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“Treasures gained by wickedness do not profit, but righteousness delivers from death.” (Proverbs 10:2)

“The social media giant Facebook has helped connect thousands of Islamic State terrorists with other potential jihadis across the globe via its ‘suggested friends’ feature, a watchdog group has warned.

The Counter Extremism Project, a nonprofit dedicated to countering terrorism-related support networks, conducted a study to be released later this month on how jihadis are using Facebook to recruit potential comrades and spread extremist ideologies.

According to The Telegraph, the study analyzed the Facebook accounts of over 1,000 IS (also known as ISIS, ISIL or Daesh) supporters in 96 countries and analyzed various posts designed to radicalize their targets.

The study concludes that Facebook administrators are not doing enough to tackle the extremism that is found and facilitated using the platform….

The research also indicates that Facebook is not keeping up with the timely removal of extremist users. In a number of cases, Facebook removes a user’s extremist post or comment but does not take action to remove the user from the platform.

The study found that of the 1,000 IS-supporting profiles examined by the researches, fewer than 50 percent of them had been suspended by Facebook six months later….

Commenting on the report, a Facebook spokesperson explained that ‘there is no place for terrorists on Facebook’ and that administrators are ‘working aggressively to ensure’ that there are no terror groups or terrorists using the website.

‘[W]e also remove any content that praises or supports terrorism,’ the statement reads. ‘Our approach is working – 99 percent of ISIS and Al Qaeda-related content we remove is found by our automated systems. But there is no easy technical fix to fight online extremism.’

The Facebook statement added that the company will need to invest millions more to ‘identify and remove terrorist content.’…  (Excerpts from Samuel Smith’s article in The Christian Post)

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