Plan and Purpose. We are not our own. We are Bought with a Price, a Preciousness. Use us Lord God. Here we are. Send us in this hour, overcoming by Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony and that we love not our own lives, even unto death. Our mission and purpose on this earth is the same. It never changes; to seek first Your Kingdom and Your Righteousness knowing everything we need will be Added to us and to Do as You Showed us and Told us; to go and do the same. We, in You, are to seek and to lead to Salvation those who are lost, to pray for the sick and even raise the dead. Lord we choose to die to ourselves, pick up our crosses and follow You now Lord God. We praise You and give thanks to You Lord for You Are Good and Your Mercy Endures forever! We will stand and see the Salvation of our God Who Is For us! Hallelujah! In Jesus Almighty Eternal Name! AMEN AND AMEN!!!!!!!

  55. So many of us here see all these things coming together, and there is no room for Christ in Socialism or Marxism as I share with a dear friend and fellow prayer warrior. You cannot claim to follow Christ and also believe this totalitarian philosophy. Pastor’s that spout hatred of this country,
    and have influenced and held the attention of former President’s should and could have been stopped before they took to trying to destroy America,
    but Christian’s were silent again, and did not vote. We absolutely, have been given back our voice by President Trump, and this time many Christian’s didn’t stay home, so let’s intercede and work for the victory and not be persuaded or allow anyone to be persuaded that we must vote and put our
    Christian values into our selection of those that would represent us both in our State and Nationally, if we don’t then we deserve what we get, but my dreams of standing in heaven and seeing Christ turn his back on so many and saying “I never knew you” will come true. Do the right thing, since in the end we will all have to answer for our choices

      1. Yes, so much is at stake, but God is control. All we must do is trust and know that he is God and stand on his word to see us through. Nothing is impossible for God, and if we trust his word then nothing is impossible for us either. All we need to do is trust him, and move forward believing he is there with us till the end.

  56. Entirely plausible! The World Economic Forum, the high security conference of financial elites that meet every January in Davos,Switzerland are engineering this—unknowingly all within the plan of our sovereign Lord, who is comin soon. Psalm 2, John 9:4 🙏🏻

  57. Oh LORD, I thank You that even when surrounded by our enemies, You are well able to bring deliverance and victory…We don’t see as You see, We are not able to discern as You discern, so we commit the upcoming election into Your capable hands, thanking You that You are in ultimate control of all things…Grant us, Your people a fervency in prayer and the lifting up of Your mighty name that we may see a great victory so You will be glorified in and through it all…Bring each one who calls upon Your name in Spirit and truth to where we need to be spiritually, so Your kingdom comes and Your will is done, in the mighty name of Jesus!

  58. I thank you as an American born citizen. I love this country that our God gave us and I will continue to pray for all of the above.
    Thank you again
    God be with you
    Judith A Madison

  59. I have been believing that there will not be an Election & Trump will remain President because I BELIEVE that GOD HAS this Election like HE TOLD us through Dutch Sheets Call From God for America to Pray when George Bush ran against Al Gore! God told him that “I have the man for the job but if America doesn’t Pray, it won’t happen! America prayed but almost not enough because it took 3 months for Bush to be declared President! There were “hanging chads” in Florida & finally went to Supreme Court! Mark Taylor, firefighter to whom God gave the Trump Prophesy believes this Election will be a Red Tsunami & I do too but we need to have more people Praying & harder & more OFTEN!!! It will be well worth it for our part according to what God is doing!!! Let’s DO IT!!!

  60. IFA. Thank you for this article. Jesus..Remove the spirit of complacency over all of us that we be stirred up to pray fervently for our nation and the elections. Let us never give up or buy in to the lies of the enemy. We decree and declare: Lord God hear our prayers of urgency and set this nation back on a path to righteousness. The Remnant is seeking you Abba Father for you for your protection over our land even in the midst of chaos you are there. Lord let the heathen hear that the Lord reigns. Psalm 96:10 Overthrow the thrones of wicked kingdoms. Hag 2:22 Let all dominions serve and obey you. O Lord. Dan 7:27. Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures throughout all generations. Psalms 145:13 Let your kingdom come through deliverance. Matt 12:22 Break in to pieces and consume every demonic kingdom that resists your dominion. Psalm 72:8 Lord God you reign. For you are clothed with majesty and strength. Your throne is established of old. You Lord God are from everlasting. Let your kingdom come; your will be done. Psalm 93:10 and Matt 6:10 We pray and stand on Your word in Jesus name. Amen

  61. As I read this I began, I felt this invokes fear and not faith…..
    Yes we are praying and I pray with expectation, not with “I wonder if God will answer this time.
    It also plants seeds of “what if” and from experience God has the plan and we are his hands and
    responsible to pray His heart….not let your mind go to what if….it will always be VICTORY
    no matter what it looks like to your senses. Use your God given ability and discern what
    is going on. We may not know the deep states blow by blow intentions, except destruction, but when
    God shines His light on an situation it will self destruct……Seek the Heart of God the Father
    and THINK and pray as He directs…..”No weapon formed against us will prosper” weaponize HIS WORDS
    for us and send them out to destroy every platform the weapon against us is standing on. His Word never
    comes back void but accomplishes what it has been sent to do…..Amen!!

  62. Greetings, in 2002 I received a dream which details to a degree what’s going to happen. I wanted to share it, but you’re program doesn’t allow cut and paste.

  63. Talk about being gullible. We as Christ Followers need to wake up and ask God for wisdom and discernment. Some of this stuff is just that: Stuff. There is too much happening in America that demands our attention for serious prayer. So, who knows what is going to happen in November 2020? Can anyone guarantee that we will be here? Only God knows and He does not check in with man to lay down His agenda. If His Only Begotten Son, Jesus, did not know the day or hour of His return, what makes us think that God would reveal something to mere man? We need to look to God’s Word for our source of TRUTH. Can we ‘Handle the TRUTH’? WE can barely handle what is written. I thank God for Jesus, WHO IS THE TRUTH!

  64. I appreciate this article because Smith points us to look farther up the line of control to the Globalists, rather than staying focused on the Dems and others who are themselves controlled. Specifically, the Globalists are a 1% elite group which the Bible terms as “The Roman Empire.” This is shown in Nebuchadnezzar’s great statute. Daniel, as we know, describes the 4th and last kingdom as a beast “dreadful and terrible…and it had great iron teeth…and shall devour all the whole earth…” (Dan.7:7,23). This kingdom was in power when our Savior walked the earth and has been in power ever since, in one form or another. Today it has control of the economy of our country through the banking elite (which Smith cites) and multinational corporations collaborating with this failing economy, such as those funding BLM. This Empire maintains power through continual war against sovereign nations who refuse to obey it and by regime change and looting of these less powerful countries. It also causes destabilization/culture takedown which we are witnessing, enabled by bought-off officials, controlled politicians and judges, control of the people through propaganda media machines, and intelligence agencies packed with puppets which we have clearly seen in the continued coups against the POTUS elected by the people who want the swamp drained. The President has threatened the Empire system, hence the continued, vicious attacks to prevent him from accomplishing his campaign promises. We must pray without ceasing God “turn the hearts of the kings (those in authority)” Prov. 21:1–all over the world to do His Will during these perilous times. We can also pray God remove those working against us– “and let another take his (their) office.” Ps.108:8. Pray God shine the light of truth on all the lies, and give POTUS knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, strength, and protection– and his helpers– THROUGHOUT EACH DAY! That means we pray without ceasing. And pray God have mercy on us and our children. NOW IS THE TIME TO PRAY, AND TRUST AND OBEY! For more info on the Roman Empire, try Youtube teaching Chuck Missler, and search “The Death of the—Empire”‘EIR. God bless and strengthen all who are praying. Cathy

      1. Hello, Sue. Chuck Missler has a series on the Book of Daniel which covers ancient empires, there are multiple segments. EIR stands for Executive Intelligence Report, a secular investigative, conservative media. An article I find especially revealing is: EIR The American Patriot Lincoln’s American System vs Brit by Anton Chaitkin. God bless you, and, as you know, it’s always best to pray as we read. Love in Jesus

  65. But God! Isaiah 61:8 “I, the Lord, love justice!”
    Amos 5:24 Let justice thunder down like a waterfall; let righteousness flow like a mighty river that never runs dry.VOICE
    Psalm 37:28
    ESV: For the LORD loves justice; he will not forsake his saints. They are preserved forever, but the children of the wicked shall be cut off.
    ISV: Indeed, the LORD loves justice, and he will not abandon his godly ones. They are kept safe forever, but the lawless will be chased away, and the descendants of the wicked will be cut off.

