I Prayed have prayed
Lord, we pray for Your grace and justice in Loudoun County and across the country.

Another day in the books for a Loudoun County Public Schools board meeting. You need only to have caught a few national headlines to know that the people wanting to voice their concerns about critical race theory and transgender policies are fired up, passionate, and angry. Sitting in the crowd last night, it was obvious how weighted it was for those who are against the policies being proposed – policies specifically regarding the transgender proposals. And the media have exaggerated the proportion of angry people and the amount of disorder.

Children have been set up as pawns in a political showdown involving race and transgender policies. One of the many advantages of this powerful nation is right to free speech and yet the situation in Loudoun County brings into question whether this freedom is really ours to possess. Decisions and policies have been pushed forth with little consideration for those who are voicing their concerns.

I arrived at the School Board building at 3:30 pm—lines and large groups were already rallied for the 4:00 pm meeting. More than 250 people had signed up to make public comment. The “schedule” was for comments to be made until 7:00 with a hard-stop for a closed board meeting. Public comment would then be reopened at the conclusion of that meeting.  The public comment section of the meeting was stacked with those for Policy 8040 and 8350 (pro-transgender and Critical Race Theory)—sign-up for public comment normally opens the Friday before Tuesday board meetings, but this time it had opened up on Thursday. Apparently only those in favor of the proposals knew about the early sign up.

When one mother, a parent of a transgender son, stood up to speak, she set in motion the first recess by commenting, “Instead of focusing on the hate that seems to be dripping off the followers of Jesus in this room and their kids in our schools…” The room erupted, not in chaos, but in the civil response of those who had been falsely accused.

When the board returned from the recess, they warned the room that if they erupted again, public comment would be closed.

Concerns from an irate public continued to pour forth – concerns over sexual grooming, indoctrination, the silencing of opposing voices and free speech, policies that seek to racially divide rather than unite…  Many stood up to share their concerns about the slippery slope to socialism and Marxism.

I sat next to a young teenager who spoke about her fear of using the bathroom in a stall next to a biological male. Another teenager (after “official” public comment was closed) shared that she was cast in a school-sponsored play that was overtly sexualized (and had required no parental or student consent); the experience left her feeling violated.

The anger and dissension towards a board who seems dead-set on pushing forth left-wing indoctrination with a complete disregard for voices in opposition had the crowd on edge. What finally set the crowd into an uproar were comments from retired Senator Dick Black.  In his one-minute speech, he rallied the  crowd, commenting on the retaliation against Tanner Cross speaking freely in a public forum, concern over the transgender policy, and teaching children to discriminate on the basis of skin color.

Public comment was immediately shut down after the loud cheers of those in support of former Senator Dick Black’s comments. Only 51 voices had been heard.

As public comment ended, it didn’t take long before a “platform” was created to still allow the people to peacefully share concerns, in great thanks to leaders who sought out order and a continuation of the public voice. The board had lost all control and declared any further continuation an unlawful assembly, with police ushering out the hundreds still assembling in the boardroom. One of the men who was leading us in this charge was arrested after he “refused to leave until everyone had an opportunity to speak.” According to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, he was later released with a trespassing summons.

Our children are scared, targeted, and silenced. We must continue to fight for ALL children to be protected, for ALL their voices to matter. We must fight against the targeted, organized voice of the left and fight for our voice to equally be heard.

Ian Prior, a spokesman for the group and father of two Loudoun students who is also a former Justice Department official, said during the Monday rally that the Loudoun County School Board is refusing to give parents a seat at the table when it comes to how their kids are educated on controversial topics, including transgender issues and critical race theory.

“And that is the ultimate mission here is, it’s something that starts here and spreads across the country, where parents get a seat at the table,” he said. “Whether it’s an association or organization, something where they have some kind of power to shape the future of education in their own towns.”

-Michael Ruiz, “Virginia’s Loudoun County School Board silences public comment after raucous meeting, 2 men arrested”, Fox News

You can watch Ian Prior share 3 easy steps to stop CRT in this clip from an IFA webcast. Click HERE.

