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Thank you God for how you are expanding  IFA's platform to share Godly perspectives and to call Americans to pray for our nation. 

Interviewed by Capitol Report, IFA’s Dave Kubal shares “Men and women of faith believe that a baby is viable, sustainable in the womb from the point of conception.”  Watch this episode of Capitol Report to hear Dave Kubal represent the views of intercessors on this national television program.

Pray: Thank you God for how you are expanding  IFA’s platform to share Godly perspectives and to call Americans to pray for our nation. 

Your Turn: Share your thoughts about this case, and how you see God moving! Share in the comments below.



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December 9, 2021

Go, IFA! Love everything you do for our Lord’s Kingdom!

Herb Johnston
December 6, 2021

Hey folks, I think I prayed off-topic, just below here. So sorry about that.. But it still applies .
. It’s late I guess I’ll turn in now

Herb Johnston
December 6, 2021

Lord God, I just pray in Jesus Name,that you would break through the veil of foolishness and really-,the veil of insanity that has enveloped the human mind.. for ever,- since ..really, creation started.
I think. And now it is to the point where we are repeating the sins of Molech. And justifying it with all kinds of high-minded sounding nonsense, – – really highlighting the foolishness of the existence of humanity. So Lord all we can do is ask for Mercy, – Lord,and Grace.. it is definitely a sense of anger that I feel,Lord, but also a level of frustration that I cannot describe. So we come to you Lord with our frustration- and my frustration.. and of course, You..see the beginning from the end -you see the long Arc of History and egregious sin of humanity,by their very existence.. so Lord I just ask that you would help us to stand against evil Lord, change our hearts Lord that we can be filled with your spirit Lord until we are filled with a courageous heart,- against evil.. the same way that many of us are trying so hard to stand against evil in preserving America, Lord let us preserve life first-* the life of a baby.. Lord and then by extension the life of all of us


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