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Lord God, Your will be done in our nation and the powerful American corporations that impact the whole world.
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These allegations about Google are disconcerting. Let’s pray for truth and justice here.

From The Daily Wire. A former high-ranking Google executive, who was allegedly sexually harassed by his boss, was later fired by the tech giant for failing to be “inclusive” simply because he favored high-performing employees, according to a lawsuit filed in New York federal court.

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In August, Google fired Ryan Olohan as managing director of food, beverage, and restaurants, telling him it was because he was not “inclusive” enough, according to the lawsuit.

“In response to Olohan’s request during the call for specifics as to why Google believed he was not inclusive, Google’s Employee Investigations team explained that he had shown favoritism towards high performers, which it considered ‘non-inclusive,’ and commented on employees’ walking pace and hustle, which it considered ‘ableist,’” the suit said.

In February 2022, Adam Stewart, vice president of Google’s consumer, government & entertainment division, told Olohan that there were “obviously too many white guys” in the division and in July, Stewart and the company’s human resources department “encouraged Olohan to terminate the employment of a male member of his team and replace him with a female hire,” the suit said. …

The allegations of non-inclusion against Olohan are notable because his online footprint suggests that he, in fact, had an unusually strong commitment to inclusion.

Olohan has seven children who are racial minorities because his wife is Asian. In his spare time, the ex-tech exec runs an ice cream parlor whose goal is to foster inclusivity by employing people with Down syndrome, according to a 2020 article about his shop—which is called “Seven Scoops” and has the motto “Many Flavors One Community.” …

The lawsuit says Google lavished praise on Olohan for being a high performer, promoting him rapidly and giving him its “Founders Award” every year, which comes with a $250,000 equity grant. …

Google said in a statement “This employee was terminated with cause after a thorough investigation of complaints by numerous employees. We firmly stand by our decision here and we will vigorously defend ourselves against these claims.” …

What do you think of Google? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The Daily Wire. Photo Credit: Alex Dudar on Unsplash)

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Sterling Cooper
February 4, 2023

Seems like Google doesn’t understand good work and sound work ethic.
People who are slack in their work normally complain because those that work hard with a positive attitude seem to get the breaks. They fired the wrong exec. They should have fired the ones that oversaw the firing.
Heavenly Father, I pray for sound leadership in business. I pray they will know the truth of good attitudes with sound work ethics. May they lead with compassion and sound judgment. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Ron Alford
February 3, 2023

Father, if you are not ready to strike them dead, please strike them deaf, dumb and blind.

February 3, 2023

Allen West is a Knights of Malta. All you have to do is look at his Facebook! This is very disappointing because we voted for him when we lived in Florida so we have since repented! Although he did serve our country in the military, he has gone completely off the rails to the Darkside by joining the Knights of Malta. If you do not understand this, you need to do your research. Also, Rick Joyner is a knights of Malta, very evil within the Catholic Church! Their symbols will be their downfall. They are part of the Ashkenazy Zionist Kazarian mafia Cabal new world order. ! Their goal is one world religion! (ecumenism) this is not biblical in any way, shape or form Jesus said we are to be set apart! Preparing the pier in spotless bride for the bridegroom for the feast! Putting no other gods before God, the father, the creator! Father, son, and Holy Spirit! Alan West is worshiping a religion that allows satanic ritual abuse, pedophilia blood sacrifice, which is worshiping Baal. Do a search on Allen West, and you will see he proudly standing in his knights of Malta warlock costume!

    Darlene Estlow
    February 4, 2023

    What have Rick Joyner and Allen West have to do with this article?

February 3, 2023

Google symbol is 666

Joyce Neeley
February 3, 2023

The whole world needs JESUS!!!🙏

Carroll D
February 3, 2023

We pray for Ryan and his family. Protect them, and provide for them in this time. We pray, especially, that this be a catalyst to wake people up to how badly the “left” is running major corporations and the influence they are having. Lord, I pray for more people to start standing up against “wokeism:”. Give people that have been wronged by the woke idealogy strength and resources to fight and win against those that have wronged them for no reason than that they have traditional values.

February 3, 2023

Father God maker of heaven and earth FORGIVE us in America for becoming so politically correct that we are spiritually blind. Open the eyes of the CEO’s of these big corporations to see the damage they are doing, and they turn from their wicked ways to see Jesus. Heal our land and help us to always do what is right in your sight Heavenly Father. Amen


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