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Father, we lift up Gen Z before You. Bless them, God, and draw them closer to You and Your truth.
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Analysis. Have we fallen into the Enemy’s trap when it comes to how we think and talk about the next generation?

Find out when your state prays.


For example, you might assume all of the young Gen Z Americans are liberal Democrats, but a new Gallup poll this week shows most are actually up for grabs politically.

Gallup’s new polling shows that 52% of Gen Z identifies as Independent, more than Republican and Democrat combined.

In the same way, you might also assume Gen Z is anti-Christianity. But I think that’s not true. Some are, of course, but I believe, just like politically, most are up for grabs. They are not sold on God, but they could be. They want something real, authentic, and they have not liked church as they experienced it in the past. At the same time, they are one conversation or encounter from returning home as prodigal sons to the Father’s open arms.

They are not anti-God. They are spiritually open and have just not yet met their Father.

With this idea in mind, I asked a member of Gen Z how we can best pray for her generation. Here’s what she had to say:

The first thing to pray for Gen Z is how many people that struggle with anxiety and depression… One of my best friends, she cannot function. This is a disease. It’s an illness. I think a lot of people in the older generation don’t understand that, and I think it’s a spiritual attack on my generation. It may have attacked older generations but not as much as my generation. So praying for deliverance from that and understanding between the generations on mental health. 

I also think a lot of people in my generation are really confused with who they are, their identity. They are trying to find their identity in everything else but God. Pray that the simple gospel would be revealed to my generation, that the God of the universe loves them more than they can ever imagine with an everlasting love. It’s not about religion. It’s about God just wanting to know you, and he can be your dearest friend ever. Your identity is that you are a child of God, and that’s it. You can have other passions and things in your life that are good, but that’s not what defines you. And that’s how you find true fulfillment and joy. 

Let’s pray for mental health and identity in Gen Z! If they win these battles in God, they could emerge as one of the greatest generations.

I fear that we are in danger of believing the Enemy’s negative report about Gen Z in particular, but God has a different story in mind. As a Millennial, I can tell you we often felt dishonored by the older generations, like they didn’t believe Millennials would amount to much. Let’s not make the same mistake with Gen Z.

Let’s renew our faith and hope for the next generation. It may be fashionable to doubt the future of Gen Z, but that is not the way of the Kingdom.

Faith. Hope. Love. Let that be Gen Z’s future, in Christ.

And let us have faith to believe it!

With that in mind, let us pray: 

-Father, we ask that you give us hope and faith for the next Generation. Help us to believe your agenda, not the Enemy’s agenda. Forgive us for how we have spoken evil of Gen Z or believed the Enemy’s lies. Replace that with the mind of Christ, Lord!

-Father, we pray for the mental health of Gen Z. Help them to find your peace and your joy. Protect them from the attacks of the enemy, and let these spiritual attacks drive them to find solace and strength in you, Lord.

-Holy Spirit, we ask that you speak to the heart and minds of Gen Z to show them their true identity. Lead them to Jesus and establish their faith in their identity in You. Remove all false identities, and replace them with the true identity you have for them, Lord! Thank you!

Verses to press into as you pray on this issue:

“Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.” -1 Timothy 4:12

“Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward.” Psalm 127:3

How are you praying for Gen Z? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

Casey Harper is a writer in the Washington, D.C. area covering national politics. He has worked for The Daily Caller, The Hill, and Sinclair Broadcast Group. A graduate of Hillsdale College, Casey’s work has also appeared in Fox News, Fox Business, Washington Examiner, and USA Today. Follow him on Twitter: @CaseyHarper33. Photo Credit: Tim Mossholder on Unsplash.

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Delila Mayer
September 6, 2022

Yes, I work with teens and know they are hurting! They spend too much time on the phone, for sure! They can be our greatest saints if we pray and love them to life!
Teach them about a God who loves them unconditionally!

Jan Stevens
August 22, 2022

What age group is generation Z?

Santos Garcia Jr.
August 22, 2022

Thank you. Gen Z need the LORD Jesus Christ… as we ALL do! There is a profound Great Awakening on the near horizon, where YHVH GOD Will perform a radically dramatic worldwide rescue; Believe it because it is true, and will manifest before the end of 2022.

I was a hardcore atheist for too long when in my early 20’s I was ‘arrested’ by the LORD. Our six grandchildren need the LORD radically, and WILL see the Light of Truth soon as GOD answers our many prayers- In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

Incontrovertible PROOF? Right here:
AND The evidence that life will change dramatically VERY SOON:

Darlene Estlow
August 21, 2022

Father, touch our young people. Give older people a love for them and a way to influence their lives for you. May your Spirit lead them to life and joy and may they find their way in life to serve you.

