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Father, do not let us live in fear. Help us to make no provision for the enemy to attack and give our nation wisdom and discernment.

The American public is becoming increasingly aware of evidence of massive computer fraud, out-of-state and dead voters, and truckloads of fake ballots tilting the recent election toward Joe Biden.

There are even whispers of Venezuelan, Iranian, and Chinese involvement.

No one, however, is yet talking about that a network run by pro-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) activists solicited hundreds of thousands of votes for Biden in several key battleground states. Under our very noses, these CCP-backed American communists claim to have defeated their nemesis Donald Trump and won the election for the Biden–Harris ticket.

We know that the CCP wanted Trump defeated. His hard line on trade, his support for the Hong Kong democracy protesters, his upping of the U.S. military budget, and his loyalty to a free Taiwan made the president a major roadblock to the CCP’s global ambitions.

It shouldn’t be surprising then that the CCP might be tempted to mobilize its extensive U.S. networks to help defeat Trump at the polls.

This network was led mainly by members of the pro-CCP communist group Liberation Road (formerly known as Freedom Road Socialist Organization), its sister group LeftRoots, and allies in the Communist Party USA and Democratic Socialists of America. . . .

Many of the comrades are also heavily involved in Black Lives Matter; some also have deep ties to CCP operatives in San Francisco.

The network targeted seven key states and mobilized at least 12,000 volunteers. Their voter registration and Get Out the Vote operations probably made the critical difference in several key states—or at least gave Biden enough votes to more easily disguise alleged massive Democratic Party fraud. . . .

Editor’s Note: To reference another example of this socialist/ communist agenda in our nation click here to view a related story.

Seed the Vote

Formed in 2019, Seed the Vote is a project of Everyday People PAC and is supported by Liberation Road front groups, including Bay Resistance, Bay Rising Action, San Francisco Rising Action Fund, and “other organizations and individuals throughout the Bay Area committed to building political power in our communities.”

Known Seed the Vote leaders include:

Seed the Vote Impact

While a relatively new entity, Seed the Vote has built ties to several existing voter registration movements across the nation—all in “swing states.”

The Seed the Vote network includes LUCHA (Living United for Change in Arizona), New Florida MajorityNew Georgia Project, and Pennsylvania Stands Up.

Seed the Vote’s immediate goal is to defeat Trump. The longer-term goal is a socialist United States.

Seed the Vote claims:

“We want to leverage the experience, capacity, and expertise of organizers and activists in California in support of long-term organizing in our neighboring states.

“Our goal is not just to push Trump out of office, but to help shift the balance of power in the states where we are working in favor of communities of color, social justice organizations, and labor. We want to be tactically and politically smart, and move our politics and organizations forward.”

In a recent webinarAdam Gold of Seed the Vote stated: “We were really determined to defeat Trump. We were focusing on seven states this year and it looks like six of those went to Biden.” . . .

In a post-election Zoom conference that involved several state organizing groups, Alex Gomez, co-executive director of Arizona’s LUCHA, boasted that her organization was part of a coalition “able to drive 8 million calls … able to knock on over 1 million doors …” to deliver a surprise narrow win for Biden.

Pennsylvania Stands Up is a statewide network of voter registration organizations, including Berks Stands Up, Lehigh Valley Stands Up, Delco Stands Up, Erie Stands Up, and Reclaim Philadelphia. Most of these groups are headed by Liberation Road affiliates or Democratic Socialists of America members.

In May 2020, Reclaim Philadelphia signed on to a letter circulated by several Liberation Road-aligned figures criticizing candidate Biden for a campaign ad that was deemed too critical of China.

In a Nov. 13 Facebook post, Pennsylvania Stands Up claims that their 8,000 volunteers, 6,869,934 calls, 1,803,935 text messages, and 400,000 conversations delivered more than 50,000 votes and 14 key counties for Biden.

New Georgia Project eked out a narrow win for Biden with 1,230,000 text messages, 362,000 direct mail pieces, 2,200,000 phone calls, 98,000 conversations, and 371,000 doors knocked. The New Georgia Project, founded by former Georgia state Sen. Stacey Abrams, was led until recently led by Rev. Raphael Warnock, who is now running for U.S. Senate. . . .

BLOC (Black Leaders Organizing for Communities) is based in Milwaukee. In the post-election Zoom conference, BLOC Executive Director Angela Lang boasted:

“They’re getting really, really, really close to calling Wisconsin. Biden is up by 20,697 votes and in 2016 Trump carried the state by 22,748 votes. So it’s almost that, that margin is still the same amount roughly but just inverse and that’s due to the work that we’ve done.”