    2 Chronicles 7:14-16 … we bow before You in repentance, thanksgiving, and praise. You alone are worthy. You have a remnant, a 300 out of 25,000, even 2 or 3 gathered together in Your Name … You are God who sanctifies Your people! You are the One who founded our nation upon Your Word. You complete the works that You begin! Thank You Jesus. No purpose of Yours for America will be thwarted! Souls, prodigals, Jonahs being awakened to the beauty of Your holiness, and the fear of the Lord! For the honour of Your name, to the glory of God our Father, Amen, so be it Lord! \o/

  66. IFA made it clear that this is a persons perspective on what may occur in the next election. IFA also made it clear that they are not in the camp that “this is bound to happen”.

    As an intercessor called 5 yrs ago to pray for our country, I want to be honest about what I believe. I have alot of experience with spiritual warfare on a personal basis, and I can say with much assurance that we are in a battle with an enemy that has mobilized its forces to take aim at the very foundation of our country. A dear friend said yesterday, we are truly in perilous times. I agree with him.

    I admit from my past encounters with spiritual darkness, I expected this battle to play out differently than it has. I somehow expected for things to run a little more smoothly than what has actually transpired. Frankly, it has been difficult seeing the enemy deceiving so many people and realizing that so many see evil as good and good as evil. I communicate with many who truly believe the lies the media blankets us on a daily basis. What is truly disheartening is the passion that these people have to support the evil and hate the truth. I am alarmed by this, because it seems that nothing matters to them but getting their way. They seem willing to destroy the very country they live in so long as Trump is defeated. It is truly bizarre. It sickens me, brings me to my knees before God as I cry out to him to intervene.

    What you have just heard is the analytical side of me laying out reality as I see it. I think the author of this article was doing the same thing concerning his views.

    What I have learned in life is that we walk by faith, not by sight. Its appropriate to analyse the situation to get a perspective. It is good to even identify the effects of this reality on our lives. Are we experiencing fear, anxiety, hopelessness, etc? Confession of these feelings to God is necessary for attitude correction. As we pour our hearts out to God and read His Word, I think everyone can agree that no matter how difficult the battle becomes, we never give up. His Word is filled with promises of the righteous overcoming evil. The Psalms are filled with examples of David being surrounded by evil people, where he could trust no one but God. I am learning that I only see in part of what is happening. I am not God and I do not understand all that is going on. I must learn to accept that truth and trust Him, no matter what I see in the natural. I have been in situations much worse than this where the enemy was coming after me personally. I was on the brink of losing my house and my children. I stood and battled this evil with all my heart and when I thought all was lost, victory came. Sometimes there is a big price to pay also. So I want to encourage everyone, that we do not see all that is happening. God hides that from us for a reason. We as a country are in a crucible with the fire turned up. God says fire purifies. I am choosing to believe He is working in the midst of our calamities. He is not only changing us, but changing the people of this nation. He is shaking us to the core. Based on the direction we were heading, who is to say this is not necessary.

    Lets continue to pray. Lets not be afraid, lets step out and love others and speak the truth in love. Lets take authority over the enemy by the very Spirit that now lives in us. The same Spirit that raised Lazarus from the dead. Dear Father give each of us your power to pray and live as light shining in the darkness to the lost. Teach us to rejoice in the times of persecution as your word says. Give us an understanding of the how this sacrifice today will effect eternity. Give us strength to carry on.

    1. Thank you for this perspective. Yes, after all analysis, our eyes turn to the One Who says the battle is His – if we lift Him up and pray and trust Him in this terrible mess. He is Sovereign and He will have His way, no matter how it looks. We must keep our eyes on Him and pray.

  67. That means we may have four more ‘good years’ before we become ‘socialized’. My husband has been praying about this, and he drew a similar conclusion. We need to pray for the Senate, the House, and those who may be frightened into not voting. We already have a practical super majority of citizens who are afraid to express their views if they are not in lock-step with Socialism, and it’s not just Republicans either.

    1. I’m tacking this on as a prayer: Heavenly Father, Your Word commands us often to ‘Fear Not’. There is so much reason to fear, we need to be reminded that You are in control and, clothed with Your righteousness, we can be as bold as a lion. We repent of fearfulness, whether it is fear of rejection, fear of failure, or the other fears we are dealing with. We ask for forgiveness for mistrusting You, when You are the only one worthy of trust. We ask you to empower us to graciously, boldly, and wisely share the Gospel with others.
      We pray for our elected officials to honor the rule of law, and prevent cheating. We pray dishonest vote counters may be caught and prevented in their schemes. I thank you that we are not a pure democracy, but are a republic under the rule of law. As such, we ask for just laws to be upheld, and unjust laws to be nullified.

    2. God has never been a respecter of cowards or cowardice, and fear is from the enemy, not God. So to remain silent is cowardice. It’s exactly the mentality that the German people had under Hitler in the 1930s that allowed him to exterminate over 8 million people in gas chambers and crematoriums, yet the people did nothing, including the church.

        1. Yes Penni, I am aware of Pastor Bonhoeffer and a few other brave German Christians who stood up to the Nazis, including the underground helping getting Jews out of Germany, and I am looking forward to meeting them in heaven someday. Sadly, they were too few of them to make a difference for Germany, and what a terrible price they paid. Hope American Christians can learn from that here and now. Thanks for your reply Penni.

      1. The last bit about the church is somewhat inaccurate. There were pockets of resistance even in Germany,and many of them were lead by the Christian Church, both Catholic and Protestant. As biased as Wikipedia is on some issues, they do cover this one fairly, so I will supply you with the link:

        Christians took differing approaches: Some German churches denounced the actions of the Nazi regime publicly, others appealed to the leadership of Germany (and received the ‘reward’ of confiscation of church property, imprisonment and death). Martin Neimoller, leader of the Confessing Church,taught his people to love all and help those persecuted was sent to a concentration camp and remained there until the fall of the regime. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was implicated in an assassination plot on Hitler’s life and was executed in 1943. As for the resistance in other parts of the regime,the Danish King Christian the X resisted the regime. He once discussed in his diary wearing the yellow star himself to prevent the Nazis from singling out the Jews. The Danish were successful in saving an overwhelming majority of the Jews that lived in Denmark’s borders. Holland and other states in Europe had a more difficult time, Corrie Ten Boom and her family were among those in Holland who hid Jews because they were Bible Believing Christians. Many of these people died in the concentration camps anyway since their own countrymen were betraying them to the Nazis.( If you read Corrie Ten Boom’s books, one thing she found was most who were sent to concentration camps and were later released had a harder time forgiving fellow Hollanders who turned them in to the Gestapo than they did forgiving the Gestapo themselves.)

  68. Very interesting article. If Trump loses in 2020 and refuses results, we must stick by our principles or in the long run be defeated by the globalists.
    Tim Rawson

    1. I’m hopeful that unless there is evidence of ballot theft, fraudulent voting, machine ‘malfunction’ or deceased voters counted, President Trump would leave office Jan 20, 2021 if the electoral college went to Biden. He, I believe, would listen to wise advisors like VP Mike Pence,HUD Secretary Ben Carson and Senator Rand Paul. I take heart when I remember how President Trump listened to Senator Rand Paul’s advice on opening the economy: Senator Paul reminded him that under the 10th Amendment, that power belonged to the state governors, not the president. Though President Trump wanted to open the economy, he listened to Senator Paul.