Barbara Wing
August 20, 2022

Lord, raise up godly men to go all across this land to preach the simple but powerful gospel of Jesus Christ to every one. We need you so very much and your great mercy. Pour out the Holy Spirit upon us and save many souls. Amen

    August 21, 2022

    Amen and yes. Amen. Preach the simple gospel of Jesus Christ

Sandy Kelly
August 20, 2022

Thank you, Mr. Harper, for giving us a window into these young people’s lives, and how we can pray for them. May God lead them and guide them to Jesus, so that they may come to know His Love for them, and accept Him as Lord and Savior. Save our young people, Lord, from the enemy of their souls! We pray spiritual sight and believing faith for them in the mighty Name of Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Diane Jones
August 20, 2022

This was incredibly encouraging. I pray multiple times a day for Gen Z Grands. Several have not a clue about the reality of Christ and my heart aches for them to be open to His call.

Barbara Janicki
August 20, 2022

thank you for this article and reminder/encouragement to be praying for Gen Z – as we should be doing. I noted that the Gen Z quoted said she felt confusion about identity was a major problem for her generation and that they were seeking identity in everything but God. It’s easy to see how not knowing who you are and where you fit in would lead to anxiety and depression as well as confusion and lack of meaning in life. She was correct when she said our identity is as a child of God – when we discover that we find our place and the answers we are seeking. No person or generation is beyond hope or beyond God’s loving embrace – He is calling us all to Himself. May this generation accept His invitation and receive their identity in Him, one kept secure for eternity. With identity in Christ secure, ideologies like transgenderism and transhumanism will not be able to gain a foothold, destroying everyone who buys into those ideologies. Praying that we leave this generation a legacy that leads straight to Jesus and nowhere else.

Etta Danielson
August 20, 2022

My heart and prayers go out to our youth of all ages. I pray for the Holy Spirit to visit them and cause the Word of God to pierce their hearts, to convict them of sin and lead them in the prayer of salvation.

Grant Windholz
August 20, 2022

As a school teacher for about 20 years, I understand what Generation Z is experiencing with anxiety, depression and fear. I always pray for them to have a relationship with Christ and know he is the ultimate provider and protection through these times of conflicts internally and externally for each of us 🙏! He knows EXACTLY what we face now and what’s up ahead of us. Give him the glory!

August 20, 2022

I’ve noticed more and more home schooling places popping up so yeah that’s a start because let’s face it right now the Public School System mainly Teachers Unions seem to be more concerned with indoctrination rather then education much like a lot of Colleges but home schooling is definately encouraging and also seeing parents taking interest in their children again because for so long I think parents have just sort of trusted the school but thanks to COVID Lock Downs parents realized what their children were being taught. COVID Lock Downs was a nightmare but you know God still used it in many ways. It awakened a lot of parents and definetly awakened me cause never in my life would I have imagined the world would be under lock down due to a virus that was so highly politicized and the media ramping up the fear campaign about the virus when really in reality the virus was only a threat to mostly the older population and those with immune diffencey and even then with a 1% mortality rate here in the U.S. anyway my point is not about COVID but about the fact that a lot of people awakened and realized that we are blessed to have the freedom that we do have and if we’re not careful we can lose it and didn’t really realize really just how far we’ve gone down as America. Public Schools teaching about gender idenity and encouraging kids to be what ever they wanna be with an added growth hormone and by the way you can change your gender if you dont wanna be a boy. You know crazy stuff like that. Then there’s Colleges teaching students to believe that there is no prosparity or what ever and then on both levels of education CRT which is pretty much garbage because we had already moved passed the whole race thing I thought when Dr. Martin Luther King had given his famous speech about haveing a dream and let no man be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their charactor. What ever happened to that? Anyway what do I know I’m a millenial who didn’t go to College almost did but chose love instead which now that I think about I’m glad I did. Thank you and God Bless.

Don Loucks
August 20, 2022

I pray for all the youth of this Gen Z generation that the Holy Spirit guide them to the Truth of YaHUaH’s Word and that they would realize that every generation at some point will say – “I only wish that I had listened and known the Truth that was long ago proclaimed to me – my life would have been so much more peaceful and filled with Joy.” In YaHshUaH’s Name I pray they all discover His Truth. Amen.

Patience Bazuaye-Alonge
August 20, 2022

Please LORD rescue the next generation from anxiety, distress and mental health. Draw them to your kingdom with meaningful relationship with the Most high God (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤!
Lord establish them in faith, hope and love. Grant them integrity, purity and passion for the WORD of God. Fill the next generation with the holy ghost and power. Baptize them with gifts and talents for kingdom exploits.
Thank you LORD!!

August 20, 2022

We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power and the wonders He has done. Psalm 79: 4 Thank you, Lord.

