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Father, we thank You for our Constitution. We pray that You would preserve its principles, God, and that You would preserve America.
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This many Americans wishing for the rewriting of the cornerstone of our nation is not good. We should pray for hearts to be changed.

From The Washington Times. A new survey from Rasmussen Reports and the Heartland Institute found that 57% of Democrats believe the Constitution is “rooted in racism,” another 64% think it’s “sexist,” and 49% — statistically half — feel it should be “mostly or completely rewritten….”

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If half of Democrats think the Constitution is in need of replacement, then it’s easy to see how the party of Democrats has tipped to become an enemy of the patriotic people. We’re not talking about just a few wayward leftists; we’re talking half of all Democrats.

This is the key battle going forward — politically, culturally, in the education systems, in the workforce. If America’s youth aren’t taught that American liberties based on constitutional principles, including the rule-of-law and limited governance, are driving forces of exceptionalism, but rather chains that enslave — as the socialists have a tendency to say — then how can the nation maintain a government that serves the people; an economy that’s rooted in capitalism; a society that both embraces and fosters free and diverse discussions, expressions and views?

“As Americans,” Heartland Institute’s Chris Talgo said in a written statement, “we are fortunate to live in a land where the Constitution ensures the government cannot infringe upon our basic liberties.”

But there’s a “cognitive dissonance” that’s taking place within some voting classes, he said. He meant Democrats….

The fact is ask a Democrat what he or she likes about America, and the answer will be a version of this: the potential. The implied? The unstated? That radical change is needed; a foundational shift is necessary; that hope and change are the keys to America’s success.

Ask an American patriot the same thing and the answer is this: America is the greatest country on earth. Or, by Rasmussen’s numbers: 76% of Republicans versus 42% of Democrats have a “very favorable” view of the Constitution. And that has made all the difference.

Are you thankful for the Constitution? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The Washington Times. Photo Credit: Canva)

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October 4, 2022

The Constitution is the backbone of our Constitutional Republic. Our forefathers sought to give us a very solid foundation based strongly upon the rule of law, upon the freedoms stated therein, and guaranteeing checks and balances so that new ideas can be vetted by the officials elected by the people and voted upon by the people. As the saying goes “everything that glitters is not gold”. We need as a people to thoroughly dissect and examine whatever is presented by others as our new gold nugget of wisdom. Choose wisely. All that glitters is NOT gold.

    October 4, 2022

    God keep us grounded in your Word. Grant us Your wisdom, Your foresight. Guide us as a people, and lead our elected officials in ways that always honor You. To You be honor, glory, and praise. Guide our upcoming elections, we pray in your Name, O loving God.

Rick Wilkins
July 25, 2022

America Shall Be Saved!

Priscilla Meyenburg
July 25, 2022

They the Democrats want it all Their way not the American peoples way. All they are saying about the constitution are lies. If people will take time to read and know history: They the forefathers used Gods vision to write up this document called The Constitution. I do not think God is wrong about any of the words that were written. The Constitution was not written to please a small group of people who want to be lawlessness. We have checks and balances through the scripture the forefathers used to write a brilliant solid document that. Will strand.. We decree that we will operate in Unity going beyond to accomplish the purpose of God words for America. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️☝️😆

MaryJo Coleman
July 24, 2022

For many years I didn’t understand most of the Constitution although I had an ethics class as an 8th grader in Catholic school in 1973. As an older adult and a Christian for nearly 30 yrs I am stunned at this brilliant document from our devoted forefathers who recognized our sin nature and how the unleashed power of our federal government could destroyed this nation. Checks and balances are an absolute necessity! And trust in a Constitutional Republic that is based on Scripture – Isaiah 33:22 For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawmaker, the Lord is our King; it is HE Who will save us. I thank God for His Covenant to this mighty nation – it belongs to Him!

July 23, 2022

Praying daily for God to bring our nation to repentance, revival and renewal. Thank you.

July 23, 2022

The Constitution was written by intelligent Christians who did not have an agenda. Any attempt to change it, will result in the loss of our republican form of government. Yes, I said Republican, not Democratic, form of government. There are those in Washington who somehow think Communism is the way to go, and it is for a select few, but the rest of us will pay the price.

