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LORD, we repent for any way we have strengthened — in complicity or in ignorance — the Enemy’s house. We believe Your prophets: that America shall be saved! Raise up those who will commit to living in Your ways and to teaching those ways to their children. We want Your glory on earth.
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Analysis. Biblical testimony abounds of what happened when the children of Israel mixed with the surrounding pagan society: enslavement, poverty, and death. The Israelite elders repeatedly forgot God, and they failed to remember His ways — that is, to teach those ways to their children. The outcome: … everyone did whatever he wanted (Judges 21:25 HCSB). In the same way, we, too, have done whatever seems right in our own eyes. And we model the same thing, in turn, to our children.

Have you taken your place on the wall?


We have mixed with an ungodly culture, and we are experiencing the consequences. Enslavement to sin and depravity; poverty bred of humanism and hedonism; government-sanctioned emotional and physical torture of children; and death abounding through the government-led culling of the elderly and the infirm — all of this is the bitter fruit of our error.

In repentance there is no condemnation, but repentance does necessitate behavioral change resulting from spiritual refinement. These levels of degradation we now battle on every front did not occur overnight. This darkness increased and expanded over time, occurring in the vacuum of our apathy or within the rooms of our complicity. Christ-following parents and grandparents all seem to have one heart, agreeing that in the absence of what is good, every evil thing has put down roots. Regarding the myriad ways our partnership with what is wicked also strengthens Beelzebul’s house, there does not appear to be similar oneness of heart within the Church at large. Instead, all of this is obvious to some of us, debated by others, and summarily rejected by still others.

We pray daily that we may become His cities on the hill, and we petition for His perfect will in the lives of our children. The debating over the modes of access to children and families that Satan has been given, however, is overshadowing our corporate need for immediate course correction. This raises the question: When our prayers are finally answered and the systems of Ba’al and Leviathan are destroyed, will we be ready to live in a manner unlike most of us have ever lived before — in purity, and wholly for the LORD?  No mixture; no tolerance for a little leaven.

When these corrupt public school system structures are destroyed, will we then build new systems, restoring the Hebraic ways of teaching and training our children in the way they should go, with the Bible as the foundational text? Or will we return to anti-Christ instructional pedagogy and culturally sensitive curricula? Will we consider a little bit of Disney and Nickelodeon acceptable? Or will we commit to avoiding the mixed messages we model, when we accept a little bit of the darkness — through what we stream, where we shop, or how we respond when our faith is attacked?

It is far better that we consider these uncomfortable and habit-changing decisions now, while there is still time. Our children’s generation has been created for this time. In recent days, we have seen intensified attacks and the encroachment of the enemy within America’s borders and airspace. The natural and spiritual battles are intensifying, and, who knows? — perhaps your child has come to his or her royal position for such a time as this (see Esther 4:14). We must correct our course in every area of compromise, as God has gently whispered is necessary for our children, our grandchildren, and other children entrusted to us to disciple. Let’s live and teach God’s faithfulness. Let’s write visions of a transformed society, enabling those who will come out of His harvest to run to it.

How are you praying for children and the next generation? Please share below.

Mavourene Robinson began in full-time ministry in 2014, campaigning for the Howard County Public Schools’ Board of Education in 2017–2018, and for the Maryland Senate in 2022. A lifelong learner about the intersections of faith with international relations and domestic policy, Mavourene is actively engaged in intercession for family, government, education, and religion. She releases prophetic insight at Judgment Begins in the House. Photo Credit: Ben White on Unsplash.

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Joli Cullen
March 4, 2023

A friend and I were praying. My grandson came to mind. Then the Holy Spirit led me to fervently pray for Christian parents to stop letting their children have access to YouTube. I prayed asking God to forgive me – I let my 5 year old grandson watch how to draw videos on YouTube. I prayed YouTube would be no more. As my grandson was watching a how to draw video, music came across and I felt suddenly uneasy. I looked at the screen. The how to video was drawing children in anime with their eyes x’d out. I knew immediately that it was very evil. My grandson looked shocked at my response – but he turned the video off without question. ( for anyone who doesn’t know – children who are trafficked have their eyes covered or even blinded and that is the symbol of the x’s over the eyes) cry out for God to protect these precious children. Pray and ask God how to pray so that the evil does not infiltrate our homes – it’s hard to protect our children today from all this evil – pray God will help us and bring down those who are marketing it and streaming it right into our homes.

Mrs D
March 2, 2023

“Disciple-making” begins with discipline—PERSONAL DISCIPLINE: seeking FIRST the Kingdom of GOD and His righteousness; placing our affections/attention on things above; casting down imaginations and taking thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ; walking in love and forgiveness; loving GOD and loving others as ourselves. Read Matthew, Chapters 5, 6 and 7 until their TRUTH become MANIFESTED in our lives. As we are focused on surrendering to and revering the wisdom, counsel and empowering presence of Holy Spirit in our lives, our children will see the authenticity of dwelling in and being indwelt by GOD and will be drawn into His faithful, enduring and unchanging LOVE.

    Mrs D
    March 2, 2023

    Also read Joyce Swingle’s article: Love: The Engine that Powered the Asbury Outpouring (also dated February 28). An excellent article with other concrete examples.