Toni Kushner
August 20, 2022

I do thank you for your incite into a generation. I was prayerfully preparing. my heart for what we call in our church In His Presence. The Lord described to three moves of God that will bring in a harvest and how the church can prepare. He addressed parents and grandparents who have faithfully raised their children and grandchildren in the ways of the Lord. this generation have been on the run and many turning from faith because of liberal beliefs or enticements of the culture. The Lord reminded me that “no one can snatch them from the Fathers hand and that the Word of God is eternal and the Word prayed over this generation goes forth to accomplish His will and His purposes. It will not return void. He is calling them back and He shall set them free of worthless pursuits. I have great hope for this generation, but repentance and salvation shall be their rest and a humble and teachable spirit will set them free. What I have found over the years is that in the churches this generation was resistant to receiving from the older generation and often leadership did not include or invite the mixing of generations. From time to time the Holy Spirit will lead me to step forward to teach on “The Precious Blood”. This last time my heart in prayer was to reach a younger generation, but needless to say it did not happen and only a handful of people came to study this powerful weapon God has given to us. What I have seen over many years of trying to reach out to other age groups has hit a brick wall because it is not encouraged by leadership. Over 40 years of attendance in the Local church and wanting to see a mix of generations, have found it is not received but walls are built and jealousy rises as we control our boundaries of ministry. My heart is to see walls removed between the generations as we cross the boundaries that have been built, that the people of God be “set free” through a genuine LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE as we mingle. Recently I was asked to do a teaching on God’s Love for the children. The Holy Spirit gave me six lessons, and I was teaching the children I was aware that many came from unchurched backgrounds and so He led me to send home homework each week for parents. This was a rewarding experience for me as He began to break down walls of separation between generations. I shared much only to say that within our church structure we must allow walls to be broken within church ministry to be set free of what THE ENEMY has done to create separation and disunity. God Bless and may the One who is able do for us what we have not done as we surrender our visions and plans to HIm.

Tammy Peedin
August 20, 2022

I’m in agreement and as a grandmother oh I’m praying and believing!. I notice often how many people pray over different subjects you far this isnt hitting the mark I’d like to see but I know I catch your post at different times. Anyways I’d love to see this repeated and repeated. Its urgent..more urgent than we know I believe. Because the enemy has tried to hard to wipe them out. Thetes a reason for that! Also it bothers me I hear alot of Christians say well we just need to homeschool. With this economy if parents have jobs I’m sure they dont wont to lose one so how do they homeschool? Sorry that angers me…we cant make it about my 4 and no more. These kids are our future and the Love of God is the only thing that can save them and that comes through us! We cant push away the rest out of “our 4 and no more” I feel the Lord expects that from us. Suffer not the little children to come to him. If we arent leading the children of our land we are misleading them. Thank you to all Sunday school teachers and youth pastors. May we do more than just hold your arms up. Blessings all we will win!!

    Toni Kushner
    August 20, 2022

    Dear Tammy, I have always believed that the education and spiritual education of my children was not the responsibility of the school or the church. They are only an arm of help and reinforcement of what we as parents do in the home. I’am a mother of five children, all five have grown to embrace our faith and it was from a personnel relationship with a living God that led me to be brave and start in our own home God’s ways. I prayed about direction and the Holy Spirit cautioned me from devotionals, but to read the Word of God. So it was with that instruction and consent from my husband, that after dinner we would pray about everyday things the children had on their hearts and started out reading a chapter from a book in the Bible. We were not a family who read the Bible, but each night until our last left for college we continues this practice, with much discussion afterwards. I would encourage all parents to begin to read the Word of God “for His Word is truth” and though they may fall, they will learn Who it is that picks them up. As we started this practice The Word began to draw my husband and it was in that time he accepted Jesus as his Savior. Over the many years we practiced this habit, I’m amazed at what God has done for if there is the power of God for salvation in the gospel, there is power in His Word to heal, strength and set His children free. God Bless Toni Kushner, an IFA prayer

August 20, 2022

I lost my Gen Z Sin my youngest to Murder Nov 15, 2021. He was a Baptized Believer. Having experienced this Group I’m VERY hopeful for them. They are STRONG CHARISMATIC and Excited to Experience the Best of Life. I pray a DISRUPTION over the Enemy’s Plans of Evil and SPEAK GOD’s Promises over these~ may Holy Spirit go get them and may their Hearts be Open when Holy Spirit Shows Up to do the Work! May they choose to Walk With God and Enjoy every Benefit that comes from this especially Abundant Life! May GOD HEAL ALL negative affects from lockdowns and Vaccines and anything that Hinders. Praise GOD for all these and May they Choose WELL seeking HIM FIRST !


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