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God, we lift up the transgender community before You. You love them, and You know that they are lost, broken, and is desperate need of healing. We pray that they would receive real treatments, not hormones and surgeries.
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Peru has now labeled transgenderism as a mental illness. While LGBT activists are upset, the country assures that it is only trying to provide better mental health services for transgenders.

From The National Pulse. The Peruvian government has passed a resolution categorizing transgender, nonbinary, and intersex individuals as “mentally ill.” This policy decision, meant to ensure comprehensive mental health services for the transgender community, has been met with criticism, notably from LGBTQ+ advocacy groups.

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Peru’s Health Ministry, defending the move, stated that the language in the Essential Health Insurance Plan would be modified to indicate that transgenders have a mental disorder. …

The decree was officially signed by President Dina Boluarte last week. The decision marks a significant shift in governmental policy, and reactions have been mixed. …

However, despite the outcry from the global LGBTQ+ community, transgenderism — or gender dysphoria (GD) — is a mental illness and is still technically classified as such in the United States. …

What do you think of Peru’s decision? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The National Pulse. Photo Credit: inkdrop/Canva)

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May 21, 2024

Romans chapter one gives answers to these types of problems. they know bGod but denied Him as God. therefore God give them to their desires.
we pray protection on our children. the Blood of Jesus Christ cover our children. may is blood always be on their faces and may the angels of the Lord encamp around them.
we declared the blood of Jesus Christ on all the children of America and the world beyond.
we over come the evil doctrine by the blood of Christ Jesus and by the Word His testimonies. we declare righteousness on our children. when satan sees the blood, he will pass over them. amen.

Darlene Estlow
May 21, 2024

Thank you, Father, for what Peru has done. If all this is classified as such in the United States, why are we celebrating these things? Father change the hearts of those who think these things are ok. Protect our young people and give the detransitioners favor as they share their stories. Give doctors, parents, health care people the courage to stand for what is right and not the lies they hear.

Dale Anscomb
May 20, 2024

I believe it is a mental illness, and they need all the help we and God can give them.

    May 20, 2024

    This may also be demonic spirits.

    LORD, You are a good good father. You love these deceived young people.
    We ask for healing and deliverance for all who are caught up in this evil web of lies.

    Please send laborers into your harvest field. Teach them Your ways, and may satan regret the day he messed with Your kids.
    We pray that they become a mighty army in Your kingdom, and influence many more to live for You, in Jesus name, amen.


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