  69. Dewey – I like your fighting spirit! We debated on running this article because it could be viewed as having a lack of faith – as you point out. We end up deciding to run this thinking it would stir more strategic prayer. Thanks for you honest reaction.

  70. IFA was wise to preface this article with “Read this article as an eye-opener. Could there be some truth to it? Ask for discernment as you read. And pray…”

    We know in part, but our God is Sovereign, Omnipotent and Omniscient. The war has already been won in the heavenlies; we know the end of the story. Yet, the story must unfold. In November we face either riots/revolt/insurgency or a direct path to socialism and one-world government. Persecution is inevitable, but with it comes REVIVAL.

    Father, keep our eyes on you, our trust in you, our faith in you, our hope in you. Your lovingkindness never ceases, your compassion never fails, great is your faithfulness.

  71. Our country is in terrible shape due to the evil Democrats. When are people gonna wake up and see the manipulating and devious ways of these Democrats? I believe that this pandemic (Coronavirus) is a demonic hold.
    I pray that our Lord will protect America and keep it out of the these demonic Democratic hands.
    Lord, please guide and protect our President through these difficult times of decision making on running our great nation and give him wisdom and courage to keep fighting for us!! TRUMP 2020!! From Oklahoma!! God Bless America!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  72. These revelations are given so we can pray accordingly. I do believe these plans and their beginnings have their root along with Covid19 in their father who is the enemy of God. We have been instructed to fight this war with our spiritual weapons. I thank our heavenly father for both the revelations and the weapons and in repentence, fully armed with God’s armor and in unity with the body of Christ, we will pray in the spirit to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.

    1. Yes, Judy, I believe this article is a wakeup call to believers to fully embrace 2 Chronicles 7:14 that includes “If My people…will humble themselves…and turn from their wicked ways…” I believe this mean that we, His people, must repent of our wicked ways before we utter another word in prayer. Then He will hear!

  73. I understand the article, what it sets forth, possible this, maybe that etc. And I disagree with it ! For one thing I and many many others are praying ! Are YOU ? God almighty founded this nation/country and some of us still hold that fact before HIM and remind HIM that we are praying and will NOT release it into the hands of the ” elitists/globalists etc. Where are the rest of you ? Does The Mayflower Compact still stand ?
    Does the Constitution of The Republic of The United States still stand ? YES BY GOD it does !

    If my language offends some of the readers, I stand by my response to this article.

    1. Dewey – I like your fighting spirit! We debated on running this article because it could be viewed as having a lack of faith – as you point out. We end up deciding to run this thinking it would stir more strategic prayer. Thanks for you honest reaction.

    1. Dewey – I like your fighting spirit! We debated on running this article because it could be viewed as having a lack of faith – as you point out. We end up deciding to run this thinking it would stir more strategic prayer. Thanks for you honest reaction.

  74. I am inclined to believe that we are headed for civil war in this country unless God intervenes. I am praying for God to have mercy on us and turn our nation back to Him. I know that we, as God’s people have great power in prayer. I know for certain that through prayer I was a part of God causing the collapse of Russia. God is looking for people who will stand in the gap for our nation. If we do that, God may have mercy on us and heal our land.

      1. No not all news we post is from a Christian perspective-sometimes we post information with the preface to discern and see what we can gain from what some-even non-Christian analysts are saying.

        1. Your preface regarding this article was clear, that it was from a secular viewpoint. But taking that secular viewpoint into consideration, we can know how to pray effectively. I’ve read many articles by Brandon Smith and have found him to be very intelligent, insightful, and informed geopolitical and economic situations and the potential outcomes. We must all information available to us if we are to pray effectively. If we don’t know our enemy and his tactics we cannot pray effectively.

  75. This article was disturbing because I’ve been hearing from other strong godly Christians in the fight of Marxism. But what I will take away from this is the power of prayer-if God is for us who can be against us?

  76. I totally reject this article. He doesn’t leave any room for our God to act! What about the endtime revival and harvest? What about all the millions of prayers we have been faithful to pray? What about all the prophecies of God’s current day prophets? This man has read too many of the enemy’s plans and has left God out!

    1. This is a secular article, written from and about a secular viewpoint, written by a very intelligent secular economist and political writer. Of course, he doesn’t leave any room for God to act. What we have here is akin to military intelligence. Winning wars is about knowing your enemy. Knowing the tactics and the strategies the enemy will most likely use will give us insight into waging the spiritual warfare that we are called to engage in. I found the article to be very insightful, although unsettling, but I am not fearful. God can grant victory if we humble ourselves, reject our willful sin, pray and seek Him wholeheartedly.

  77. We as God’s people need to use the authority He gave us to decree and declare what will happen in the 2020 election so that Trump remains in office to finish his work. We do not just have to wait and see what happens! Prayer does change things, articularly prayers of agreement!

  78. Lord we pray that you turn the hearts and minds of people towards your face. We pray that in this next election that your will be done! We know that “No weapon formed against us shall prosper!” We look to you to save and protect your righteous people! If it is within your will we hope and pray that you show all mankind that no matter how great the evil we face, that EVERY man shall bow down to the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Help us to fight against this evil that has been going on behind the scenes now for centuries. Protect the children from these worshippers of Moloch. Reveal any people involved that are against your will. We plead your blood over every believers household and family! Give us wisdom going forward so we know how to respond when the time arises. For now I believe that if people turn their faces toward you and ask for help that we will receive it! In the name of JESUS CHRIST YOUR SON AND LORD, AMEN!

  79. To anyone who’s listening to what God is saying in this hour, this is a completely false narrative. God has not given up hope on America, it’s not time for the NWO to gain control of the world. There are many things on God’s agenda and He has spoken clearly through his prophets. Keep your ear tuned to God’s heart and believe for His plans and purposes to manifest. America will be saved and Donald Trump is the man God chose to lead this nation through the reformation and revival that is occuring.

      1. I wouldn’t say it’s false I see it as a clarain call for Gods people to wake up and cry out for His mercy and to repent and lift up our voices in pray and supplications in the Mighty Name Of Jesus

    1. As intercessors we see and pray about the roots of ungodliness In our nation, pray against the plans the enemy has, and pray to release the fullness of God’s purposes here in our nation as well as protection and direction for our leaders. Sometimes the news is grim. We take that as intel we can use to release prayer against those plans of the enemy and press in even more during critical times, in certain places and for particular issues. We wanted to share this as simply an eye opener. This writer is not necessarily a Christian but has information nonetheless. Our response will be different than his. His response is “worst-case scenario” despondency—ours is insight for strategic prayer for victory.


    As we celebrated 4th of July in America we hearkened back to a national declaration before we even had a nation. Our freedom, after July 4, 1776, didn’t come easy. The freedom we enjoy today came at a very high price.

    No nation on earth has ever been perfect. Just study history. The United States of America has never been perfect. Just study history. However, problems in our past should not discourage us from moving forward into the future. The question will then arise: on what path should our nation move forward in our freedom?

    There is no such thing as absolute freedom. Absolute freedom is a fantasy. If that fantasy is believed it will lead to disaster. Freedom must have boundaries. Parents set loving boundaries for their children. The motive is love, not hate. What will be the loving boundaries of freedom in our nation?

    No nation is perfect, but if we continue to remove the safe and loving boundaries set by the Judeo-Christian ethic, the freedom gained will lead us down, not up.
    God has set boundaries of freedom for us. The more we adhere to God’s ways, the more we will enjoy the blessings represented by our National Motto: “In God We Trust.” The freedom reflected in this motto came at a very high price: Jesus Christ.

    Please pray for a revival and/or a Great Awakening in the U.S.A. by the grace of God Almighty. May God’s boundaries of freedom be restored in the U.S.A. more and more. Amen.

