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Please pray for peace in Ukraine, and that Russia would acquiesce and seek more mutually beneficial ways of keeping Ukraine in its sphere of influence.

From The Washington Times: International efforts to defuse the standoff over Ukraine intensified Monday, with French President Emmanuel Macron holding talks in Moscow and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Washington to coordinate policies as fears of a Russian invasion mounted.

The buildup of an estimated 100,000 Russian troops near Ukraine has fueled Western worries of a possible offensive. White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan warned Sunday that Russia could invade Ukraine “any day,” triggering a conflict that would come at an “enormous human cost.”

Russia has denied any plans to attack its neighbor but demands that the U.S. and its allies bar Ukraine and other former Soviet nations from joining NATO, halt weapons deployments there and roll back NATO forces from Eastern Europe. Washington and NATO reject those demands. . . .

“The security and sovereignty of Ukraine or any other European state cannot be a subject for compromise, while it is also legitimate for Russia to pose the question of its own security,” Macron said in an interview with French newspaper Journal du Dimanche, adding that he believes that “the geopolitical objective of Russia today is clearly not Ukraine, but to clarify the rules of cohabitation with NATO and the EU.”

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, described Macron’s visit as “very important,” but sought to temper expectations, saying “the situation is too complex to expect a decisive breakthrough after just one meeting.”

He noted that “the atmosphere has remained tense,” adding that the U.S. and its allies have continued to ignore Moscow‘s security demands. . . .

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Sullivan, the national security adviser, reiterated Sunday that the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany “will not move forward” if Russia attacks Ukraine. . . . 

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht raised the possibility Sunday that the country could send more troops to Lithuania to reinforce NATO’s eastern flank.

Biden has deployed additional U.S. troops to Poland, Romania and Germany, and a few dozen elite U.S troops and equipment landed Sunday in southeastern Poland near the border with Ukraine, with hundreds more infantry troops of the 82nd Airborne Division set to arrive.

In 2015, France and Germany helped broker a peace deal for eastern Ukraine in a bid to end the conflict between Ukrainian forces and Russia-backed separatists that erupted the previous year following the Russian annexation of Ukraine‘s Crimean Peninsula.

The agreement signed in the Belarusian capital of Minsk helped stop large-scale fighting, but efforts at a political settlement have stalled and frequent skirmishes have continued along the tense line of contact in Ukraine‘s industrial heartland known as the Donbas.

The leaders of RussiaUkraineFrance and Germany last met in Paris in 2019 in the so-called Normandy format summit, but they failed to resolve the main issues.

Amid tensions over the Russian military buildup, presidential advisers from the four countries met in Paris on Jan. 26 this year, but they didn’t make any visible progress and agreed to meet again in Berlin in two weeks.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has pushed for another four-way Normandy summit, but the Kremlin said such meeting would only make sense if the parties agree on the next steps to give special status to the rebel east. . . .

Ukraine‘s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said the country has received a total of more than 1,000 metric tons of weapons and military supplies from its allies, noting that a series of visits by Western officials has helped deter Russia.

(Excerpt from The Washington Times. Photo Credit: Getty Images.)

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February 11, 2022

Having trouble numerous times noting that I prayed over various issues. Nothing happens when I try to “click” on these icons. Thanks!

Scott Trefz
February 10, 2022

Praying only for a “more mutually beneficial way for Ukraine to remain in Russia”s ‘sphere of influence’ is weak and falls short of God’s best. I am praying for Ukraine to be set entirely free of Putin’s evil domination , that Ukranians would be able to live pea;peaceably beneath their own vines and fig trees, as the prophets have declared.

Barbara Janicki
February 8, 2022

Seems like there are always “wars and rumors of wars” – no matter what time in history we are looking at. This current age is no exception as both Russia and China seem poised for attacks on weaker neighbors. Now that the U.S. is also weak, we pose no deterrent, which before helped keep peace in place around the globe. (we had stopped funding Iran, North Korea had stopped testing missiles, peace deals were put in place in the Middle East) but now we are not the beacon of freedom and hope we once were. Much prayer for peace in this region and around the globe as tyranny increases during this time. God is sovereign over all, our only hope. http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

Brian lynch
February 8, 2022

Praise God, that European leaders have stepped into this situation. We all know that Biden is far too weak of a leader to deal with this situation alone. Deploying a “few troops” is a nice gesture, but it is so typical of the inept administration in D.C. I ask You , Lord Jesus, to keep this from erupting into a full scale invasion of Ukraine. Thank You, Lord.


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