Political activism has no place in our school system. Our schools are not places for the select few, a political agenda or the loudest voice to determine how our children should think, how they should talk and how they should act. The argument here is not WHICH children should feel safe. It’s that ALL children should feel safe.  Schools should be a space where opinions and voices are encouraged but not mandated. They should be a space where children are taught to think critically, make their own decisions, and speak freely.

Mandating a particular narrative that silences certain voices is not okay—for anyone.


Click HERE for encouragement and to pray for those fighting CRT.


Please share your views about what happened in Loudoun County in the comments.

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June 29, 2021

The next step is for the public to stand together and initiate the process for removing these board members. State legislators must stand at the ready to craft any necessary legislation to counter any hindrance to the will of the people for the removal of activist board members.
For far too long, we have turned over the setting of policy and curriculum of our public schools without being involved. Thankfully, the bold overreach of leftists has aroused the sleeping giant of taxpaying parents. Hopefully this issue will result in all destructive assaults on our culture to be challenged.

June 26, 2021

Thank you parents for standing up. School choice might be the answer. Our public schools are not doing a good job.
I saw that w/ virtual learning. So much time wasted, poor teaching and not keeping in touch with parents when there was a problem. Maybe this would give the public schools a reason to be committed to the job of educating.

    Phil Schwarz
    June 29, 2021

    At the next school board election, the people in this district need to vote out these folks, that are causing this! If you do not get involved in this way, be prepared to get what these folks are getting! If I couldn’t vote them out, I would move elsewhere, to a more Christian school area! Sacrifice my job, whatever, I would do it for my children! Follow Jesus, please!

June 26, 2021

We must prepare our children by giving them a thorough knowledge of the Bible at home so they will recognize ungodly teaching. This only through disciplined reading of the whole Word of God, not devotional booklets, good as they may be. Many Christian parents don’t have a family devotions at all. No wonder our kids can be easily influenced.

Karen Secrest
June 26, 2021

The Lord would have us focus prayer for School Board members who are waltzing around that same place to the same song.
Let us change the venue so everyone involved can come and enjoy a new song given by the Lord for this day.

P Moulton
June 26, 2021

Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! We call on Your mercy, justice and righteousness to flow into our school boards to do a “Great Reset” from humanism to Judeo-Christian values that are the foundation of our nation. Four hundred years ago this land was dedicated to You and the spreading of the gospel. We repent for allowing the humanistic agenda to proceed this far…but with Your divine assistance we will advance righteousness for our children who are our future. We are all made in Your image and we also call on Your hesed/chesed love that is the unconditional love portrayed throughout scripture to peoples who have worshiped even a golden calf. Mercy! Mercy! Mercy! Forgive our sin of neglect in education, our families, government, school boards, teacher unions especially and help us awaken to the depravity being perpetrated on our children. We plead the blood of Jesus over our nation that His blood will speak Truth to souls without a proper mooring. Thank You, Abba, You are a good, good Father!

June 25, 2021

Recently I was asked to be a judge at a debate event for home schooled kids. These kids were brilliant! I was so impressed . Gave me a whole new appreciation for home schooling & what proper debating should look like. Our politicians don’t even know how to debate. I pray that more parents are able to home school as long as public schools remain so toxic

June 25, 2021


June 24, 2021

Personally, I have no children, but – unless parents know that their own children are grounded solidly in our Lord Jesus, armed, and fearlessly full of grace and truth – I can’t imagine sending my own child into such an environment each day….just seems cruel.

June 24, 2021

“Come out from among them and be ye separate”…. Pray, ask GOD, and if HE says yes, pull your children out of public schools! HE will show you exactly what to do, and how to do it! Talk to home school groups. They can help you get started. And/or start private schools. Do not keep debating people in elected positions about your children. FATHER GOD please protect and direct the parents concerned about their children from all evil! Please expose exactly who (besides the devil) is behind all of the evil going on in America today. Bring him (them) out of the darkness and shine the light on them, and PUT THEM DOWN in JESUS Name! Amen!

    June 26, 2021

    Not everyone can afford private schools which are very high cost in our area. Working Moms can’t homeschool. What a dilemma! Pray and elect leaders who support godly values.

