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Father, we want to use all the tools our founders have put into place in order to hold back the forces of tyranny. Give us courage. Make us people of prayer and action.

If you have been on Facebook in the last 48 hours, you have likely heard the buzz about the new pop-up warning.  It’s ominous. Jarring, really.  The warning is sent via artificial intelligence, which scans and flags content that has been deemed harmful by Facebook and then warns others in your Facebook friend group that they may have been “exposed.” Take a guess as to what “extremist content” might include. News that does not agree with the vaccine narrative? Questions about election integrity about 2020 and beyond? Information about the coronavirus advent and who may be profiting? What about wholesale flagging websites and sources that Facebook has deemed “fake news’ or goes against their community standards. Intercessors for America’s Facebook page has been in various stages of limited reach, totally suppressed, and even frozen. But back to this new warning.

The warning does not go to the “offender” but in true fascist fashion, it goes to the “offender’s” friends and alerts them that a friend of theirs may have shared “extremist content.” Here is an example of the warning box that many are receiving:

Maybe one of your friends have received a warning like this because of content you have shared. The tactic is so obviously manipulative and coercive.

Who else encouraged citizens to report neighbors, or view them with suspicion?

Eric Metaxas, is the author of Bonhoeffer, the book that chronicles the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, pastor turned spy and later martyr at the hands of the Nazis. Metaxas has repeatedly shared his concern for the censorship we are seeing in our nation and how it mirrors the fascist tactics in Nazi Germany. Here is a clip of Metaxas raising that concern.

Metaxas also shares an important call to action. Whenever we see censorship or tyranny (or other forms of infringement of our freedoms) we need to take action. Some kind of action. Our action may be led by the Holy Spirit and based on the circle of influence you have or the gifts you have. But in this day, we all have to do something.

This important point was also echoed in the recent First Friday Prayer Webcast with Judge Ken Starr. In talking about religious freedom, he described how it is foolish for us to think we can preserve religious freedom (or any freedom, for that matter) if we are not willing to stand and protect it. That involves action. Speaking out. Challenging the school board. Going to court. And remember, our freedoms in the Bill of Rights, reiterated in many of our early documents, are endowed by God. Not Mark Zuckerberg, not the local school board, and not the legacy media organizations.

What will you do when you are flagged, shut down, or pushed out? Let’s not give up these freedoms without a fight.

Share below how you are praying and taking action to preserve freedom by pushing back against censorship and proclaiming freedom in your own community.

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Toni Settle
July 6, 2021

Thanks to everyone who have such thoughtful prayers for our nation and the Enemy’s effort to censor our comments and solutions to the nation’s problems through prayer.

July 6, 2021

Father God, we decree and declare that Facebook is OVERTHROWN and DEPOSED as they have overreached the rights and freedoms of people in Jesus name! Raise up alternative platforms that honor the rights of people who leave FB by the droves! In Jesus name AMEN!

Lori Meed
July 5, 2021

I am no expert on social media, but I do know one thing – all of these media outlets survive on advertising and use. If everyone who did not agree with these fascist tactics stopped using the media in question it would have to respond to that kind of pressure. Obviously, we should be speaking out against this as well but as it is a private company we can allow our dollars to do much talking. I really appreciate that you guys share content from Eric metaxas who is one of the best author commentators of our age. So much wisdom there.

Darlene Estlow
July 5, 2021

Father, give us courage and wisdom to speak truth. May we love and pray for our enemies, desiring them to be saved.

Shirley Gue
July 5, 2021

I believe and therefore I will continue to speak, if not on Facebook, there are other networks that God has opened up for me to speak the truth in love, as led by Holy Spirit. Maybe it’s time to boycott Facebook and all of its affiliates. Definitely pray for the individuals to taste of God’s goodness so they can escape the snares of the enemy and find salvation,healing,and deliverance in Christ.

Cheryl Anguiano
July 5, 2021

Lord, I am thankful for the Freedom of Speech which has been a protected Right in our Nation Under God. When attacks come from the Enemy, we call upon Jesus Blood for atonement and the power of the Holy Spirit for strength. The battle cry is for our Nation. I repent of my own sins, which are responsible for the judgements God is bringing upon our Nation: sins related to materialism, sins related to abortion, sins and failure to be a functioning member of the Body of Christ and any failure to uphold God’s truth with Boldness. I confess the sins of our Nation, that we have not hearkened to your Word, have mercy on us. May we show strength by Uniting and taking up warfare for our beliefs and liberties. May we stand firm against our enemies with full armor and we ask for your protection from judgement. amen

    July 5, 2021

    Cheryl Thank You for your prayer! I Agree and say Amen!💕🙏


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