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Father, we pray that Your hand would be over these Senators, these negotiations, and this bill. Protect our government from reckless, unnecessary spending, God.
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As negotiations continue for bipartisan gun control, democrats are meeting behind closed doors to again discuss the build back better bill.

From Politico. Senate Democrats are preparing for possible summer action on their still-elusive climate, tax reform and prescription drugs bill, grinding behind the scenes on a new version during high-profile gun safety talks.

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With much of Washington’s attention on guns, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) met twice this week on a potential party-line package. There’s more afoot: Schumer and his staff are working with the Senate parliamentarian to help tee up a possible July or August vote. And a prominent Democratic pollster has tested how popular major components of a hypothetical bill would be in Senate battleground states….

It’s not everything Democrats want, and they may have to take Manchin’s terms in the heat of the midterm campaign season or face another rejection from the mercurial centrist. But with its work deep into the calendar, the party is putting a new spin on an old saying: Build Back Better Late Than Never….

There are signs, however, that talks are getting more specific: Manchin and Schumer are going line by line over what a possible deal would look like, building a potential agreement from the ground up rather than rehashing disagreements from last year, according to Democrats familiar with the matter. Much of the recent focus is on energy policy; Manchin indicated he will not support a bill that sends direct payments to companies that produce clean energy for consumer use, also known as “direct-pay,” drawing an important line in the negotiations.

Manchin was the first Democratic senator to warn about potentially rising inflation and was widely dismissed by his colleagues last year when he raised those concerns. With inflation now at its highest rate in 40 years, any conversation about spending more money will be a difficult sell with him, and he wants deficit reduction in the package, a person close to him said.

Of the provisions being considered for a new party-line bill, tax increases and prescription drug reform would bring in new revenues, but the energy component could require hundreds of billions of dollars in new spending….

Schumer is hoping he can bring up the bipartisan gun safety package for a vote next week, clearing the decks for bringing a Democratic bill to the Senate floor in July or August. By using what’s known as budget reconciliation, the measure would need just a simple majority of votes in the 50-50 Senate, and can avoid a GOP filibuster….

The Senate is currently slated to go on a two-week recess at the end of the next week, then return for four weeks before breaking for the bulk of August. Those weeks could give Democrats a huge opportunity to add another accomplishment before the November midterms.

And they need it. Polls show Biden’s approval rating is around 40 percent, endangering Democrats’ slim Senate majority. But according to a May survey by Hart Research Associates obtained by POLITICO, passing Manchin’s vision would offer a jolt come election time to four Democratic senators in New Hampshire, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia, where voters would be more likely to support the incumbents if such a bill passes….

Republicans are nonetheless getting worried, particularly with the gun debate taking up so much oxygen in Washington. One GOP aide fretted that Democrats “are using the debate on gun control as a distraction from their work to jam through” a smaller version of Build Back Better….

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(Excerpt from Politico. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Allena Jordan
June 21, 2022

Lord God of mercy and compassion, please stop this attempt to control every aspect of our lives. Let freedom reign. Continue to expose bad ideas. Keep them from becoming the law of the land. Use Your angels to infiltrate every office, every idea, every attempt to make things “worse.” In Jesus’ Name, turn this around for Your glory and for Your Kingdom. Amen.

June 21, 2022

It’s another false ploy to keep control and override the 2nd amendment.

June 21, 2022

Poppa, forgive us, your children, for not being afraid, You’ve been here! During some of THE scariest days on the planet! Forgive us for living in fear, for being controlled by it instead of calling out to you, asking for protection. Lashing out at the captives instead of praying for their release/deliverance too. Oh Jesus, save those in Congress and White House that don’t know You. Bring prodicals to repentance, so we all stop doing stupid, wickedness and start doing the good You created us to do. Protect the kids especially. Let us all start to hunger for good, to see it, to do it. And repent of the wicked ways, for the good of us all AND for Your glory🥰

June 21, 2022

Poppa, thank you for seeing everything and everyone, even hearing behind closed doors, bind the enemy, all the spirits that are causing strife in our land and loose Your Spirit, in Jesus name, especially over those in Congress and the White House, save the lost! Strengthen those who love You, give them Your plan, Your words and favor, so we can receive the forgiveness and healing You can bring to us Lord. We are still one nation under God, the Almighty, Most High God. Help us glorify You and Your will and way because of the power of Your authentic holy love and Blood Jesus.

June 21, 2022

Never surrender your guns. Stand firm on your GOD given rights, not goverment issued rights. Full ARMOR on and March forward.

June 21, 2022

they seem to be hell bent on their ruination of our country, there has to be a limit and we pray that we have a divine intervention. we need our country and this srckness stopped now

    Nancy Berkey
    June 21, 2022

    Dear Father God, please convict the hearts of these evil políticians who want the ruination of America and her people. Let us keep our constitutional rights and freedoms. In the Name of Jesus Christ Your Son and our Lord. Amen.☦️🙏


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