Deanna Montgomery
June 24, 2021

I absolutely think we all need to fight for the rights of our children! while we definitely need to voice our opinions, we need to start with legislation and elect leaders that absolutely reject what is being allowed to take place in our schools. Then if the schools don’t wish to oblige, then take there funding away!!

Lisa Thiessen
June 24, 2021

We need legislation that refunds hard working parents’ public school tax dollars, so that they can walk away and apply that money to the school of their choice. A hefty dose of competition / capitalism needed right now to send a strong message to public school officials and the teacher’s unions.

Not surprising that the first speaking slot(s) went to those whose words could rouse and manipulate a shutdown of the meeting.

June 24, 2021

Parents, who are more commonly known also as TAXPAYERS, have priority over what is taught in the schools – regardless of what some wannabe pit bull school board members state!! Citizens are, after it’s all said and done, paying for that education. DO NOT BE BULLIED into being told otherwise or sidetracked by some people who are strategically placed (by the left) in these positions as board members.
We are watching the enemy use people in calculating ways to try and destroy our nation through various means. Let us not only cry out to God for His intervention and mercy but also how we can be involved. Those that are pushing the hate filled CRT and the “printed word porn” are puppets doing the bidding of the enemy. We MUST fight back and we must enlist others to help fight this war against our children.

Vickie Skelley
June 24, 2021

There is no one as intolerant as a leftists. They call themselves “progressives”. That is code word for communism. 100%. I think people of America, the sane ones not indoctrinated into this ideology from HELL, are waking up. Is it a little too little, too late? I pray not. But things are out of control. These evildoers are now controlling the whitehouse, the top brass in our military, our schools and our government…and we all know how they got there, those of us who can see the truth. A civil war is on the way. I sense it. God help us. But you must understand, the real war is not flesh and blood. This is a war between God’s people and Satan and his people. Things are coming to a head as scripture say they will. This world cannot be saved. Christians taught it will be are taught a false doctrine of errors. Jesus is the only one that can bring order, righteousness and peace to this world and He will. In the millinieum.

June 24, 2021

It is a shame what errant nonsense that the citizens of this great country are being exposed to. It is especially unfair that our children are being caught in the crossfire of these divisive, radical attempts to ruin our country. I am very upset about how political activism has become a divisive issue that these innocent young people are being forced to deal with. Lord Jesus, You alone know what is best for our children. By Your grace, please make a way for right to prevail. Please bring this national nightmare to an end quickly. In Jesus’ name.

June 24, 2021

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you build a hedge of protection around the children of Loudon County, and children all across this nation who are being subjected to this evil. I pray for the parents to stand firm, and to protest any indoctrination that is not Biblical based, and that would lead children down a wrong path. Keep our children pure and free from this evil. Thank You for all that You are, Father.


June 24, 2021

Let us not be discouraged in the fight.
“The weapons of our warfare are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds, bringing into captivity EVERY thought that exalts itself above the knowledge of God, and bringing it into obedience in Christ.”

We do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities and rulers of wickedness in high places.

Father help your body of believers move forward in Loudon County. Search out every stronghold and every high place.,,,reveal Your strategies, in Jesus’s Name! Let God arise, let Your enemies be scattered!

June 24, 2021

In your Holy, Holy name, Father, we cry out to you to let the outrage of the parents and teachers against this evil CRT be victorious and put an end to it. May they not grow tired of doing good and standing against that which is from Satan. May your mighty power be used against the demonic forces actively infiltrating our schools and trying to steal for all eternity our children’s minds and hearts. Father, we beg your intervention in Jesus’ mighty name. We bless you, Abba. Amen.

June 24, 2021

Father God,
As we continue to slide further away from the Truth and deeper in to the abyss of our sin, we pray that You will hear the cries of Your children and lead us to repentance. Please protect our kids and grandkids. Please continue the forward momentum of parental involvement and speaking out for the sake of our kids. Grant wisdom, courage and obedience to us all. Help us to stand firm on the precepts of Your Word! Please open the hearts of those caught in confusion over their identify. May they find Jesus and find their identity in Him! Please stir the hearts of school board members, administrators and teachers across the nation who love You to stand righteousness to push back on these damaging politically charged philosophies! It’s crazy to think we can’t have the 10 commandments in schools but we can mandate race and sexual divisiveness . Oh Lord, hear our cries and come quickly! In Jesus Name we pray!