    Blessings to you,
    P. Jim

    P. S.
    Please feel free to pass this message along to others who may join in our prayers for our nation.

    1. There is only freedom in Christ because He freed us from the sins and trappings of the devil that leads to eternal death. He has set our boundaries by coming to this world and shedding His blood so that we could be redeemed and have eternal life with Him. In agreement with your comment Jim. God Bless.

    2. A double Amen to your statement,”There is no such thing as absolute freedom.” (I would simply add, on this side of Heaven) Freedoms we have on earth are limited by justice: We treat others as we would want to be treated, and we do not do things to others we would not like for ourselves. When this is violated, justice calls out for the violator to be punished. ( )

      The site I link advocates for the Golden Rule, though not an overtly Christian site.

  81. Lord Jesus, may Your purposes prevail in and through us as your people. May we be bold in our prayers and bold to share Christ, for You are our only hope in this broken world. Encourage and strengthen our hearts to persevere in all these things. Amen.

  82. What a doomsday scenario that this could become! I get it- these could be the circumstances that lead to one-world government,and everything that needs to happen to hasten the return of Jesus!Lord, please let Your will be done in our nation. We cry out to You, we plead to You, please intervene in this man-made quagmire and return our land to Godly leadership. We bind the spirits of globalism and chaos that are being promoted by evil-minded Deep State players in our society. We loose a spirit of decency and a return to our moral traditions in this land. In Jesus’ name we ask this to be Your will for this nation!

  83. This article is sad and depressing as I thought this web site was about encouraging Christianity and praying for the help and support from God in changing the direction of our country. All the dynasties of the world have failed do to their “success “! Laws piled on laws, they turned from God to have success, wealth and control. The only dynasty that didn’t collapse were the Hittites, look what happened to them! Disease took them down when the Sea People came to land from the islands, fleeing diseases among them and infected the world. “ Virus “. All I hear in the news is worry about our wealth, control of our children, power over on another in our government, destroy history and God is evil. Money is a root of evil and all we need is a stipend from government!!! No, we need to turn our faith around and back to what seems to be forgotten ,” God”!!

    1. We also need to have Term Limits for Congress and do they job for the people.This should not be a life time job with different health plans and check after they leave.Turn back to God in schools so every child knows the history of this Nation.Robert Frost wrote-Words of Wisdom -” Don’t ever take a fence down until you know why it was there” Amen

      1. I don’t know about term limits, that sword cuts both ways. ( I think leaving that choice to the the people of the state that elects them is more in line with the Constitution. the Robert Frost quote fits well with my thoughts on this, as well.) However, I agree entirely on the benefit package and the retirement package they receive. There are also ‘fringe benefits’, which you hardly ever hear of. The Motley Fool, which offers financial advice, gives this look at the privileges Congresspersons get:

        Heavenly Father, those who are public servants should be paid a reasonable amount, but ours seem to have unjust advantages while we citizens are suffering. Bring justice to our system.

    2. I personally am encouraged as I see our Father uses EVERY opportunity to draw and woo unto His Son. I have seen many “come around” lately, back to the Father and I know many more will come to salvation. This world is not my home. I’ll be honest, I like my comfort, yet it’s about our Father’s business and I believe the end of the book…Jesus will be King! There has been a fresh passion of truth and love wash through me as I seek His Face, which I believe is beginning to happen to many of His own… it’s the lovesick Bride seeing her husband. Lift up your head for your redemption draws nigh!!

      1. Bob – Thanks for your honest reaction. Our intent in running this was to stir strategic prayer. You are correct, we don’t normally run these type of articles and certainly will not make a habit of it.

        1. This article does not bother me at all…not quite sure of what your response means. I was just replying to the comment above mine that I am encouraged seeing what God is doing in the midst of all the craziness out there. Personally, I am fired up in strategic prayer for our nation and the lost. Sorry if my comment was out of line.

    3. Yes Bob, it IS depressing. As intercessors we see and pray about the roots of ungodliness In our nation, pray against the plans the enemy has, and pray to release the fullness of God’s purposes here in our nation as well as protection and direction for our leaders. Sometimes the news is grim. We take that as intel we can use to release prayer against those plans of the enemy and press in even more during critical times, in certain places and for particular issues. We wanted to share this as simply an eye opener. This writer is not necessarily a Christian but has information nonetheless. Our response will be different than his. His response is “worst-case scenario” despondency—ours is insight for strategic prayer for victory.

  84. I appreciate the opportunity to learn about these things, and having my eyes opened more and more. I have heard about the CFR and the Trilateral Commission for years. I do believe there are valid truths in this article. But, our God is greater and we can pray his word, in the authority of his name – which He exalts above all things, (His Name and His word.) I pray this article is used by the Lord to wake up the church to the urgent need for serious intercession. Why aren’t the leaders of the church calling us all to prayer? Why aren’t churches uniting in towns across America, and nationally for fasting, repentance and prayer? The Colonies should have never defeated great Britain in the Revolutionary War. Israel should have never survived the wars of 1948, 1967, or 1973. But they did. God changes outcomes when his people pray! I know most of you believe this, or you wouldn’t be on ifapray. Be encouraged precious ones, “Greater is he that is in us, than he that is in the world.” With our God, all
    things are possible! We are
    more than conquerors through Christ Jesus our Lord, We can do all things through Christ who strengthen us.” One of
    our greatest weapons is to pray for the salvation of all those against us! Let’s pray for them all! BLM, CFR, Liberal Media, Trilateral
    Commission, Progressives, Antifa, Planned Parenthood, WHO, Leaders of:
    China, Iran, Russia, George Soros and his family and organization,
    Cuba, Venezuela, all Globalist, all College Professors, Presidents and Board of Director, all
    Principles, teachers and School Boards, liberal Marxist Pastors, LGBTQ political organization. Father please rescue the people in these organizations out of the kingdom if darkness and bring
    them safe into the kingdom of your son, by whom they are set free and their sins are forgiven. Please Lord, though they are dead in their trespasses and sins, please make them alive in Christ Jesus.

    1. “He is not willing that even ONE should perish but that all should come to repentance!” 2 Peter 3:9 So we pray we intercede!

      Satan is our adversary but: “greater is He (God the Father, Jesus the Son & the Holy Spirit) that is in me, than he (satan) that is in the World!” 1John 4:4
      So we stand in courage and faith!

      “ Be strong & courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”
      Joshua 1:9

      We don’t know what tomorrow will bring but we know our Redemption draws near! Don’t fear what is happening in the world, FEAR GOD!
      “The LORD is my light and my Salvation-whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life-of whom shall I be afraid?”
      Psalm 27:1

      The followers of Christ will soon be changed from mortal to immortal; Jesus is coming for HIS BRIDE!
      “The Great trumpet will sound, and He will send out his Ángels to the four corners of the earth, and they will gather his chosen people from one end of the World to the other.” Matthew 24:31 and,
      1 Corinthians 15:52
      Isaiah 58:1
      And so shall we ever be with our LORD!

    2. Yes!!! Standing in agreement on God’s word, with the power of the Holy Spirit who resides in us as Christ- followers, we claim God’s promise to hear from us and heal our land (that He gave us)! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  85. It seems very possible, I voted for a 3rd party candidate in the last election, because I didn’t think Trump had the mental stability needed for governing the free world, and Mrs. Clinton was dishonest. But I never thought we would be seeing riots in major cities, the likes of which have not been seen before. I remember the Protest after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed and I don’t remember the protesters burning down any federal buildings, I was a lot younger then, but the protests were over in about 1 week and things did get changed.