March 1, 2023

The children are the most important key to maintaining a free and constitutional country that has as its base God and the Christian Faith. Children believe everything a trusted adult says and teaches them. This can be used either for great good or great evil. God created children that way so that committed and concerned teachers and parents could impress the children with what we are taught in God’s Word and good social habits. What happens to you as a child tends to really stick with you. You cannot overcome the harm done by evil without turning to Jesus Christ. Good and Goodly parents and teachers involved with the children shape the future of society. We cannot neglect our children 👧 👦🏼🧑🏽‍🦱👶!!!Look what’s happening right now in our country due to neglecting our children in the past.

Pam Shippam
February 28, 2023

Our hope is in You, God, The Great I Am !

Priscilla Meyenburg
February 28, 2023

Jesus, Jesus there is just something about that name! This song came in my spirit last night. Lord I pray that the Fathers, Mothers of the school age children will open their eyes and hearts to receive Jesus. The parents age who reign in ages 22 to 42 have a problem only you can heal, Father I know- I am seeing it! Our America is in desperate need of Truth concerning this age group. The churches they attended, were ministered from a 3×5 index card, I know I visited ! They move to the same neighborhoods so they can party from one home to another home, eventually they leave the churches that they were not fed by Gods words of WHY Salvation was important to their lives as a Christian. As I watched the Asbury Revival tears ran Down my face, I was praying for these students that the spirit, I felt from their testimony and the kneeling before God was going to beget a new generation of Gods knowledge and His forever Love. There should Never be a debate over Children how they should be raised. God gives explicit instructions on how this should be done. The first time I really understood about the Demonic spirit of Baal was at the Red Sea moment. I remember Gods words – he was the ruler of all demons. Matthew 12-24 says “ But when the Pharisees heard this, they said, “It is only by Beelzebul, ( Baal) the prince of demons, that this fellow drives out demons.” The true prophets have prophesied that Baal and the influence of Baal starts with the shedding of innocent blood ( abortion) – this is not being taught at many, many churches, and what is next – happening right now is the transgender of children. These dark spirits are after the children because they require human sacrifice. In 1 Kings 18 is a great story that “Elijah went before the people and said, “How long will you waver between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him.” Elijah gave proof to the people a story in all verses of 1 Kings that God can defeat the Fake Gods and prove He is Our Lord God, not Baal. When a person or people give place to the devil as is being done NOW, as in the PAST that broke covent with God living in sin, shedding innocent blood,- “ Satan has a legal right to rule and control the people who are participating in all kinds unclean acts that Satan rules over. Children are looking at their role models- could be parents, teachers, friends, pastors, Etc. No training in Homes, Some churches, school rooms, about the name of Jesus and who HE is. This brings me to several stories of the uncovering Abuse against children in other ways: As I read the stories about a well known Hospital, University in St.Louis, Mo. I was appalled and hurtful sadden to read the story about the Transgender Center that is an established Hospital for Doctors to perform these surgeries. Right now they are under criminal investigation from a whistleblower who worked there for (4) years. The stories were “ morally and appalling treatments “ treatments that were performed on mentally ill children. As I was reading this article that was printed from a well know Pastor – that was sent to me in an e-mail asking me to pray for these horribleness, that Satan attacks were being performed by a well know medical center in the middle of St. Louis. This is how the demonized do when they get into lives of Good Doctors who are controlled by the influence of darkness in their lives, instead of Gods words in the Scriptures (Bible). Hosea 2:14 -20 Tells a clear picture of what the Spirt of darkness has done and captured our souls and what God is going to do about it. These Revivals that are starting and Gods exposure, students being redeemed by the Holy Spirit seeking repentance and being Born again. Intercessor who are praying daily: makes me shout, shout, because God is bringing America into a place that we ARE being delivered from Baals hold. Our Father God, Yehwea, the fires of Truth and the Love God pours out on us His children will start manifesting itself upon us, even though covenants were broken by us. Jesus we repent for the deterioration of families, the lack of pastors avoiding these scripture to teach on what is happening, God we are paying high prices for all of this violence we have gone through but many are having eyes opened and calling out the name of Jesus . Thank God for the thousand of Intercessor’s and the pastors who have stood strong and the True Prophetic voices that tell us that we will be restored, and our families will be healed, and restored throughout this land and the starting of this great revival. We thank you for the prophetic words that the stronghold of darkness will be broken and the churches will be filled with Gods presence. In Jesus name we ask for this and the miracles that follow. Thank you Jesus, you and our Father are so precious. Amen!

Linda k Rice
February 28, 2023

The prophecy that America will be saved, like most prophecy, is conditional. If My people….This article does not mention falling in love with Jesus. We do not want to be like the hard working Ephesians who had lost their first love. Let’s worship Jesus, ask Him to help in everything, and love each other in deeds.

Linda Dickman
February 28, 2023

Lord, so often in our world, the children come last. They speak truth and are often quieted. They love purely, and have little voice in our schools. They are sold, enslaved, abused, wrongly educated, abandoned, overlooked like an unwanted appendage. Lord, I lift them all to You. Teach them how to lead their parents to church, surround them with your protection, thwart those who would despitefully use them. Wither abusive limbs. Protect them Lord, please protect them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Lori Meed
February 28, 2023

May the hearts of fathers and mothers be once again turned to their children and may we shepherd them well so their hearts turn fully to us. May we repent of not telling of His Mighty works and therefore having our kids lose hope (Ps.78). May Deut 6:6 and on be our blueprint -‘These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.’ Forgive us for selfishness and compromise and loving the world. Amen.


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