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Father, we pray for peace in Israel. We ask that you would prevent any unwise or ungodly deals from coming out of these talks with Iran. Let your wisdom and your will prevail here, Lord.

These talks could have major consequences for Israel and peace in the Middle East, as well as nuclear proliferation.

From Daily Caller. Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pleaded with U.S. and world powers not to pursue a “dangerous” and “absurd” Iran nuclear agreement that he claims will enable Iran to become a threshold nuclear state.

Netanyahu–Israel’s longest serving Prime Minister, whose tenure ended last year–claims the new deal being negotiated with Iran would “relieve sanctions and give them [Iran] hundreds of billions of dollars in order to continue the terror that they waged yesterday and wage every day throughout the Middle East and the world.”

The U.S. and major world powers are reportedly prepared to offer Iran massive sanctions relief that critics argue would be a capitulation, according to former State Department staffer Gabriel Noronha.

“The United States is preparing to lift sanctions on several of the Iranian regime’s most notorious human rights abusers implicated in the torture and execution of political dissidents, the murder of protesters, and the persecution of Iran’s LGBTQ community,” according to Noronha.

What do you think of the new nuclear agreement? Share your thoughts below.

(Excerpt from Daily Caller. Photo Credit: Kilian Karger on Unsplash)

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Lori Meed
March 16, 2022

Abba, it is You who watches over Israel, and You neither slumbers nor sleep. In Psalm 2, the nations rage and people’s plot in vain, the kings of the Earth take their stand, and the rulers conspire together against you and your anointed one, but You laugh! God, do not keep silent has the enemies of your people make an uproar, as those who hate you act arrogantly and devise schemes against your people and inspire against your treasured ones! Let them be put to shame and terrified forever so that they may know that you alone whose name is the Lord are the most high over the whole Earth. You have promised to break the bow in Elam and set up a throne for yourself there so we call it forth now in the name of Yeshua Ha meshiach! You are building your church in Iran and we cry out for increase!


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