  86. I have been staying focused on Luke 12:1-5 and have shared this many times. Here with IFA and to congressmen who concern me in that they focus on money being the answer. If you read Luke 12:1-5 ,to me, it is giving us a picture of what is happening if we pay close attention to what is being exposed. I believe God Almighty has been and is still placing His men and women in key places in our government. Light is exposing the darkness and words that have been spoken behind closed doors are being heard Verse 5 makes it very clear that their is only One we are to fear. God Almighty. Our pastor started a message on the book of Nehemiah shortly before this pandemic started. His last message, the last words He spoke to us have stayed with me and I still share them with people who are fearful. WHOSE IN CHARGE…The wall was completed and the enemy could not penetrate that wall. It happened because watchman each stood at their appointed areas and worked together with a tool in one hand and a weapon in the other never leaving their appointed station. Let us not grow weary and fainthearted .As Ephesians 6 tells us that when we have done all to stand fast. most sincerely,Linda Dieter

  87. Thank you for this insightful and eye opening article..We need to be aware..
    I believe that man may think he has the final say and the globalists may think they can wield things around to their advantage but ALL of them are powerless against our prayers!
    The Lord knows all hearts and uses all scheming powers to achieve his goals so,he will still have the final word.
    To receive information such as this though, informs us on how to better pray! As informed as many of us attempt to be at all times, we are still not privvy to all that is happening behind the scenes. But the Master of the Universe does know…and even makes his own aware when He deems it necessary…
    For that I am so thankful!
    And as far as the earth is concerned..remember the truthful little song that is still so comforting–“He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands. He’s got the whole WIDE world in his hands. He’s got the whole world in his hands. He’s got the whole world in his hands!”
    To our Great God, who is THE SUPREME Intelligent Being! We trust you, Lord, to move the chess pieces around on the board of our country known as the United States of America. The opponents are no match for you, LORD!
    You SEE ALL..

    1. When I saw the word about chess pieces I had to smile because He has reminded me of the very same thing. It is like we are watching the pieces on a chess game and realizing that our sovereign God is in charge of the game and He is the KING and will be the only one Who will win…So good when our Father confirms His personal word to us.Thank you.

      1. I trust in my Heavenly Father and know that He does not like what has been going on. I eagerly wait for the Lord to make His move ! Like Teresa, I pray that the hearts of those who would do evil against his fellow man would be moved to turn to the Lord and repent of their sin. In Jesus’ name, amen.

      1. Dave’s commentary before the article says, “Read this article as an eye-opener. Could there be some truth to it? Ask for discernment as you read. Know that IFA is NOT in agreement that this is “bound to happen” as the original author says,….”

        We appreciate knowing of this ‘alternate view’ and like many others on here it just presses us into prayer more fervently as we see more vividly the wicked schemes and plans of the enemy.
        So appreciate the wonderful prayers and strong faith expressed on this site!
        2 Chron. 20:6
        “And no one can withstand the Lord God.”

    1. The IFA introduction to the article closes with the this, “Know that IFA is not in agreement that this is “bound to happen” as the original author says, or with all of his assessments, but we do believe there are many things we do not know and that intercession can shift the battle and change outcomes. Prayer is that critical!”

    2. My thoughts exactly!

      Whose report do we believe, we believe the report of the Lord!

      God’s report MAY mean it’s time for judgment, BUT He is always good and merciful and just and faithful and true. Who is like our God!

      We can trust Him! We can petition Him! We can stand still and see the deliverance of the Lord!

      Spiritual victories don’t always manifest as material blessings. I’ll take an end time revival and outpouring of the Holy Spirit over manmade wealth and security!

    3. Linda – As other have said, this is a piece for you to pray through. The author, to my knowledge, has not expressed faith in Christ. Our intent was to stir strategic, Holy Spirit guided prayer.

    4. As intercessors we see and pray about the roots of ungodliness In our nation, pray against the plans the enemy has, and pray to release the fullness of God’s purposes here in our nation as well as protection and direction for our leaders. Sometimes the news is grim. We take that as intel we can use to release prayer against those plans of the enemy and press in even more during critical times, in certain places and for particular issues. We wanted to share this as simply an eye opener. This writer is not necessarily a Christian but has information nonetheless. Our response will be different than his. His response is “worst-case scenario” despondency—ours is insight for strategic prayer for victory.

  88. I just want to say 2 things about this horribly depressing article. In the past and in my opinion, ZeroHedge has published some seriously anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic articles so that taints anything I read from them. The other point is that this article gives no option even if true for the effect of God’s praying church on world events. “And will not God give justice to his elect, who cry to him day and night? Will he delay long over them?” Luke 18:7

  89. This reads like something off You Tube. Maybe reliable, maybe not!

    I have just been reading ‘Joan of Arc’ by Mark Twain. He said it was his greatest work!
    She was called by God to save France from a situation similar to ours (I’m Australian and we are in a similar position to the US). The English wanted to take France as a colony, but God had other ideas!

    He told Joan to go to their King, ask him for an army, and she would lead the war against the English, and this would all happen within a matter of weeks! She claimed Michael the Archangel spoke with her and gave instructions as did her ‘voices’. And so it was done! The only people to question (interrogate) her were the clergy of the Church, but even they came round.

    Be encouraged! I read this word today and thought of Abraham and Sodom. Only 10 righteous men, he said to God, and He said if there were ten He would not destroy the city!
    How many Christians in US? 35.000.000?

    Whether you believe that Jesus will soon be back or not, God still has put Donald Trump in the White House! he raises up kings and pulls them down!

    He has a plan, it’s our job to work with Him!

    Read Revelation 18 – riches are fleeting!

  90. This not what is bound to happen… what u outlined is the plan of the enemy.. and l am taking this as an even louder call to action for Gods people to pray !
    And pray and fight and stand …. we will !!
    In Jesus’s Name !!

    1. We do agree that is NOT what is bound to happen but what this author has to offer in his article is some insight into some larger picture constructs. Please use it as a guide to what the enemy may have planned and is doing. Our hope is that this might deepen our understanding of potential enemy plans so we can pray strategically. Thanks for your comment!

  91. I too am disappointed that this is your lead article. First of all, there’s no mention of God in it, so while it may provide food for thought, it is not fully credible to the discerning Christian reader. Second, it generates fear, not faith. Third, it contradicts other things that IFA has written. For example, it villifies Mike Pompeo, while previous IFA writings praise him as a Christian who is doing good.

    While indeed things appear dark and hopeless right now, that is when our God shines brightest. I’m going to pray against the worst, but believe God for the best.

    1. I agree about the negative comments about Pompeo- totally not A faith based writing, although a good heads up on the truth of the what may really be going on behind the scenes
      This is a good warning But doesn’t sound like it’s written from a Christian
      I think in the future IFA should avoid articles
      That totally have no spiritual content to balance the reality of the negative

    2. Barb – Thanka for your honest reaction. Our intent in running this piece – written by an author who has not expressed faith in Christ publicly- was to stir strategic prayer. By people’s reaction I am not sure we have.

      1. Yes, you have certainly stirred me to strategic prayer! I clearly understood that this is not a Christian perspective, and while it is disturbing to read, it is also informative, and an eye-opening view into the nefarious underbelly of the enemy we face. I am a firm believer in Jesus and an intercessor, but I also believe that, in order to effectively war against an enemy, it helps to know his ways and his objectives. I will not close my eyes and strike blindly because I’m afraid to see what he looks like! Thank you for this article, and for the crucial work you are doing at ifa.

    3. Please read IFA’s comments about the article. They made it clear why they posted it. I am not arguing in any way – simply trying to clarify that basically we are all in agreement about the article not coming from a Christian perspective. Here are their comments to another person who responded similarly to you…

      IFA says:
      July 25, 2020 at 9:13 AM
      We do agree that is NOT what is bound to happen but what this author has to offer in his article is some insight into some larger picture constructs. Please use it as a guide to what the enemy may have planned and is doing. Our hope is that this might deepen our understanding of potential enemy plans so we can pray strategically. Thanks for your comment!

  92. Wow this is a lose lose situation strategically. I vote for God to intervene. Cause He is all we got and He is a good father who loves His children. Man has his ways, his plans but God!!!!

  93. I trust God that His will b done n this election. We all need to vote for the people who have GODLY values. Fast & Pray for the most important election ever.

