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Father, we pray that You would stop these wicked abortions. Put an end to abortion in each and every state, Lord.

These days, many pro-abortion activists are insisting that abortions never or rarely happen beyond 15 weeks. Are they correct?

From LifeNews. State and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) abortion data indicate that overall, approximately 6% of all reported abortions take place at or after 15 weeks of gestation. When applied to the Guttmacher Institute’s most recent estimate of 930,160 abortions nationwide in 2020, this is approximately 55,800 abortions at 15 weeks or later each year. …

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Reasons for Abortions after 15 Weeks

Despite claims made by many in the abortion industry, abortions do occur after 15 weeks gestation, when babies can feel pain. Research shows that abortions after 15 weeks are most frequently performed for the same reasons as earlier abortions. One study of the experiences of almost 400 women found that over half of the women obtaining second-trimester abortions would have had an earlier abortion except for delays in recognizing the pregnancy. Additionally, women undergoing second-trimester abortions took more time to decide to have an abortion and book the appointment.

Another study of just over 1,200 women found that the most frequent reasons for delays in obtaining an abortion were taking a long time to arrange for the abortion, difficulty in deciding on abortion, and delays in recognizing the pregnancy. …

Only two states, Florida, and Utah, break down women’s reasons for having an abortion by gestational time periods in their yearly state abortion reports. Abortions for common exceptions made up an estimated 12% of second-trimester abortions in Florida and Utah.[2]

Florida 2021 data reported by the state’s Department of Health shows that 6 percent (4850 abortions) of the state’s total abortions took place during the second trimester of women’s pregnancies.  Of those 4850 second trimester abortions, 88 percent were elective. Ten percent occurred because of fetal abnormality, 1.5 percent because of a physical health problem that was not life-endangering to the mother, 0.4 percent because of a life-threatening health issue, 0.3 percent because of rape, and 0.06 percent because of incest.[3]

Utah 2019 data reported by the state’s Department of Health shows that 10 percent (281 abortions) of the state’s total abortions took place during the second trimester of women’s pregnancies. Of those 281 second-trimester abortions, 88 percent occurred for elective reasons and 11 percent for fetal abnormality.[4] The precise numbers of second-trimester abortions for rape and risk to the mother’s life were suppressed for confidentiality reasons because the numbers were so low.

Even researchers tied to the abortion industry admit that late-term abortions do occur and that they often occur for elective reasons, not for reasons commonly used as exceptions to abortion restrictions. In 2013, a study was published in the pro-abortion publication of the Guttmacher Institute that admitted that “data suggests that most women seeking later terminations are not doing so for reasons of fetal anomaly or life endangerment.” …

What do you think of this information? Share your prayers to end abortion below.

(Excerpt from LifeNews. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Eileen Burnett
September 18, 2022

Lord, please change the hearts of the young men and women in my country. They have become hardened, both due to a lack of your daily washing presence as well as a constant and intentional indoctrination from childhood that tells them that life only has meaning if it is wanted. Lord, please open their eyes! No amount of legislation can change an unrepentant heart, or one that doesn’t believe it is doing wrong. Come in like a flood, Come into our country, and bring Revival to the hearts of our youth! Let them see that miracle that is life, and the responsibility they have when it comes to their actions, not just after the fact, but before. Let there be a call to purity in our youth as never before, as their hearts are convicted with a desire to know you more. Show them who You are, Lord!!! Change their hearts!!!

Andrea Wright
September 18, 2022

Father now we now the spark of life happens at conception please help all mothers and fathers understand the uniqueness of each and every baby you send to this world and help all of us open our hearts and put an end to the infanticide that has been taking the lives of the innocent, in you we have the strength to overcome all evil and in you we have the strength to open our hearts to love all of your creations

September 18, 2022

What difference does the stage of development make? From conception it is a baby and able to feel pain immediately! FATHER GOD I bind that demonic spirit of child sacrifice to the demon god Molech that is alive and well in America! Open all eyes to the truth of abortion, and how it snuffs out life! Please send laborers to every state in America to witness about the saving Grace of JESUS CHRIST! I decree an end to abortion as people come to the Giver of Life, JESUS! In JESUS NAME I pray! Amen!

Nancy Bryda
September 18, 2022

I decree awakening to biblical truths on life over America. Fake news is bound and I loose prayer back in our schools. The 1962 ruling of taking prayer out of schools is null and void. Jesus in us is loosing abundant life and we are decriers andk the mouthpiece of God.


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