    June 24, 2021

    Yes and Amen, Denise! Let God arise, and His enemies be scattered!! Protect the children, Lord!

Nancy Rife
June 24, 2021

Excellent report! Praying that the parents succeed in their efforts to stop transgender indoctrination and CRT from being forced on their children! Help, Lord!!

Marjie Fischer
June 24, 2021

We need to rename it “Critical Mass Theory” – let the masses speak out against this insiduous evil.

Mary D
June 24, 2021

I want to say ThankYou to all Intercessors! Prayer is being heard and working! The enemy isn’t used to the docile, tolerant, don’t make waves , pushback from another generation who may in the past, been concerned but thought those in authority knew better! A sleeping giant, “WE THE PEOPLE” is slowly wakening. God is doing something we have not seen. Can you see it? It’s something new! Praise Him for allowing the darkness to be exposed otherwise, we, the frogs cooking in our own water, are a totalitarian government and dead! Prayers are being answered! Faith is arising! Father don’t let my/our expectations get in the way. I’m sure that before the American Revolution , many thought the English government would see that she was impeding and overbearing through diplomacy, but like now, those in charge thought they knew better than the common Colonists. Keep praying and Crying out for Awakening! A new Revolution is coming! Amen. ThankYou Father for the Covenant made with our Forefathers. It still stands. We are only the land of the free because of the brave! Brave=Risk=Faith. AMEN

June 24, 2021

I pray for the parents of children in government schools today throughout the nation. I am a retired elementary school teacher. Parents need to be involved in their children’s education and hold school boards accountable. Vote every school board member out that is in favor of these policies that are destroying our young people. I am grateful to those who stand against these board members. Father God, please put your protection around them. In the powerful name of Jesus I pray, amen.

Paul Fishman
June 24, 2021

Critical Race Theory is a terrorist ideology akin to the thinking of Dabiq in the ISIS ideology. It produces disruption of the education process in the school by implanting ideas to students by divisive ideas promoting another uprising of more gun violence by the students who are brainwashed with these terrorist ideas. Also it sows another layer of ideology for the next civil war in colleges spreading into other public place in Government, Media and other social venues. This ideology has to be banished like the ideology of Al Qaeda of 15 to 20 years ago.

Kris Miller
June 24, 2021

School board members are intended to protect all students and enable them to learn.

Politicizing and lording their position over the parents/students is wrong and outside of the bounds of their positions.

It is abuse of the children. They should be ousted unless they recant their position immediately.

Lord, we repent for the sins of that board.

We ask You to break the power of the demonic forces present in that county and school board.

Raise up Godly leaders within the parents of that community. Give them boldness and courage.

Chris Wilkerson
June 24, 2021

Lord Jesus, prince of peace, we ask you to make yourself known here. We are still in the time of grace and salvation. We are asking you to come help us protect our children and those who aren’t being protected. Pour your wisdom in us and through the school board to walk and operate with integrity.

When our schools continued to teach our children for decades that there was no Creator and you just happened to be, no purpose, no identity, no accountability, no guidance, and the only way to go away from God is not a good place.

Glenn Gilbert
June 24, 2021

We have no one to blame but ourselves for electing school boards like this one. School board elections matter! Recruit like-minded candidates or run yourself.

Stephen Hiller
June 24, 2021

Unfortunately elected officials seem to immediately forget they were elected to serve those who elected them and were not to be served. Maybe if the public quit paying their salaries, dropped their perks, etc., then they might learn to listen instead of dictate.

Jackie Hardman
June 24, 2021

It would certainly be great
if schools would quit being political mouth pieces and just TEACH, reading, writing, math, civics and skills that allow them to be US citizens. It seems school boards forget who elected them and they are servants of the people and not mini gods and dictators. I will continue to pray for our schools and the parents who need to stand and say NO to this total ungodly perversion of education. May God awaken the parents to be praying and to take up this fight.


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