  94. But God! God has a plan. I concur with Jonathan Cahn that the hearts of the people are what God cares about, and we are all being called to repentence. He wants the people to return to him. Without that being the case, no candidate or cabinet member or media mogul can control us. The spirit of deception over this country can only be broken by the Grace of God. Mr. Trump cannot arbitrarily fire everyone in government (despite his tv show). He has to catch them in their betrayals. I believe the exposure is about to be released. Lastly, we are currently not under the original constitution written by the founding fathers. We are under one written in 1871 which is based on a loan to cover the cost of the Civil War. I believe Pres. Trump wants to return us to that 1789 constitution. I would also like to see proof of the statement above about Dr. Fauci.

  95. God forbid! All that said as possible scenarios, our job is to pray, pray, pray and decree God’s goodness over the land. America has come too far to come to this now. I do believe God is not done with this nation yet. The elite may think their strategies are working but God is using them for His end game. Keep the faith and pray. He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world.

  96. Romans 8:28- And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Father, hear the prayers of all of us who love You and all of us here who have answered the call to intercede and pray on behalf of this nation. Psalm 33:12- Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Amen

  97. Isaiah 8:12,13. “You are not to say, It is a conspiracy! In regard to all that this people call a conspiracy, And you are not to fear what they fear or be in dread of it. It is the Lord of hosts whom you should regard as holy and He shall be you fear And He shall be your dread.” In 2016 people from about 14 different churches in Southern Illinois formed a 24/7 prayer chain for 100 days leading up to the election. On day 98,November 6, 2016, I had a dream in which President Obama was seated on a large oval shaped oversized piece of furniture, with many people all around him. I went and sat on the edge of the couch. He came and put his head on my lap and began to say things to me to gain my favor. I got up and began to walk away and when I looked back President Obama was on the “couch” by himself and he was trying to pull a sheet up over himself but it was stuck in his feet. Two days later as I was watching the election returns out of nowhere I heard, I have laid the presidency in your lap. I understood this to be not literally my lap, but the lap of the praying church Then as an explanation of the second part of the dream the thought came like this, he will not get much rest because his feet will be entangled in an attempted cover up.
    We are again calling for 100 days of prayer beginning July 27. An online signup is available through the Whittington church website from Whittington , Illinois. Or the Little Chapel Church Facebook page in Harrisburg , Illinois.

  98. This is a powerful article …. it moves me to get on my knees for our nation and pray 2Chronicles 7:14 and not forget God is sovereign and in control and patiently waiting to hear from His people who are to be standing in the gap for their nation and her lost people .

  99. I never comment on these articles, but God beforehand had prepared me. This morning the Lord brought me to the passage of 2 Kings 19, Jerusalem’s Deliverance Foretold. The King of Assyria comes against King Hezekiah and Jerusalem. It is a long chapter that deserves to be read. Bottom line, when Hezekiah brings the letters of threat from the enemy and presents them before the Lord, excuse my words, but all hell breaks loose! I’m reminded of a saying that was used, “it’s not good to mess with Mother Nature”. Well it is definitely NOT GOOD TO MESS WITH GOD!! Verse 28, “Because you rage against Me, and because your insolence has reached my ears. I will put My hook in your nose and my bit in your mouth. And I will make you return by the way thoug came.” The word of the Lord is very direct against this enemy. He does not mince ANY words. Please read how God rises up in His angry! So though the words of this article are troubling, God, in His divine plan had already prepared me for it. Don’t mess with God and think you will get away with it! Read 2 Kings 19:4 because it says it all. As God’s continue to humble themselves, our God will prevail!

    1. On May 12, I was praying about an article from Dave Kubal about praying into recovery of jobs, debt, and investment. I prayed specifically that Pres. Trump would not approve another stimulus package, because the easy money was fueling public complicity with coronavirus panic, and I heard the words “bull by the nose”. I googled the phrase and found Isaiah 37:29-31 (which is also found in 2 Kings 19:28-29). And I understood that this was a timeline for the economic recovery from the lockdowns.
      Last week I had a dream about losing 6 years of time in a kind of daze. As I prayed into the details of the dream, I understood that some part of victory had been won, but that if God’s people do not persist in prayer, we will waste/lose the next 6 years.

  100. Our Lord tells us to “occupy till I come” Luke 19:13 a military term to hold and take back the land which He had given us
    Who knows the hour and day of His return and until then we are to be busy about working for the Kingdom opposing evil and reaching the lost. Evil is the globalist who mostly hate the Lord so I work hard to oppose their evil deeds and point others to truth of the Gospel. Time is short as we see the times,,,time to occupy till He comes

  101. This article is indeed frightening, but I disagree that it is “bound to happen”. If this is true, why are God’s people everywhere challenged to pray against the kingdom of darkness and why does IFA do what it does to mobilize prayer and action? I am really sorry to see this as the lead article today, as I look to IFA for encouragement in the fight, not to be discouraged as I am by every other news source. I will choose to continue to fight the darkness on my knees and not lose heart that God is in control and wants to redeem America. Thank you IFA for showing us how to pray with insight, but let us not give up hope when we read articles like this, but pray more and stand amazed at what our mighty God will do!
    Isaiah 8:12-14. “Do not call conspiracy everything that these people call conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it. The LORD Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy, He is the one you are to fear, He is the one you are to dread, and He will be a sanctuary!”

    1. Thank you! I know in Whom I have believed and I am Persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have entrusted to Him! Praying continually for this nation!

    2. I agree with Dot above. This is not “bound to happen,” and I was disappointed this article was framed that way. This is not God’s will for our nation, and we should pray and declare/decree this will NOT happen, in Jesus name. It is important to be aware of the schemes of the enemy so we can pray accordingly. As we have seen lately from other sources, these insights are second heaven revelation (the enemy’s plan) that we need to pray against rather than third heaven revelation (God’s plan for our nation) that we need to call forth into existence.

    3. Thank you for your strong resolve. I also tire of doom and gloom but this article is meant to be informative. Not everyone takes the time to focus on a single topic for examination so it can still be effective and if it brings even one person to their knees it is worth it to see through the wiles of the enemy. And make no mistake, the enemy is BUSY getting his own false word into the hearts of his followers. I believe discernment is the weapon of this hour.

      May God turn the plans of the enemy into an open playbook that scrambles the efforts and subjugation of lies perpetrated upon marginal Believers in this very moment. amen

    4. This does sound like a secular news cast, not an IFA article
      What did it lack— hope
      I also disagree
      with “ bound to happen”
      Faith believes otherwise
      But in reality, I think the writer speaks a lot of truth concerning the global elite

  102. Father God, I thank You that this country was founded on Your Biblical principles and Your Word NEVER fails. Isaiah 55:11 “so My Word that comes from my mouth will not return to Me empty, but it will accomplish what I please and will prosper in what I send it to do.” Also, Father God, I will rest in what You impressed upon me and what I heard in my spirit, “Do you think I don’t know where good fertile soil is? I planted that seed in good, fertile soil—in America. Try as he may, Satan has tried to dig it up but he cannot dig up the seed that I planted. You see, he is a defeated foe. What I ordained will come to pass.” Therefore I choose to stand on the Word of God! My prayer is that His Church will stand firm in the authority that the Lord God Almighty has bestowed upon her! Speak forth His Word and what it says! In Jesus’ Name

  103. Our Father in heaven,
    Holy is Your Name. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
    You are the righteous God who cannot stand evil because You Are Holy. You hate lie, cheating because You Are Truth.
    We thank that we can pray 24/7. Please forgive our sins as we forgive others who sins against us.

    We thank you for this article to see another predicament of all that have been happening. Fortunately we have You to depend on who Trustworthy and Omniscience to name a few of Your characters.

    The Bible said:

    Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;
    6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall [a]direct your paths.

    Psalms 118:1 Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.
    6 The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?
    21 I will give you thanks, for you answered me; you have become my salvation.
    25 Lord, save us! Lord, grant us success!
    27a The Lord is God, and he has made his light shine on us.
    28 You are my God, and I will praise you; you are my God, and I will exalt you.
    29 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.

