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Father, we pray that You would halt the misinformation coming from our leaders. Reveal the truth, God, and raise up leaders who are honest in a way that glorifies You.

Recently, news has come out about biolabs in Ukraine funded by the United States. Our leaders have worked to deny the existence of these labs, but the evidence contradicts their statements. As Christians, it is important that we focus on the truth and stay properly informed.

Unfortunately, documents about these sources have been scrubbed from the internet. However, some of these documents have been preserved. The links to these documents are included below.

Kharkiv Diagnostic Laboratory

State Regional Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine

Dnipropetrovsk Diagnostic Laboratory

Vinnytsia Diagnostic Laboratory

Kherson Diagnostic Laboratory

Ternopil Diagnostic Laboratory

Zakarpartska Diagnostic Laboratory

Lviv Diagnostic Laboratory

State Regional Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine

Dnipropetrovsk State Regional Diagnostic Veterinary Laboratory

Institute of Veterinary Medicine of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences

What do you think of these documents? Share your thoughts below.

(Photo Credit: Photo by Julia Koblitz on Unsplash)

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March 17, 2022

Lord God I pray for the grace of your power of the Holy Spirit to be at work in us to love you by faith in what we KNOW about you more than we love what we THINK we see in ANY leader being without sin! So that we will obey your word! Like 2 chron 7:14 because then we know truth of Deuteronomy 5:30,31 about prophets being corrupt because their people LOVE them being that way!

March 16, 2022

The fact that the enemy so strongly denies certainly raises the question of “what is the purpose of the labs.”
Holy Spirit will reveal all if we ask Him.

Allena Jordan
March 16, 2022

It’s good to know that these research labs exist and that the U.S. funded them. What we don’t know is what type of pathogens. Research should be done on the various pathogens that exist in order to fight them when they exalt themselves. If they were for nefarious use, this needs to be exposed.
Lord, we prayed for all things hidden to be exposed to Your light and Your truth. We are now completely overwhelmed with all our government was doing, some good and some not. Deliver us from evil. Bring America into Your light. Expose evil and rid this country of it. In Jesus’ Name and for the glory of God. Amen.

Jason Graham
March 16, 2022

Wait….this must all be fake news because Psaki said there are no US funded biolabs in Ukraine.


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