Maoist Models

Seed the Vote’s 2020 effort was modeled on the successes of Liberation Road front groups: the Carolina Federation in North Carolina and New Virginia Majority (NVM).

The recently established Carolina Federation unites more-established voter registration groups Durham for All, Down Home NC, Forsyth Freedom Federation, and New Hanover for All. Over the past four years, Durham for All has heavily targeted the black communities of the “Bull City” and has elected several sympathizers to the Durham City Council.

Statewide, the Carolina Federation is working to turn both houses of the state legislature blue and is a big part of the reason why North Carolina just reelected a Democratic governor. The Carolina Federation is led by several Liberation Road comrades including Sendolo Diaminah and Aiden Graham. . . .

In 2018, NVM co-Chair Tram Nguyen published an op-ed in The New York Times, saying, “Democrats could learn a lot from what happened in Virginia.”

According to Nguyen:

The national Democratic Party spent millions in Virginia this year, but the state wasn’t always such a priority. From its position in the South to its prominent role in America’s legacy of oppression, Virginia was long considered reliably conservative—unbreakable. As recently as six years ago, Republicans controlled the office of the governor and the General Assembly.

“Local organizations like mine understood the political potential of Virginia when we got started 12 years ago. We are winning because we recognize the power of an electorate that includes and reflects the diversity of our state. We don’t talk to voters only when campaign season rolls around. We try to reach voters of all colors, women, low-income workers and young people where they are, which has made it possible for us to develop a robust base of support along Virginia’s so-called Urban Crescent, from Northern Virginia to Hampton Roads. Long before Election Day, we registered more than 300,000 voters, knocked on more than 2.5 million doors, and organized within communities of color to help win significant policy changes like Medicaid expansion, which covered nearly 400,000 people.” . . .

Steve McClure is a former Washington resident who has close ties to Liberation Road and NVM. Since 2010, he has worked with the Geography Department of Wuhan University in China, and is a research associate with the State Key Laboratory of Engineering Information in Surveying, Mapping, and Remote Sensing at the university.

For more than a decade, comrade McClure has used his skills in geographic information systems (GIS) mapping to supply highly targeted voter identification information to NVM.

According to an Aug. 25, 2011, post on McClure’s blog:

“I have been recently working with New Virginia Majority to make a series of maps to inform planning for precinct walks in Virginia State house districts. … The core data are lists of individual households by pan-ethnic census categories. … The results are subjective but do suggest … the ways that actual communities conform or diverge from the discrete territorial units which define an electoral terrain in a democracy.” . . .

In another post, McClure wrote:

“In the general elections of 2008, Virginia voted Democratic for the first time since 1964 with Obama carrying the state. Demographic shifts and increased voter participation rather than a shift in political allegiances account for this outcome. …

“Focusing on Prince William County, Virginia, I applied spatial interpolation techniques in a GIS to translate the 2008 election returns from the geography of precincts to year 2000 zoning classification areas for further quantitative analysis. The goal was to produce actionable intelligence for working class organizations building popular power at the base. …” . . .

For three years, we’ve heard repeatedly about Russian interference in U.S. elections.

However, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been influencing U.S. elections for at least a decade with zero outcry. This isn’t high-tech vote fraud. This is being done “legally,” the old-fashioned way, with mass voter registration and Get Out the Vote efforts. The activity per se is legal. The CCP influence, though, may well be highly illegal.

This CCP influence in the United States needs to be stopped, and any law-breaking involved needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Why should we allow a criminal regime to interfere in U.S. elections?

(Excerpt from The Epoch Times. Article by Trevor Loudoun. Photo Credit: Getty Images.)

What do you think about this steal?

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December 15, 2020

We should not allow a criminal regime to interfere in our elections, teach in our universities, or steal our secrets. Where has the law of treason gone? And reason? Where has our justice system gone that this would be allowed but pastors are fined for holding services? If the FBI, the CIA, liberal judges, and even the attorney general can not be trusted to uphold the law and protect the citizens then they should be fired.

Father, I appeal to Your court in heaven to make a righteous decision concerning our justice system, presidential election, and crimes that have been committed. I plead for a decree from Your court that is above all courts! You are judge over all! Please set into motion and bring to completion truth, righteousness, and justice concerning this election. I ask that You will declare guilty the ones who ARE guilty, and vindicate the the ones who were wronged. Return the things which were stolen to their rightful owners. Each American citizen has been harmed by the enemy’s evil schemes and acts. Please do not allow godless people with an evil agenda to be the president of America. What will the heathen say if this is allowed? For Your name’s sake and the sake of truth please act upon our behalf.


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