    Father God, the world is a scary place. Forgive us, the Body of Christ in America who have been sleeping. Form now on, help us to stay awake and pray without ceasing about current matters. Help us to be involve in running America to keep their allegiance to King Jesus.

    Psalms 118:10 All the nations surrounded me, but in the name of the Lord I cut them down.
    11 They surrounded me on every side, but in the name of the Lord I cut them down.
    12 They swarmed around me like bees, but they were consumed as quickly as burning thorns;
    in the name of the Lord I cut them down.
    13 I was pushed back and about to fall, but the Lord helped me.
    14 The Lord is my strength and my defense[a]; he has become my salvation.

    Thank You Father for leading the election of 2016. We ask you again Father that You put your hands in this 2020 election so that elections to be fair, honest and without corruption.
    Father, please mobilize the Body of Christ from every corner of America to vote in person this Nov. 2020, to vote for President Trump so that he will be given a landslide winning and bless P Trump with all republicans conservatives administrations who will put You first and always pray for Your guidance to run this country to go back to the beginning when the founder of America made a covenant with You.
    I pray that the Body of Christ will exercise their right to be SALT and LIGHT of the world and be involve, more engage in government not only electing but working in the government to ignite America under God.

    This Nov. 2020 Election will be the beginning of FAIR, HONEST and without CORRUPTION because YOU WILL NOT ALLOW any plan of:
    1. Unauthorized Voting
    2. Ballot and Machine Rigging
    3. Ballot Harvesting
    4. Misinformation and Fraudulent Voter Guides
    5. Search Engine Manipulation: Blacklisting; Search Engine demoting and promoting; Surveillance
    6. Social Media Suppression and Control (FB, Twitter, Snapchat, Google, etc)
    7. Strong-arm Certification of an Election

    Father God we, the Body of Christ want to be loved by You because You’re showing love to a thousand generations for those who love You and keep Your commandments. Exodus 20:6

    Father God, we ask that the resources of the ungodly (Antifa, BLM, The Good Club, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, GGE, Open Society Foundation, the Hollywood Elites The Globalist, The Cartels, CCP, Russia etc) to dry up. Just as Jesus spoke to the nonproducing fig tree and it dried up from the roots, we speak to the resources of those who work evil in our government and command their money, communication, and alliances to dry up from the roots.
    In Jesus name bind demonic principalities of witchcraft, hate, and division that keep American to be united.

    Keep us humble and rely our trust on You forever and ever.

    May the grace of the LORD Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all from today onward.

    We love You, Father… thank You for loving us first. For Yours is the glory forever and ever. In Jesus’ holy, mighty, majestic, and matchless name we pray, Amen.”

    1. Thank you for your wonderful warfare prayer and powerful comments. I will be praying in like fashion for our Lord and his precious will to prevail and have victory in the 2020 election.

    2. I, too, thank you for this article..did You not tell us to be as wise as the serpent? Opening our eyes to things beyond our normal supposition pattern. Acknowledging You are the Creator, thus All-Powerful, we have insight to better direct our prayers, that whatever evil-doers have planned, you will use that for good, in direct reversal of their expected outcome. Thank You Lord! How much better it is to be aware of the sandpits’ perimeters than to blindly step into one with a misplaced sense of security. When praying for the individuals on the Voteyour values 2020 map, including the plea that All votes cast are jealously guarded, tabulated correctly, can give a peace of mind that God has the fate of This Republic of America secured well in His hands, whichever comes first, a long overdue Revival, or, The Rapture.

  104. This is a disturbing story. This is not at all how we are praying. We are praying for a move of God in our country, an unmistakable move by the hand of God. He founded this country, and His mercy is great. There is a praying remnant that He is raising up. We must humble ourselves, repent, and stand in the gap for America!

    1. As intercessors we see and pray about the roots of ungodliness In our nation, pray against the plans the enemy has, and pray to release the fullness of God’s purposes here in our nation as well as protection and direction for our leaders. Sometimes the news is grim. We take that as intel we can use to release prayer against those plans of the enemy and press in even more during critical times, in certain places and for particular issues. We wanted to share this as simply an eye opener. This writer is not necessarily a Christian but has information nonetheless. Our response will be different than his. His response is “worst-case scenario” despondency—ours is insight for strategic prayer for victory.

      1. The title of the article was confusing. Especially for those who don’t take time to read the whole article. Some days you just can’t read everything that comes across your feed.

  105. I’m just saying “GIVE ME LIBERY OR GIVE ME DEATH”. It ain’t over till it’s over!!!! We must all pull together against one COMMON ENEMY. The enemy of Jesus Christ. I thank you Lord Jesus for the strategies that you give us individually as well as collectively. May we join together with our differences toward one common goal, and that is to defeat the enemy.
    We must ALL go to the Father to find out what our “part” is. We all carry a different set of keys with the knowledge and the ability to use them. Our keys to our part of THE KINGDOM OF GOD. Together we can win this thing!!!!! Will it be hard? You bet it will!! Will we have casualties sorrowfully yes!! We can do this, but only if we stick together. ONE IN CHRIST JESUS!!

    1. If we all stick together. I have been reminded if the “ifs” in His word. I am continually reminded of Paul and his exhortation to the Philippians in chapter 2…”my greatest joy would be to see the body of Christ begin to prefer one another. To think of others more highly than self. Then he reminds us of our Lord and Savior and His humble entrance into His world…Then in John 13….Foot washing..psalm 133..Where there is unity the blessing resides.

  106. Father, in the name of Jesus, i pray against all schemes if the enemy who would try various ways to erode and bring down our national sovereignty. I pray Father that you would instead bring THEM down and erode THEIR plans and THEIR sovereignty by exposing them and their plans fully, Father turn their predictive programming against themselves and their plans defeating them from within and Father for those who rejoice in and wish for national anarchy and division to bring our nation down so marxism or communism or socialism can take over, let them experience it first hand in their own lives, families, careers, etc. may you redirect their negative energy and curses against our nation, their wishes for anarchy and division and financial and government collapse and such, against themselves and all that concerns them personally for Father i see your word says that those who set snares will fall in them and those who plunder your chosen will be plundered, those who make your chosen a prey will become a prey. I take you at your word on that! In Jesus name! Jeremiah 30:16
    Therefore all they that devour thee shall be devoured; and all thine adversaries, every one of them, shall go into captivity; and they that spoil thee shall be a spoil, and all that prey upon thee will I give for a prey.
    Hallajuah! I ask and believe you to honor this word for your Godly chosen of our nation, and that through your honoring your word on this that many will be blessed and delivered and the enemies and plunderers would fall into their own traps causing even them to cry out to you realizing their day of judgment has arrived, and that they will reap what they have sown. In Jesus name! We receive it!

  107. My head is spinning.
    Father, Thank You that Your head doesn’t spin! Raise up Your people! By Your Spirit cause us to seek Your wisdom and discernment, draw deeper into Your Word and by Faith and Truth lead us by Your Fire. In the name of Jesus

  108. Doom and gloom prophecy does not come from God.
    Warnings from God will always provide an answer.
    A way out.
    There is no hope in this article.
    Only condemnation.
    He told us to humble ourselves and pray.
    And we are responding.
    And in return, I believe and have faith he is hearing those prayers.
    In the name of Jesus
    I reject these lies.

    1. I agree and have seen articles from this christian organization with similar doom and gloom slant under the guise of christianity and information like wolves in sheeps clothing, we need to be discerning even of believers. The church has false teacher, false prophets, they all claim Jesus, claim to believe! Father in Jesus name give us discernment and expose all falsehood to your true church!! In Jesus name!