Zoe Ella
July 23, 2022

There is a process for changing the Constitution. It is called an amendment. What is most scary is that those who wish to re-write the Constitution are not even beginning the amendment process. They seem, 1984 Double speak style, to simply insist by decree that what they want is in the Constitution. If those succeed, then we will no longer have the USA created by our founders. We will have a radically different country, called the USA, again, double speak style.

Jill Carrero
July 23, 2022

Lord God we come boldly to Your throne of grace and praise You for Who You are! we know this battle for Freedom in America is because we are The Only Christian nation
Founded to be set apart for You! that the Government can not tell us Who and How we choose to worship! that is Why our founding fathers Left England’s tyranny!! oh but over the years of compromise recently we failed to stand up for You. The USA used to so staunchly against communism and socialism…Our soldiers faught and died for Freedom! Many Remember !!! but lot of younger people either were Not taught Biblical principles , also many are from non Christian countries, bringing culture hostile to The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Many just choose to put self Above God. So lies crept in to our scools, ( who used to All use God’s word to learn in Muguthry Reader for generations!) we now have a generation of young adults who are raise on social media ideals, Hollywood and ” truth is relitive”, ” live your truth” instead of Your Truth unchanging principles for rightand wrong. They are raising their children to be as spoiled and self obsorbed as they are, sadly. Our Nations leaders who are focused on greed and power deluded by Marxism Leaders o
f America with No Integrity want to deliberately change our very well thought out Constitution that was so very carefully crafted based on Godly Principals by men of integrity! Lord God Stop this foolishness and utter nonsence Open the Eyes, Minds and Hearts to bring True understanding to the treasure we have and turn our nation around to serve You once more!! Holy Spirit gobefore as we intercede for our ungodly leaders Will be convicted to repentance so the can be forgiven and come to Saving Faith in You Lord Jesus!! the media will be saved ! send them Dreams and Visions of You Jesus like Saul to Paul experiences on the road to Damascus send angels assigned to bring these Anti Americans in ALL Branches of Government as well as media Lord to Saving Faith in YOU!! and women and can be a unified nation one more time!! Send Help Lord Jesus in Your Mighty Name we pray Amen!!

July 23, 2022

I am thankful for our Constitution. I am thankful when it is acknowledged and upheld by the way that it was written by our Founding Fathers. Liberal interpretation has certainly undermined the meaning of what, how, and why it was written. The liberal faction of our government obviously has very little, if any, respect for the Constitution of this great country. I pray for the deceived, misguided liberals who think that we need a new Constitution. The current one has held up as the law of the land for 200 years. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with it!

Barbara Janicki
July 23, 2022

Our constitution is what sets our country apart, draws so many from around the globe and has allowed this country to survive to date. Lincoln said at Gettysburg that the war would test whether a country “so conceived and so dedicated can long endure.” (he meant a country “conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men (people) are created equal.”) This has long been our premise – equality – not to be confused with equity. The same opportunities for all – not the same outcomes – outcomes are left to the individual once the opportunity is provided. This is not the time to rewrite the constitution – given that we cannot apparently even define the word “woman” at the moment and that the dictionary has apparently altered the definition of “woman” and the CDC recently changed the definition of “vaccine” – your article gave a perfect example – calling the very things that allow individual freedom and exceptionalism to flourish “chains that enslave” – is a lie enabled by changing the language used to discuss it – kind of like calling the killing of the pre-born “women’s health care.” and then saying that women are being denied access to “healthcare.” Our constitution is something worth defending and preserving because in so doing we are defending and preserving ourselves, a free way of life – one that we will not be able to pass down to future generations without an intact constitution. God gave us this gift – may we not carelessly throw it away now but return to God who blessed us with this nation in the first place. http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

July 23, 2022

There are people in Poland today who have lived under 7 different constitutions during their lifetime.
Our Constitution has carried America through almost 250 years, weathering a civil war, world wars, a depression, and many other difficult situations.
People from all over the world long to come here and experience the freedom and opportunity we have.
Who really believes they are wise enough to create something that will provide that kind of longevity and blessings?
This document has proven strong and durable because it was based on biblical principles.
Father God,
In the Name of Jesus, I ask You to remove the veil of darkness, lies, and deception from people’s minds and hearts. Give great deliverance from demonic spirits of division and chaos, pride and arrogance.
Please fill our land with dramatic revival that manifests Your power and authority. Turn us to You and Your Word.


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