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Father God, thank You for the wisdom of some of America's leaders. Bless Justice Gorsuch.
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Justice Gorsuch issued a statement in the Supreme Court procedural order in Arizona v. Mayorkas dealing with Title 42. Read this excerpt of his critique of government “pandemic” actions and let us know what you think in the comments.

Since March 2020, we may have experienced the greatest intrusions on civil liberties in the peacetime history of this country. Executive officials across the country issued emergency decrees on a breathtaking scale. Governors and local leaders imposed lockdown orders forcing people to remain in their homes. They shuttered businesses and schools, public and private. They closed churches even as they allowed casinos and other favored businesses to carry on. They threatened violators not just with civil penalties but with criminal sanctions too.

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They surveilled church parking lots, recorded license plates, and issued notices warning that attendance at even outdoor services satisfying all state social-distancing and hygiene requirements could amount to criminal conduct. They divided cities and neighborhoods into color-coded zones, forced individuals to fight for their freedoms in court on emergency timetables, and then changed their color-coded schemes when defeat in court seemed imminent.

Federal executive officials entered the act too. Not just with emergency immigration decrees. They deployed a public-health agency to regulate landlord-tenant relations nationwide. They used a workplace-safety agency to issue a vaccination mandate for most working Americans. They threatened to fire noncompliant employees, and warned that service members who refused to vaccinate might face dishonorable discharge and confinement. Along the way, it seems federal officials may have pressured social-media companies to suppress information about pandemic policies with which they disagreed.

While executive officials issued new emergency decrees at a furious pace, state legislatures and Congress—the bodies normally responsible for adopting our laws—too often fell silent. Courts bound to protect our liberties addressed a few—but hardly all—of the intrusions upon them. In some cases, like this one, courts even allowed themselves to be used to perpetuate emergency public-health decrees for collateral purposes, itself a form of emergency-lawmaking-by-litigation.

Doubtless, many lessons can be learned from this chapter in our history, and hopefully serious efforts will be made to study it. One lesson might be this: Fear and the desire for safety are powerful forces. They can lead to a clamor for action—almost any action—as long as someone does something to address a perceived threat. A leader or an expert who claims he can fix everything, if only we do exactly as he says, can prove an irresistible force.

We do not need to confront a bayonet, we need only a nudge, before we willingly abandon the nicety of requiring laws to be adopted by our legislative representatives and accept rule by decree. Along the way, we will accede to the loss of many cherished civil liberties—the right to worship freely, to debate public policy without censorship, to gather with friends and family, or simply to leave our homes. We may even cheer on those who ask us to disregard our normal lawmaking processes and forfeit our personal freedoms. Of course, this is no new story. Even the ancients warned that democracies can degenerate toward autocracy in the face of fear (Aristotle’s Politics).

But maybe we have learned another lesson too. The concentration of power in the hands of so few may be efficient and sometimes popular. But it does not tend toward sound government. However wise one person or his advisors may be, that is no substitute for the wisdom of the whole of the American people that can be tapped in the legislative process.

Decisions produced by those who indulge no criticism are rarely as good as those produced after robust and uncensored debate. Decisions announced on the fly are rarely as wise as those that come after careful deliberation. Decisions made by a few often yield unintended consequences that may be avoided when more are consulted. Autocracies have always suffered these defects. Maybe, hopefully, we have relearned these lessons too.

In the 1970s, Congress studied the use of emergency decrees. It observed that they can allow executive authorities to tap into extraordinary powers. Congress also observed that emergency decrees have a habit of long outliving the crises that generate them; some federal emergency proclamations, Congress noted, had remained in effect for years or decades after the emergency in question had passed.

At the same time, Congress recognized that quick unilateral executive action is sometimes necessary and permitted in our constitutional order. In an effort to balance these considerations and ensure a more normal operation of our laws and a firmer protection of our liberties, Congress adopted a number of new guardrails in the National Emergencies Act.

Despite that law, the number of declared emergencies has only grown in the ensuing years. And it is hard not to wonder whether, after nearly a half century and in light of our Nation’s recent experience, another look is warranted. It is hard not to wonder, too, whether state legislatures might profitably reexamine the proper scope of emergency executive powers at the state level.

At the very least, one can hope that the Judiciary will not soon again allow itself to be part of the problem by permitting litigants to manipulate our docket to perpetuate a decree designed for one emergency to address another. Make no mistake—decisive executive action is sometimes necessary and appropriate. But if emergency decrees promise to solve some problems, they threaten to generate others. And rule by indefinite emergency edict risks leaving all of us with a shell of a democracy and civil liberties just as hollow.

Do you know someone who would be interested in Justice Gorsuch’s statement? Please share, and maybe it will inspire healthy discussion of these important matters.

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Bridget A. Bonczyk
May 22, 2023

Father God, You are Sovereign, The God Most High, El Elyon. Thank you, that the Bible is still “the only infallible rule of faith and patience.” I ask for Your forgiveness on behalf of those who stand for hollow civil liberties. Forgive them who manipulate the docket, which perpetuates a decree designed for one emergency to address another. Thank you, Holy Spirit, You are still the Miracle Worker. Thank you for working through Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch. Give him and those at the state levels wisdom to reexamine the proper scope of emerging executive powers. Thank you that Justice Gorsuch is a God-fearing man who understands the fear of the Lord. Continue to mantle him with Your wisdom and understanding. Thank you for giving him a fresh revelation of how to approach issues within our Nation from God’s perspective. Bless him as we bless, You, Father God. You are the Holy one! You want our Nation to be whole. Jesus taught us and his disciples in John 17 to pray that we may be one with Abba Father. Father God, thank you for being with us and for giving us Your promise from Isaiah 41:10, “Fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am Your God.” Thank you for strengthening your children with help through Holy Spirit power. Thank you, that You uphold us with your VICTORIOUS right hand. Your children adore You and worship You. You are exalted on High. The God Who Sees, El Roi. In Your Mighty Name, Father God. Am believing for a breakthrough within America’s government. Thank you, for hearing my prayer. Amen and amen.

May 21, 2023

Praise our Father is Haven for His Blessing in everything our Government is involved in. Prayers for the closing of our borders to save the lives of the caravan people. They are being used by the Drug Cartels and other criminals as mules and human trafficking. Open the doors to the truth of who is supporting the caravan people with money to give to the drug cartels. Our country is being invaded and we need to get back to a Christian nation under God’s guidance and blessing. Prayers for Our Fathers to open the doors to remove all politicians against our Christian beliefs. Amen

Ann Shaw
May 21, 2023

As a nation we are under God and responsible for honoring our Constitution and our elected leaders. When our elected leaders use their power to limit our freedoms as protected by our Constitution, we must cry out to God and be willing to take action to bring our Nation back to honoring God.

May 21, 2023

Lord God, render the Pandemic Treaty fruitless. Thwart the globalist agenda of the World Health Assembly

Jessica Renshaw
May 21, 2023

Thank you, Justice Gorsuch!

May 20, 2023

Thank you, Mr Gorsuch, Well said and I thoroughly agree.


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