  109. Interesting article, BUT not consistent with Psalm chapter 2:…… The Lord sees evil plots and laughs.

    “Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

    Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure. Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion. I will declare the decree: the Lord hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee. Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel. Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.”
    ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭2:1-3, 5-12‬ ‭KJV‬‬,5-12.kjv

    1. You nailed it! Father give us discernment! Let not any reader accept lies of the enemy especially cleverly hidden like wolves in sheep’s clothing under the guise of providing Christian ministry based “information”

  110. Some trust in chariots and others in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. Ps.20:7

    Psalm 2
    Why do the nations rage,
    And the people plot a vain thing?
    The kings of the earth set themselves,
    And the rulers take counsel together,
    Against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying,
    “Let us break Their bonds in pieces
    And cast away Their cords from us.”

    He who sits in the heavens shall laugh;
    The Lord shall hold them in derision.
    Then He shall speak to them in His wrath,
    And distress them in His deep displeasure:
    “Yet I have set My King
    On My holy hill of Zion.”

    “I will declare the decree:
    The Lord has said to Me,
    ‘You are My Son,
    Today I have begotten You.
    Ask of Me, and I will give You
    The nations for Your inheritance,
    And the ends of the earth for Your possession.
    You shall break them with a rod of iron;
    You shall dash them to pieces like a potter’s vessel.’ ”

    Now therefore, be wise, O kings;
    Be instructed, you judges of the earth.
    Serve the Lord with fear,
    And rejoice with trembling.
    Kiss the Son, lest He be angry,
    And you perish in the way,
    When His wrath is kindled but a little.
    Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him.

  111. LORD, you have not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind. We know your word prophecies about a one world government. We humbly beg you to awake us (me), your people, from their (my) slumber. I (we) humble myself (ourselves), and pray, and seek your face. We see the enemy’s plot and his deep infiltration into our country. We are deeply troubled. Show us your chariots of fire. Show us your power. We ask for the revival flames of fire to ignite across this country and ask you out the fires of rebellion and chaos. Rescue us your people and bring many to know you. Revive us! Deliver us from the evil one! You triumphed over the enemy at Calvary. He is a defeated foe feverishly working to take as many people to hell as he can. Help us, your people, to be so in love with you that our lights would shine brightly across this land that we love and throughout the world. You are not willing that any should perish. Your ways are not our ways. Help us! Rescue the perishing, care for the dying. Keep America sovereign for your name’s sake. Not to us, Lord, but for the glory of your name. Be glorified! Be magnified! Help us all, we need YOU! In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen and Amen.

  112. I disagree with the basic premise that the Globalists & DS wanted Trump elected. We literally saw hell’s demons shrieking in agony (thru people) on TV when Trump was elected. Even if there are some bits of truth (not saying there is) God is sovereign. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places. We have access to his power because we are his! We have much authority and power in Christ to pray this thing through to victory. Do not be deceived. Rise up mighty warriors in Christ! It is time to ROAR!

  113. I dunno… I have trouble believing in behind-the-scenes conspiracists.

    But, because I don’t see all, I am going to continue doing what I’ve been doing: Praying for a fourth great awakening within the US, and from that a cultural and political renaissance. God is bigger than any conspiracy.

    Look… if we’re out of the picture when satan’s puppet comes onto the scene, let it be because he destroyed us, not because we died.

    Pray we are the nation that God judges the least when He returns.

  114. All fortune-telling/commentary-predictions will not dictate what God can & will do!
    To hear/read all the intellectual meandering of the downfall of our country and lives serves no purpose but to pull our hearts away from God and tempt us into a paralyzing fear & anxiety. I am too new in my spiritual journey to subject myself to “well-wishers'” warnings for conservatives.
    God is not bound by these boundless sources of doom, & will continue to heed our prayers. In the end the end, God wins!

  115. LORD God, may Your plans and purposes for this nation prevail over all the schemes, plots and strategies of man and demons. We praise You because ultimate power belongs to You, and we put our faith and trust in Your goodness and mercy in Jesus Christ. We will not fear but keep our eyes fixed on You.

  116. I do not think this article is close to reality. Firstly, the pandemic is definitely losing steam. The weekly hospitalization and death rates are far lower than their heights in April based on charts from the CDC (make sure you set it to weekly rates to check the declines, cumulative will always show an increase (even if it’s 1 per month the chart will be higher — no reporters show this but soon it will be so low there will be no way to puff up the case numbers from asymptomatic cases if hospitalization and death are much lower). 2) We will pray more as it gets closer. 3) We may win house and senate seats which is our whole problem now the house.

  117. Firstly God is in control. He knows EXACTLY where the deep state is, He knows each government hold over’s 1st, middle & last name. We know the heart is desperately wicked. The leftist never accepted President Trump’s win. They knew hitlary was a shoe in. Donald Trump was not a politician but, apparently he was Gods choice for such a time as this. God’s people are to trust Him. The fear of man (deep state holdovers, government plants etc) brings a snare. God is greater than all of this & this election NO MATTER WHAT the diabolical evil leftist plots remember they can’t out plot God. Our duty is to pray that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
    {Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be They name, They kingdom come, They will be done, on earth as it is in heaven, give us THIS day, our daily bread and forgive us our debt as we forgive our debtors, lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, for Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.} Lord You say don’t worry about tomorrow, for each day has enough trouble of its own. You are well aware of the November election. You know of all the weary hearts, because of all the evil that has been perpetrated against President Trump the past 3 years; to include the present planned (chaos) You know each player. But, You said not to let our hearts be troubled, and You have not given us the spirit of fear. We are to have a sound mind and be wise as a serpent and harmless as doves. We thank You Lord for sustaining President Trump and his family and Vice-Presidential Pence and his family. As well as his cabinet. Weed out any who are in his sphere of influence who means him no good. May his spiritual advisors be attentive to Your voice. In Jesus name I pray this. Amen!

    1. Father God, I thank You that this country was founded on Your Biblical principles and Your Word NEVER fails. Isaiah 55:11 “so My Word that comes from my mouth will not return to Me empty, but it will accomplish what I please and will prosper in what I send it to do.” Also, Father God, I will rest in what You impressed upon me and what I heard in my spirit, “Do you think I don’t know where good fertile soil is? I planted that seed in good, fertile soil—in America. Try as he may, Satan has tried to dig it up but he cannot dig up the seed that I planted. You see, he is a defeated foe. What I ordained will come to pass.” Therefore I choose to stand on the Word of God! My prayer is that His Church will stand firm in the authority that the Lord God Almighty has bestowed upon her! Speak forth His Word and what it says! In Jesus’ Name

    2. I amen that about weeding out the enemy that he may no longer be a part of our presidents inner circle. Psalm 101 is a beautiful and ,I believe , what we are seeing happen in our presidents life..Thank you for your article…

  118. There is a remnant that is praying fervently. Repenting for this nation. Is it enough for God to intervene? I don’t know, how many are enough? I have never prayed as fervently for a President and for our country as I have for the last 4 years and I am almost 70 years old. Everything in the article is absolutely possible. If we escape it, it will be a deliverance by the hand of Almighty God. If we do not escape, if God does not show up, and certainly the way we have treated Him for the last half century he does not have any reason to show up, except for His great mercy, if He does not, we will enter a period of persecution of the church and believers in America, and that may actually finally get the Church’s attention. It may be just in time for the end times.

      1. I ask the same. I am 73 years old and not in the best health but I am praying, more or less but not as fervently as would like to be. I grieve in my spirit for our Nation and I want to interceed for Her and for our President. I am so thankful for this publication IFA as it jogs my memory to pray and I thank you all, in advance for praying for me…

  119. Lord God, I pray that your army of believers rises up during these uncertain times. I pray for discernment for all of your people. I plead the blood of Jesus over all of your children and the last true freedom fighters of this nation. I pray that you would provide wisdom for our leaders, the ones who still listen to your voice. Lord, your word says that you have overcome overcome the world. You are for us, nothing can stop your will for this nation. I thank you for raising up a generation of freedom fighters who stand for truth and never bow to any man. Lord, I pray for America, the first and last pillar of freedom on this earth. In the mighty name of Jesus, amen!

      1. May the God of heaven, anoint you with a special remembrance and desire to remember to pray for our President and every person in government that they may come into agreement with Your will and Your ways. In Jesus’name.

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