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Father, thank you for raising up leaders to stand against CRT. We pray that you would tear down every lofty idea that puts itself against your will and your ways in America.

We have seen a grassroots uprising in America to defeat Critical Race Theory, a doctrine that teaches America is inherently evil and racist from its founding up until to today. This kind of teaching gives politicians the ammunition they need to totally remake the country, including its sexual ethics, form of government, and basic freedoms.

From Fox News: Victor Avila, a first-generation Mexican American immigrant, former ICE agent and candidate for Texas land commissioner, announced that, if elected, he will withhold funding from any educational institution in Texas that teaches critical race theory (CRT).

Critical Race Theory is corrosive,” Avila said in a statement first provided to Fox News. “As a first-generation Mexican-American immigrant, I value the importance of educating our children on our nation’s history and the history of other countries. Yet, CRT fails to promote inclusivity and unity. Instead, this theory encourages division among our children.”

“Allocating any funding into this program enables the radical left to promote their political agenda in our schools,” Avila added. “As Texas Land Commissioner, I will continue to fight for every family and protect our children by stopping all funding towards CRT…”

Avila, a retired special agent with Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations unit, lamented that when he joined a school board diversity council, members assumed he was liberal due to his ethnicity…

“Now I’m running for Texas Land Commissioner- an office that chairs the School Land Board which oversees over $10 billion in education funding,” Avila added. “As Texas Land Commissioner, the School Land Board will no longer rubber-stamp funding. If a school is teaching Critical Race Theory or any of its corrosive ideas, funding will not move past the Board and will be withheld until we can trust taxpayer dollars will be used appropriately…”

Parents and grassroots activists have raised the alarm about critical race theory – a framework that involves deconstructing aspects of society to discover systemic racism beneath the surface – in public schools.

School officials often deny that CRT has an impact in K-12 education, claiming that the term refers to a law school class, even though ideas rooted in CRT have emerged in various K-12 educational settings. CRT proponents claim that any opposition to CRT amounts to silencing teachers and preventing the teaching of history.

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(Excerpt from Fox News. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Elizabeth Perez
February 24, 2022

Your word says that we are made in your inage.Your word also says the truth will set us free. I pray that this land is healed of it’s sins
past present and future. And the healing begins with repentance. There is no blame only seeking your face repenting of our sins and turning from a wicked ways shall our land be healed. No education should hurt others or ignore others accomplishments and or failures. We should learn from them and move towards you and all things. God you know I am of Native American question, west African and European backgrounds one in the United States of America. However the word also says that when we are in Christ there was no the female or male nor do you know gentile We are all of one blood in Jesus Christ. I pray for the healing of our land and the unity of believers as one body under Christ amen

Allena Jordan
February 23, 2022

Father, we cry out to You that You with uphold and preserver the covenant our forefathers made with You when they arrived on this land. Amen.

February 23, 2022

Thank you, God, for this courageous man. Please bless and protect his candidacy for Texas Land Commissioner so that his victory will honor Your principles and bring glory to You.
In your holy Name, Amen


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