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God, pray for our nation and the entire world. You told us to be fruitful and multiple, so we pray that the world would heed Your command.
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Experts feel that the global fertility rate has either fallen below replacement or is about to. How will this affect our nation? How will this affect the world as we know it?

From The Wall Street Journal. The world is at a startling demographic milestone. Sometime soon, the global fertility rate will drop below the point needed to keep population constant. It may have already happened.

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Fertility is falling almost everywhere, for women across all levels of income, education and labor-force participation. The falling birthrates come with huge implications for the way people live, how economies grow and the standings of the world’s superpowers.

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Teena Wisecup
June 7, 2024

Wow not ONE comment addressing the fact that the Covid shot causes infertility. When you look at the timing of the decline this should be a red flag!

Daniel S. Moak
May 22, 2024

The root problem is the disrespect of human life. The death rate is far too high. Among the causes of death are:
1. Abortion
2. Wars among nations that celebrate death like Hamas
3. Deaths due to illicit drug use like Fentanol & Opioids
4. Lack of health care in Communist dictatorships like North Korea & Cuba.
5. Suicide.

Until recently the Chinese Communist Party had a one child policy which would force the mother to automatically abort the child if it is the second pregnancy.

The CCP believed that the planet Earth could no longer sustain the current population. They believed that the Earth would run out of resources like land, and that the pollution would become intolerable.

One goal of the World Economic Forum is to reduce the world population down from 8 billion to 2 billion.

We as Christians must learn to detect these lies, and come to the knowledge of the truth.

Darlene Estlow
May 21, 2024

Father, we look to you. Give us babies. Stop the killing of the pre-born. We are killing our society by our godlessness and selfishness. Give us babies.

May 21, 2024

Guys it’s simple math !! How many of us reading this post today had more than two kids? Good job if you did . The governments around the world are addressing this but are our pulpits ???? I personally have NEVER heard this even mentioned from a pastor . Most of them are just like us . The expansion of our standard of living is more important than our expansion of our population . We’re stuck at seeing the now and not 100 or even 50 years from now. America will NOT have a majority of European decent white people. And if that’s the case America will not be ruled by such. I’m not racist at all , just stating the math.
We had certainly better be praying about this or America will not have Christians as elected officials.

    May 22, 2024

    Praise God we have the hope and power of the Holy Spirit to convert !!!
    Father we pray for revival in our land and YOUR words of redemption through Jesus Christ will overcome satans plans to diminish our Christian population by converting the lost !!! Hallelujah

Chuck Cohen
May 21, 2024

The good news is that the birth rate in Israel is up and it is not just the ultra-Orthodox, but even the secular who are having enough children and then some.


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