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Lord, we ask for justice to prevail and for the truth to come to the surface. As much as is possible, let us leave at peace with another, but show us when to stand against evil.

Newly pardoned, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn says his four-year legal odyssey in the Russia case exposed the widespread corruption of intelligence, law enforcement and judicial institutions where politics was allowed to overrule the law.

“I’ve seen corruption up close and personal,” the retired three-star general told Just the News in a wide-ranging interview Thursday with the John Solomon Reports podcast. “And I see it as it’s playing out in our current election. I mean, real corruption is really now publicly known. And we should still find it unacceptable.

“This corruption in our institutions — justice, intelligence community, senior law enforcement — it didn’t happen overnight. This had to happen over, you know, probably decades, certainly a decade of a shift in the culture of acceptable bad behavior.” . . .

“I actually think that, you know, the attorney general we just need to give him some space, because there’s some elements inside that block and tackle the truth, even from the attorney general,” Flynn said. “But I would say there are moments in time and now is one of them.”

Flynn was pardoned by President Trump the day before Thanksgiving, ending a four-year legal odyssey that began when the FBI opened a criminal case against him in summer 2016 on the now-debunked suspicions he was helping Trump collude with Russia. . . .

“The judge, in my case should have, you know, made the right decision, followed the law,” Flynn said. . . .

“The conversation that I had with the President was a terrific one,” he said. “And it was like, you know, like the phrase old home week? I mean, it was like, we never left each other.”

Flynn also reacted to a memorandum that Sullivan released earlier this week in which the judge finally dismissed the case as moot, but suggested he wouldn’t have done so if Trump had not pardoned the former national security adviser. The judge argued that Flynn had pled guilty to lying to the FBI and should not have been allowed to withdraw that plea.

“We trust in our judiciary, that they will follow the law,” Flynn responded. “So I think that is what the American people witnessed through my case, is maybe a breakdown in that. But I also sort of point a finger at the Department of Justice, and others that were part of this whole system of injustice.”

Flynn said he views the current legal battles over the November election as a continuation of a paradigm in which institutions have been failing the American people through corruption, ineptitude, untruthfulness or an unwillingness to follow the law.

“You’re up against the biggest institutions in the world, and you’re up against people inside of them that are corrupted. I mean, they’re corrupted. And they are incentivized for the wrong reasons,” he said.

“And what you’re fighting for, is you’re fighting for honesty from them, you’re fighting for truth from them. So what is the matter right now with fighting for truth from the election fraud that clearly happened?”

(Excerpt from Just the News. Article by John Solomon. Photo Credit: Getty Images.)

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December 13, 2020

In Jesus Name we pray for Pres. Trump, his family, his legal team, Rudy Guiliani, Sydney Powells and other lawyers, skilled men & women you have raised to come alongside to help & expose the corruption. Thank you for other social media sites that are honest and have opened up.
We pray for the whistleblowers who have come forward. Their testimonies will not be in vain in Jesus Name. Abba we know now you have a global perspective in mind…and you want to expose worldwide corruption as in Venenzuela, China, Canada, Switzerland and others. We know only America with Pres Trump is bold to speak up & expose all! Put a double portion of protection around him & his family. Thank you that Army Angels and the heavenly squad is protecting him on earth. No weapon formed against him will prosper (Ps 91). Surround the White House with your legion of Angels. Is 62:7 We give You no rest until (United States of America) is established (under the leadership of Donald Trump).
Give him wisdom, guidance, boldness as President to supercede the judicial system as per the constitution thru executive orders as did Pres. Lincoln. Drain and clean out the swamp in the Trump Admin, expose traitors and root out all evil doers in the
FBI ,CIA, Supreme Court, Congress, Senate (Ps37). Restore Flynn & his family.
We pray Obamagate, Biden & Hunter, China Fang spy proceedings will go forward and corruption exposed.
In Jesus Name, Amen

December 13, 2020

It is well known within the inner power circles of DC why they went after Flynn immediately when he started his service in the Trump administration. Gen. Flynn knew full well what was going on & the whispers of what they (the left) was planning.
He was taken down strategically so as to neuter him (at that time) through careful planning. This may come off wrong but within Christian circles, I am somewhat appalled at how little we know when it comes to what those in opposition will do in order to bulldoze their way into keeping power. First and foremost will always be prayer. But the “nice guy” approach or continued conduct in dealing with the other side doesn’t work. When Christ turned over the money changer tables, I’m sure everyone was surprised. Our Lord was expressing righteous anger & it was well placed.
I have been praying in a much more “detailed” manner about how to deal with corruption in our nation and especially at higher levels. Our country has NEVER seen corruption, back room dealings and sell-outs of this magnitude in our history. Never! So as Christians, I sense its become necessary to not play around with nice words when it comes to talking about the corruption. Follow up action is critical (whatever you are able to do). We cannot be afraid – its not an option.
The lines of morality and ethics within our nation have moved so often in just about every area of life that we no longer recognize where the original line was. I’m not sure some would know it even if it was in front of their face.
We are grateful for someone like Gen. Flynn. At one time, all of what he has done would have been honored over and over again by our entire nation. But we have lost that because we have allowed sinister forces to permeate every sector our our society. And the only way to change that is through prayer, continual repentance and action. And EVERYONE has the ability to take some kind of action. Its easier than every in our day and age.

December 13, 2020

Dear Lord thank You for bringing this man and his family safely through their road of trials. Lord let his suffering serve a higher purpose as part of Your design. Lord I pray that his example and experience will inspire us all. Lord please empower him and all others engaged in our struggle to expose the rampant corruption and unbridled thirst for power that is plaguing our nation. Lord save the deceived and punish the wicked manipulators behind these dark times.In Jesus precious name I pray, O Lord, Amen.

December 13, 2020

Heavenly Father, We dearly regret what this man and his family had to endure but we see it play out every day for our President and his family. We thank that we know evil but until we truly look at what these people have done to persecute a military hero, we do not know the full extent of evil and poo poo it. SIN separate us from you and we think we have awakened to that but we need more awakening.

Father, some may say why do you let this go on but you are letting us see the error of our ways. You tell us to pray unceasingly and while we praise you for calling us all to prayer in such magnitude these days, we are sorry but we have fallen short so many times. Just as Daniel had said about the Israelites, we did not listen to you and live the way you told us to live. We thought good enough was enough…Lord, we ask right now in the mighty name of Jesus to awaken this country . Many of us think we are “awakened” until we wake up one day and realize we were walking in a lie. Father, we absolutely surrender our lives to you. Help us to love you with ALL OF OUR HEARTS, MINDS AND Strength. Help us to love others as you love us. We confess the pride, the greed, all the other evil we had chosen to hold onto. Teach us have hunger for Your Word like never before. Teach us to look to you every moment of every day and not rely on yourselves to make decisions. Your Word will guide us. Help us to stand on the promises of God. You never leave or forsake us so that each of us individually will reach the destiny you planned for us before the beginning of time and the destiny for America will be sealed. And we as a country will be a model for every other country that JESUS SAVES and AMERICA WILL BE SAVED! As America goes, so goes the world. PRAISE GOD! In your mighty name we pray, Jesus. Amen

    Mary Jean
    December 13, 2020

    Amen. Lord I agree. Wake us all up to You, Your will and truth. May we return to our First Love. In Jesus name Amen

      December 13, 2020

      And, Father, help us never to forget that it is NOT flesh and blood we wrestle against, but spiritual wickedness in high places, fomented by the father of lies, who has taken captive lost sheep, for whom You shed Your blood to redeem from the slave market.


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